After much preparation, the young self-proclaimed Emperor of The Han Dynastory is now serving a full-time mission to the UK with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He will return in 2014.


Welcome to the Han Dynastory!

As I am now serving a full-time mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have left this blog under the stewardship of a family member, who may post updates on how I'm doing as he/she sees fit.

Enjoy your stay!

Monday, November 29, 2004

-1's back! -1's back! -1's back! -1's back......

Oh Yeah! My best friend -1 has finally got back from New Zealand. He called me up today (aargh... I was supposed to call him first!). Kakak Tun picked up the phone, she was kind of surprised when she asked for his name...(he replied negative one or minus one) It took me a while to explain why his name is like that. Anyway, we talked a lot, apparently he bought presents for me and the others and he's very broke at the moment (New Zealand currency is higher than ours). We talked about a lot of things like when are we gonna watch The Incredibles, when should we plan a sleepover etc. We talked for half an hour (quite little, actually) and he told me he was exhausted... can't blame him, he's having jetlag and he caught some sort of bug on the plane.

Anyway, there's more to my day today than -1 alone. I woke up today, not very excited (no computer gaming today). I wandered around the house like what a typical bratty teenager would do, basically just hovering about, trying to act cool without gelling my hair :P

First came piano lessons, nothing much. Then I had lunch and started the end of the world for my two dogs Simba and Grace--I gave them their bath. Anyway, after that I had to clear up the toys... big time. We had to choose things to give away, things to throw etc. etc. I got a really bad runny nose.

It was well worth it though, at the end of the day mom let me chat :D I talked to Chern Hui, and we played pool. I won most of the time :P. We tried out Backgammon....gosh it was crazy! We don't know what we were doing, we just played around to see how the game works. Chern Hui had enough, we switched to Toki-toki Boom. Hey, that game is cool! It's like having a swordfight in Puzzle Pirates! Perfect! I'm good at swordfighting in Puzzle Pirates...which meant Chern Hui had a hard time with me, I almost feel sorry for him.

Oh well. Time to sleep, I've had quite a day today.

Sunday, November 28, 2004


I've come to realise that sosot might not be the greatest forum I've ever joined. Why?

1. It takes too long to load (too many people go there)
2. It's all in mandarin...that's alright but it's all traditional characters...that sucks
3. It's too immature...I may not be the most matured person around...I guess I hang out with too many people who are waaay older than me
4. I joined just to view one post anyway
5. It's really can't delete your own post nor change your profile...that sucks too

I think I've said too much...-1 will kill me for posting this blog


I've noticed that my friend "Batman" has been reading my blog and posting a lot of comments. That's good. I've decided I'd put up a photo of this loyal friend...

Batman Posted by Hello

Friday, November 26, 2004

My Avatar

It's really crazy how vain I can get... I joined Sosot the other day just to see one article my friend was telling me about. Anyway, I decided an avatar would be nice to use for the forum, so I spent about an hour taking "mysterious" pictures of myself. I found out I liked the effect of shaking the camera when taking the picture. I uploaded the picture onto the computer and kinda use Photoshop to edit the picture to make it look like this.... quite fun taking pictures of myself, I find....

The Avatar Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 21, 2004


I didn't feed Grace today and the maid fed her instead. Mom wasn't very pleased and said feeding Grace is supposed to be my chore. I replied that I wasn't getting paid as a joke. Darnit, she took it seriously and the whole thing ended up in an argument. She even had to bring up other problems...what a fag.

It's crazy, everyone says I always prefer to be with my friends. It's true because they don't take everything so seriously! I guess a person's sense of humor will never always be appreciated....

.::I just got another inspiration for my sad::.

The Immoral Hero

Ernie was bullying Ray last night, so I stood up and defended Ray. Sounds good? The problem is that I used the F word. At least it got rid of Ernie......

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Surprise, surprise

I just found out that Linkin Park's upcoming album will be released internationally on -1's birthday! Woo... I'm not all excited about the next album though, it lost the part I liked about Linkin Park--no swearing. Yup, too bad for me!


I finally got to pass the birthday present to my crush today...

It started of like this: Hao Ran called me up a week ago and asked if I would like to play badminton with the others sometime. We arranged a time to go. It took us a while before we finally decided we'd have the game today. I had to take the LRT to Maluri station and he'll be there to pick me up.

Then I thought, since I'm gonna have to take the LRT, why not seize this chance to get my crush to meet me at one of the LRT stations? I called her up before I left and asked her if she could meet me at the Cempaka LRT station at about 5:30pm. She said that would be perfect because that's when she's going back home after a day out. I hung up and quickly went to get the present.

The coolest thing is that this time, I wasn't nervous haha!

Anyway, I went to play badminton and on the way back, I stopped a the station where I was to meet her. Oh boy you should have seen me, I took every oppurtunity to be vain. I had gelled my hair, wore contacts, wore a medallion. You name it, I wore it. Anyway, I sat there reading a book about Viking legends waiting for her until I heard my name being called. Oops, I didn't notice she came out of the LRT.

I handed her the present I 'created'. Oh boy she looked pretty excited, I handed her something else and then it was time to go our separate ways. Ha, my last words were "Happy Holidays!"
I went home without a care in the world.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

An "Eventful" Day

This is just another regular day... typical during the holidays. But then, things are interesting depending on what how you look at it. I'll try not to bore you guys out reading this.....

It all started out with our daily (or at least, it's supposed to be) early morning scripture study. My parents woke me up at about 8am and I went downstairs to have our scripture study, blah blah blah. After that dad had another meeting. This time, we talked about communication and how body language affects it. He mentioned that when you listen to someone talk while folding your arms it projects the image that you're not listening/don't want to listen. That's when me and my brothers started folding our arms as a joke :P

Anyway, dad went on and on for almost half an hour (the "meeting" was supposed to take five minutes) until I saved the day. I stood up to go get a drink of water and dad suddenly stood up and said "Ok! Time for breakfast!"

After breakfast was my daily routine --Computer Gaming. I went on and on until mom called from work to remind me (and my brothers) to practice the piano. I did. The moment I was done I got back to "work". I went on and on until Mun Yee came online and I started chatting with her. She showed me one of her comics she drew with her friend about Gold Miners in Aussieland. I don't have her permission to post it here so....

The moment Mun Yee left for dinner -1 came online. We chatted a bit. He misses everyone back here in Malaysia (he's in New Zealand) so for all you people from J2B, -1 says hi... We started talking a bit and he started talking about his crush (graagh!) and how much he misses her, he asked me to help him call her up and say hi (I've always been his middle-man). I am yet to call her up (I'm always close to fainting whenever I have to call a girl up). -1 also asked if I could call up his mom and say hi. I did. She was quite pleased, she told him not to worry and just have fun in New Zealand...How can -1 have fun when he's schooling in New Zealand! Shortly after that I had to leave for Gymnastics.

Gym wasn't all exciting today (Teck Chee didn't come) but neither was it all boring. It started out a bit rough, with the coach giving very "dramatic" criticism. But that's where it got better, I listened which must shown him that I'm willing to learn something new. Anyway, I used to be able to do Roundoff Flip-Flaps. The problem was that I wasn't doing it right--I was using my head. Literally. That wasn't very healthy so Mr Yong made me stop and start working on the basics again. Today he finally let me do a Flip Flap without the rolling mat, although he made me do it on a trampoline. It was cool, though. I like the feeling you get when you're doing flips and stuff. Especially when you're doing a Side Aria. Ooh yeah, he let me try one today on a spring board (with his helping hands of course). I learnt quite a lot at gym today, not just gymnastic skills. Criticism may get on your nerves, but if you actually listen to it, you will find yourself improving (of course, make sure it's constructive criticism, not the type I like to dish out :P).

Now, if only I could get that through Shuan's head......

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Daaargh......If there were something I'd hate the most about myself, it would be me getting nervous each time I try to talk to my crush! Anyway, it's her birthday today. I just called her up about an hour ago to wish her happy birthday. I can't believe I called her actually.... I was nervous the whole time. It took me forever just to decide when to call her. I called twice before but I didn't manage to get through. Anyway, I finally got her the third time and after wishing her happy birthday, I asked her if she would be free tomorrow so that I can meet her somewhere to pass her the birthday present I made for her (two portraits of her with a dog and a comic strip). I asked quite a few things, she replied with the most common phrase you'd hear in a teenager. Well, here's how it went (basically)

Me: Happy Birthday!
My Crush: Oh, thanks.
Me: It's me........are you free tomorrow?
My Crush: Erm.....I dunno...I don't think I can go out tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that....
Me: Oh. Why not?
My Crush: Aaah...I dunno...I don't have any transport because my mom is at Penang.
Me: Oh. I have this present for you, and I was thinking maybe I could meet you somewhere so I could just hand it to you, perhaps at the LRT station, is that alright?
My Crush: Errr.....I dunno...
Me: How about the Cempaka LRT station? What time can you be there?
My Crush: I dunno... What would be a good time?
Me: Anytime you are most comfortable with.
My Crush: Hmm...I dunno....I might be at my friend's place tomorrow, I'm not sure. I might be able to meet you at the LRT station.
Me: Oh, the Cempaka station?
My Crush: Erm, I might be able to meet you at the Ampang LRT station.
Me: Okay... What time could you be there?
My Crush: Aaaahh...I dunno...
Me: Okay then, just give me a call tomorrow to confirm what time you can be there, alright?
My Crush: Right.
Me: Well then, good bye.
My Crush: Bye.

There you have it: "I dunno".
Actually, I'm guilty of saying that too! ;P
Now I have time to be nervous again until tomorrow......

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Who am I?

Ever wondered what type of guy am I, even back then when I was a little monster?


Now you know

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A Tribute to a Great Sister!

Whoa, guess who did a Blog article about me? My sister! That's right, quite a nice article too. Check out and read the November 8th article. It's really nice!

Of course, it's only "fair" that I do one about her, right?

She's a really great sister, very inspiring for my comic strip too :D I've "learnt" quite a bit from her, actually. How to listen to sad songs, how to "be cool" etc. She basically taught me how to be a teenager, really. In fact, she's the one who gave me the idea to start blogging!

It's a pity I don't have a nice picture of her to post. But you can see lots of pictures of her at her blog ;)

She's a really cool sister, I don't really know what else to say about her. The most I can do right now is pay tribute to her :)

This Article is Dedicated to My Great Sister!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

My Birthday Party Pictures

In order to know why the heck are all these pictures here, scroll down and read from the bottom of the blog to the top

The Birthday Boy!

Heheh. This is my favourite photo.

There you go, in the distance is the winning team for the murder mystery.

Happy Birthday!

Finally, time for the cake!

Guess where these guys are! They're still playing games at the PS2! I can't believe them....

I brought Charles to the slaughter house!

The mastermind of the Murder!

Hehe! My mom managed to get this picture of.....

There you go, this is Charles, the guy who managed to crack the first case!

The Murder Weapon!

L King gives "her" point of view about the murder

So begins the interrogation!
It wasn't long before........

Chern Hui is killed!!!

Oh, what's this?

I didn't want to miss out on the fun either!

And another!

Look, another tower!

.....Which turned the game into a tower-building competition!

The first game! Everyone had to split into groups of five and they all had to stand on the pieces of newspaper. Naturally, the newspaper got smaller........

We started off with dinner (cake came last). Guess who had to serve the girls!

The Girls of the party! These are the only girls who came. At least there are girls! The last two times I had a party, there were no girls. Just so you guys know, the girl most to the right is my crush heh!

The party was a great time to catch up with some of my old friends back when I was er....2 years younger

The first guy on the left is Bryan, the fist friend I ever made in Elementary School/Primary School (whichever one you call it)
The next guy to the right is Ter Yi, an old friend of mine

The party started with everyone at the PS2 Ter Yi brought along....AARGH! These guys hardly took part in our hard-planned games!

This is the team that made the whole party possible!

My Birthday Party

Okay, so I wasn't today, It was quite a while ago. Still, I don't take photos for nothing, right?

It was quite a great party. In fact, it kind of lasted the whole day. I woke up in early in the morning. Some of my friends were coming early to help out. They were -1, Hao Ran, Chern Hui, Zi Xian and L King. As soon as they all arrived we got to work. First we rehearse the murder that was gonna happen during the party at night. The murder is split into two parts:

The Murder Part One
Victim: Chern Hui
Suspects: Ernie, Hao Ran, Me, L King
Witnesses: Ernie (False Witness), Hao Ran, Me, L King
Other: -1, Zi Xian

This is how it goes.....
During one of our games, Chern Hui will pretend to make Ernie and Zi Xian angry. Both of them will eventually go to my room to "plan the murder". Then, at one point of the party, L King will say he wants to go upstairs (to my room) to read my comics. He goes into my room and sits at my desk. Ernie, who was hiding under my bed, will come out and whack him on the head with Hao Ran's badminton racket. L King goes unconcious and Ernie checks to see if he'd got the right guy. DISASTER! He's got the wrong guy! He comes out of my room and waits for Chern Hui to come upstairs. Chern Hui will be looking for L King and when he goes upstairs, he bangs on the door for L King to come out. At this point, -1 will be in the toilet downstairs, and Hao Ran, needing to go to the toilet, will go upstairs as well. Also, I will ask Zi Xian to turn the porch light off, since the only light currently lighting the entire house is the one in the living room, he "accidentally" turns that light off as well. This cues Ernie to come out and whack Chern Hui to death in the dark. The lights then come on (after a symphonic display of Chern Hui's screaming), L King wakes up, comes out of my room and sees Chern Hui dead on the floor with Hao Ran by his body (trying to revive him) and Ernie huddled in a corner (blaming Hao Ran for killing Chern Hui. At that point me and -1 brought a representative from each group of guests to go upstairs (the crime scene) and collect information regarding the murder. (The whole murder took place out of sight) A lot of people blamed Hao Ran (That's what we wanted to happen) for the murder, although it was actually Ernie who "Killed" Chern Hui. I happened to be a suspect because I went upstairs at the wrong time, oops!

The Murder Part Two
Victim: Someone who managed to solve part one of the murder
Suspects: Zi Xian and I
Witnesses: Zi Xian (false witness)

This is how it goes.......
After each representative from each group gathers enough information on the first part of the murder, they are to return to their group and discuss the murder with their teammates. During all of this, Zi Xian and I will be listening in to see who comes up with the best conclusion. That guy is gonna be the next victim. We checked and found that Charles was the best, so we decided to "kill" him. Anyway, Zi Xian and I told Charles that we have something to tell him. We brought him to a "secluded" spot and told him we need him to play as a murder victim at the last minute. He was surprised but agreed to cooperate. The act was that Zi Xian and I went downstairs with Charles. Charles had to go to the toilet and I went somewhere else. This left Zi Xian (the actual master mind of the first murder) with Charles. Charles comes out and is killed by Zi Xian. Immediately after that, Zi Xian comes running to me saying that someone has killed Charles. So begins the next mystery for the guests to solve.

At the end of it all, each team gives their conclusion on what happened and we pick a winning team. Finally, we act out the entire murder for all to see. Pretty cool huh? My gang and I took quite a while to get this story (I thought of the idea)

By the way, wanna know what the best part of the party was?
My Crush came
It many not seem a big deal to some of you readers, but then, it means a lot to me :) At first she wasn't sure about coming. Then she suddenly asked for my phone number at school so that she could call me to confirm whether she'd be coming or not. So I waited......
....and waited....
...and waited...
I couldn't take it anymore, I had to know! L King gave me her cellphone number and, after gathering up *ahem* courage to call her. I did . She came!
That day, I was the happiest guy on earth

This Just Gets Better and Better

Oh yeah! Just last night my sister, Faye, was online. She signed in under invisible mode, so I thought she was offline. Anyway, I thought I'd just leave a message saying I just started blogging. And then surprise! My sister replied the message.

After catching up for a bit, she taught me how to "tamper" with the HTML to sort of cutomize my blog, just like what she did. She taught me how to add links and keeping to the CSS code. As you can see, there are a few links to other sites (one of them is my sister's blog) on the sidebar.

I've just started out blogging and there's still a lot more to learn, but I think it's great cuz now I can make this blog far more exciting!

Monday, November 08, 2004

My Gang

Now that I've got the Blog working "more towards my will", I thought it would be nice to show off my best friends. We hang out a lot together and constantly look out for each other. These guys are like my second family!

From the Left to Right: Hao Ran, Poh (-1), Chern Hui, Myself, Zi Xian

It's Here!

You got that right! My blog is finally ready for all to see. After all the trouble I went through! It's like this:Yesterday I decided I wanted to start my own Blog. I created an account was just about to get started and my computer crashed! When I wanted to get back to work, my account went totally wrong! I couldn't do anything ie: change my profile, post anything etc etc. I gave up.

But then...

I tried again today, with the same results. Then Mark came online. I chatted with him and told him my current "failure". He suggested I create a new account and try again. It worked! Now I can finally start posting! Thank You Mark!