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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Camping Trip With The KL Branch Youth

Repeated Quote From The Yesterdays
"Let's do that again!"
Before actually talking about the camp, there have been a few things that happened throughout the week that have been the highlight of the week.

One of them being something that happened at Seminary one morning.

This was on the front door of the chapel

The problem was that I only saw it after I used the toilet!
I've also had quite a surging social need lately. Almost everyday I called up -1 and we talked for at least half an hour. It would have been a good thing if our exams aren't this week...

On Tuesday -1 called me up and Mom told me it was a girl calling me. I told her if it's a girl it means trouble because the only girls who call me are one of the staff from the band. And band means trouble. I picked up a phone and found out it was -1... we wasted half an hour on the phone and after that I went to Mom and told her "What are you getting at?!"

Amazingly enough, Mun Yee called me up on Thursday. Thankfully, she wasn't trouble :P

She came to Malaysia for three weeks for Chinese New Year and dropped by at Hao Ran's place the day he was at my place having a party. She left the presents she had got for us and the others and left. A few days later she called up Hao Ran and had gotten my number from him. She called me up on Thursday with the excuse that she was bored, but we talked anyway for almost half an hour.

She had called earlier during the day but I was at gymnastics. When I got back from gym my sister Su in America called and I talked to her for quite a while and then handed the phone to Mom. As soon as I was about to play the piano Mom's handphone started ringing and I answered it. A mysterious voice told me to guess who she was. It was Mun Yee. Her call had been transfered to Mom's handphone because our housephone was engaged (Sujie called)

I might have talked a lot longer than half an hour (I didn't have any homework that day) but Mom told me that transfered calls are charged so we had to stop (there goes several ringgit Mom said)

On Friday Shuan, Mom and I went to the Youth Camp the KL Young Men planned. We met up at church after school and we left a lot later than planned because some of us were very late.

I got to sit in Brother Hougaard's car and we watched a DVD on the way. We went to the Eagle Ranch which is a 'Sports Paradise' somewhere at Port Dickson. We Young Men were camping while the Young Women got to sleep in a chalet...

We Young Men first went to the beach to set up the tents and start a fire to cook dinner. The Young Women came over later because one of them just had to take a bath because she was 'icky and sticky' as Sister How guessed.

It was a bit fun roasting our hot dogs with stick taken straight off a tree (the hot dog tasted bitter where the stick was when I ate it)

The campfire

After a failed attempt to dance and sing around the bonfire, (you'll know why we failed if you are one of the Young Men) we talked a bit and the Young Women went back to their air conditioned chalets with toilets and beds to sleep.

We Young Men only had no shirts on (and in one case, no pants either) as "air-con" and the whole jungle as a toilet along with simple foam mats as our beds. Although there was one thing we had that the Young Women couldn't beat -- we had a portable DVD player!

After finishing the movie we were watching on the way there in Zach's tent, our next movie we picked was 'Surviving Christmas', which I found slightly boring. Jonathan was against it all because he wanted to sleep (how unfortunate that he had to sleep in my tent) I retreated to Zach's tent where we watched the movies.

Soon we all got tired and stopped the movie to go to sleep. Funnily enough we were able to sleep but not Jonathan. I went into my tent shocked to see that Jonathan was still up still complaining that he wanted to sleep early (early no more at that time) I tried to ignore him and took off my shirt to sleep.

Immediately he scolded me "Hey! What are you doing half naked sleeping? Put your shirt back on now!" I ignored him and went to sleep at 1am.

After sleeping for what seemed a long time, I found out that Jonathan was still awake and he was poking my back. I couldn't stand it anymore so I took out a clean shirt and put it on. "There! Now leave me alone!"

He didn't.

In fact, he was making a lot of noise saying it was time to wake up. I checked my watch to see what time it was.

It was only 2 am!!!

I told everyone what time it was and we all told Jonathan to "GO TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!"

I don't know what happened after that because I just dozed off.

At about 6am I woke up to the sound of Brother Hougaard talking to a policeman who had come to either check on us to make sure we were safe or make sure we aren't drug traffickers (the place we were camping at was a known smuggling route as we were told). Zach and I couldn't go back to sleep after that so he suddenly called out to me if I wanted to go start a fire. I agreed and we both went out to check on the campfire we had started the night before. There was nothing left but ashes and some glowing ember. Zach blowed some air at the ember and it started to burn. We fed it leaves, sticks and later chunks of wood and the fire started again.

We went off to look for better firewood with Jonathan and Shuan until daylight came and we were exhausted. Me and Zach went into his tent to finish the movie and after it finished, I watched Bulletproof Monk.

Jeff woke up to join me and to our dismay, the batteries went dead. Oh well.

Shortly after we went to check out the nearby obstacle course which we were planning to go for later that day. When we got back at about 8 thirty, Brother Hougaard finally woke up (he's not a morning person as we're told). He told us he could only get 2 hours of sleep that night because he felt uneasy that Jonathan kept telling him he was going to take a walk around the beach. Brother H. still kept a smile on (Sister Hougaard later told us in church today that he was only pretending). Yeah, anyone who had seen Brother Hougaard teach early morning Seminary as a substitute last year would know...

Anyway, with the fire Zach started we were ready to prepare breakfast along with some "luxuries" we brought along.

Our kitchen

Our supplies

Brother Hougaard cooked some pancakes, Zach cooked some Bacon and Dexter cooked eggs. Everything was delicious. The pancakes were nice, the Bacon was even better. Although the first batch looked no different from the ashes from the fire (the pan caught fire). It still tasted good though. After frying all the bacon Dexter cooked scramble eggs with ashes (darned wind)

The eggs tasted good still.

The bacon Zach cooked over the campfire (the first batch looked no different from the ashes)

After eating everything we cleaned up and Brother Hougaard put out the fire Zach and I worked so hard to start

The end of the campfire (right before Brother Hougaard doused it with water)

I took a lot of pictures of us cooking (Mom took even more) but I'm not posting them on Brother Hougaard's request for privacy...

The only picture that's allowed that has me in it without anyone else

After cleaning up we started packing a bit and got changed to prepare for our Kayaking expedition. I suddenly heard some chanting "1 2 3!" "1 2 3!"

Apparently there were 2 groups of people from some company which I don't know who were racing on a raft.

Some other group who made their own raft and raced against another group

Soon we got into our Kayaks and set off for an island situated 2-4 kilometres off the coast. Me and Zach were the first to reach there and after pulling the kayaks up the shore, we took off our shirts and livesaving jackets to go for a swim. One by one the other kayakers came and Dexter, Shean and I swam over to capsize Jeff. He held on to his overturned kayak as Shean and I pushed the kayak back to shore.

One of the crew who was in charge of the expedition caught a trilobite

A trilobite caught by those who brought us out on the kayaking expedition

We swam for a bit more and drank some soft drinks before setting off to go back.

I was in front of the group this time and and as I was near the starting point, Brother Hougaard called out to me and asked me to wait for him. Not knowing what his real intentions were, I stopped and when he came over to me, he suddenly grabbed hold of my kayak and pushed it down. The water started rushing into my kayak and he started shaking it pretty roughly. I nearly capsized and pushed myself away and kayaked faster than ever back to shore.

I was about to dig another metre deep hole at the beach with my bare hands but I had to go and keep the tent. After packing up for good we all went for a swim at the pool after having Ba Gua sandwiches for lunch (mmmmmmm)

While we were swimming we found that Brother Hougaard wasn't in the pool. We Young Men tried very hard to push him in. Talk about D-Day....

We all climbed out of the pool at the same time (Me, Jeff, Zach, Shean, Jonathan and Dexter -- Shuan chickened out) and Brother Hougaard pushed back in one by one. We climbed back up and he got us one by one again and again. At one point I nearly got him in but he grabbed my hand and threw me back in. We gave up...

The scene of the big battle where the Young Men tried to push our leader into the pool

After that I rode on Shean's shoulders and Jeff rode on Zach's shoulders and we had a chicken fight. I won!

After getting dressed we went for the obstacle course.

We went for all 20 obstacles. It was pretty fun. The one I found the most fun was the 8 feet wall. I was first to go up. Jeff and Shuan supported me as I climbed up and I pulled Shuan up. Me and Shuan then helped Rachel and Camilia get up and helped them climbed down. After that Brother Hougaard pushed Jeff up and me and Shuan pulled him up and threw him over the other side of the wall (just kidding). Brother Hougaard was the hardest (very heavy) but we finally got him over.

After going through all the other obstacles, we rested for a bit and took another swim in the pool.

After swimming (and a cannonball competition where Brother Hougaard joined us) we went into the Jakuzi to chill out. We took a bath and finally went home.

That was the best activity ever!

The only problem was that I had skipped school that day. Oh well...

The first thing I did when I got home was switch on the computer. After going to the bathroom I vowed not to study and sat in front of the computer waiting for anyone to come online. I waited for 3 hours and nobody was there to talk to me. Marielle too has been quite busy lately so we hardly got to talk yesterday. Luckily the Half Life 2 game Jin Siew lended me worked, so I fell in love with the game instead

After church today I had my first hometeaching experience as Dad's hometeaching companion. We had failed to reach anybody last night so we set up an appointment with Sister Archibald which I just got back from. Later tonight we will be visiting Seng Ra.

Exams are this week. Hopefully I can score more than 17 out of 100 for my History this time...

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Something I Hate About Myself

I just want to scream.

Again I got scolded for posting too much at the forum Hao Ran started for our class. Previously I would argue viciously to defend myself. This time however, I'm going to shut up.

Already I have argued with people over my opinion of spamming and all the whatnot, they have been patient with me and told me nicely. Now I've wasted their efforts and went too far again. Why am I taking this so seriously? It's crazy how I'm over reacting again.

I'm not going to waste your time by giving my opinion on spamming because I'll only be justifying my actions which were wrong in the first place.

This time I will not fight. I will face myself.

The thing I hate most is that somewhere inside me I am expecting an apology from the one who told me to stop. He has done absolutely nothing wrong and I am the one expecting an apology? I am taking many things too seriously. Hopefully all of this can stop and I can stay in humilty and just accept that what I have done is wrong and no matter how much I scream and fight, it will only bring me further down.

I'm just over reacting. I just need to scream somewhere and this Blog is the first place I could think of.

At least the missionaries are over right now. They just gave us a spiritual message and I should spend time pondering about it rather than hating myself.

Good night.

Qrazy Weeke

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
"The day Zi Xian brings a handphone to school is the day I'm not Han anymore"
What a week.

School has begun again after our one week long Chinese New Year holiday and I had to bring a bomb to school.

This is how many books I had to bring to school on Monday

It was good exercise as I haven't been following up on my weight lifting...

On Tuesday we had a vaccination against rust infections or something like that. It was fun when the nurse checked my blood pressure because it gave me a pretty funny feeling. I had an eye check up and then the nurse checked my medical record. I was second to get injected (L King went first) and I accidentally laughed because it tickled when the nurse injected the vaccine.

The weird thing is that while everyone felt sore around the part where they were injected for the next few days (it became the perfect spot to hit each other is anyone wanted to cause lots of pain), I didn't feel a thing. Some people had it worse and caught a slight fever (perfectly normal actually). People who slapped me on my arm kind of got frustrated because they kept hitting me like crazy and I didn't feel anything at all. Hao Ran said it should mean that my body has gracefully accepted the vaccine. That should be good news, unless the nurse didn't inject enough of the vaccine!

On Wednesday I got to be the Daily Class Monitor. It meant temporary responsibility of course, but the coolest part is that I got to wear a tie!

Daily class monitor of the day (notice the haircut)

Haha, I am obsessed with ties

I scratched my own foot accidentally with my other foot. I didn't know the wound was that bad until I looked at it by chance. I trimmed my toenails immediately after

A wound caused by my own toenail

Just yesterday Dad held a reunion of his old schoolmates. I got to invite a few of my friends as well. I invited my gang along with Kim, Bryan and Ter-yi (the 3 of which are the real old friends). -1, Hao Ran, Zi Xian and Hao Ran came home with me on the LRT and we got home to find the Ter-yi was already there waiting for me. I took a bath and we started splitting into groups to use the computers. Bryan came a little late and Kim never showed up...

We had some fun playing a few card games and computer games. I watched them play Blackjack and "Cho Dai Di". We ate a bit, talked a bit, played a bit until Ter-Yi's Mom came to pick him and Bryan up. Soon we started getting calls and Zi Xian, Chern Hui and Hao Ran had to go home. Dad dropped them off at the LRT station and after Dad's guests had left as well, -1 and I were about the only ones keeping the place alive. It wasn't long before -1's Mom and his sister came to pick him up. We talked for a short while at the door and Dad handed them one of his DVD's.

I felt a little bit guilty that I should have invited -1's Mom to have dinner here when I talked to her online before she came to pick -1 up because she told me she was going out with -1's sister to eat dinner before picking -1 up. Oh well

Dad took a picture of me and my friends

Top row from left to right: Ter-yi, -1, Zi Xian, Bryan
Bottom row from left to right: Me, Hao Ran, Chern Hui

This morning the band had a little seminar suggested by our coach to kind of let the parents of every band student know what we're doing in the band.

It was quite fine and I enjoyed the food :D

Exams are coming next week and yet again I am driving myself crazy with stress.

"I'm not gonna crack, I'm not gonna crack!"

We'll find out in a week's time

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Valentine's Day Comic Strip

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to post the comic I drew for Marielle for Valentine's Day here...

Happy Valentine's Day!

By the way, I am planning to draw a proper comic strip complete with a poem like last year, but it will probably come a little late...

Also, if you are too lazy to click on the picture to view it full size in order to read the words, these are what they are saying

Korie reads from the paper: "I hereby declare that although I have accepted the flowers as a Valentine's Day gift, there is no existing romance between me and Han."

Korie: "What's this?"

Han: "Just sign it and take these flowers before someone sees us, quick!"

(PS: There is a sign saying "Do not pick flowers")

There are supposedly two jokes here, depending on which you see first. I can't believe something as 'simple' as this took me 3 hours to draw...

Happy Valentine's Day again!

Back To School *again*

Discouraging Quote From The Yesterdays
"Are you ready for school?"
The Chinese New Year holidays are finally over. Back to school tomorrow and our first exam of the year is in two weeks. Sounds like fun to you?

I got back from Singapore yesterday morning and after unloading the van and taking a bath, I started working on the super-long post yesterday. It was then time for me to laze around in front of the computer again. I can't remember what exactly happened but I vaguely remember that I was lazing around until Marielle came online (My Saturday life mostly revolves around Marielle)We played the online game where we first met until she had to go for a choir practice.

After taking a while to say goodbye I switched to one of my old computer games (Medal Of Honor). I had fun shooting the crap out of the enemy soldiers again (something I have never done in quite a while) and then had the thrill of fighting at Omaha Beach during Operation Overlord 1944. Haha, how's that for my way of learning WWII history?

After shooting a few hundred soldiers Marielle came online again. We talked some more until I had to go to Grandpa's house for Dad's Chinese New Year visits. After going there and eating a lot of chips (no Ba Gua this time) Dad rushed me to church as we thought there was an activity I had to attend.

Yeah, we thought

We got there only to find that it is next week! Oh well, next we went to visit Dad's eldest brother (Dua Pek in Cantonese). We had dinner there and Dad just had to tell my aunt that I have a girlfriend...

After dinner we went back home and I turned on the computer and waited for Marielle to come online. She never did haha.

I wasn't alone however, one of my 'mysterious' online friends, Tze Ren, was online. He, apparently, is from J3C and he came across my Blog by accident when he typed "Panas Salju Synopsis" in a search engine (I wrote the synopsis on my Blog once) and then found out we are from the same school. He contacted me through YM and we still haven't met at school yet.

Anyway, we started talking a bit and we first started talking about the historical background of the Phillipines (we got a little bit confused at the beginning) and then we started talking about books that he likes to read (Tom Clancy stuff, Dune etc). After that we ended up talking about Starcraft and the rumor of Stracraft2. Then we started talking about one of the latest RTS games called The Battle For Middle Earth which is another one of those Lord Of The Rings games. Apparently he is quite a veteran at the game and he started telling me all sorts of strategies while I checked out the website for the game. Looks like I have yet another computer game on my wishlist.

We talked and talked until Dad reminded me of an action known as 'sleep', which I tried last night with much success.

Mom woke me up this morning and we were late for church again. Thankfully Shuan and I still got to pass the Sacrament (Jeff and Elder Shields were about to pass it until we came in just in time). Brother Hougaard wasn't there today so Zach taught the lesson during Young Men's today. He brought Chips Ahoy for us to eat so we payed attention in class today haha.

During the lesson we invited Elder Long to come in to give a talk because our lesson was on preparing for missionary work. Jonathan, our newest Young Man, caused a bit of trouble today by going overboard talking about things that had little connection to what the topic was. It was a bit funny though.

After hitting my head while getting into the van we got home and I started working on a Valentine's Day comic strip after lunch. It took me about 3 hours to draw and I think I'm going to have to buy more ink refills for my pens again...

Tonight Si Pek (one of my uncles) is having a party which I will have to attend. And tomorrow school starts again. Hopefully I'll be able to pay attention in class and think of something other than Marielle.....

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Photos Of My Trip To Singapore

Day one: On the way to Singapore

On the way to Singapore, we stopped so I took a picture just to make sure the camera was working...

We finally got there and I unpacked

My essential traveling kit: My discman, music CDs, A book to read, Toothbrush, Contact lenses, Tissue, Multi-purpose solution, Saline, Camera and a photo of Marielle --- all the stuff that keeps me alive on the trip

Our "refridgerator"

It's actually an airtight box where we put these coolant thingies my parents got from America. The cold lasted for only one day, after that, we had to put the coolant thingies in the freezer.

Day one clothing (my aunt said my body looks long like this)

After taking a few more pictures it was time to sleep. I took a picture of my bed

My bed--the couch

Time to snooze...
Day two: Mostly spent at my uncle's house

We woke up in the morning and I played around with my brothers

And now... Ernie and Ray will give a demonstration on the bunk bed is used

First, climb up

Once you're up there, fool around if you must

Get someone big to stand there

Get onto him...

Now you have the perfect take-off and landing zone for shoulder rides!

Day two clothing-- My traditional chinese costume
Me: "Hey Mom, I didn't know chinese back then didn't have hands!"

After getting dressed, we all went to my Mom's eldest brother's house (in other words, my uncle's house) Boy it was crowded

Crowded in my uncle's house

My nephew

My other nephew, David

My nephew enjoying his Ang Pau (David was showing off his the night before)

And now, my cousin will show you his favourite game to play with my nephew


My nephew enjoying Papaya (paw-paw if you're from Hawaii or Australia)

Ray playing with our niece and nephew

We stayed till it was very late (around midnight I think). We finally went home after having lots of fun with David.

Counting our spoils (Ang Pau) that night
Day Three: Busy Day

We woke up slightly later than the day before and got dressed to go visit my Mom's second sister (her eldest one has moved on). That's where I started eating lots of Ba Gua again (I finished the Ba Gua at Dua Gu's house the day before)

Me eating Ba Gua

I finished the Ba Gua again

Ray and our nephew

Ray having fun with our wild nephew

Food! Steamboat again...

Ray trying to be cool

Left to right: Shuan, Uncle Yen Wei, my cousin Ying Er, Auntie Chai Yan. In front of them are all the Chinese New Year Goodies (Ba Gua, Mandarin, Various types of biscuits etc)

We had lots of fun (my nephew even drooled on my favourite pants). When we were leaving my nephew suddenly broke into tears... sigh... I'm sure we'll go back to visit him some other time (in two years according to what my family does)

We visited my Mom's cousin afterwards and then my cousin's house, where I got to use the computer :D. For a more detailed description of my day, read my previous posts.
Day Four: Last Day

My morning look...

You won't believe that was how I looked like when I greeted my guests that morning

Ray enjoying the Roti Canai I forced Dad to get

It's all thanks to the dream I had that we got Roti Canai...

Day four clothing (I wore that until today)

The fan that kept me cool all night (freezing actually)

After having breakfast we went sight-seeing around Singapore

The famous Orchard Road

Boy, this is even more crowded than KL!

Dad filming again (CD's of our trip will be produced, if you want one, tell me)

A double decker bus!

Awe inspiring skyline of Singapore

Next we went to see the Merlion Park (right opposite the Explanade which is across the short stretch of sea)

Dad filming and talking on the phone at the same time

Mom's new hairstyle to fit the year of the Rooster!

It was so windy!

The Merlion

I kept taking pictures of Dad while he was filming me haha

The Explanade (or durian)

We went there (The Explanade) last year and it was awesome! We also happened to lose Ray just like what happened at the Merlion Park this year...

Ray in front of the Merlion

Me next to the baby Merlion

A trawler cleaning up the rubbish in the sea

We definitely need one of these in Malaysia don't you think?

Ray fooling around in front of the videorecorder

Next we drove up to Mount Fable, which wasn't really special because I live in a place like that (meaning Mount Fable isn't that high)

Checking out the periscope at Mount Fable

We couldn't see much...

We wanted to go to Sentosa Island next but, like what Mom says most Singaporeans say: "Sentosa Island-- So Expensive and Nothing TO See At all"

Needless to say, we didn't go

Next we went to Brother Ho's house and then Richard Ang's house (the guy with the Ferrari :D)

Richard Ang's Ferrari!

Mom in the Ferrari

Me and Ray in the Ferrari

What do you think? Should I drive off?

That thing can reach 160 kilometres per hour within 4.2 seconds! (the maximum speed is 280+kmph)

Meanwhile, this is the car we are have...

Our mobile home -- the van

Next we finally went to Ying Er's house again where I babysat her and my brothers until my parents finally got back and we drove home to KL...

The computer at Ying Er's house

Amazingly enough, the journey to get to Singapore took 5 hours while the journey back took 8!