After much preparation, the young self-proclaimed Emperor of The Han Dynastory is now serving a full-time mission to the UK with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He will return in 2014.


Welcome to the Han Dynastory!

As I am now serving a full-time mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have left this blog under the stewardship of a family member, who may post updates on how I'm doing as he/she sees fit.

Enjoy your stay!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Just Another Week

Funny Quote From The Yesterdays
Shuan: " I was just thinking, since we are Mormons, we know which came first between the chicken or the egg, right?"
Me: "Yes, all of us definitely know it was the elephant"
Despite the fact that I'm bored stiff, I have tried to keep my sense of humor as sharp as possible.

I had a strange week. But before I go about explaining why I it was strange, I wanna talk about the first spot check in school that I've ever been in.

It was a Wednesday, I had brought my Tamiya Racing Car to school to explain about motors in our mechanical class. Tamiya Racing Cars are against the school rules, and the spot check had to happen smack on that day.

It was during our first period, the class teacher's first 20 minutes where he/she can take care of class issues rather than just teach. A whole horde of prefects (no offence, all you prefects) swarmed into our class (about 20 of them I think) and the leader gave us instructions to stay where we are and shut up... something I definitely can't do :P

Anyway, one squad of prefects checked around the classroom to make sure nobody was hiding anything in the classroom grounds. Then each prefect went down each line to check every single student. There was also a head prefect outside of the classroom watching us and the remaining prefects stood in front of the class, waiting to write down the names of anyone who got caught by the prefect checking them.

Anyway, it came to my turn to get checked. First the prefect checked my school bag. Disaster! My school bag happened to be extra messy that day so he reached into my bag and pulled out a whole stack of papers. Then he found my car. I explained to him that it was for our mechanical class so he let me off. He pulled out my file full of comics and kind of checked every page (they have to make sure we weren't hiding anything between the pages). Kind of intimidating to him because I put all my certificates that I win in my file (1st place in the comic drawing competition, Consolation in the math competition, 2nd place in the gymnastics team competition etc)

Then he told me to untuck my shirt and press against my waist to make sure I wasn't hiding anything in my pants (as if I'd be that stupid) or worse still, he made me take off my shoes (hah! Imagine hiding candy, which is against the rules, in my shoes!) Then he kind of ran his hand under my table to make sure I didn't hide anything there either. The funny thing is that he didn't find my Malay CD that came free with our textbook which I placed under my table for "convenience". Either that or he thought it was a game CD and was trying to help me...

I was pretty lucky that he didn't check my hair. Just look how long it was!

Long hair! Posted by Hello
I cut my hair myself the next day...

That was my exciting encounter with prefects...
Now for the part about having a strange week.

People in my class see me as a guy who's always cheerful and witty. This week however, I wasn't like that all the time like before. I don't know why, I became easily stressed up, I just couldn't take any responsibility for some reason. Like when -1 got upset that I hadn't photocopied some musical scores for the piano for him, I just lost my smile for an hour...

Mom said it probably has something to do with my hormones, so I should get out of it.
I did a crazy thing yesterday. After our band practice at school, Shuan and I were supposed to call home to find out how we would be getting home. Shuan called home and we had to take the LRT home again. We did just that and when we got to the Ampang LRT station, it was raining like mad. We were supposed to call home so Dad could drive to the LRT station and pick us up. The problem is that all the public phones were down. I could have tried to catch a taxi, but there is no darned taxi in this city who will stop for someone in the rain. So there we were, stranded in the rain with no way of contacting Mom and Dad. I told Shuan that since I already got wet trying to call home, I might as well run all the way home in the rain and tell Dad to pick Shuan up. I left my bags with Shuan and started running.

The rain got worse.

I ran and ran, leaped over small obstacles, skidded across puddles and ran some more. It was quite a nice feeling. My adrenalin must've been at its peak because I wasn't tired for quite a while. The rain got harder and I stopped under somebody's patio to drip dry and catch my breath for a few seconds. Then I started running again.

I started chanting a few slogans like "This is for Shuan!" or "The computer is waiting for me". They seemed to work as they gave my morale a boost. Then I thought "At least the sun is not burning me to death like every other day!" It was totally fun.

After running for what I assume was 2-3 kilometres, I finally got up to the hill where home was not far away. Without warning, I got a cramp in my leg. A cramp in the leg in the rain when I'm just 50 metres away from home! At first I was stuck there standing, trying to resist the pain and move on. I couldn't move at all thanks to the paralyzing pain. Then I realized I was blocking a car that was trying to come out of the street which I happened to stop at. I limped across and sat down on the side to rest.

The pain finally went away and I cautiously limped back home.

Mom and Dad came running out in horror to find out what happened. I told them the whole story and Dad went to pick up Shuan, who was probably all nice and dry waiting for Dad...

It all goes to show that they should have picked me up from school like what I wanted. At least it was good exercise...

I took a picture by the way

I briefly towel-dried myself and then ran off to the computer to have a short chat with my crush before taking a nice warm bath.

That was my crazy experience I guess. Now it's time for me to recover and get some rest. Time to prepare for another crazy week in the life of a crazy teenager!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

An Action-packed Weekend

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
(said while arm wrestling me)
"Whoah! This guy is strong man!"
-My 24 year old Cousin...
Hoo... What a weekend. I barely got any time to rest this weekend. Friday was a public holiday so Brother Behrmann from church organised a Branch party on Thursday night. I was supposed to be having gymnastics lessons but I had it early on Tuesday. The party was pretty nice (especially the food), it took place at the Kerwana Apartment, a very high class apartment Brother Behrmann is staying in next to the Ascott. I finally wore that yellow shirt which has been in my room since my birthday last year which I never wore... The effect was pretty nice when I wore it with my nice big blue shirt

Me in my 'new' yellow shirt Posted by Hello

We had a nasty experience on the way to the party. Mom wasn't sure where to park the car so we followed the Whitaker family, who didn't know where to park their car either! We accidentally went to the residents' car park and we were driving halfway when one of the higher ranking guards came over and started banging on our car. "You kena park di bawah!" That's all he said. How rude! He just came up to us and started banging on our car demanding us to park our car at a different place! Sister Whitaker got out of her car and asked for directions from the guy. He immediately turned 'good' and told her what to do nicely.

What the heck!

He treats her better than us just because she's an American? What the heck it that! Darnit, how can Malaysia claim to be united and harmonious if they treat 'powerful' expats better than their fellow Malaysians? It's no wonder Malaysian students who study overseas never come back. They're probably treated better at other countries!

Oh well, complaining about it wouldn't help now, would it?

The party was awesome. The food was soooo good! Just look at it!

It's not very clear here, but it was delicious!
Brother Behrmann caught quite a few fish when he was fishing at Alaska. He brought back the Salmon and Halibut he caught and one of our church members, an Irish cook, Brother O' Callaghan offered to cook the fish. It was totally delicious!

Dad with Brother O' Callaghan (left), the great cook!
I'm sure Elder Baer enjoyed the food too

Yeah, just look at him!
As usual, Jeff ate together with me and we talked a lot. We helped bring down the Salmon and Halibut. It was delicious. I got mom to take a picture of the 2 of us at the table

Jeff and I
I was walking around enjoying myself with mom's camera again and Jonathan came up to me asking for a picture

Heh, what a funny face. He brought me to go show it to his dad
While we were dressing up getting ready to leave, Ray wore a jacket over his shirt, silly guy... he's trying to be 'cool' like me, wearing a shirt over my other shirt. I told him to take off his jacket and I got one of my really really old shirts for him to wear over his other shirt

Just look at him. He really looks up to me, trying to do everything I do. Maybe one of these days I should gel his hair for him heh heh
There was a tennis court so I kind of played a bit. Hah! I should stick to badminton! I hit the tennis ball out of the court! Worse still, the tennis court was 2 floors above the ground! Oops!

The party finally ended and we all went home to sleep


There wasn't any school today as it was Hari Raya Haji. I woke up at about six in the morning and started working on my new blog. I was at the computer until after breakfast and I started working in the garden like my mom asked me to. The problem was I was weeding the wrong area! Argh! It was fun though, while I was weeding one patch I remembered about the two growing trees which my mom wanted me to get rid of as it was growing at the wrong place.

It was on a hill so I had to kind of climb up towards them. I didn't have my hatchet with me so I decided to 'kill' them with my bare hands. I tried uprooting the first tree. I nearly did! But at the last part the roots got stuck somewhere in there so I gave up. I tried to snap the tree into half but it was too hard. Then a "brilliant" idea came to my mind. I pulled off all the leaves! That way the tree should die by itself.... I did the same with the other tree. I wonder what will happen to them :P

As soon as I was satisfied with what I did I went back indoors to the computer to have a chat with my "girl friend" as my friends call her.... Her best friend was with her at that time and we talked a bit until they had to go to school. After that I continued on the new blog and then mom told me I weeded the wrong part of the garden. Waaargh! Heh, I got back to work after that...

I finished in no time as my brothers were helping out this time. I went back to the computer and started blogging and chatting with Marielle until I had to leave for grandpa's birthday party.

The party was pretty crowded. My aunt and all my cousins, nieces and nephews from Penang came over. I was sitting in a corner reading a book while listening to music when Ern suddenly ran up to me excitedly saying that he had armwrestled our nephew (who is 14 this year) and won! I congratulated him and then arm wrestled him... of course, he lost...

Our cousin saw me and then he challenged me. I told him that we'll do it with our left arms. He agreed not knowing that my left arm is a lot stronger than my right :P

The arm wrestling match lasted for 5 minutes! He was all "woah! This guy is strong man"

Guess how old he is?


Haha, I put up quite a fight and he gave up and the match ended in a draw. He then challenged me with his right arm. I lost... but not after 6 minutes! Oh what fun it was.

I fell asleep while waiting for dad to finish talking and go home. I got home at 11:30pm and slept at midnight. I can't believe I had to go to school the next day...

I went to school and -1 and I advertised our latest Blog during recess. Apparently lots of people were planning to check it out after school. Nice.

After school I had band practice again. Our coach brought some girls from Kuen Cheng Girls School to teach us how to march and play our instruments better (they are really good)

We learnt the American Marching system today and then we started playing a new song. It was lots of fun basically...

I got home at about five and I logged on YM to see if Marielle was online. She wasn't... yet. I talked to SMY and then Marielle came online. We talked for quite a bit and then I took a bath to get ready for Ri Chard's going away party which was to be held at Brother Hougaard's house by us Young Men.

The party was fine, he ordered pizza and we played a "boring" board game and then switched to watching 'Miracle'. Dad called up to ask why Shuan and I weren't home yet so Brother Hougaard had to end the party and we all went home.

Dexter drove me and Shuan home in his Christmas present- a Honda Jazz... it was nice. I got off and ran straight to the computer. I waited for a few minutes and Marielle came online again. We talked until about 11pm and mom told me to go to sleep. Oh well

Sunday (Today)

Today is Ri Chard's last Sunday in our church (he'll be leaving to serve a mission at Indonesia this week).We're all going to miss him... I brought mom's camera along so I took quite a few pictures of him.

We Young Men got to tease him one last time by calling him Ri~Chard (it sounds like 'retard' :P)

We all took a photo

They KL Branch Young Men!

(From left to right)Shuan, Dexter, Ri Chard, Me, Zach, Jeff, and Shean

It's a pity Brother Hougaard (our President) wasn't here today...

After church I took an individual photo with Ri Chard and Elder Baer, who is going to be transferred to a different area this week

Ri Chard and I

Elder Baer and I
Boy am I gonna miss them...

What a fun weekend. Now it's time to calm down and prepare for another week of school. But first, more blogging at my other blog now :D

Friday, January 21, 2005

Another Blog

Ladies and gentlemen! Hold on to your mouses and brace yourselves for...

"Whatever Lah!"

Believe it or not, that is what the title is!

I got bored in the bathroom one day and the idea struck me that I should start a themeless blog where my friends and I can freely express ourselves. I got to work on it this morning and wa~lah! We now have a site where we can talk, joke, laugh, scream, discuss math and copy each other's homework :P

Anyone else interested in joining? Tell me at the Shoutbox (that message board on the sidebar) and I will discuss it with the administration board (that's me, -1, Hao Ran and Chern Hui)

Another thing I have to announce, to my dismay, is that -1's blog, has been officially deleted. I guess it kind of went dead... that place is way too serious. What we could say, though, is that it 'merged' with

Hao Ran will end his blog Mythic Meeting on February. But I think he is going to start Mythic Meeting 2... that will be something nice to look foward too :D

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Yet Another Wild Week

Vain Quote From The Yesterdays
"I miss my contact lenses"
Alright, this week was extremly eventful so I will split it up into a few time periods...
Vanity Refrained (Monday to Wednesday)

These few days were spent without my contact lenses. My teacher wanted to give us an eye check up. We had to do it with and without glasses so I had to wear glasses to school instead of my favourite contacts.

Wearing my glasses again Posted by Hello
Yeah, Fang Soe said this is how he remembers me.

It was quite silly, I memorized everything that was on the cardboard. When it was my turn my teacher told me to cover one eye with a book. I covered both eyes and started reciting the whole thing from memory. "EOGXUVHTYOVUAXTHAYOUXYUXTHAOV" haha, that took her by surprise. After that I did the eye check up properly, eventhough I basically knew what the letters were.

While I was taking that picture above (it took me about 50+ tries to get what I wanted) Ray came along and I thought I'd take a picture of him

For some reason, I keep thinking he looks like a frog!
After taking a few other crazy pictures that I think are pointless to post here, I went to the living room to find that Ernie was doing handstands again (he's better at it than me now) Watch!

Ready and....

Yeah, I have to admit he is a lot better at handstands than me. I can last for like 5 seconds. He can last for almost 10!

-End of current period
A Service Project (Wednesday)

Today the Young Men from church planned a service project to go to the Red Crescent society to help pack donations which were to be sent to help the Tsunami Victims. The missionaries came along to help as well. Ri Chard arranged everything for us beforehand so we when we got there we got straight to work.

All we needed to do was pack clothing into boxes. Quite simple, we just needed to separate the men's women's and children's clothing. We worked for about 2 hours then went home. That was when I had another picture bonanza. I went to the service project 'well dressed' you see.... I was dressed hip-hop style. Elder Baerman said I looked all "Yo" and Jeff called me the Malaysian Rapper. Yeah, too bad I don't rap!

Dah Malaysian Rapper!

A Silly Malaysian Rapper!

Oh look, hat hair!

Actually, I wore my cap because I had very little gel left so I was saving it for school....

Simba wanted to rap to! Just look at the guy with my cap on. He's the rapping dog! Snoop Dogg!

Simba: I rap with a cap

Simba: Rrrrr... get your hand off me!
Fun photos. I even took a photo of my feet!

A tribute to my feet who take me everywhere!
After taking loads of other pictures, I decided to take a picture of my diary too! I decorated it last week or so, took me 2 hours or so. It was funny. I finished decorating it and then I forgot what our teacher wanted us to write on it! I called up -1 to ask...

My Diary

The back of my Diary
Pretty elaborate huh? Just take a look at what I write/draw in there!

Translation: If we think we can fly, we can

Translation: But don't fly too high!

-End of current period
A Day Without Air Conditioning (Thursday)

There was a big power failure throughout Peninsular Malaysia today. Apparently there was a power trip somewhere and it set off a chain reaction. All this happened during our PE class. Speaking of PE class, I did a handstand at that time. I broke my record! I lasted more than 5 seconds then I came down. I heard my PE teacher calling me and I went over only to find that he was about to punish me for doing that 'dangerous' handstand. He made me do 30 push ups. What a fool. Everybody knows I like to do push ups! I did it ever so willingly... I got up feeling stronger than ever :P

I went back up to class carrying loads of other people's sports clothing (I help them carry their PE clothing back to the classroom all the time for the fun of it). I carried almost 10 people's clothing once! It's good practice for my short term memory trying to remember whose clothing is who's. Anyway, the band called a short meeting during recess and I attended it. When I got back to class I found that the fan and air-con wasn't turned on. It was then I realized there was a power failure. We went through the last 2 classes without 'enough' oxygen :P

Then it hit me, how am I supposed to go home! The LRT requires electricity! If almost the entire country's electricity is down then... oh no.... I put that thought aside and went to help shift some cupboards to the band room. At one point I entered one of the rooms and saw the lights on. I asked the teacher why there was lights and he said the power was back.

Yay! Now I can go home!

I ran towards the canteen where my bag and Shuan was waiting for me. I was about to leave when someone said something like the LRT was still down. There was a whole group of my friends there who take the LRT home everyday. Being a hardcore runner, I offered to run all the way to the LRT station and see if it's running or not and run all the way back to report to them. They were all 'gosh, you'd do that?' My friend Ken joined me so we walked an ran to the LRT station.

It was down! Apparently there were some internal errors so they had to shut down the LRT. My friend and I headed back to school where we bumped into our art teacher and I warned him about the LRT. After that we ran all the way back to school and told everyone that the LRT was down. Shuan called home and Mom was on her way to pick us up so I decided to talk to my teacher. I tired Pepsi Ice for the first time and my tongue was blue. My teacher told me not to drink that again. "You're drinking poison!" she said. Yeah... she's right

See what happened to my tongue after drinking Pepsi Ice!
When I finally got home there was a nice surprise, the discman Dad ordered for me has finally arrived! Great! Now I can listen to my songs without Mom screaming at me to turn it down!

My latest gadget
After listening to some music I went for gymnastics. Oh man... Mr. Yong asked me to do a roundoff flip flap. I nearly killed myself! My roundoff was too short or 'packed' as he called it. So when I did my flip flap I couldn't get my hands on the ground on time and I landed on my head!


My neck still hurts...

I think Mr. Yong must've been dissappointed. Well, I think he was being nice to me because after that he let me try doing my (favourite) side aria with the help of him and the spring board. It was fun! I love the feeling in the air. It's like I'm flying... Then Mr. Yong told me to do it myself (but with the springboard)


I did it! The bad thing was that each time I landed I fell to the right. Mr Yong said that it has something to do with the way I landed... oh well... at least I did it! Oh what fun it was!

-End of current period
Food Poisoning and Lovesickness (Saturday)

Boy was I sick today. Imagine being food poisoned and lovesick at the same time! I had a chat with my crush earlier in the afternoon, she wanted me to tell her what sick joke Chern Hui had said about her. I refused to. She pretended to get mad at me and that totally scared me :P I was feeling the symptoms of food poisoning at that time (I think I ate a bad burger for lunch) so I was somewhat more sensitive than usual. Anyway, she had to go and I had to go vomit...

I vomited almost 50 times!

The pain I had in my stomach was almost unbearable. I asked Mom to call Dad and ask him to come home from Setapak with Brother Daniel to give me a blessing. I then waited (and vomited) for another half hour...

I finally got that blessing and I felt a lot better afterwards... I stopped vomitting. Feeling a lot better, I went back to the computer and started chatting with Elizabeth, Chern Hui and Ming Hao while emailing my crush.

It was quite funny. I overheard Mom when she was calling Dad. Dad didn't think that my vomitting was that serious, my Mom said: "He's so sick he stopped using the computer! How bad can that be?!"


-End of current period
Now about today... I just woke up and had lunch. I slept at 3am last night because I was chatting with my friends and I couldn't really sleep since I was so lovesick. I woke up at about 2pm today and had lunch. I missed church but at least I got some rest. My stomach still hurts a little but at least I'm not vomitting :D

Phew, blogging sure is tiring. Perhaps I should start emailing now...

Sunday, January 09, 2005

All About Me In Lists Of Three

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
"Man, I had the hardest time coming up with this list! 3 really isn't long enough!"
Yes, my sister challenged me to make this list at her blog

3 names you go by:

2.Boon Hoon
3.Gogo (read that in cantonese... it means 'older brother')

3 screen names you have:


3 things you like about yourself:

1.I speak good Engrish (or is it spelled Inglish?)
2.I am witty
3.I am well rounded (more than just my tummy silly)

3 things you hate/dislike about yourself:

1.I am addicted to the computer
2.I am also addicted to girls
3.Lack of self control

3 parts of your heritage:


3 things that scare you:

1.My Malay teacher
2.Being unable to use the computer
3.Things that scare me

3 of your everyday essentials:

2.More Food

3 things you're wearing right now:

1.My contact lenses
3.A Tie

3 of your favourite band/artists (today):

1.Linkin Park
3.Dave Koz

3 of your favourite songs at present:

1.Pushing Me Away (reanimated)- Linkin Park
2.Fallen- Evanescence
3.Love Changes Everything- Dave Koz

3 new things you want to try in the next 12 months

2.Studying all the time (even in the bathroom) every Monday to Friday
3.Kiss Simba everyday

3 things you want in a relationship (love is a given):

1.A wife?

2 truths and a lie (It's up to you to figure out which is which):

1.I am obnoxious
2.I don't have a girlfriend
3.I have really bad body odor

3 physical things about a love interest that appeal:

1.Sweet smiles
3.Nice hair :P

3 things you just can't do:

1.Spend a day without thinking of my crush
2.Fail English at school
3.Speak mandarin properly

3 of your favourite hobbies:

1.Computer Gaming/Chatting
2.Drawing comics

3 things you want to do really badly right now:

1.Talk to my crush
2.Play a good computer game
3.Laugh like crazy

3 careers you're considering:


3 places you want to go on vacation:


3 kids names (either boy or girl):


3 things you want to do before you die

1.Meet Marielle in person
2.Have kids
3.Do everything I like to do

3 people who have to take this quiz now:


3 prevelant thoughts of the day:

1.My crush
2.I'd rather chat than e-mail
3.The tsunami
Informative? I'll say.

To Chat Or Not To Chat

Shakespeare Quote From The Yesterdays
"To be or not to be, that is the question"
-You probably know where that came from
That's not my question actually, I'm talking about chatting over the internet.

Everybody who has Instant Messaged me through the internet knows I am a hardcore chatter. I use MSN and YM all day long. I can go on and on forever no matter how bored I get. As long as someone is talking to me I can stay up until 5am the next day. My family watch me as I type on average 64 words per minute and think I've turned into an anti-social creep;People who I chat with however, see me as an outrageous, extroverted and lively person. I am a victim of Instant Messaging.

I just had a mild argument with Dad over chatting through the internet. Dad thinks it's just a waste of time while I, of course, think it's great. The debate lasted for about 2 minutes and I had to surrender because Dad's Dad and I would lose all my computer usage priveleges if I ever make Dad mad. We are both very 'kiasu' (that's 'afraid to lose' to all you banana people or non chinese dialect speaking people)

It's true, chatting is a waste of time. But I planned out my schedule this year so that Saturdays will be a day where I can waste whatever time I want. I viciously defended myself by listing out all the good stuff chatting does and the good things about staying online almost 24-7.

  1. Chatting is free apart from internet fees. That's better than SMS-ing or phone calls.
  2. Better still you can talk overseas. Definitely better than trying to call someone overseas :P
  3. It's fast so you can talk easily...
  4. Speaking of me staying online the whole day, that's the only way to catch my friends.
  5. Better yet, that's the only way I manage to catch my sister online.
  6. Dad says why bother when I can just talk to my friends at school. Yeah, I'd like to see some of my old/new friends who have moved to Australia show up in my school...
  7. There's a webcam, can email do that?

So far that's what I've come up with. Dad kept his points simple - It's a waste of time and I'm better off emailing instead.

I think he wins.

I put up a good fight, but I never win. Simply because I fight for the wrong things. Oh well, no matter how much I argue, pout, moan, groan, curse, swear or fight, chatting will only be allowed on Saturdays. Sigh...


"Quit complaining!"

"Okay okay"

Yeah, might as well blog about my day. I did more than just arguing all right.

We finally got a teacher for our youth Sunday School today. Brother Behrmann (pronounced Bear-man). We went around class introducing ourselves. He wrote down our names on the white board for himself to remember. He spelt Shuan's name Huan and then Shaun. Then he went on to spelled Zach's name Zack. Zach, of course, spoke up (Shuan didn't when Brother Behrmann spelt it wrong... we had to tell him) Brother Behrmann then spelt it Zhac. Haha, me and Zach pronounced it 'Jhahck' as if it was some sort of German word. Brother Behrmann finally got it right and the gave us the lesson.

Next came Young Men's. Brother Hougaard inquired about the rafting trip Zach is planning for our Young Men's Quorum. We discussed it and President Whitaker came in to sort of check on us. Brother Hougaard asked if he would like to join us on our trip (planned on the 25th of February). We are planning to camp overnight on a Friday and go rafting on Saturday (I have to skip school). President Whitaker said he'd be delighted to join us and added that he has not camped for a while as he said "I married a girl whose idea of a camping trip is a two star hotel". Haha~

After Church Dad had to stay back for a Branch Council Meeting so I started playing the piano in the sacrament hall. Brother Cragun left a really nice book there so I started playing one of the songs (more like stumbling through it) while Ray, Derrick and Jonathan ran around screaming like wild indians (I had no chance of stopping them). At last Dad came out of the meeting and we went home to have some nice Taiwanese style 'summer noodles' for lunch. Mmmm... I had three bowls and now I'm stuffed.

Better burp while I still can, Elder and Sister Miller (our new couple missionaries) are coming over for dinner. Time to get off the computer and clear the living room.

Now I'll have to wait till next Saturday to blog again...

Saturday, January 08, 2005

A Crazy First Week Of School

Funny Quote From The Yesterdays
"Man do not forget anything, they just don't remember things"
Super big exams are coming our way this year.

We're all back to school and we just survived one crazy week. Blogging is now reduced to twice a week (Saturdays & Sundays) and Shuan has joined me in Tsun Jin...

Me And Shuan Posted by Hello

Yeah, now we both wear the same uniforms.

Classes have started again, so have our opinions on the teachers. I've made up my mind about my teachers already...

  • Math~ Same teacher, totally cool, perfect victim for me and -1 :D
  • Chinese~ Awesome teacher, goes crazy (in a fun way) and keeps us awake in class
  • Malay~ Same, dreaded Kamariah. I did yet another caricature of her as a pig... it never stops drawing laughs
  • English~ Same teacher (AKA Doraemon), he's becoming funnier, but still a bit dull
  • Physics~ This year we have the head of the disciplinary department to teach us, he's good, but a bit too serious
  • Chemistry~ Same as last year. He's a great guy but unfortunately a lousy teacher (he's more suited to teaching Senior students than Juniors)
  • Biology~ Same teacher again. She's great if I listen to her during class
  • Geography~ Oh man, she is a twin image of Kamariah! She doesn't seem to be able to take jokes and has been eyeing on my gang with the look of the devil since day one (I think it has something to do with us being smart and all...)
  • History~ Great teacher so far, everything she teaches makes sense
  • Art~ Same teacher. Totally awesome, he makes art totally fun
  • Computer~ The same teacher *again* He has a dry sense of humour
  • Kemahiran Hidup~ Same teacher, I can learn a lot if I manage to keep up with her pace
  • Sejarah~ Different teacher, she won the award for 'best commander' back in uni. That's uh... intimidating. Nevertheless, she's a great teacher
  • Geografi~ Haven't met this teacher
  • Science~ Haven't met this one either
  • Physical Education~ Same teacher, I like sports enough to not have to care about having a teacher :P

I think that's all there is. School has been great this week. I got to catch up with my gang, my friends and a bunch of teachers. I pleaded with our Math teacher (also our class teacher) to let me sit next to either Zi Xian, Hao Ran or Chern Hui. Guess what she did?

She made them all sit far away from me! Aaargghhh

Too bad.

Life will not be easy this year. We have to take PMR and UEC exams. The latter being the harder one. I've come up with a 'reasonable' schedule: Study, study, study and oh, study (not to mention study) It's what I've been doing everyday. However, on Saturdays, throw those books into the dark corner of my room! It's computer day! And then on Sundays, it's nap time.

Speaking of computer days, I was in a hurry to get home today. I rushed home with Shuan and went online to wait for my crush. To my disappointment, she had gone out to the mall and I was there waiting for the next 5 hours with no one else online except Hao Ran. Too bad.

She finally came online for about 20 minutes and we talked. She left soon and I chatted with a bunch of other classmates on MSN. It wasn't long before my parents kicked me out of the house to go to church for the sports activities every Saturday at 7pm. After a really tiring badminton game with Ri Chard, Shuan, Ernie, Ray, Dad and Elder Shields, we went to Ampang Point to get dinner.

What a day, what a week. It'll be as action-packed as this for the rest of the year! Let's see how long I can last...

Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Day Before School

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
"Saya tidak peduli apa orang kata, saya tetap dengan pendirian untuk memindahkan hati saya ke badan Nadhirah, walaupun terpaksa mempertaruhkan nyawa sendiri."
-'Bushrah' in the novel 'Panas Salju'
Yeah, I read a whole novel today.

We are assigned to read the novel 'Panas Salju' (that's Hot Snow if you want an English translation) over the holidays for school. Most of my friends have already finished reading it, and I just started/finished today... I thought I'd give a brief summary of the story to kind of test how much I remember about the story.

Here we go:

The story is mainly about two desperate parents trying to get a liver transplant for their daughter.

It starts with the family in the car heading towards some place, and on the way the dad, Zulkifli, notices a car which crashed into a ditch. He stops the car and gets off to check it out. He finds 2 Sikhs in the car who are unconcious. He tells his wife, Bushrah, about it and she is more concerned about getting to the place early. She doesn't like him helping because they are Muslims and those guys are Sikhs... The husband doesn't care and he goes on to bring the two to a hospital.

That was just one of the morals the novel was trying to teach. Anyway, the real story lies in where Nadhirah, their daughter has a liver disease and the parents need to send her to London for a liver transplant. The mother offered to be the donor.

However, they do not have enough money and Zulkifli goes to a newspaper company to ask for help. The big boss decides to make it a headline. Soon, a Tan Sri guy sees the article and offers to pay for everything Nadhirah's operation requires. The grateful family then sets off for London. The operation is a success and after Nadhirah and Bushrah recover they go on a tour of London. All is happy and all is well. When they finally go home the airport catches fire when they are about to land. What luck...

They manage to arrive safely however (at another airport I think) and they continue to live peacefully for the next 5 years until....

One night, Bashruh wakes up and complains of difficulty breathing. It turns out those were her last few breaths.... She dies and the family has a funeral. They honor the mother who gave up part of her liver for her daughter and dies (five years after the incident) because of it.

How touching.
Well that was fun. I read a whole Malay novel in a few hours. Well, once I'm back to school I'll be reading all the stuff everday! School.... this year will be a real terror. I'll have to take my PMR and UEC tests this year, and what results I get in my other tests will decide my fate- whether I'll make it into the Science Stream next year or not. -1 is dying to get to the Science Stream so he can escape the deadly clutches of geography :p So am I.

That means lots of studying and less blogging. Oh well.... back to school! Time to grab the teachers by the throat again!

*evil laughs*

And I have my gang to join me >D


Crazy school life, here I come!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

End Of The Holiday Blues

Redundant Quote From The Yesterdays
"I want and don't want to go to school"
It's the truth! I have my reasons, but they should be obvious enough so I won't waste time telling you.

I had lots of nice sleep today, having slept at 3am, I definitely slept in. I woke up at about 12:30pm and watched some TV before eating lunch and lazing about.

I wasn't allowed to chat or play computer games today so I just lazed about until Mom asked me if I was ready for school. I went to get my bag ready and after cleaning up my desk, I realized that I hadn't mended the hole on my bag yet. I finally told myself to sew it up, I got a needle and some thread and checked with Mom to confirm that the way I was sewing was correct or not (the last time I sewed was last year). It wasn't that bad, I finished in a few minutes. I even decided to customize my bag by sewing my name onto it. Pretty fun.

After passing on some old school books to Shuan, Mom brought us out shopping for groceries at Carrefour. When we got there Shuan and I went to look for a Bionicle which I owe him. We didn't find it. We couldn't find Mom either! What a disaster! We went there to help Mom push the trolley and then we lost her. We wandered around searching for her and I stopped halfway to look at some CDs. The latest Linkin Park (and Jay Z) album is out at 27ringgit AAAH! I chose not to buy it however, Mom might break that CD into a million pieces. I wanted to get 'Fallen' by Evanescence as well but I didn't have enough money...

We finally found Mom somewhere and I took control of the hard-to-control trolley. At one point I went to look for a new pencil case for school. Hmm... would a pencil case with Winnie The Pooh or Kukumalu on it look good?


I guess I'll have to look for one next time.

After pushing the cart and moaning of hunger for almost 2 hours, we finally went home. Dad bought Dominoes Pizzas for dinner, to my dismay when I got back I found that there were only a few slices left. How ironic that tomorrow is Fast Sunday! Imagine having to fast on an empty stomach.

I gobbled down the last few slices and had some instant noodles after that.

Sigh... that was my day. School will be starting in two days, not to mention Early Morning Seminary! Ahhhh! I enjoyed my holidays too much I think. Going back to school will sure be a pain. Oh well... it's time for me to sleep already. Good night.

One WILD New Year's Eve

'New' Quote From The Yesterdays
"Happy New Year!"
-Did you remember to say it?
What a wild day last year (26 minutes ago)

My day started in front of the Play Station, I was waiting for my crush to come online... First I cycled to Taman Hijau to check on the fishing bait Joe Wee and I left yesterday. Guess what we caught? Rubbish... I tugged at the string to try and lift the thing up and the string snapped! Oh well.... there goes a few bucks literally down the drain. I went back home, gave Grace a bath, took mine and continued my wait.

I waited and waited until Mom told me to get off the computer and help her prepare a performance for the Church Talent Show that night. She was planning some sort of luminous performance with the help of an Abba Song and UV light. At the same time Joe Wee invited me to another fishing trip which I sadly had to turn down.

Anyway, back to Mom's project. We started off making the props: diamond shapes, hearts, "Happy New Year" and confetti. Halfway through I got a short break where I ate my dinner (fish n' chips) and left a few offline messages. I later found out that my crush finally came online right after I logged off YM to help Mom out. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait until next Saturday.

After we finished making the props we started practicing the dance in Shuan's room. Things got pretty messy and it took us several hours to get it right. When we finally managed to get the dance right we got into the van and shot off for PJ. We got there only to find that the show had ended and we missed it. Dissappointment hit us like a bomb (I wasn't that dissappointed, I was too busy thinking about my crush than to worry about dissappointment :P) We bought some Slurpee at Seven Eleven as a consolation on our way home. If you ask me, I prefer extra computer time instead of Slurpee...

But that's asking too much

Anyway, when we got home we decided to film our dance instead and somehow make it available online (that's Dad's job, so don't ask me) It took us 3 tries to get something everybody was satisfied with. We took a family photo

"New Happy Year!"Posted by Hello
After our new year coundown I took some pictures with the props. Pretty fun

Heh heh, one of my personal jokes

Someone's in love... with the computer

Constantly having to defend myself from little monsters, I now have the Shield of Love!
Totally fun.

We had our New Year's non-alchoholic sparkling grape juice. I got the honor of opening the bottle. I pushed the cork. It didn't budge. The harder I tried to get the cork off the more pain it gave my thumbs. Finally it came off!


The cork flew off and the bottle started foaming. Aaah! I didn't know bottles could have rabies!

Heh, I think I shook the bottle too hard when I was trying to get the cork off. We got a wet cloth to wipe up the mess I made and I served the drink. Shuan deliberately gave me the smallest glass. I went for a second glass and since I was not used to having a glass as tall as my index finger, I poured too much.

I wiped up the mess again and Ray had a go at serving himself. He spilled too! That sure proves we are brothers. I gave him a pat on the head and offered a toast: "Cheers! And may we spill many more drinks this year!"

Ah... good times.

Well, school starts next Monday. Sigh... the holidays sure went by quickly. Now I'll have to make do with computer once a week again :( Too bad. The good thing is that I'll be able to catch up with my friends again. And that's something to look forward to :D

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!