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He will return in 2014.


Welcome to the Han Dynastory!

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Thursday, December 30, 2004

One Restless Day

My Favourite Quote From The Yesterdays
"You can't turn on creativity like a faucet, you have to be in the right mood----last minute panic"
-Calvin in 'Calvin and Hobbes'
What a day.

I had to keep the Christmas ornaments today, things were going smoothly until we had to keep the Christmas tree. Thankfully, my friend brought me out fishing when I was almost done with the Christmas tree (I didn't have to put the tree in the box). My old friend Joe Wee from primary school wanted to bring me fishing at Taman Hijau, he brought his friend along. I insisted that we took a picture before leaving.

My Fishing Gang Posted by Hello
The 3 of us cycled to the nearby Taman Hijau, there is a small pond somewhere in the forest there (my friend brought me there before). That was our chosen spot. Before going there however, he wanated to check out the big drain where one of our other friends had caught a fish there. It turned out there were lots of catfishes there! Our friend had caught a fish there previously but he thought that was the only fish. The other fishes were actually hiding in the cracks and stuff. We tried to fish there at first but we didn't get anything. My friend used a homemade fishing 'rod', it's pretty cool. We moved on the pond where we planned to fish in the first place. When we parked our bicycles one of the local residents warned us of spitting cobras. That really freaked us out, especially the little guy (the leftiest boy in the picture above).

We walked through a brief opening in the forest and the pond was there waiting for us. The little guy (lets call him that cuz I don't know his name :P) was pretty nervous. I told him all sorts of stuff like a spitting cobra never misses its target (FYI, that's the truth) and its spit will blind you temporarily (it spits at your eyes). I think I must've scared him.

My friend Joe Wee brought 2 homemade fishing 'rods' and he showed me how you put the bait (an earthworm) onto a hook. It was the first time I've gone fishing and it was interesting to see how he did it (it was gross-not something the female readers of my Blog would want to read, so I won't mention the details) He pricked his thumb on the hook (ouch) and he started rubbing his thumb on a fuzzy leaf. He told me it hurts a lot to do that but it would stop the bleeding. I guess I can trust him, he's a real 'kampung boy'. He caught quite a few fishes, but we threw the fishes back since we came to fish for fun, not for fishes. I'm not making sense, am I?

Anyway, I spotted a monitor lizard on the other side of the pond and told the others about it. The little guy kept his eyes glued to it, making sure of its whereabouts. It was funny when we were fishing and all of a sudden he cried out "It moved!" and within the next few minutes he panicked "It's gone!" Something to worry about I reckon, but we were more worried about the snakes :P

While fishing Joe Wee warned us about leeches. It turned out the little guy did not know what leeches were so I had to explain to him what it does and how to get rid of em. Well, so far I don't have any on me.. I haven't taken my bath yet, perhaps I'll find out later...

We were having lots of fun when Joe Wee noticed a fish he didn't throw into the water. It was lying on the ground and all of a sudden he said he saw 2 fishes. He realized the 2nd wasn't a fish but a snake! A snake bit the fish and the poor fish was struggling for life. The little guy was yelling out and calling me to take a look. I was somewhat excited and ran towards the two of them. It took me a while before I managed to spot it. The little guy told me to reach out and part the blocking leaves so I can get a better look. "No way! You might like to get bitten but I wouldn't!" Joe Wee cleared the way cautiously. We saw the snake clearly and of course, we ran for dear life back to the bicycles. Haha, that was so fun I'd do it all over again :D It's a pity I didn't catch any fishes...

We went back to the drain and started fishing again. Aha! We finally caught a catfish. Joe Wee warned me and the little guy that a catfish has spikes that can prick you and give you a fever (it happened to his dad before). The problem was that we wanted to let the catfish go but it wouldn't stay still and let us take off the hook. We had lots of trouble and we threw it back into the drain to see where it would go, of course, it couldn't go far into a hole because it was still on the hook. After going through a lot of trouble we finally got the hook off and we kicked the fish back into the water. I was surprised the fish didn't die after all that time out of the water. Joe Wee said he left a catfish on the ground before and he left it there for an hour. He thought it was dead as it wasn't moving much, and he sprinkled some water on it. It started moving again! He threw it back into the water. Well, that explained much.

We couldn't fish very well because we couldn't get into a good position, the drain was 7 feet deep and we could only fish around the edge. I told him I'll set off on my bike to sort of scout for a good place to climb into the drain. I cycled for about a hundred metres and I finally found a spot where I could climb in. There were some pipes there so I climbed onto it and slowly let myself down. Well, the good thing was I found a way to get into the drain. The problem was that anyone could get in but not everyone would be able to come out. I still didn't know whether I'd be able to climb out at that time but I went in anyway (I figured I could just do a chin up at the pipe and pull myself up). I traveled along the deep drain, going under a few bridges. It was pretty fun, just like travelling through a war trench. Anyway, I walked to where my friends were fishing from above and called out to them. I sure surprised them. I even got a nasty surprise of my own, there was a pipe there as well! I actually cycled 100metres away and climbed down that pipe when there was one nearby the whole time! Aaargh! Oh well... more exercise for me.

I climbed out of the drain. I jumped up and grabbed the pipe with my hands and brought my legs up and hooked it around the pike like the 'monkey climbing' position I learnt in gymnastics 7 years ago. I twisted myself and ended up onto the top of the pipe and then I climbed out with ease. Heh, it's easier for me to show you rather then tell how I did it...

My friend was staring at me. The little guy was totally surprised. Joe Wee then explained that I am a gymnast :D

After a while all the fishes went into the cracks in the drain. I offered to climb down into the drain and guide Joe Wee's bait and leave it in front of the crack. Naturally, he accepted the offer.

I set the bait and climbed back up out of the 7 feet deep drain. Joe Wee managed to catch a fish but when he tried to pull the string it got caught in some rocks. He decided that someone would have to fish in the drain. Who had to do the dirty work? Well, I offered :P

I climbed down again and he handed me the fishing equipment. I set the bait in front of one of the cracks and waited. Joe Wee suddenly called out and told me to switch to the other crack where he saw two catfishes. I excitedly moved the bait over and the fish grabbed it! I tugged with all my might. The fish let go... Too bad. I climbed back out and he left another bait there for me to collect. We headed home after that. I had so much fun, I'll never know how to thank him...

I got home only to find that there was a power failure right after I left. I lifted the bicyle over the gate (Ernie nearly died trying to help me lower it on the other side of the gate :P). I climbed over the gate.

Aaargh... of all times for a power failure! Mom had promised that I would be able to use the computer after she gets back from work. And now there's a power failure! I waited for the power to come back. It never came until about 8:30pm. Too bad... I did take some pictures.

The scene of the blackout
Hehe what a joke...

Mom brought Ernie and Ray out to buy new school shoes. I stayed home with Shuan and Kakak Tun. It was extremely boring. I tried to read a book in front of a candelight but Shuan kept bothering me so I went outside.

My Candlelight
I went outside to check on the dogs. They were there, sitting calmly as ever. Grace was under the bench. So I huddled up with Simba. I talked to him, gave him a few kisses and then Kakak Tun and that bugger (Shuan) came out to join me. Simba is frightened of Kakak Tun so he moved to a different location. So did Grace. Then Grace came up to me, with need for lots of affection. I talked to her, petted her. She playfully put her paw on me. It was cool since that was the first time she did that to me. I played with her for a bit and she started burrowing her head in my tummy. Things went on like that until the power came back! "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" We all cheered and so did the neighbours who were having a party at that time.

Needless to say, I ran straight to the computer and started blogging :P

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Last Few Freakin' Days Of The Holidays

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
"Life is too short"
So are the holidays.

I had a wonderful chat with my crush today. It started off when she came online and one of her close friends dropped by for a visit at her place. I talked to the guy for a bit and then Hao Ran and -1 came online. I invited them to conference to let them make new friends (Hao Ran has not met my crush before). It was getting pretty messy and then all of a sudden one of my old friends, Tomasz, who is currently living in Aussieland (he calls it that) logged on as well. I invited him and things got really messy in a fun way. I was having lots of fun talking until lunch was ready.

I ate lunch and by the time I got back, the party was dying out...

After that I just chatted with my crush and her friend until he left, and then we talked some more. Sigh... (that was a happy sigh, by the way)

Near the end of the day, while I was playing the piano, Ray started screaming (that little monster always does). Mom was exhausted after another day of hard work and was trying to get some rest. Ray kept screaming until she totally lost her temper. She ran downstairs into the room where Ray was screaming and the only screaming left was Mom's. She banned all of us from the computer AAARGGGHHHHH! It's the last few days and she banned all of us. That's not fair! Just because she cracked when Ernie and Ray were creating trouble doesn't mean she should ban all of us!

She said that we didn't do anything throughout the whole holiday. Hey! That's not true! I have a whole list of things I did to prove it!
  1. I started blogging! How would I have learnt all this HTML stuff? I learnt stuff through my blog! That's not all of it, she wants us to write journals, is this Blog not good enough???
  2. I worked in the garden. I had to clear up the backyard with Ernie! I got the proof right here!
  3. I had to chop down a few trees too! I for one did not forget about the backaches and blisters I got from chopping down trees!
  4. I drew comics! I even scanned all my comic strips into the computer for future reference! And don't say I didn't draw anything! That caricature I drew for Yung Hui was not easy! Heck, I lost so much ink trying to draw! And what about the Christmas comic? Mom hasn't read it yet! Aaargh
  5. I'm not finished! Did I not stimulate my mind? I did math, but that was compulsory. I composed a poem! It not effortless you know!
  6. I went for band practice. Is that nothing?
  7. I had to give Grace a bath twice a week during the holidays, don't say I didn't do anything!
  8. Everybody says I sit around at the computer and do nothing. Then who scanned all the photos for Dad? Ernie did but he screwed up. I did the rest! As if I didn't do useful things on the computer.
  9. That's not the end of it, I had to print all those freakin label's for Dad's project. The printer has some sort of bug and it's really frustrating to print those labels. What's more, everyone in the family knows what it's like to work for Dad. Lots of stress (heh, that's why I chose not to work at his office this year)
  10. I labeled and burned CD's for Dad as well!
  11. If you've read about the failed attempt to have a trip to Penang, you'll know that Ernie and Ray were totally dissappointed. I cheered them up by turning the return trip into a chance to take scenery shots, they had a go too!
  12. I joined the church choir. Is that nothing?
  13. I trained harder at gymnastics. I've finally gotten the chance to do my flip-flap again. I've also started learning how to do a side aria! It's not nothing!
  14. Have I not read anything? Heck, everyone knows I suck at history in school. Where do I learn history from then? The books I borrowed from the British Council of course! Come on, you can question me all about the Medieval Times, see how much I know!
  15. Mom didn't paint the wall by herself.
  16. Mom and Dad are not fond of me chatting over YM. Hey, there are a lot of things that I did that's good on Yahoo Messenger! I discussed math over Yahoo Messenger, I was there to comfort people when they were feeling a little down (and my friends were there for me when I was down too!), I kept someone awake who had to stay up really late working on school projects (SMY, you know who I'm talking about :P)
  17. I cleared up all the old toys in the playroom and decided what to throw, what to give away and what to keep. I had a really bad runny nose after all of that, don't say I didn't do anything!
  18. I cooked scrambled eggs for the first time in 2 years. Small thing, but it means a lot to me.
  19. I started playing the piano for the church already. I'm not perfect, but hey, at least I can do it!
  20. Not enough sports? Come and have a running race with me, cycle with me, arm wrestle me and see what I'm made of.

See? Who says I didn't do anything throughout the holidays? I am sick and tired of people who say I didn't do anything. And I can Blog even more to combat what those guys think. But oh, times up. Mom's already getting mad at me for taking so long Blogging (Hah, next she'll limit us to how long we can take to write on our diaries/journals)

Big day tomorrow. Have to keep the Christmas ornaments. No computer either. Hopefully that will change. I don't want to lose the precious time I have left. Next year I will be freakingly busy and there will be absolutely no time for the computer, that's why I'm enjoying it as much as I can now!

Today's post isn't very smooth. I apologize, I am in a bad mood. Good night.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Not Another Post!

"Historical" Quote From The Yesterdays
"Those who do not learn the lessons of history are forced to relive them"
-I read it somewhere
Sounds like a threat to a guy who sucks at History like me :P

This is my second post of the day, and I broke my commitment to not post more than one post a day. Oh well.

Everything went the same today. Usual schedule: math, computer, computer again, more computer, lots more computer etc. It was until near the end of my day that I realized I was totally bored. I was in a YM conference, listening to a chat that I completely did not understand at all (I think there may be a few grammatical errors in my sentence :P) There I was sitting there, watching an alien language appear on my screen, not saying anything. I am a boy of many words. And when I don't get to say anything, well... everything comes out on my blog heh heh

Thankfully, I didn't have to stay in that "zen" state forever (zen as in my mind was totally blank). I had a chat with my crush and she totally cheered me up. It was during that process when I remembered I forgot to give Simba a kiss today! :P I ran outside and called Simba, he came with his tail wagging like mad (he was probably expecting that kiss heh). I showered him with pecks and he gave me a smile and ran off to boast in front of Grace. Well, I was smiling for sure after that.

The chat with my crush when on afterwards and I flirted and flirted (I was at my hyper self again) until dinnertime came and we both had to go. After dinner Mom took us out to the British Council and I borrowed none other than my favourite Horrible History books. We didn't go straight home after that like I wanted to, we walked to the nearby KLCC to get ice-cream at Dairy Queen. The ice-cream was great as usual but service was a bit screwy. They forgot about Ernie's small strawberry 'Blizzard' and we had payed for the earlier stuff but they didn't give us a receipt. Mom had to calculate to see what we did pay for before she finally took the money out to pay for Ernie's ice-cream. Aaaargh, in my opinion, this would never have happened if Shuan hadn't took sooooooooooooo long to decide what he wanted (>_< " )

I watched The Incredibles today. Not in the cinemas, but at home (we got a pirated DVD sigh) It was hilarious. And it distracted me from a computer game that would normally make me forget everything (sometimes even my name :P). Speaking of movies, Hao Ran was planning to go watch Kung Fu Hustle tomorrow... I wonder. He and the others were a bit awkward about inviting me because the movie was in Cantonese. And the only thing I can say about my Cantonese (in Cantonese) is: "Ngo sek teng m sek gong" "Bak go ngo sek siu siu" heh heh


Well, enough Blogging for tonight (this new keyboard is too irresistable lah~) I'm trying to sleep early for the next few days :) I slept at 11pm last night and that's early. It's almost 11 now, looks like I've failed. Too bad heh heh heh

Unlock What?

This joke I drew last night took me about 40 minutes to draw. It mocks my own sheer stupidity at certain times... Posted by Hello

Monday, December 27, 2004

The Day After The Day After Christmas

Strong Quote From The Yesterdays
"If you're easy on life, life will be tough on you;
If you're tough on life, life will be easy on you"
-Dad's Motto
I slept early last night. 12am is early to me believe it or not.

I was planning on going to bed at about 10 last night but I when I saw Dad looking for photos in his room I thought I'd just pop in, lie down on the bed and talk to him (he was in a position far less comfortable than me by the way). We talked about quite a few interesting things (Dad is nice to talk to as long as I'm the one who comes up with the topic :P) We talked a bit about politics, a bit about history, and even about the dispute that has been going on in Dad's family. I really enjoyed the conversation I had with Dad. He told me a lot of opinions on things like how movie producers should deal with piracy, certain laws and stuff. He even told me what his real motto is instead of "Work hard, play hard" (mentioned above)

Sigh, these are precious moments which I will look back at and be proud of when I'm older...

I took a bath after that and I decided to ask Mom about whether we follow the Chinese tradition of not sweeping the floor for the first few days of Chinese New Year. It turns out we don't. She said it is a very very bad idea to do it with little monsters in the house (you know who I mean). Instead of going to sleep, I stayed up to help Mom and Dad with the website

I had a lot of fun until I realized that I planned to go to be 2 hours earlier... sigh
I woke up pretty early today at about 9:30am. I ate my math homework for breakfast. Heh, as in I did math and skipped breakfast. Not exactly the most comfortable thing to do :P

I did about 2 chapters and then I had a chat with my crush online. We talked a lot until her best friend and Chern Hui came online. We had a brief conference where she and her friend were speaking their native tongue (something me and Chern Hui don't understand) and I started testing how many chinese dialect tongues Chern Hui could speak. It was a silly conversation and it finally ended after a while.

I continued chatting with my crush until lunch time came. We had turkey pie today. It's our family tradition to have all sorts of turkey dishes with the leftover turkey from our Christmas Eve Dinner. First we eat the turkey itself, then we eat turkey sandwiches, then we eat turkey pie and next up is turkey soup. Mmmm... you gotta be a turkey lover to be able to eat all that stuff for the next few weeks (actually, I mean turkey-eating lover)

After lunch we (my family) watched the CNN news on the super major earthquake which hit Sumatera and triggered a tremendous tsunami which hit various parts of Asia (Sri Lanka, Phuket, Penang and more) It was horrible. I heard that Brother Anthony Lim from church could even feel the earthquake in his apartment yesterday morning!

I can't help but to feel sorrowful for the victims of this horrible natural disaster. A moment of silence please in honor of these people.






Had enough?

Anyway, after watching the report on CNN I started spreading the news to all my friends who were online at that time (Hao Ran hadn't heard about it at that time) We couldn't dwell on such a tragic topic for too long so I had to change the topic while talking to my crush.

We had a lot of fun talking when I started pretending to be an alien (the last time I played something like that was when I was with -1 and both of us were pretending to be super stupid).
It was very fun but all jokes get old so I shared some pictures with my crush over Hello (a program that helps post pictures on my blog as well) And halfway through I had to give my 2 dogs a bath (cowards they are) It was a great time for taking pictures though

Grace Standing Nervously At The "Slaughter House" Posted by Hello

Simba All Nice And Fuzzy After I Put Shampoo All Over Him

"Okay Simba, we're almost done- Woaaagh!"
Yeah, it's fun to look at the photos but try standing there and giving them the bath.

I went back to chatting after my unintentional 'bath' (thanks to the dogs, I got wet too) We talked some more until she had to go. Sigh, what a day.....

I'm going to try and sleep early tonight, we'll see what happens and how early is early :D

Sunday, December 26, 2004

After Christmas Blues

My Quote From The Yesterdays
"Christmas is over, I better play all the Christmas Carols I like tonight!"
Contrary to the title, I actually had quite a hyper day today.

After Church today we had to stay back a bit because Mom had a meeting and Dad attended a baptism. Ernie, Ray and Derrick were playing pickup sticks outside so I took care of them. It was a slightly new experience for me playing the game because Derrick was playing by different rules. I was the champion! It's quite a fun game to me, how you try to pick out individual sticks from the pile while trying not to move the other sticks. Sound a bit like archaeology to me, carefully excavating artifacts without damaging the others.

After a while Ray was running around a lot so I stoppped him. I gave him a "piggy back" on my shoulders (perhaps it's called a piggy shoulder then?) I brought him outside and we went around the entire building. I brought him back and we continued playing pick up sticks with Derrick. After that Ernie wanted a ride too so I brought him outside and around the church building as well. This time however, he had to pay me candy :D After that Ray was upset that Ernie got a ride. Silly boy, he had one earlier and he's already jealous of Ernie. I couldn't refuse or he'd start screaming and crying (actually, he was already doing that). Goodness, he turned 7 this year!

Anyway, I took him out for a ride again and then when I got back, Ernie payed me more candy and I had to take him out again. What a tiring way of making sure they're not running around the church screaming and laughing (or fighting). When Derrick left those guys started "ice skating" on the tables with their socks. I could not stop them so I left to go watch the baptism.

After the baptism and Mom's meeting, we had our tithing settlement with President Whitaker. Shuan and I tested our reflexes by pretending to hit each other (Ernie was fed a knuckle sandwich on the forehead by accident)

After we all declared ourselves full tithe payers, (unless we miscalculated our money) we went home. I took a picture of Ray and Ernie on my shoulders

Ray On Top Posted by Hello

Ernie On Top
After such a tiring day, the only thing nice was to lie down and read a good book (History). Of course, it was only natural for me to take a nap by accident. Oh well, looks like I'll have trouble sleeping early tonight!

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Merry Quote From The Yesterdays
"Merry Christmas!"
-everyone except my dogs
Merry Christmas everbody!

Hey, I just thought of a hip-hop version of it: Merry Christmas! Yo yo yo!

Plain silly.

I woke up in front of the Play Station today. Just kidding. Before I start rambling about what exciting things happened today, check out yesterday's pictures!

Me With My Piano Teacher...Oh, And Shuan Too!Posted by Hello

Yesterday's Christmas Eve Dinner Group Shot
Uh... that's it

Ernie was pretty impatient about the presents today, I for one was satisfied with my time with my beloved play station :D He was moaning and groaning and pouting and all until he finally cracked. Dad sent him to his room and Mom had a talk with him. When he finally cooled down we had our family Christmas traditions. Our top priority was the nativity scene pageant. Ray got the role of Joseph and Mom was Mary.

Ray As Joseph
Dad, Shuan and I got the role of the Three Wise Men (Ernie was a shepherd by the way). Dad made us wear helmets so that the 3 of us would look the same. What I wish is that we had thinking caps. Yeah thinking caps. That way it would seem that we were much wiser :D

The Three "Wise" Men
After our pageant and Mom's failed attempt at telling a story (no one seemed to be listening to her) we finally got to open the presents. Ray got a Bionicle and a Kaleidoscope kit, Ernie got a really good skateboard (it was funny,he said: "Yay! Santa Claus got me the 300 hundred dollar skateboard!), Shuan got a pottery making kit, Mom got a new handphone (Dad thought of giving me her old one, but I don't have much use for handphones thanks to school), Dad got the game Taboo (I like the present more than him :P) an I got a Dave Koz CD. Yeah, I got the smallest present. But it sure means a lot to me! This is actually the first time I'm satisfied with something small for Christmas. I was trying to earn the CD by getting good results in my History Tests earlier this year. I managed to score 4 eight out of tens and finally earned it. The problem was that the CD sold out. And now I finally got it! Yay. Next I need a discman to play it so no one else will have to put up with me hogging the DVD players in the house, and I think I'm going to get one in 2 week's time...

We took a picture by the way

Our Presents
My big-time crush came online today. I sent her the Christmas comic which made me stay up till 2:30am last night trying to finish it. What an effort. It paid off! She liked it. I've posted it with her permission :D


It's pretty small here I'm afraid. Anyone who wants a better view, just tell me and I can email it to you or. Better still, meet me in person and I'll show it to you :D
A Warning: The following stuff is all about what I did with my crush today, actually, the stuff below is for my own blogging pleasure :P if you do not like these things you are done reading this post and in fact, it might be a better idea for you to stop reading my blog forever :D If you are like Hao Ran you will block this site and go to instead.

You have been warned!
I guess I should try out my sister's new style of blogging with the "show/hide details" javascript.

After sending my crush the comic we talked a bit and she told me that her 4 year old cousin had eaten the Double Cheeseburger I jokingly asked her to buy for me yesterday. And then I went on to talk about how I sent -1 a badminton racket through email... the badminton racket was just a wordpad file :P

I also managed to talk to her best friend today. We talked, my crush and her friend went offline and on a few times until finally near the end of the day we (my crush and I) had a final, long chat. I had lots of fun in front of the webcam with some puppets. One puppet was "biting my ear" and the other was telling me all sorts of things heh heh. After lots of puns and jokes she told me about the movie she watched (Because I am a girl) and how dramatic it was. It had a pretty sad ending, we had to change topic or else our chat would turn into a moment of silence...

I asked her if she enjoyed acting and then I told her about my experience organising those "dramas" my teacher made me in charge of for our English subject. I wrote the script for 3 chapters taken from a simplified version of The Phantom Of The Opera. It turned out that she had no idea what The Phantom Of The Opera was about so I had to to give my own special summary of the story. I had a lot of fun telling the story, I ended up telling more jokes than the actual story itself. Ahh... such fun, the last time I had that much fun was when -1 and I were 'wreaking havoc' during our math class.

She told me that she was feeling guilty that she had no Christmas gift for me and I spent all night working on one for her. Actually, that was how I felt when she typed out the lovely poems she composed for me a few days ago. Is that irony?

Of course, everything has an end (this post has one too, I promise) She had to leave and we spent another half hour saying goodbye.
Sigh... I think I've had too much fun during the holidays. It will be hard for me to get back to the school schedule... especially how I'm totally crazy over my new crush. All I need is just to gain more self-control :P

For the last time this year, I wish everyone (everytwo if you like) Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas Eve!

Grim Quote From The Yesterdays
"The holidays will be over soon. Time to cry"
-Sweet Potato (FS Chong)
Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Only one more day till Christmas! Spirits are as high as ever, and I think we all won't be able to sleep tonight (some guys are really excited about Santa Claus)

Had a simple day today. Woke up as late as ever and went straight to the computer. I chatted with my crush most of the day. I had piano lessons and I gave Grace a bath. Typical typical blah di blah. Anyway, I started drawing a Christmas comic strip (I will post it some other time) and then we had some guests over for our Christmas Eve dinner!

Uncle Dua Pek, my cousin Ah Ning go go~ (you need to speak chinese dialects to know what I'm saying) and Grandpa came over. I ate quite a lot of food (nice ham, turkey, mashed potatoes etc) I'm so stuffed. Then I went back to the computer and talked to Ralfz. His status was pretty funny... it said he's spending time with Da One He Loves but he's all alone...

Anyway, we had a nice chat but those 2 fools Ernie and Shuan kept on bugging me... Ernie got in trouble and Dad got rid of him, as for Shuan, I gave him a few knuckle sandwiches....

After a while my crush came online for a bit and we had a really really really short chat. Oh well, I need to go finish drawing that comic strip... and Shuan seems to be asking for another knuckle sandwich >D

Merry Christmas Eve everybody!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

2 more days to go!

Cute Quote From The Yesterdays
(said while during a split during gymnastics)
"Is this the end?"
Only two more days to go!

Spirits are high, little children are desperate, Christmas Sales are going crazy, carollers are singing, Christmas cookies are being passed out, Santa and his elves are working their heads of :D, the sentence 'Merry Christmas' fills the air and I'm as me as ever.

I've been thinking a bit about Christmas. It's all gone terribly wrong! Christmas has just become too commercialized. There's absolutely no spirit to it at all it seems. Where has the real spirit gone? Is it all just about Santa Claus? Worse still, is it just another excuse to have shopping sales?

I've been observing the meaning of Christmas to the 'public'. It seems less and less like a sacred (not to mention important) time of year anymore. Christmas should be a time to think about Jesus (not offence to all non-Christians) and how much He means to our religion. Christmas should also be a time where families should get together and be a family! (uh... am I making sense?) Christmas is a good time for family and friends alike to draw closer together by spending time (not just money) with each other. If you find Christmas is a good time to go shopping with your family, I'll probably let you off :P

Oh well. To all those of you who still know, respect and 'practice' the real meaning of Christmas, I salute you! :D

Don't worry, it's not like I think you're going to die at war or anything.....

Heh, on a happier note, I'll start blogging about my day

I woke up to the noisy sound of drilling (we were getting a new sink for the bathroom) it was the only thing that would wake me up (the fear of the ceiling collapsing on me all of a sudden :P)

My day started off a bit rough when Dad couldn't find the photos (on the computer) Ernie supposedly scanned into the computer a few days ago. He was interrogating everybody (especially me, I was suppose to 'coach' Ern that day) Well, at least he stopped rambling on and on about responsibilty and just told me to scan all of them over again. That wasn't the bad part really, the real part is that I hadn't finished my lunch yet at that time! :P

I got to work ASAP as he wanted me to finish scanning everything or gymnastic lessons (my only form of exercise besides typing on the keyboard) will be cancelled. I was scanning halfway when my crush came online (thank goodness!) We chatted a bit as I was scanning the photos 3 by 3. It wasn't long before she went out with her dad. Ah well, she did a good job cheering me up by then.

I finished scanning the photos in about half an hour and I quickly ran to the Play Station :D It wasn't long before I had to go for gymnastics. I put on my contacts, gelled my hair, grabbed the skateboard and some chocolate and hopped into our faithful Proton Saga.

I got there and waited for Teck Chee (we planned to skateboard a bit before lessons started)
He never came. Oh well, to bad. The good news is that I didn't have to worry about laughing till my stomach hurted :P

I attempted another "death-defying' skill today. A flip-flap on the trampoline. Yeah, to other gymnastics my age that should be something basic. But to me, it's like my life is hanging by a thread (just kidding).

Just to give a hint of my 'glorious' past, I used to be able to do a roundoff flip-flap. Until one day I found that I couldn't do it anymore. You're supposed to use your hands. I used my head. Literally. It had something to do with my jump, I still haven't figured out entirely what I'm suppose to do (Mr. Yong will have high blood pressure trying to explain to me). Anyway, he told me to do it on the trampoline today (I've been practicing in on the floor with the help of the round mat previously). I managed the first one, stumbled the second, failed the third, failed the fourth, failed the fith. I gave up and told myself to just the last one. Yay! I did it, but too bad it wasn't the best.

We helped out to clean the gym (it will be closed next week for Christmas and New Year holidays) and wished each other season's greetings before we left. I used my shirt as a bandana again. Oh what fun it was.... I took a picture of it this time.

Posted by HelloAs crazy as ever!
Boy am I tired. Better go to sleep, is that a good idea? I kind of forgot what it was like to sleep at 9pm. I figure that if I want to be able to get back to my school schedules, I have to wake up 'too' early the day before so that I'll be able to fall asleep earlier...

Good night all! Merry Christmas (just in case you are unable to read my blog that day)! 2 more days to go.... 2 more days to go.... 2 more days to go.... zzzz.....

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Back To School?

Common Quote From The Yesterdays
"I hate jeans"
Yeah, it's too bad I had to wear them today.

I had band again today (today is the "big" day) We performed for the new students orientation and we had a go at recruiting newbies. It was okay, the only problem was that I had to shift the drumset all over the place. From one building to another, from the highest floor to the lowest floor... phew! I was totally exhausted. It was pretty cool, I went around looking for my friends' brothers and sisters. Shuan is in J1C, -1 and Chern Hui's sisters are both in J1A (-1's sister's name is funny, it sounds like 'negative rice' in mandarin lol) Zi Xian's bro is in J1D and L King's bro is in J1F.

I met up with my friend (we call him sweet potato cuz that's what his name sounds like in mandarin) and we kind of walked to the LRT station together on our way home (I showed Shuan how to get to the Hang Tuah LRT station) It took a while before we got back home, and naturally, the first place I went to when we got back was the computer.

I checked a few messages and took a bath. I came downstairs and had a short chat with Batman and I was about to jam on the piano again to try getting 'Lydia' right when my crush came online. Ah! Plans changed immediately... I talked to her, she was playing an online game at that time and I ran a few errands for Dad and then joined her. It wasn't long before we had to go out for Christmas stuff (we were handing out cookies and Dad's homemade, non-copyrighted CDs otherwise known as computer cookies). We got back and I went back to the computer :P

I just had a talk with my crush. Lots has been happening to her friends so she had a lot to say. I checked out her blog and we talked some more until she logged off. And that is right now, actually :D Guess I'll switch to computer gaming now :D

A Chinese Christmas

'Nice' Quote From The Yesterdays
"For Han's benefit, I'll tell him this:
If you have a child and he says life is tough, here's a good comeback-->
Whoever told you it wasn't?"
-Uncle Si Pek
Before I get started on the title, might as well talk about my day....

I woke up late today... I went online and had a short chat before with my crush before she had to go. I gave Grace her bath today (it was basically the only work I did today) After that I chilled out at the Play Station and then went back to the computer to chat again. I read the comments on my previous post and yes, I took a picture of myself with the haircut....

My 'New' Haircut Posted by Hello

Anyway... Today is I think, the Chinese winter festival (dong zhi) so we had dinner at grandpa's place. The dinner was nice (I had two rounds) and we had a little dessert. The cake actually had rum in it and me and Dad ate it by accident (I don't know about Dad, but I felt very funny after that.....) We exchanged quite a few jokes (Uncle Si Pek was hilarious) it was so funny! Auntie Dua Mm (uhh... it's spelled phonetically) kept getting confused whether it was a joke or a true story... in fact, she laughed at stuff that wasn't the joke! :D It was great.. we all had a good laugh.

After that our conversation switched to family issues, world issues etc. It was time to leave and as I was sitting outside watching Pluto (Grandpa's really grumpy dog) Uncle Si Pek came out as he was leaving and told me that he's 99% sure Pluto won't bite him... I asked him where the other 1% went. He told me that Pluto bit his son when his son walked past Pluto.... 8-/

It kind of scared me because I was actually planning on walking past Pluto tonight (something I've done only once before in my entire life) anyway, I managed to do it with my leg intact :P

I got home and went to the computer. I received an email from my friend. Oh joy! He sent me the musical score for 'Lydia' by FIR so I can play it on the piano! It's just too cool. That song is the only Chinese pop song I've ever cared (and like) to listen to. Which means I'm going to play it right now!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Blue Monday

Silly Quote From The Yesterdays
(a conversation with my friend over YM about my Blog)
batman88_17 (11:18:56 PM): i check it often
woon_han (11:19:02 PM): good for you
batman88_17 (11:19:04 PM): juz didn't left comment
woon_han (11:19:07 PM): it will give you good luck
batman88_17 (11:19:12 PM): ....
woon_han (11:19:15 PM): if you leave comments, you will get more good luck
woon_han (11:19:26 PM): my Blog's Feng Shui very good....
I had band today, things were fine. I still haven't made my decision on whether to join the MIB or not (that's Malaysian Instructor Band, not Men In Black silly). Anyway, Mom couldn't pick me up from the LRT station after my band so I decided to walk it (run actually) because I wanted to get home in time before my crush goes offline...

I ran for the first 5 minutes... I started to get chest pains aaaarg! The last time I ran so much was 2 months ago. I stopped running and walked... and then I ran again. The process just went on and on and on until I finally reached home. All sweaty, I was too lazy to ring the doorbell so I climbed/jumped the gate (something my Dad would kill me for if he found out) I threw my shoes into the cupboard and ran straight to the computer.... I logged on and there she was (what a change... normally I'm the one waiting for her) she had to go so we had a fairly short chat and then she left and I took a bath.

I came out and -1 called. We talked for quite a bit (the joker called up our gang to meet up tomorrow and then he wanted to cancel it) after the silly chat I had some fun with the Playstation, ate dinner and got a haircut. What a day. I didn't do much and I'm already pooped :P Gotta get some rest...

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Super Sunday

Quote From The Yesterdays (notice how there's no adjective this time)
"Work hard, play hard.
Don't just work hard, work smart!
Oh, and don't forget to work in the right industry too..."
That's what my dad says all the time....

I had a great day today, the Church had a Christmas program and I sang in the choir. It was awesome, it was a glorious moment (this time, my chest didn't hurt :P)
Remember my previous posts about my sleeves?

Heh, well, today I couldn't decide whether to roll up my sleeves or to just leave it down, so I came up with the perfect compromise!

Nuts! Posted by Hello

Haha, good idea eh?
I got bored after I got back from Church so I took some pictures of my 2 dogs.

Simba was a real pain, he was so excited when we got back that he just wouldn't keep still for the camera... I gave up and took pictures of Grace instead. She seemed pretty calm today so I took pictures (either she was tired or too hungry to be able to do anything)


Grace trying to sleep...

.... that's something I should do right now ....

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Church Christmas Party

Funny Quote From The Yesterdays
(a joke I read)
"Archaeologists make the best husbands... the older the wife gets, the more interested he is in her"
Hmmm.... will I become like that?

I woke up early today (very rare for the holidays). I was supposed to go out ice-skating with the Young Men but I had a band practice, and my obligations are.... the band.

It was our coach's nightmare, more than half of the band (wind orchestra) didn't show up. He taught us a few things and reviewed the song we are going to play this coming Wednesday. In fact, he picked me and another Clarinetist to join this outside band where both students and band teachers/coaches alike join. My coach plays the Bass Clarinet there... They need to fill up some empty space so he offered me and our Clarinet group leader a place there (fees are 30 ringgit a year, not too shabby) The real problem lies, however, in the fact that practices are 9am to 4pm on Sundays! What a problem.... I have yet other obligations, oh no! Sometimes I feel that I want to do everything *sigh*

Now for the fun part. The Church had a Christmas Party today, my family got there just in time for the food:

Arrg! The Crowd! Posted by Hello
The line was so long I nearly starved to death waiting for my turn to get the food!

"Food! Glorious food! .... I'm starving while waiting!" (Try singing that)
I sat with Sister Miao Lin, Brother A.P. , Jeff, Zach and Rachel. We had lots of fun talking about vacations, movies etc.

My Table
After dinner we ajourned to the hall to watch a Christmas DVD. After a long moment of terror (Jonathan was causing a lot of trouble) we had a special visitor

"Ho ho ho! Hold on, I gotta release my belt...oh boy Mrs. Claus will have to put me on a diet!"
Yup, that's what he said! Santa Claus does have a great sense of humour ;P

Below are some of the pictures of some cute kiddies with Santa

Eli! What a cute little boy... He had trouble making up his mind on what to wish for Christmas

Sweet Maggie had a lot to say when she sat on Santa's lap!


Ray~ I can't post any pictures of him with Santa cuz they're all too blurry! (he couldn't keep still)
The adults didn't want to miss out on the fun either! Just check out the pictures below!


Miao Lin~ She got what she asked for Christmas!

Brother Solomon~ He had some fun talking to Santa!
The Missionaries didn't miss out on the fun either!

Elder Baer~ Santa was very sure that he's been a good boy alright! Elder Baer asked for more Book Of Mormons for Chritmas

Elder Shields~
I was talking to Jeff most of the time, boy did he have a lot to say tonight... I took a really quick picture of him. He kept saying "why are you taking pictures of me? I'm not famous!"

Jeff wanted to meet Santa too!

Aaargh! He kept moving- I couldn't get a good shot
I also managed to take a picture of the both of us....

Well, what a day. Hey! What about my pictures??? I can't have forgotten to take pictures of myself, have I? :P Well, I did (cough cough)... here's the picture of yours truly

Yeah.... it's my new look (notice my stomach bulging from all that eating)
Phew, what a day! I'm going to sing in the choir tomorrow, I hope I don't hit the wrong note like when I sang for someone the other day! That will be something fun to blog about tomorrow :D

Friday, December 17, 2004

Lots Of Chatting And A Great Dinner

Vain Quote From The Yesterdays
(said to me at a poolside party)
"Why aren't you swimming?"
My Reply: "I gelled my hair"
That's what happened today.

As I've said this morning, I woke up on the couch aching all over. After blogging I went to the usual schedule, piano practicing and since it was a Friday, Simba and Grace had to take their bath... I also had piano lessons today. My teacher said that of all her students, I might be the only one able to accept the jazzy sounding third piece for the exam (the rhythm isn't the most catchy thing in the world). Good compliment :D

After piano lessons I had a really long chat with my new crush. For the first time, I sang over the microphone... yeah, it was fun. I hit a wrong note somewhere and I kind of coughed my way through it :P We had a nice long chat and her 4 year old cousin was bothering her the whole time (she said he was using her hair as a crane lol). After a while she had to go, and I did too.

Brother Oh from church was having a party to celebrate his son's birthday. Mom drove us to the apartment and we ate a bit. There was a nice pool, lots of people were swimming (Ray, Ernie, Clayton, Travis etc) They had lots of fun. I wasn't swimming however, I had quite a number of excuses:

  1. I didn't bring my swimming trunks (lousy excuse)
  2. I didn't have a towel (okay excuse)
  3. I was wearing contacts (good excuse)
  4. I gelled my hair (best excuse :P)

Aaaanyway... I didn't swim but I got wet. (don't ask why) In fact, I was the poolside terror! I grabbed any ball that came out of the pool and kind of kicked it to random places. I also doused a few people with icy cold water (I picked random sides as well.... you can be my ally and enemy at the same time :P)

Anyway.... after lot's of evil fun (not to mention eating) I went to into the workout gym with Clayton. It was quite boring actually.... most of the stuff were broken and all. After a brief "workout" I made myself a neat little bandana with my outer shirt (Brother Andy's son thought it was hilarious... he kept laughing at me... he's only a baby!)

Anyway, as usual, I made very unusual fashion statements today

  1. I wore sunglasses everywhere (indoors, at night etc.)
  2. I wore a bandana that's actually my outer shirt
  3. I wore my sling bag under between two shirts!

My Bag Under My Shirt Posted by Hello

Heh heh, cool eh?

Yeah yeah, whatever.... I'm crazy when it comes to fashion. Anyway, we went up to the Oh's place and I added Shane and Shannon's YM ID's so I can talk to them next time (they're moving to Singapore)

After that we finally left. I'm home now and I just had a talk with Ralfz and -1's primary school friend via -1's MSN messenger he left me... Oh well... time to sleep


Exhausted And Proud Of It!

My Quote From The Yesterdays
"Tired I may be, but I am ever ready!"
I am awfully exhausted today, but no less excited about today!

I had gymnastics yesterday, Teck Chee had agreed last week that we would bring our skateboards this week and skateboard for a bit before classes started. That's what we did. It was alright, He saw his friend and dragged me to someplace else, saying that his friend is too good at the skateboard and we'd just humiliate ourselves in front of him. "Oh yeah? If your hip-hop friend is that great why don't we just bring him upstairs to gym and let him watch us!" we both liked the idea, but we didn't go for it :P

We were out there for about 10 minutes and we went back for our classes. Just in time, Shuan was already about to start. We got dressed and yet another tiring session that tested our sanity began. Tested our sanity? Teck Chee was really being funny today. I couldn't help laughing so much that the others probably thought I went insane...

I had quite a lot of fun at gym, the trampoline was up! Teck Chee did a "flying saucer" (he made that up himself) and all sorts of crazy stuff. Near the end of our classes Mr Yong asked if I would like to do a Side Aria. Oh yeah! It's something I've always wanted to learn! He stood there and asked me to do a one-arm cartwheel for him to see. Then afterwards he told me to try doing a cartwheel without arms with his help (a Side Aria is basically a cartwheel without using your hands). I went a few times, I nearly sprained my leg because I wasn't doing it right at first. My second last try was the best.

After gym I rushed downstairs with the skateboard to have another fun skateboarding session with Teck Chee. Soon Mom came and brought me and the other to church (we had a choir practice) I wolfed down my dinner and joined the singing. It was quite fun, Brother Rodney was the only Tenor singing at first and he kept hitting the wrong notes. Then when it was the Bass' turn to sing (that's where I am) Brother AP Tan sang the Soprano's part! As for Dad who was next to me.... I'm still wondering if he was singing or not (he fell asleep during our previous practice). Anyway, practiced for a bit and finally got it right. After the practice I took a look at the Tenor's part and started sight-singing. I offered to switch to Tenor so that I can sort of help them out (they say I have a powerful voice) Mom said no... "The Bass needs you".

That's great!

I've finally uncovered my other secret hobby (and possibly talent) My life will never be the same again! Or at least, for now.

I got home at about 9pm+ last night, I was about to start blogging when my mom said she wanted to use the computer. After moaning a bit as usual I finally took a bath. I came downstairs and lied down at the couch reading books, waiting for mom to finish. Aaarg, we have to share my baby! *sob*

I remember falling asleep and waking up about an hour later, she still hadn't finished so I went back to sleep... the problem is that I didn't wake up! I woke up on the couch this morning... looks like they didn't bother waking me up to go to my room either. Without enough space to turn around during my sleep, I'm aching all over from gym right now. Guess it's something I'll have to put up with today. Hehe, my arm is actually tired from all that typing (for the first time). And I bet you guys are tired of reading too eh? Too bad, I might blog again tonight >D

Thursday, December 16, 2004

My Day Out

Uneasy Quote From The Yesterdays
"Sometimes you have to do the thing you think you cannot do"
-Eleanor Rooselvelt
If it works the other way round, that's what happened to Ernie yesterday.

Anyway. I did what the quote says yesterday. I cooked. Mom said that we'll be eating lunch late yesterday so she told us all to eat breakfast. The problem was that we were our of cereal and bread... the stuff we always eat for breakfast. Then one other thing came to my mind: Scrambled eggs. Mom and Kakak Tun were a bit busy yesterday so I would have to cook it myself. Let's see... the last time I cooked scrambled eggs was... 2 years ago. I remember that I had burned mom's good frying pan and I swore never to cook again. Looks like I broke an oath :P

Things went fine this time. I was under the watchful eyes of Mom the whole time. At last I finished cooking and I served Shuan, Ernie and myself. Guess what, they said it tasted good! Either I have inherited Mom's cooking skill or it tasted so bad their tongue became numb to it after a few scoops....

After breakfast was the usual routine, except I didn't get to chat with *cough cough* yesterday. Anyway, I was basically playing computer games for the rest of the day until sometime during the evening, Mom and Dad decided to take me and the others for a day out.

Despite the wailing and moaning I did, my efforts were futile (I gave up because I might lose my computer usage priveledges). First we went to the skateboard park. Ernie wanted to try the high ramp. He insisted that he would be able to do it. He went up and WOOSH! He was sprawling on the floor.... I tried the lower ramp. It wasn't the most exciting thing I've ever done (gymnastics is still my favourite). Then Dad took me and Shuan to his office to get something and we went to Sungai Wang- a place where you can buy the cheapest things.

We bought some new shoes. I picked the first one I found...

My New Pair Of Shoes Posted by Hello

After that we met up with Mom, Ernie and Ray. There was to be a performance coming up at the stage in the middle of the mall so Dad handed the videotape recorder to Mom so she could film the amazing (not to mention smelly) African Acrobats (Affrobats as the called them)

Anyway, Dad brought me and Shuan to Swenson's for ice cream. Something he promised us months ago.

After having a banana split (not to mention to glasses of water) we went back to watch the rest of the performance. It finished and we headed to our favourite library, the British Council.

Me And Ray At The British Council

We borrowed quite a few of my favourite books. Horrible Histories, Calvin and Hobbes and Asterix. After that we still didn't go home yet. Dad wanted to go to the nearby KLCC (Twin Towers) to get some pictures. We took a family photo and then Dad took a picture of me.

Me With My Favourite Crazed Look In Front Of The Towers

After buying some goodies, we finally went home. The internet was down for some reason so I couldn't blog. We watched a movie last night. The Simpsons! Yay! It was hilarious. It was The Simpsons Christmas 2... it included 4 episodes. It was so funny. Sigh. I slept at 3am last night...

Well, I had quite a day yesterday. Today won't get anymore exciting, just more dangerous (gymnastics) Oh well...