After much preparation, the young self-proclaimed Emperor of The Han Dynastory is now serving a full-time mission to the UK with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He will return in 2014.


Welcome to the Han Dynastory!

As I am now serving a full-time mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have left this blog under the stewardship of a family member, who may post updates on how I'm doing as he/she sees fit.

Enjoy your stay!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Love Revisited

Great, I'm lovesick again. And for no reason too! These emotions of mine seem to have a habit of going nuts at the worse of times. I've been reading my old posts lately (I dare you to do that too) and came across the poem I wrote a few months ago. It's about love, or at least, what I think love is. I was thinking about Marielle at that time and I had nothing better to do, so I wrote the poem for fun. I guess posting the poem here again wouldn't hurt too much...


There is a feeling we all know
A feeling all too common
It is a feeling hard to show
A feeling not forgotten

A feeling people fall into
A feeling sweeter than a dove
Felt by both guys and gals too
This feeling is called love

Though common amongst every age
It may not be for real
True, it's really hard to manage
It leaves a destructive trail

Although this feeling's really nice
It might or will go sour
And yes, your heart it might entice
Your feelings, it will devour

So those of you who have a lover
Do not forget that person
Truly love the person for ever
And love won't be a burden
The problem about the poem is that I had failed to recognize the importance of the person you like, or in more serious terms, love, liking/loving you. If he/she doesn't, then too bad...

Oh well, at least you can still enjoy the way I rhymed the words

Hoooh!!! I don't think I'm lovesick anymore, my mind is too busy with another problem -- my deoderant is losing its effect on me! Now I'm so smelly I better go and take a bath... and prepare for more girl trouble throughout the week

Running After Girls

Relative Quote From The Yesterdays
"u wanna kao lui again argh..."
-Chern Hui
Much of my first week of school was spent chasing girls (literally). Apart from trying to just talk to my crush, I was literally running after a girl (-1's younger sister)

Before talking about girls (again), I have to announce that Dad has entered the realm of Blogging (along with Mom and Sujie, who have gotten their own Blogger ID). In an effort to bring the family closer together (and also improve his writing skills) he has started a family blog!

He's the main writer there, although I might occasionally post a few pictures here and there...

Okay, back to me

I didn't get to do much with my crush this week, simply because I found out a little something about her that will uh... put me off.

There's just too many guys after her

I'm not that keen on entering the battlefield so I'm not going after her aggressively heh heh. In fact, it has already become a casual joke between me and my friend that I might get beaten up by millions of guys each time I try to talk to her in front of them.

Well, that pretty much sums up me going after Shir Li. I know it's dissappointing, but don't blame me... I'm not too keen at going after a girl right now because there's still Physics... and Biology.... and Chemistry. Oh whatever, I'll get straight to the point, which is that I absolutely must study hard enough to be able to get into the Science stream next year. And if I succeed... heh heh... you guys might be seeing me around girls a little more often than not...

Anyway, about the part about me running after -1's sister, let me explain before you guys/gals get any funny ideas...

She's the really playful/cheeky type, and she has been causing quite a bit of trouble for me and Shuan. She snatched Shuan's wallet the other day and I had to chase her to try and grab it back (Shuan probably wouldn't be brave enough to do it). It turned out I wasn't that daring either. All my policies about staying at least a metre away from a girl and all that no-body-contact whatnot kept me uh... from snatching the wallet back (she was smart/sly enough to put it in her pocket). So I just chased her around, hopefully just to make her so tired that she'd give up the game altogther, which she did not. It was only after a while I had to put aside my policies for just that once and I grabbed the wallet.

I went home exhausted and, unfortunately, the whole thing happened again for the next few days! Talk about chasing a girl every single day...

It wasn't that all bad, it's fun... in a way... and it kind of lightens up my day after undergoing 40 minutes of hell 4 times a week (Geography classes). I just hope it doesn't go too... "terlampau" which means.. er... "guo4 fen4" in mandarin or uh.... oh yeah! Overly whatever...

Anyway, it is going to be another week of craziness, hopefully not "terlampau" either. Being swarmed by girls is uh... still something I'm not used to (Shuan will have to get used to it, because he is always surrounded by girls).

More Pictures Of The Sleepover

I was fooling around with the digital camera the other day (no, I didn't manage to take a picture of Shir Li) and I found some pictures of the sleepover at Hao Ran's place which I forgot I took, so I'm posting them here.

Chern Hui's interesting body language

Zi Xian reading Doraemon... He did that throughout the whole sleepover until he got sick of it

Chern Hui's webcam, which we used to surprise a few friends on the internet

This picture of Zi Xian might give you nightmares

Me and Chern Hui after our bath (which is why my hair in the picture is kinda fuzzy)

Hao Ran tying a bandana around his head after taking a bath

3 Guesses who this is! Hint: the eyes and the glasses... and the skinny body

-1's hair after taking a bath. It would be interesting if he had that hairstyle in school... our class teacher would be furious haha
Well, these are the only ones worth posting, there are a few more vain pictures of myself, which I won't post lest I be branded too vain...

Saturday, March 26, 2005

As If One Wasn't Enough

Yes, we drew another one...

As if one wasn't enough....

Totally fun tonight... after drawing we played chess, where she found out that I'm good at it, and also how she still won.

Now, Chern Hui started getting some funny ideas that I was letting her win (I purposely gave him the wrong impression haha), he also thought I was "Kao Lui"-ing (Cantonese for going after girls lah). Well, Chern Hui, I better let you know first that I am not that crazy (going after any girl I see)... so don't worry about me, I'll manage my own girls hahaha. And yes, I do have her email adress (I make it a point to grab every girl I know's email address, which allows me to be a valuable source of information if one of my friends try to go after that girl heh heh)

Anyway, after the 'fun' chess game (I just let her take my pieces one by one.... until I had only a bishop, a few pawns and a king left when she finally managed to checkmate me--- absolute fun for someone like me) she helped me refresh my Norse Mythology knowledge (Hao Ran, you have to help me remember the stuff I forgot). I told her tons of stuff until she had to go to sleep (I wasn't finished! But I'd go on babbling forever if she didn't stop me haha) And I learned a few more tagalog sentences in the 'goodbye and goodnight' process.

Now I'm wondering if I can go to sleep, because all those mind stuff woke up my previously half dead brain. Maybe I should spend time contemplating the mysteries of girls (or rather, how do you go after a girl when you... oh forget it)

Well time to sleep. I'm playing the Clarinet at Church tomorrow, and after church there's going to be a lot of blogging to do...


Random Quote(s) From The Yesterdays
Marjie : too serious!!!
Me : what do you mean?
Marjie : you are too serious
Me : why?
Marjie : of drawing that thing?
Me : haha
Me : I am always serious when I draw
Marjie : are you done?
Me : especially when I'm trying to draw a pretty girl
-Our conversation on YM that took place when we were drawing Korie
I am still "busy" (or rather lazy) to post a full description of my week but here's a printscreen of the highlight of the day to keep you guys and gals entertained.

Marjie and I drew my comic strip character "Korie" (Han's crush). I drew her and Marjie helped me color the picture. Totally fun

I drew Korie while Marjie helped color her

Well, we're going to draw another one...

New Hairstyle

I'm busy at the moment, so I don't have time to explain much (I'll do a proper post later). In the meantime, enjoy these pictures I took of my "new" hairstyle

My "new" hairstyle (It's always been like this at home, but I gel it when I went out last time)

This is how it's like when it's a little neater

And here's a vertical shot

Well, I had another action packed week, which I will Blog about after I get my homework done...

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Yikes! It's The Fourth Post Of The Day!

Funny Quote From The Yesterdays
"In Penang there are so many handsome guys, but there are only ugly girls!!! I think I'm going to turn gay..."
I suppose my boredom has something to do with why I broke the oath of not posting more than one post within a day... either that or it's because my previous post was shorter than the usual haha.

I called up Charles (an old friend from primary school who moved to Penang) today and we talked for quite a bit (I think 40 minutes). It was really nice to catch up with him, being old friends plus the added bonus that he likes to speak broken yet comprehensible English, something I like to speak as well when I am bored.

Apparently he's staying in Butterworth right now and is totally bored, which is part of the reason why I forced myself to talk to him a little longer and ignored the fact that I had to go to the bathroom...

We talked a bit about how much I've changed (I'm a lot more crazy then I used to be back when I was a useless prefect at the age of 12, and even then I was quite a trouble maker). He also told me about how there are so many handsome guys and absolutely no cute girls (they all have crooked teeth he said). So girls, that's boyish advice to you if you want a guy like that...

He also told me about how he got the 2nd place in the 1st class with results that absolutely sucked (all his grades dropped), which I laughed at because that was how it was like for me when I dropped from a good class to a 'bad' class back in primary school because I switched schools.

"I'm not smart, it's just that everyone else around me is stupid"

I'd agree to that although it's a little mean...

Anyway, I had the thrill of making him laugh with my endless humour (I just love it when I hear someone laugh at my jokes) and we talked about other stuff like pirated items, old friends and even exam results. All in all it was a great conversation which I look forward to have again next Sunday.

After recovering from laughing so much I had to go to the bathroom, where I continued the thrilling novel which I borrowed from Tzerren (Tom Clancy Rainbow Six). Only 400 more pages to go!

I took a few personality tests online to restrain my boredom (the results are in my previous posts) and started reading a few blogs.

I don't know why I'm blogging about all these useless bits of information, but I think it's mainly because I'm feeling somewhat optimisitic right now. Probably because I've been socially recharged (thanks to that phone call and a few other things). Looks like I'm ready to take on another week of fun, stress and hell (hell=geography class... no offense to any of you geo lovers) all in one.

Now it's time for me to take a bath (my deoderant is losing its effect) and work on that comic I promised Maan (I was also crazy enough to offer one each for her other friends as well). I wonder if I have any ink left though...

I Have A Loving Soul...

Take the quiz: "What Kind of Soul Do You Retain?"

You have a very warm and loving aura about your soul and believe in the virtues of Love. To you, there is a bright side to everything! You are the polar opposite of the Dark soul.
Well, the results kind of surprised me... maybe you guys should try it out too

What Gender Is Your Brain?

Your Brain is 33.33% Female, 66.67% Male

You have a total boy brain

Logical and detailed, you tend to look at the facts

And while your emotions do sway you sometimes...

You never like to get feelings too involved

Undergoing Brainwashing Process

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
"anyway who is your girl?
how come you always change?
always change your girl
sometimes this one sometimes that 1, sometimes i dun even know who u like, but nvr mind,
it is your life"
-Tzerren after reading my blog
Well Tzerren, I don't know either...

Sigh... again the holidays are over. Each time that happense I have to brainwash myself and forget all the fun and nonsense I enjoyed and prepare to go to school again. I don't know why but going back to school after a holiday is such a pain, and then once I get back to the usual schedule I thoroughly enjoy it. I suppose it has something to do with friends being at school for me to make noise with...

Speaking of friends, yesterday was particularly a fun time with online friends. I woke up early in the morning to begin blogging and I found that a lot of Marielle's friends were online (Abby, Marjie, Maan, Liabeth, Daria, Jonalyn) We talked a lot and at one point they started teaching me tagalog. I enjoy learning new languages so I went and got a notebook to start writing things down. It was loads of fun as I worked out the logic of sentence building in tagalog, which seemed eeriely similar to malay.

When it was time to leave for gymnastics I told mom that I was learning tagalog for fun.

"Tagalog? It's useless, you should be learning another language that's more useful."

"I'm already learning English and Mandarin, the two most used languages in the world. What else am I supposed to learn?"

"Spanish... I think it's the third most used language"

"Yeah mom, but I don't have any spanish speaking friends"

I later told Mun Yee about it and she told me I should give up covering up and just admit that I prefer learning tagalog rather than anything else. She got me there so I quickly changed the subject.

Gym was pretty crowded yesterday, a whole bunch of students came which proved to be a disaster because I was planning to practice the performance for the upcoming Pesta Gym competition, which I failed to do because of the crowd.

I got to take a picture with Teck Chee, the reason why I can't stop talking nor laughing during our gymnastics lessons

Teck Chee and I

When we got home I talked to a few friends online again (Daria gave me the last tagalog lesson of the day) and then I started shooting aliens in Half Life 2 on the other computer, which nearly drove me crazy because the computer was lagging pretty badly.

I was in the middle of pulling my hair off due to the lag when I casually glanced at my computer, only to see that one of my old friends (not old, but you get the idea), Katherine, had sent me a message on my MSN messenger. Immediately I gave up playing the game and switched computers to talk to her.

She and her family had moved to France (oh la la) last year so I greeted her in French

"Bonjour, mademoiselle"

"oh la la, lol.. tu parles francais tres bien"

" argh... you lost me... although those words look familiar"

"lol.. "

We talked for a bit and she suddenly went offline (probably some internet problems), so I talked to Bryan, my best friend in primary school. We talked a bit about our exams and how I had to undergo 50 minutes of hell during geography lessons because our class had scored miserably in the exam. We didn't get to talk long because Mom told me to go to sleep (it was midnight then). Guess I'll have to talk to him next Saturday...

Well, I'm back to school tomorrow, and the only thing that excites me is the thought of being able to see my crush again (her real name is on the 'wall of crushes', see if you guys can guess who she is). Her section (Alto Horn) will be having a practice during recess tomorrow, and I think I have an excuse to go and see her in the bandroom...

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Where Childishness Resides...

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
"Are we going to sleep tonight?"
-Me during the sleepover
It turned out that I had slept the most during the one night sleepover at Hao Ran's house with my gang.

Let's see... where do I start... my gang (and I, of course) met at school where -1's mother brought us all to Hao Ran's house. After unpacking we fooled around a bit around the computer before we set off to the construction site where we went the last time we spent a day at Hao Ran's house.

We climbed the hill again and sure enough, we found the stuff we left behind last time. We decided to build something out of the bricks those workers left. Zi Xian and I had to be lookouts just in case some worker decided to climb up while -1, Chern Hui and Hao Ran got to work on our "bunker" as Hao Ran called it. It's more of a wall, really but 'bunker' sounds a lot more fun.

The materials we used to build the bunker

Chern Hui planning out the construction

Me keeping a lookout for construction workers while my gang built the bunker (ants were getting all over me)

Zi Xian kept a lookout at the other end of the hill

-1 taking a break during the construction process

Our 'Bunker' (More of a wall, really)
After building the bunker each of us took turns to do something funny with it (-1 and Chern Hui being the winners)

I wasn't really funny then, I was pretending to look very serious (either that or it was because sand was getting into my eyes heh heh)

Me looking out of the bunker...

Me: Grrr.... Where's that cheeseburger they were telling me about?
These are the funny pictures

-1 and Chern Hui wearing their coconut helmets while playing at the bunker

The two 'cocoheads' as Hao Ran calls them

Zi Xian observing nothing with the binoculars (guess why)
After finishing the bunker we made a small little videoclip of Hao Ran defending the bunker from enemy attack (we love to be childish and are proud of it!). Hao Ran played a grenadier who spotted me (the maniac) hiding and threw a 'grenade' at me. I came out of my hiding place and ran towards him in a crazy war cry and hit him on the head as he fell to the floor. I started laughing maniacally and then Zi Xian threw a coconut at me and I fainted. Then it was Zi Xian's turn to laugh...

Chern Hui played the cameraman while -1 held a leaf in front of the camera that was supposed to help create a feeling as if the camera was hidden behind some leaves... the full clip is already produced and is waiting in Hao Ran's computer for someone to watch it... we will provide it online somehow once we set up a website that is able to host all the videos we keep creating.

On our way back we made another clip about Zi Xian, Chern Hui, -1 and I walking and singing before eing scared off by Hao Ran's head...

Hao Ran's "Dead Man's Head" pose (try directly translating that into mandarin heh)
It was pretty fun. We went back to Hao Ran's house after that to produce the proper videoclip.

Hao Ran took quite a few pictures with his new digital camera...

-1 and Chern Hui half naked while changing out of their sweaty clothes

Me enjoying the floor

This is one of my teethy smiles which Mun Yee claims would chase any of my crushes away (do you think so?)

Interesting picture of Chern Hui

Here's my favourite picture of Hao Ran (I wish he'd be like this in class haha)

Zi Xian's trademark pose
After playing a few games on Hao Ran's computer (we couldn't chat because Hao Ran's modem was down), we made a few more movies and played badminton before switching back to the computer. We lingered on a bit until we had a watergun fight outside at night. It was pretty fun to get headshots at Chern Hui muahahaha. We had a few rounds before we started emptying our water tanks over each other rather than shooting each other.

We took turns taking a bath and we had a dinner with soup that nearly killed me and -1. After dinner we went back to the computer to do a few more things where I fell asleep by accident because I was so tired at the end of the day (I had been sleeping past midnight and waking up at 5:30am the next day throughout the holidays)

Guess who's sleeping! (First time I fell asleep in front of the computer)
The others woke me up and I went to the room to nap a bit before going downstairs at the middle of the night to join their group conversation, where I fell asleep again (this time Zi Xian joined me)

Zi Xian and I fell asleep while talking on the couch

It must've been a miracle because I fell asleep during conversation about girls heh heh heh heh heh. After hanging out outside for a few, -1, Hao Ran and Chern Hui woke us up to go back to the room and sleep, which we all did. Hao Ran turned on his CD player and I introduced Evanescence to the gang. After most of them dozed off Hao Ran told me to switch off the CD player because it was time to sleep. I told him I'll just use the headphones, which I did.

I fell asleep before being able to listen to my favourite songs again *sigh*

Day 2

We woke up at about 8am and Hao Ran took me, -1 and Zi Xian out to the park for a morning walk. Hao Ran took a few pictures and we talked a lot as we made our way back, only to find that Chern Hui was still sleeping.

Chern Hui sleeping (I'm still trying to figure out who slept more, him or me)
After he woke up we started producing videoclips again before having a delicous breakfast. The rest of the day was spent indoors in front of the computer because Hao Ran's internet suddenly came back. We chatted with Mun Yee after lunch and started packing up.

-1's mom came to pick us up at about 3pm and she drove each and every one of us home (except Hao Ran, of course). We dropped Zi Xian off first, which was some sort of disaster because we got lost and Zi Xian remembered the way to his house at the last minute (we were going on a road he wasn't used to)

Next was Chern Hui, whom I found out lived very very very close to where Grandpa lives. I followed -1 home that day because nobody was home yet (Dad brought the others out camping). -1's mother told me how easy it was to get to their house while I tried the best I could to memorize the ways to get there.

We finally got there and I spent about an hour there. -1's sister made some blueberry cupcakes which I tried. They were delicous. While I was eating she brought a beetle from outside for me to play with.

"Are you afraid of beetles?"

"Nope, I've loved insects since I was a kid"

"Here you go, have fun with it"


The beetle crawled on the back of my hand and then flew off

"Oh, it flew away"

"Never mind, it does that all the time"

"I know. Most beetles can fly anyway"

Then I noticed that the beetle had left behind a present for me. Some grey squishy substance on my hand. I looked at it, and then looked at the cupcake I was holding in my other hand.... yucks

"Uhm.. your beetle left something for me"


She laughed and flicked the weird substance off my hand.

I joined -1 later to watch him play pool and I lent him the webcam I had with me. After fooling around for a bit it was time for me to head back home. -1's sister suddenly came up to me

"Bye bye"


"Bye bye"

"Why don't you just say bye bye to the power of 2 instead of saying bye bye twice?"

"That sounds weird"

One of the rare times when I could come up with a joke while in a hurry.

It took me 15 minutes to get back home and I went out with the family to have a BBQ with some friends. Once again, I had to release my belt after eating....

Well, that pretty much summarizes the best part of the holidays. I will now leave you with the latest picture of myself...

Would this kind of look impress a girl? Hahaha

Time to eat lunch.... Char Kuey Teow is waiting for me muahahahaha

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Comments Needed!

Before I set off for Hao Ran's house, I might as well do something useful.

Since I have been undergoing a few changes lately (especially emotional), and I'm still in somewhat of a 'changing mood', I've decided I should change for the better, at least, as far as I can manage.

Meaning that I need you guys to leave comments and tell me what you don't like about me, and I will try and change that (for better obviously). You can tell me anything, am I too crazy, too noisy too whatever. Although use a little common sense and don't tell me I'm ugly, because there's no way I can change that (unless you want to pay for plastic surgery muahaha)

Well, now that you guys know what to do, leave a comment and fire away! The person who manages to point out my biggest problem gets a free School Blues comic from me! What are you waiting for? Start criticizing me haha...

PS: Normally I'd torture and kill anyone who criticizes me, so this is your lucky day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Oh No! Another Post!

I can't help it... not going to school just makes me want to talk even more!

Before I start babbling again, this post (and me) wishes happy birthday to Marielle. Haha, sadly enough, today happens to be the second day of her exams. Weirder still, my birthday will also be on the second day of our major UEC exams at the end of the year.

After blogging this morning I enjoyed another round of halflife 2 where I murdered a few more zombies and aliens along with human collaborators with the aliens (Tze Ren would know what I'm talkin about). I had a few chats with various friends such as Tze Ren, Marjie, Mun Yee and Maan throghout the day. All these chats are what kept me alive because I was totally drained of all energy while attempting to chop down not one but two trees today!

I started after lunch with an axe in one hand and a parang in the other

Trying to imitate Stephen Chow's pose (too bad I didn't have a nice big lolipop to replace the parang)

It was a horrible experience. Absolutely tiring. Nobody helped me at first, although it's probably my fault because I kept calling my brothers wimps haha. It was not only until I chopped down the first tree and then Mom came home and got the others to help me with the 2nd tree. Not much difference actually, the others went and started on other stuff and I was still alone with that darned tree (in fact, I've only chopped half of it)

Anyway, while I was chopping the tree I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to post my exam results (something I was planning to do, but forgot). Here's how it went...

  • English - 89 (highest in the entire form, woohoo!)
  • Math - 75 (lower than my previous records, but still good enough compared to others)
  • Computer- 75 (pathetic actually, since most people can get 100 easily)
  • Physics- 73 (yes!)
  • Malay - 68 (unbelievable)
  • History- 61 (yay! For the first time in history, I have passed the history test!)
  • Chemistry- 54 (fair enough, at least I achieved my goal)
  • Chinese -41 (I've failed my chinese teacher *sob*)
  • Biology - 37 (I guess I didn't study properly)
  • Geography- 25.5 (muahaha, that'll show that darned teacher what sort of rebel I am)

Apart from that, I have also maintained my reputation of being the fastest runner in class, taking 6 minutes and 5 seconds to run 6 rounds around our field (I beat the closest competitor by almost 10 seconds). Well, that's nice, but I still have to take a few more tests on volleyball, which I obviously suck at (I'd rather be doing roundoffs and handsprings and side arias...)

I just talked to Maan. This person has got me thinking, (we shouldn't have talked about Marielle aargh... but Maan brought it up in the first place) I just realized I've been living a lie for the past week. I still like her! Now what? Dang...

Sigh... here we go again. I think I better go shoot the brains out of some monsters, otherwise I'd end up shooting myself first hahahaha

Band Camp And A New Crush To Babble On About

Funny Quote From The Yesterdays
"When you're trying to do a front somersault, if you do it just nice without an overspin nor underspin, you can do a perfect front; If you get an overspin, you can do more than one front somersault; If you get an underspin, you can go to heaven."
-Me to Ronald during a gymnastics session
Useful advice if you're useless, that's what I'd like to say all the time if I dared to...

Yes, my faithful audience, I will talk about my new crush (a seemingly hot topic from the looks of the comments in my previous posts) in this post.

Band Camp

My band had a camp (not a camping trip with tents and all the whatnot, but you get the idea) last Saturday till this Monday. We called it a... uh... a band camp haha

Yet again, I was picked for being in charge of public affairs (more like shifting stuff around and cleaning up rubbish left behind by some band members who obviously have never tasted my fist before) in the staff comittee of the camp. I missed the unofficial staff meeting on Friday morning, where they cancelled our meeting which was supposed to be held. I didn't know that until I was about to leave when my friend called me up and I found out I had dressed up for nothing. Oh well, it would've been sillier to go to school at 8pm thinking we were supposed to meet when there wasn't anyone there.

I woke up at 4am on Saturday to make sure I got to play my share of computer games. Sure enough, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I woke Shuan and Dad up at about 6am and we left in about an hour (I was supposed to be at school by six o' clock)

We got there and helped to set up the classrooms which were to be used throughout the camp. After walking around for a few more hours the camp officially started with an opening ceremony. I was running from the highest floor (4th) where our classrooms were to the 2nd floor where the band room was just to get name tags for our staff. Crazy exercise (I also ran back and forth for various reasons which would take too long to explain)

I entered the room to see that everyone had already been seated. We had some girls from another band brought by our coach to help teach us throughout the camp although I have to withhold their identities for various 'political' reasons (their principal is a selfish idiot from what the circumstances reveal). Meaning they weren't supposed to be there (oops, I just blew it)

Anyway, when I went in suddenly two of them called me and I went towards them with the surprised look (those big eyes of mine I like to put on display). They shook my hand and I asked them what in the world were they doing.

"Nothing, we just want to meet you"

Sure, I was stunned. Apparently I'm still not used having girls I don't know call me, let alone shake my hands. I guess being a 'no body contact with girls' person makes me a bit... sensitive (the last time I touched a girl was when I gave my sisters a hug when they left for university, unless you count the times when I got slapped by girls from school, which was only a few days ago). Anyway, I later found out from my friend that they were impressed with the comic I drew for our program, so they wanted to meet the hands who drew it (yeah, that must be why they shook my hands so roughly)

At one point of the opening ceremony the staff had to stand up front and sing the theme song (Fairy Tales or and I Want To Fly by some chinese pop singers/groups). I basically went up and made noise for a few minutes and then did a little dancing (any photo of me doing all the crazy stuff would have been priceless)

After our opening ceremony came the band practices (the real reason why the band camp was held). Our coach gave us various new songs to sight read along with the help of those girls from another band to help us out. Our coach's way of improving our band proved to be a disaster, of course, although he was nice enough to say that we have improved a lot compared to what rubbish we were before.

After lunch and more band practice, we had a short session of fun and games which involved a lot of water and getting wet. This is where I first realized I had a crush on someone from our band...

Yeah, time to babble again. Her name is not important (actually I'm just avoiding it because I don't know her name in English yet), although if you directly translate it with my Chinese-English dictionary, you'd get 'Reckless Snow Lychee'. Useful translation for someone useless... Anyway, she plays the Alto Horn (this means there are only two possibilities of who she is in the band), studies in J1A (oh great, now all those in my band knows who she is), which also means she studies in the same class as Chern Hui and -1's sisters, from whom I can dish out useful or useless information of my crush (probably useless if I ask -1's sister). Her Form teacher (now why am I telling you this?) just so happens to be Chickenzai (hahahahahaha), the teacher who's nickname came around when she taught me and my gang in the accelerated math team last year. Anyway, she has a sweet little voice (definitely sweeter than mine, if you will) and has the looks which resemble Kirsten Dunst for some strange reason (it's just my opinion, you can see her for yourself and make a decision) and, from what everyone including myself thinks, is cute (yadah yadah yadah). That's probably enough for you to know if you're gonna track her down (or, everything that I know so far). One more thing. My crush is a girl, so get it straight that I am not gay (yeah, Mr. Sweet Potato, I'm talking to you... and you can stop saying 'Woon Han is mine')

Anyway, back to the game. Everyone was split into groups and had to take turns getting wet. Well, not exactly so, but I wasn't paying attention when they were explaining how the game was played. You probably know why. Anyway, being one of the staff I was lucky enough that I did not have to be in a group to play, but rather lead a group (although I wasn't assigned to one). That gave me a good excuse to go over to my crush's group, which I did. I was malicious enough to empty buckets of water over a bunch of girls who just enjoy bugging me (simply because I don't do anything to girls besides uh... I dunno). Of course, I had to endure the retaliation, which was totally fun. And yes, I did not get my crush wet, although anyone who threatened to get her wet got wet, eventhough those poor souls didn't know what I was doing haha

After playing and getting wet (not to mention showing off a few gymnastics stunts where I gave the excuse of 'just practicing because a competition is coming up'), we washed up and had dinner before having the last practice of the day.

Oh wait, get a load of this, during lunch I sat opposite of a girl who also plays the Clarinet. I did this because there was no space left, so don't get any ideas unless you want to taste some of my fists (or even my shoes in some cases). I was unlucky because we were right next to this couple who everyone knows are, you know, 'together'. So, while we were teasing them by saying what they might do at night (they are both in the staff commitee, which meant they were in the same room), someone suddenly said that they are together and then framed me for 'being with' the girl sitting opposite me.


I certainly cleared up that misconception later (I will explain soon). I viciously defended myself, although all efforts proved futile because I didn't have the guts to say who my real crush was at that time. Anyway, I put up with it until the next day, which you will read about soon (you will, won't you?)

After the practice is when I got daring. This is the side of me that has showed up for the first time in my history.

I walked and talked with my crush.

Yeah, I've never actually done that before with Yung Hui because I kept choking whenever I tried to talk to her or even look at her, and in worse cases I drop something by accident, that shows the seriousness of my nervousness eh? I've never done it with Marielle either because it's hard to walk and talk with someone who's all the way in the Philippines and you're in Malaysia.

Anyway, I gathered up my courage to walk up to her and just talk about anything crazy that came up to my mind. Of course, I wasn't crazy enough to walk up to her and say "Hey, did you know that I like you?" That would probably earn me a slap in the face or a punch on the arm (either that or she might get her older brother to beat me up haha). Anyway, since our "bedrooms" were a few floors away, I had plenty of time to talk to her.

I told her about how the staff would go and check each room at night to make sure everyone was asleep and she told me not to check her room. I promised not to, simply because someone else did as I had to attend two staff meetings that night. Anyway I nearly fell asleep during that staff meeting which was about our trip to Taiwan, although I couldn't because my eyes were burning with contacts that had to be taken off. Anyway, after the meeting I was ahem.. desperate to just see my crush one more time so I told my friend

"Hey, you wanna go check the rooms again?"

"Sure, let's get some of the others to join us"

Of course, I didn't want to be too much of a pain in the neck telling people to go to sleep, so when I entered the rooms...

"Who's asleep, please raise your hands"

Two hands came up

"Ah good, two people are asleep already. That's a good sign, the rest will follow their example, so let's go"

It was fun, although my crush was already asleep (no, she didn't raise her hand haha)

Day two

We woke up to the noise the Drama society was making (their staff were snobbish brats who were not very nice to our staff when it came to facility usage). They were blasting music at 6 in the morning, something even I would not do. It was pointless trying to sleep for half an hour more so we got up and got properly washed up so that we could fully wake up (up up up haha)

After having breakfast (fried rice and milo) I talked a little more with my crush before our practices started again. We had a session practice where each section split up and practiced in groups. The girl 'veteran' who was from another band taught all of us Clarinetists (I don't think there's such a word, but it's used a lot) I seemed to be asking the most questions, which she replied. There was one point I asked her how am I supposed to play an accent properly. She told me I have to use more breath.

"Now how do I do that?"

I experimented a bit, and she told me to suck in more air when I inhale. The other Clarinetists (all girls in case you didn't know) laughed and said I looked like I had asthma. Oh well, at least I can still play better than them (yeah whatever)

When our coach finally came we played as a band again until lunch time came. During lunch I had to explain once again why I don't drink tea and also why I was saying prayers before eating. After eating I went up to my crush (again) to see how she was doing. Apparently, someone had dumped 100+ into her tea, so I offered to get another cup for her, much to her delight. We talked a little more.

After lunch and another band practice, our fun and games were cancelled due to rain so we had dinner after a short break. Dinner was fine....

Then, at one point those girls from the Clarinet started teasing me again about that other girl, and this time, I fought back. Well, not intentionally, but it worked. Here's how

As my crush was putting her dishes away I was defending myself against those girls who were teasing me. I was talking pretty roughly with a loud voice. There was one girl who particularly just loves to tease me

"Hey everybody, that girl who plays the Clarinet is with Han!"

"No, she's not!"

"Oh yeah? Then who are you with? Oh yeah! I remember now, you're with that girl from the Philippines!"

"That would've been nice, but NO! Now leave me alone!"

At that point my crush suddenly pointed out that someone had dumped rice in the place where dirty dishes were to be put away and how the person was wasting.

Immediately my voice softened.

"Oh, then I better clear it up."

I picked up the dirty plate with all the icky stuff on it and then scooped all it's contents into the dustbin.

"There, now some lucky beggar can eat it."

I went to wash my hands and then when I was walking to join my crush that demon in disguise who was bugging me the whole day. She suddenly started

"Hey, guys did you notice how Han was talking so roughly to us and then suddenly turned so smooth when he was talking to that girl (my crush)?"

I talked back

"Yeah, so what are you gonna do huh?"

"What about that girl? She's yours and your hers!"

"NO! I like someone else, okay?"

"*Gasp* OOOOOOOHHHH! I know who she is! It's that girl! That's the girl! The girl you've been talking to the whole time! Aaaah! Hey everyone! Han's going after (name of that girl)!"

I turned red and finally admitted

"Yes, now what are you gonna do?"


She gathered a bunch of her friends and started jumping up and down chanting both my name and my crush's name. It was pretty crazy (they even did it on the highest floor where my crush suddenly came out of her room and I walked past and just gave her a friendly smile)

After running a few errands I walked past my crush's room where she was outside being teased by all those who found out I like her. I can still remember everyone woo-ing me as I walked past and I overheard one girl telling her it's normal for these things to happen as my crush turned red. I gave my favourite teethy smile and waved at everyone as they woo-ed some more when I walked off to do a few more things.

We had another final band practice of the day where I walked with my crush again after the practice. At night we had a "Jiao1 Liu2 Hui4"... I don't know what you call it in English, but it's where we huddle up together and everyone gives their thoughts. It usually gets pretty touchy, and most people end up crying...

Anyway, the staff had to sit in a circle in the centre of the group while all the other ordinary member sat around us. Amazingly enough, my crush sat right behind me.

I seized the chance to boast and whispered to some of the girls who made fun of me earlier during the day.

"Hey, look who's behind me *grin*"

One of them gave me a slap on the arm while the others just rolled their eyes.

Anyway, the ceremony got a little touchy at first, with a lot of people crying. Although to me it was a little crazy because I found myself moving backwards inch by inch (you know where this is going don't you?) My crush jokingly told me to cry, so I got my water bottle out, poure a few drops onto my hands and applied it to my face. I sniffed a little (although it wasn't so realistic because I didn't have a runny nose then) and she laughed.

Yeah, she laughed. Woohoo! Don't you just love it when you make someone you like laugh?

Oh never mind.

After that I concentrated hard until I finally felt a real tear coming out and then showed it to my crush. She gasped and I just grinned.

At one point the Clarinetist from another band started giving her thoughts and in the middle of it all, she suddenly asked

"Han, where are you?"

The whole band started woo-ing me

"It's nothing! I just want to know where he is, cuz I heard him speak earlier but I don't know where he is, Han please raise your hand"

I lifted up my leg for all to see, bringing up a few laughs and slaps on the back.

Then the girls who were teasing me earlier kicked in and added

"Oh, Han has gone off to be with that girl of his"

The whole band woo-ed me some more until things quieted down and the Jiao1 Liu2 Hui4 continued.


Please feel free to use this short break to relax a bit to recover from reading so much before reading on about my crush again. You may use this time to go to the bathroom, grab a bite, take off your contacts if you are reading this at 3am with your contacts still on, or even add another layer of deoderant if you don't want your computer to stink. Or, you can enjoy the picture below which I took yesterday during gymnastics.

Corey and Dillan in the little house of mats Mr. Yong and I built for them (Mr. Yong built walls around the 'horse' using mats while I added the roof for them)

If you like, you can also use this intermission as a bookmark to continue later on if you are too tired to continue reading for now.

Intermission Ended
Okay back to my story...

After the ceremony there was some cake for all to eat. Needless to say, I went and got 2 pieces of cake. One for me, one for my crush (although both for me might've been just as nice). I walked up to her and asked

"Hey, you want some cake?"

"Oh, you mean me?"

"Yes, of course!"


I handed it over to her as we talked a bit while enjoying the chocolate cake (yes, I made sure it wasn't cofee before eating it). After that I fought my way into a few photos and then I took a bath.

That night, after forcing everyone else to go to bed early, the staff themselves turned hypocrites (I am guilty too, but at least I wasn't the one forcing people to go to bed). We did not go to sleep. Heck, we were making so much noise.

At first, I wanted to go to sleep and just dream of my crush (blah blah blah) but the noise the staff were making was too much to bear. I told them

"Don't you guys think it is wrong for us to tell people to go to bed early and then we stay up and make noise ourselves?"

Nobody listened, so I went outside to sit in the corridor and talk to those girls from another band. I was still wrong not to go to sleep, but at least I wasn't screaming and yelling like the others. Anyway, we talked a bit until we moved back into the staffroom, where I offered to draw a caricature of the girl Clarinetist from another school. It took me one whole hour. Worse still, I was actually freezing due to the air con. I had a blanket, but I gave it to the girl because she was wearing and sleeveless shirt and was obviously a lot colder than I was. Anyway, I finished the sketch and promised her a properly framed one drawn with a pen the next time she comes to visit. After that I just went to bed.

Day 3

We woke up on time in the morning (last year we woke up several hours late, ruining the entire schedule of the camp). And started packing before having breakfast and a final band practice before ending the camp.

As my crush was carrying her luggage down the stairs I walked up to her

"Here, let me help you with that"

"No, it's fine, really"

"You sure?"


"Come on, let me help you"

"No, it's light, see? I can handle it"

I just gave her the teethy smile again and she just smiled and looked away. I don't know exactly what that means, so girls, if you are reading this, got any ideas what that means? Haha

I talked to her a bit and then I had to get to work cleaning up the mess we made. I managed to catch her just in time as she was leaving and we exchanged goodbyes. Everything else that happened after that doesn't matter. Actually I just forgot everything that happened because I was so busy thinking about my crush. However, I do vaguely remember taking an LRT home along with my friend Zhan Hao and talking to him about cute girls and cool guys, and also how he and Hsien Chun nearly wanted to kill me for being able to be taught by that girl Clarinetist from another school (they both think she's cute, in fact Zan Hao had a crush on her before). Anyway, the rest is history, so I guess that pretty much sums up those 3 crazy days of my life.

There, now that you know about my new crush, there's nothing more here that would interest you is there? Now excuse me... I have to go to the bathroom. This post took me 2 and a half hours to write...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Important Quote From The Yesterdays
"Don't grow up too fast"
-Captain Dembones
I am late.

Blogging has become tedious because I have so much to say (writing was so tedious that I switched to blogging because it just took so long to write). Anyway, I'm not going to stop so I'm going to add another chapter to the story of my life.

Last week was a busy one, various events happened. I'll do it slowly...

A trip to the Tunku Adbul Rahman Memorial

On Tuesday our Sejarah (History in Malay) teacher brought us to Tunku Adbul Rahman's Memorial to help us out with our Sejarah Project. -1 and a few others had to do the real work of going through documents pertaining to Tunku himself while the others got to go on a tour of the Memorial (which was full of quotes which I copied down for further reference). I took a few pictures as proof that we went there, but of course, I took a few funny pictures as well.

Doing the same gesture as Tunku Abdul Rahman's carving at the back
Two best friends together...

-1 and I in front of Tunku Abdul Rahman's portrait


Here's one with Chern Hui doing the silly pose with the tie our gang invented.

Our Class Monitors, Chern Hui and Hao Ran (Chern Hui: "Yooooo~hoo~~~")

It was quite fun, the best part was that we got to skip several hours of school muahahaha!

Our class teacher's birthday

Her real birthday was on the 10th of March, but since she was out with the school Ping Pong team competing, we celebrated it the next morning.

She came in and we dumped confetti on her, I stole a few shots and then some guys brought out the cake. At one point Ralfz and his "brothers" came out with a necklace for our teacher and they all knelt down as if they were proposing to her. It was funny

Here's a picture of our teacher

Our teacher's birthday cake

Below are just some pictures I like

-1's sister

She scares me sometimes... there was one day while I was talking to -1 and some of his Form 2 friends, she suddenly came up to me, and put her cheek on my shoulders and moaned about getting her pinafore stained. I just looked at her and wondered why in the world was she doing that to me. Of course, I seized the chance to be funny when she told me about the stain

"Oh, bloodstain?"

I dunno if she laughed or snorted, but she she just gave me a pat and then walked off to join her friend.

My friend took a picture of me while we were taking the LRT the other day

Me in the LRT (I wonder what I was thinking about then?)

Well, that was basically what happened last week. If you're wondering about that new crush I was talking about, you'll have to read about it in my next post about the Band Camp.

I'm Still Here

Quick Quote From The Yesterdays
" in Malaysia we like to put 'lah' at the end of our sentences"
-me during a chat with someone obviously from a different country
Hey all of you Han fans... Hao Ran asked me why I haven't blogged yet, so I thought I'd just drop by to leave a note that I'm not dead yet (nor is this blog), just too lazy to blog for now because I was at band camp for 3 days and there's too much to blog about when I got back (I'd rather play that Halflife2 game I just got from Jin Siew). Anyway, it's freakin midnight and the dogs have not eaten yet, so I think I'll give you a full, crazy crazy crazy crazy and nothing other than crazy account of what happened during the past 3 days...

For now, it's time to dream of my new crush.......

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Letting Go...

Second Quote From The Yesterdays
"Get ready for the craziest Han in the world!"
I just received the news, you ready to hear it?

Marielle doesn't like me anymore
It's funny how I had to find out through her friends. They were all rushing to tell me the news, and then they kept asking me how I feel and wether I still like her etc. etc.
A few weeks ago, Mom actually asked me what I would do if Marielle left me. I told her that "If I fall, I have to bounce back up". She was pretty pleased to see how confident I was at that time. Well, now is the time to see if I can keep that promise to myself.
I know it is hard, but I've already been working hard to master the art of being able to switch thoughts with ease while preparing for the exam (I was trying to master the technique of being able to swtich from Marielle to Chemistry). And it worked! Now all I need is something new to think about. Let's see... oh yes, drawing! I fell in love with my pen two years ago. Drawing my life in the form of 'School Blues' became everything I did. At least, until I had my first crush on Yung Hui... then came Marielle and then she became my life. Now... it's back to the drawing board!
Someone also asked me what I'm going to do now. I told her
"I am going to lock my heart and throw away the key."
"And after I serve my mission for the church, I'll find the key that will unlock my heart."
"The key that unlocks my heart will be my wife."
Then she asked what if Marielle comes back. I told her
"Oh, then I'll have to go and find the key I just threw away"
I promised myself not to be bogged down by emotions at this time. I am now working to keep that promised. Hao Ran told me he's expecting a different me now that I've let go of Marielle. I told him to expect the craziest Han in the world! He seems to be excited.
Oh yeah, I told Mom and Dad too. Mom gave me a hug and she seemed to be quite pleased because I told her I'm not shaken. Dad told me that when he was younger, he thought he was going to marry a girl...
...and he forgot about her 2 weeks later...
Well, that's pretty funny. I wonder if I can inherit that ability from him :P
Anyhow, we must learn to let go. I am a troubled boy... always thinking about girls. But this time, I think I can manage. And I will bounce back up -- just like gymnastics. Because if you fall during gymnastics and just stay there, chances are the next person who is tumbling will land of you :P
Now I wonder... will I 'accidentally' have another crush? Don't know, my heart is pretty unpredictable... only one way to find out!
That is to wait

Exam Week And A Visit To Hao Ran's House

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
"What? You mean we're supposed to study the second chemistry book for the exam?"
-Chern Hui
Exams are finally over!!!

After recovering from the camping trip, exam was around the corner. It's not the biggest exam ever but it had enough subjects to drive us crazy (9 in total). What's different this time is that apart from our Form 3 examination syllabus, we also had to go through the whole Form 1 syllabus combined with Form 3. A total nightmare!

The tests were taken within 4 days. Tuesday, the first day of the exam was everybody's worst nightmare (we had to take 3 subjects in one day). It was definitely my worst nightmare because we had to take Chinese, Geography, then Physics. I completely fried my brain memorizing a couple of poems, proverbs and new words (the Chinese idea of learning) for our Chinese exam. Then I went through my Physics textbook to memorize a few laws, theories and formulas. Thankfully it wasn't harder than memorizing poems which I barely understood... as for Geography, I totally flunked it. I chose not to study because I already had enough on my plate. I wonder what our Geography teacher can do to me...

The other 3 days only had 2 subjects each, so it wasn't so scary compared to the first day. I brought Mom's camera to school on the last day of the exams (I went to Hao Ran's house after the exam that day too). Took quite a few pictures, although I have trouble posting some of them here, I'll try again some other time.

Before the exams began each day me, -1 and Wangi Water (Sweet-smelling water), who, may I add, stinks like no other (except the Tiger from our class), went to 'visit' Shu Qian from J2A who was studying hard downstairs. That became my study group.

It wasn't much of a study group because we were teasing each other and making noise the whole time...

I also dropped by our original classroom to see how the girls were studying (apart from L King and Sweet Potato, we guys had to go to a different class to take our exam). I took a picture, much to the horror of the camera shy girls in the class.

Preparing for the exam

After the exam I took a lot of pictures of us stalking up on our Math Teacher and other group shots of my friends. Unfortunately I seem to have trouble putting them under one post so all the pictures will have to be individual posts (which will be a bit hard to view since they'll come out without much of a chronological order)

After the exam my gang and I took a bus and then walked to Hao Ran's house. It was a totally fun experience. Sure, Hao Ran's house is definitely a lot smaller than mine, but we had tons of fun outdoors.

First we went to a construction site near Hao Ran's house. He's been dying to explore the area but he didn't dare do it by himself, so when we went to his house he brought us there.

We went there equipped only with Hao Ran's binoculars (unfortunately, I forgot the camera). After waiting till there were no cars on the street, we ran past the gate.

We were walking up the road that led to the site itself in the distance until I spotted some workers high up there who seemed to be watching us (after checking with Hao Ran's binoculars, we found out they weren't). Nevertheless, we stayed hidden in the grass. We walked on a bit further and decided to climb up the hill which looked like an interesting spot to hide. -1 nearly fell into a hole as we climbed up the hill slowly.

There were a pile of bricks left behind by the workers which we hid behind and watched the workers from afar. We played a bit on the large flat ground on top of the hill with all the tall 'lalang' surrounding us. As we climbed back down, I spotted some workers coming near us and I alerted the others. We hid in the grass.

At least, it would have been fun if we managed to. One of the workers spotted us

"You buat apa?" (what are you guys doing)

Being the bravest of the lot. I replied

"Main" (playing)

The guy laughed and just walked on. Having enough fun already, Hao Ran decided to take us to the park.

We came across some parellel bars and I demonstrated a few gymnastics moves for my friends, who tried them as well. Thankfully none of them fell off and landed on their chest like what happened to me a few years ago :P

After that we went to a nearby playground and had a few rounds of Capture the Flag before heading back to Hao Ran's house.

We did a few stuff on Hao Ran's computer before having dinner (fried rice) and then we watched Kung Fu Hustle. It was pretty funny and we mimicked quite a few scenes before packing up and heading back home.

It was a totally fun experience and Hao Ran invited us to have a sleepover at his place during the week long holiday coming up next week. I can't wait!

Shuan and -1

Shuan and -1

-1 Looming Over Teacher

There's -1 looming over our teacher

Stalk Math Teacher

Watch us as we stalk our Math Teacher (also our class teacher)

Chinese Teachers

-1 and our Chinese Teachers