After much preparation, the young self-proclaimed Emperor of The Han Dynastory is now serving a full-time mission to the UK with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He will return in 2014.


Welcome to the Han Dynastory!

As I am now serving a full-time mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have left this blog under the stewardship of a family member, who may post updates on how I'm doing as he/she sees fit.

Enjoy your stay!

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Just A Quickie

I run up the stairs with a medic and a citizen behind me. We stop as Civil Protection spots us from above. I narrowly escape the machinegun fire as I run up the stairs to get a better aim.

Too late. The medic takes round after round and falls down the stairs.

I shoot desperately for vengeance. Success. 2 Combine soldiers lose their balance and fall to their deaths.

I pause to take a breath. More citizens come to my aid and we continue to the roof. I open the door cautiously, and I hear the distant or not so distant chatter of machine gun fire.

It has begun. The war has begun.

Suddenly one of my men cries out


We scramble for cover as machinegun fire rains towards us. I reload my gun before turning at the attackers. The enemies screams drown in the constant machinegun fire. We stop to take a rest, only to be interrupted by the screams of an assault jet's engines.

Quickly I draw out the Laser Guided Rocket Launcher. I fire the first rocket.

The plane swerves to the left as its machineguns go fully automatic, halting the rocket. I insert the next rocket and carefully aim not at the plane, but the area near it. The plane is momentarily distracted by groundfire. I fire the rocket.

A hit! The plane loses control slightly but maintains balance. I desperately squeeze in the next rocket and fire rocket after rocket. The plane's engines finally explode and a dot is seen vanishing in the distance.

My palms sweat as I look towards the bottom of the building. The citizens have broken through the main defences and the Combine have come out to intercept them. Suddenly I realize that the spiderlike machine is the dreaded Strider. I reload the rocket launcher and send wave after wave of deat at the Strider. It swings out of control and retreats.

I was about to get out the sniper when I realize I had a mission to do. I had to lower the skybridge. I run towards the locked gate with a medic and a citizen behind me. The doors burst open as Combine soldiers swarm out. The medic screams and drops to the floor while I take down the rushing enemy with a citizen beside me.

We continue towards the controls where I slammed the button to lower the bridge. 2 more citizens come to my aid as the Combine soldiers here the lowering skybridge and rush to their gunports. Desperately we fire, being unable to do much damage being unable to get a good aim.

Finally the skybridge is lowered as I rush across, my assault gun blazing. I realize there are to many of them and I click on the secondary fire button. I bright ball of light bounces towards the enemy and they evaporate into thin air. More Combine soldiers rush out of the doors to face the same fate.

I grunt and reload the gun.

I rush downstairs with my comrades closely behind me as a citizen appears from around a corner holding a rocket launcher. She warns of the approaching Striders and told me of a crate where I could find more rockets for my rocket launcher.

I rush out into the open where dozens of citizens were desperately firing at the striders, to no effect.

To my horror the strider turns towards us and its alien-technology machineguns open fire. 2 comrades drop dead screaming as I rush for cover. There I find a squad of citizens who were about to face the striders.

I wish them luck before diving after the medkits dropped by a fallen medic. Explosions and screams emerge from behind me. I sigh for a brief second before diving into a ditch, crawling through the tunnel, only to find that I had come out right under a strider.

I scream and squeeze the trigger out of fear.

Mistake, the strider has spotted me.

I quickly dash to the left, jumping over the fallen debris all around me. Bodies of both citizens and Combine alike are seen strewn across the once beautiful garden. I ignore their cries for help as I run towards the plaza, where the crate of rockets were supposedly to be found.

A dead citizen is found and I pick up his gun for extra ammunition. A medic calls me from behind to temporary heal me of my wounds. I grab the rockets and head out into the open once more, only to find that there were not one but two Striders around the plaza.

I wipe my forehead and start firing the rockets. They are not enough.

I quickly run back into the shelter to get more rockets. The medic suddenly called for help.

Too late I had realized that he was still within shooting range of the Striders. I fired a rocket at the Strider but the medic's screams didn't stop. He fell forwards, eyes wide open.

I ignored the casualty and continued firing at the Striders.

Explosions from behind the Strider. Reinforcements! With renewed morale I rush out again to help however was firing rockets at the Strider. With our combined fire the Strider let out an alien scream and collapsed. I aim for the other Strider, with the same results.

I pause to celebrate the short lived victory. Then I spot a citizen on the roof, desperately firing at something behind me. I turn to see Combine soldiers approaching in the distance. I bring out the assault gun and fire short bursts blindly into the distance.

Crimson red streaks onto the wall behind them. I hit them.

I continued on into a corridor before hearing screams from citizens who were shot down by yet another Strider. Quickly I grab my rocket launcher, only to find it empty. Slowly I see the Strider coming towards me.

Comrades around me drop dead like flies. Desperately I look around for rockets. I spotted a crate and ran towards it, only to be halted by Strider fire.

My mouth opens to let out a scream as I realized to my horror that the Strider had picked me as its next target.
Yes, I am addicted to Halflife 2. And I'm not finished with my game yet, so I don't have much time to post anything decent here.... yet. Tomorrow, yes, tomorrow, I will blog about something other than Halflife 2, the only cure to lovesickness...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Yeah... Now It's Sunday And I'm Posting Something As Usual

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
"It's not practice that makes perfect. It's perfect practice that makes perfect"
-Sister Behrmann
Yup, it's Sunday again and I'm blogging as usual.

Don't worry, I'm almost drained of words thanks to the novel I posted on Thursday, so this won't be a very long post (but you can expect to read about another disasterous experience with Poh Mi). Or actually, this won't be a mega long post, but a very long post...

I brought the camera to school on Friday with hopes of taking a few pictures of Yung Hui and Shir Li, and also to film Poh Mi bullying me for your entertainment. I did none of that, unfortunately (Poh Mi went home early.... 'fortunately'...). But I still did take a few nice pictures... and I also filmed a few playfights in the classroom during recess (I'm still trying to find a way to put up videoclips at a blog)

We left a little late on Friday morning so we had to spend RM1.50 again to take the elevated highway as a desperate move to get to school on time

Early morning view of the city on my way to school (you can tell it's early because the lights are still on)

Another view... this picture makes that building over there look taller than the world renowned Petronas Twin Towers
I wasn't late for school, in case you were worrying...

It was a little sad at school because the camera's batteries were a little weak... so I didn't really go all out taking pictures like I usually do. But at least I got to film a few funny things going on in class. At one point during our Malay class our teacher sat on one of our seats while some students got up front to write down stuff on the whiteboard, Zan Hao and L King got up and started playing paper-scissors-rock right behind her to see who wins the sweater (it was freezing in class)

Gloves are also one way to keep warm in a freezer, as Hsien Chun wore them

Hsien Chun fooling around with some gloves
Poh Mi didn't get to cause much trouble after school on Friday because she went home early.... but she subsituted all the trouble to Saturday...

I went to her class in the morning to hand her a get well comic (she's been having the flu for a week). It was a pretty silly comic. It was a speechless one with Han and Korie are studying together when Blitz suddenly materializes and points at something. Han turns to look and accidentally kisses Korie. They are both momentarily stunned until Korie finally slaps Han on the cheek. Then she turns red with hearts and the comic ends... I forgot to scan it...

It was originally intended for Marielle but the results didn't come out as I hoped it would so I decided I'd give it to Poh Mi instead and come up with a better comic for Marielle (Poh Mi gets comics more in quantity rather than quality because she keeps asking for them)

We talked a bit after she snatched the comic and I did my sidesplit in front of her as promised on the phone the day before. I was still a cubit away from the ground so I quickly got up to make it look less obvious. Poh Mi pretended to snort as if it was nothing but she told me afterwards that she was impressed (it's not every day you get to see a guy able to do a split in my school). I spotted Nigel, the ex-gymnast from Shuan's class who will be resuming lessons soon, and being old friends, he came up and we both defended ourselves from Poh Mi. I promised Nigel to draw a comic for him before rushing back downstairs when the bell rang.

I drew the comic during our English class hahahaha

The comic I drew for Nigel during our English class
On our first recess I hurriedly rushed upstairs with my "Nuclear Holder" (New Clear Holder) where I keep all my comics. I also brought my cheese sandwiches along just in case I'd have to wait for Nigel. It turned out I had missed him so I waited for him at the staircase. It happened to be my luck that Poh Mi was there (I don't know if that's good or bad luck). I shared my sandwiches with her and she made me eat the skin off the bread first (apparently she doesn't eat the skin... -1 doesn't even touch white bread). We talked a little and she pointed out to me some of the guys who were after her (there were so many I lost count... but amazingly she hasn't..... yet) We were talking halfway when one of the clarinetists spotted me and me the suspicious look. I ignored her and she continued up the stairs and then Yong Yu and another girl from the same class walked by and woo-ed me and Poh Mi. I chased them away went to see if Nigel had returned yet. He hadn't, so I went back to the staircase... to find that Poh Mi grabbed my file and wouldn't let go. I chased her all the way to her class where she got her weapon to defend herself--- a satay stick. I stole a few glances at Shir Li before lunging at Poh Mi to grab my file. She backed off and started assaulting my left hand (my drawing hand aaargh!) with the Satay stick. I ignored the pain and continued to pull the file from her grip (please take note that I did not touch her at all in the process) The stick finally broke but by that time I was tired and stopped grabbing (it's not easy to grab something from someone when you can't touch her). I took a break for a bit while listening to Poh Mi's taunts. The prepatory bell rang and I assaulted her for the last time. She started screaming when I finally got the file back and some shortie from her class accused me of sexual assault. I told him to tell the whole school tauntively and ran to Nigel's class to hand him the comic. He muttered something which I didn't hear because I had already began the 100 metre sprint back to my class.

I later found out that he couldn't take the comic because it would get all crumpled (he didn't bring his file to school) so I kept it for him (I'll hand it to him tomorrow)

After school was band time, as usual. I did a press up handstand, a headstand, a handstand walk and a handspring for William to see (William's learning hip-hop). Our coach (also referred to as 'Sir'), wasn't there so we had section practices instead... which also meant we got to get out of band half an hour earlier... which in turn meant that I had to defend myself from Poh Mi for half an hour longer than usual...

It wasn't all too bad... I just did a few crazy things she forced me to do. Elizabeth and Chai Jing (girls from my class) told me I'm too obedient... making me way too easy to bully. I went home late at 6:30 due to some delay. It was just my luck that I was having a piano recital that night. I got home at 7:00 and quickly took a bath, got nicely dressed up and guess what? I gelled my hair as a treat.

After a month of keeping away from gel, I've finally given in to the temptation
I chatted with a few friends for about half an hour before I scrambled into the car and left.

The recital itself wasn't the best in the world. Various students went up to play their piece, meaning that this was an amateur recital. We had a very rude audience who just couldn't keep their mouths shut and were also stingy with the applause (I clapped pretty loudly to show support and ended up with some people staring at me). It finally came to my turn to play and I brought out the best I could on the piano. (I played "Esquisse", taken from my examination pieces) I stumbled a bit because the piano I played had the touch (the piano at home has very loose keys), meaning I had to bang harder on the piano.

Mom said I was the only one who played real music that night (the others were playing like robots while I was a bit overly expressive). I got home at 11:30 to find that nobody was online (everyone had gone to sleep I guess). That was kind of a good thing because it gave me the chance to shoot some heads off in my favourite computer game.

Today I suddenly got struck with the intention of learning how to cook various popular chinese dishes from Mom. She was quite happy with my decision and my first lesson will be on Chicken Rice (oh no... I'm getting hungry again). Mom also decided to bake some apple cake today so I learnt how to make some too (I'll bring em to school tomorrow to share)

Helping Mom make my favourite apple cake
I haven't tasted it yet (it just came out of the oven right now) but I think it should taste good enough...

well, I guess you're eyes are tired enough already so I'll stop here with a little something I forgot to put up on Thursday...

The Philippines flag Marjie and I drew during our chat on Thursday

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hey, It's Not Sunday Yet And I'm Posting Something Here?

Overly Repeated Quote From The Yesterdays
"You're very cute leh..."
-Poh Mi
I still don't know if she's mocking me or.......

Speaking of Poh Mi, she called me up on Monday when I was in the middle of a, may I add, very delicious dinner. She had no excuse to call me, but I we talked anyway. I think we must've spent quite a while talking because by the time I got back to the food, it was as cold as my geography teacher's heart...

I finished my dinner and called up Poh Mi again, as I had promised her earlier. We talked and talked and talked until I had to go for Piano Lessons.

On Tuesday I made a mistake of changing into my gymnastics leotard at school. I walked to the canteen in my leotard (but I had still had my school shorts on) and a foul-mouhted, snobbish, thinks the world owes it to him little brat from another class in the same year as me came up to me and mocked me. I gave him a grunt and did a handspring right in his face.

"Try and do that!"

"You b*st*rd" I didn't say

I was about to leave when Poh Mi spotted me in the distance and started running towards me with Yong Yu not far behind. I desperately tried to put on my shirt as quickly as possible but I was too late. Within seconds she was in front of me giggling as usual.

"Woo~ nice body figure" she said

"No muscles at all" Yong Yu teased

I was nearly going to flex them to show off but I decided to go buy some food at the canteen instead. I was putting my shirt on over the leotard to stop the stares I was getting when Poh Mi started staring at my stomach and said

"You look tough.... can I punch you? Please?"

I figured she couldn't do much damage so I stood her and she gave me a jab at my stomach. I adsorbed the blow gracefully (learnt that in Karate years ago) but I made it look like it hurt a lot for her pleasure I guess. I quickly got up the car after Poh Mi quoted the quote heh heh.

After gymnastics we did some extra conditioning (normally we'd do press up handstands, handstand walks and the whatnot). This time we got out the skipping ropes and started skipping. At one point Mrs Yong challenged us to jump once and skip twice. It took us a while before we all finally got it (so fun!!!) then Mrs Yong tried it. She made it look as easy as english homework to me. Then Mr Yong came up and skipped 3 times in one jump!!!!!!! He attempted 4 (and managed a few) and then moved on to try 5. Phew!

After cooling down and finishing all my water, I got very thirsty and picked up a magazine to read to try and forget about my thirst. Then I saw an advertisement of ICE COLD MILO!!!!! AAAAARGGHHHH!!!! I quickly threw the magazine away and grabbed a comic instead haha...

I got home and took a quick bath before calling Poh Mi up again to see how she's doing (she's been sick for almost a week already) and then we had to do our homework.

On Wednesday I made the mistake of greeting Poh Mi during our first recess. She made me follow her to the canteen with Yong Yu. I excused myself at the table and ran upstairs to get my usual cheese sandwiches down. I shared it with Poh Mi, which turned into a disaster. She took one bite from the sandwiches and then exchanged it with the one I had just taken a bite from. The process was repeated several times until I couldn't stand it and was about to grab my food and leave when she grabbed the tupperware first and ran off with Yong Yu....

I sighed and went back to class to draw a last minute comic in a desperate attempt to barter it during the second recess. I finished it and paid her a visit during the second recess to barter it with the tupperware she stole from me. She took the comic gleefully (she's been asking for another one ever since I gave her one last Friday)... and ran off with my tupperware.... into the girls toilet. I surrendered and went to watch Shir Li practice on her Alto Horn. My assistant Leong (I am the class english subject representative and he is my assistant) was with me and we decided to get the tupperware back from that nightmare Poh Mi. I found her sitting at the staircase next to her classroom and grabbed the tupperware. We struggled a bit and I gave up temporarily. She handed me one of her textbooks where various friends had left comments about her as homework.

I noticed that a lot of them said she's cute and everything (Shir Li left one of those comments). I got Leong to pretend to do a heimlich maneouver on me and I pretended to vomit as a joke, which drew quite some laughter from Poh Mi who nearly fainted due to her sickness during class. After that I accompanied her to the balcony where I did some sign languages to my classmates who were at the other end of the building, much to our confusion...

After recess and during the last period, our english teacher was on sick leave so we got a whole 40 minutes to party. Most of my classmates we're risking death doing clumsy/bad handstands in class. I did a beautiful press-up handstand on the teacher's desk at Yung Hui's request, much to her delight. After that I went to get to work designing our class T-shirt.

On Tuesday morning I had just put my bag down when Yung Hui approached me with a drawing and asked what it looked like. I guessed it was a breakdance move and I told her. She said "Yes, but what does it look like?"

"It's hard to describe... here, I can do it for you"

And I imitated the pose which seemed to look like an "eggplant" (a skateboarding move which I have used in various gymnastics competitions) and she stood there laughing at the way I had done it so effortlessly heh heh.

After she finally calmed down she asked if it would look nice on the class T-shirt that our class was designing (they picked my design last year) I said it would look nice. Then she asked if I was designing a T-shirt or not.

"No... the teacher hasn't asked me to design it"

"Aiyo~ you don't need to have someone to tell you to do it... just design one lar~~~"


"Great, try to throw in a couple of hip hop moves while you're at it"


I drew a guy doing a really cool pose and I showed it to her during our english class (I used the excuse that I was going to help the people sitting there with their english essay) and I showed her the breakdance pose.

"Augh! It's soooo cute! Draw a cuter one!"

I drew another one that I think was cuter

"Yay! This one is so cute!"

On Wednesday I finally got to work and designed the entire T-shirt. I got various suggestions from both guys and gals, and I showed Yung Hui the results. She got so excited she asked if she could keep it until Thursday. Can I refuse a girl?

No I cannot.

I handed it to her and she excitedly packed up her bags as it was time to go home then. She asked me why I haven't taken breakdancing classes and I told her simply because I don't have time, but gymnastics is good enough (a lot of breakdancing moves are done in gymnastics as well)

I'll post the T-shirt design sooner or later, so keep your fingers crossed.

After school yesterday Hao Ran, -1, Chek Ying, Yen Hoong's sister and I went to play badminton at a club. It was pretty fun and I played using 2 rackets as usual...

While -1 and I stopped to take a break he suddenly asked me to teach him a few basic gymnastics moves. I taught him the splits, the pancakes, the bridge, the KL tower, the Y balance, the Scale Balance and then he showed me a few Yoga moves haha. After that me, Hao Ran and -1 sat at the squash court to have a forum on crushes, which ended abruptly when Chek Ying and Yen Hoong's sister came in. Then I suddenly got a really bad cramp on my right calf. I quickly told Hao Ran and we both pulled the foot back to counter the cramp. It just happened to be my luck that all the pushing and pulling to straighten my calf got me a cramp on my tigh, which had to be bent to counter the cramp, which, in turn, would make the cramp on my calf even worse.

So I sat there with my leg half bent, half straightened. I did the only thing I could do...


When the cramp finally cleared we got up and went home.

Just imagine... 3 days and I can blog so much... you can only imagine how much fun it is going to school every day....

This post took me 3 hours to write

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Making Lots Of Noise

Today's Quote From The Yesterdays
"Keep quiet!!! Make noise softly!"
-1 telling the class to keep quiet
I brought my camera to school again! This week me and my friends who are part of the notice board design group this month started to get to work. We aren't doing a very good job so far.... we happened to be working on it on the day I brought my camera along. We had planned to work on it the day before that but L King, our leader, was the only person who stayed back to work on it heh heh... the rest of us were scattered. Me, -1, Zi Xian, Hao Ran, Chern Hui, Jia Cheng and Xiong Jian (all of whom are my group) were at a Math competition while the others were nowhere to be found. Anyway, that's why we were working on it the next morning...

Hao Ran and our group working on the notice board design competition

Zan Hao and Xiong Jian taking a break during while we were working on the notice board

L King, the leader of our board design team

The strange thing is that Hao Ran seemed to be giving more instructions than him

Chern Hui sitting at my desk

You can tell it's my desk by looking at all the mess (not to mention tissue... I get a runny nose every morning)

A Tiger Woods cut out I got from the newspaper punching Hao Ran's butt...

Zan Hao and Chern Hui nearly laughed to death
While we were working on the notice board, Yang Jian was practicing his singing in front of the whole class.

Yang Jian, the only boy in our class who joined the solo singing competition (I joined the class singing competition)
Speaking of the singing competition, here's what happened on Thursday...

After school there was a math competition in which me and a couple of friends took part in. Last year our class basically grabbed all the prizes in the competition for that year (Zi Xian got 1st, Chern Hui got 2nd, -1 got 3rd and I got 5th). There was only one problem this time... we were having a singing competition as well. Me, -1, Xiong Jian, Chai Jing and Zi Xian joined both the singing and the math competition, which proved to be somewhat of a disaster because the singing competition required a certain amount of participants in each class' group.

Xiong Jian finished his paper quickly and left to prepare for the singing competition. I did the best I could to finish my paper as fast as possible so that I could join the singing competition (eventhough I sounded like a crow that day and had not memorized anything other than the chorus of the song). We sang and got into the finals! Yay...

After singing I saw -1's Mom looking for him and his sister so I went to look for them. I found Poh Mi first (flirting away like crazy as usual) and I helped her to look for her mom for half an hour (she forced me to walk beside her again) we finally found her and I escorted her to the car just to make sure she finally leaves and I can enjoy the peace (just kidding)

After that I spotted Shir Li and her friends chatting at the other canteen. I also spotted 2 of my classmates sitting at the table opposite theirs so I went over to join them (and also to steal a few glances at my crush)

At one point those girls started arm wrestling (even against the guys who were there) and I saw a girl struggling against a guy during a match. I walked over to lend a hand and she won in 2 seconds. She said "ooo, you're a tough guy, now let me challenge you instead" (I don't know what happened the guy whom I helped her beat). Anyway, she challenged my right arm and I let her use her maximum amount of strength before putting any effort into beating her. I was being a little daring so I didn't let her win hahaha. She couldn't believe it and challenged me with her left arm instead because she writes with her left hand (meaning her left arm should be a little stronger) There was one flaw in her tactic however... I just so happen to write with my left hand as well (but I do sports with my right arm). I didn't give her a chance at all and beat her within milliseconds. Nigel, an ex-gymnast who won a silver medal with me in a group competition years ago and is currently Shuan's classmate, came over to watch me flirt hahaha.

Oh great, now I'm feeling guilty of "bullying" the girl by attacking her like that in the arm wrestle... although Mun Yee and Marjie told me that's not bullying... oh well...

After arm wrestling I talked a bit and that girl challenged me to get her name. She already knew my name because the whole of J1A already knows about me going after Shir Li thanks to Poh Mi's seemingly highly effective propaganda. Anyway, all I had was her school ID number (it's on our badges). 05003 in case you were wondering (Shir Li's is 05004) I told her that I'd find out her name by the next day. We continued talking and she asked me whether I really like Shir Li or not.


Was the reply (Nigel told me that Shir Li didn't hear it however)

I guess she wasn't expecting me to be that open about it...

Before long Dad finally came to pick me up and send me to gymnastics. I was about to leave and the girl told me she'd give me her phone number instead of her name. I told her that I am a very resourceful person (and most of my sources are reliable... except Poh Mi) and that I'd get her name myself.

The next day I went to the academic department where I know name lists of each class can be publically viewed. I spotted the J1A name list and I scanned the list for her ID number. Naturally my eyes were drawn to Shir Li's first and then I spotted 05003's right above hers. Yong Yu was the name. I grinned at myself and went back to class.

The night before that, I called up Poh Mi and asked if she would like a nicely framed comic as a bribe for her to stop forcing unwanted food down my throat. Of course, she accepted it. I spent about an hour and a half working on it and I gave it to her the next day. She challenged me to redraw my entire file of comics and give them all to her. That's 73 strips not counting all the special fully A4 sized ones!!! Of course, I told her that's impossible and I went back to class.

After school I got a little daring and I thought I should draw Shir Li a comic too as a gift to let her know what I'm getting at (I hadn't done much besides telling everyone I like her) I got her phone number through the band list of members' phone numbers (I told you I'm resourceful) and asked if she would accept it. She did and I got to work... after I called up Poh Mi. I phone her to boast that she had lost her bet. She had betted gleefully that Shir Li wouldn't accept the comic, and that if she did, it would rain the next day. It didn't rain... I also found out that Poh Mi had hung the comic in her room already and was still keen to get another one.

After explaining to her why it's not good to bathe 4 times a day, she went to take her bath and I got to work on the comic. I spent about 3 and a half hours that night working on the comic. Here's the result

The actual comic (I scanned it before framing it with the materials bought before)

I used the same basic materials... a pilot G2 1.0 and 0.7 black gel pen and a G2 1.0 blue gel pen along with a black marker.

The other one with Korie in it
The framing process went a little disasterous at first, but I finally managed to get hold of the situation to bring you this...

The comic I drew and framed for Shir Li

This is the cover. The "ScHoOL" text is 3D with the use of styrofoam (I had to use a battery heated piece of metal string to cut the styrofoam). The remaning text were drawn with markers. I used cardboard as the back along with trasparent plastic to protect the pictures itself. The pictures and plastic where clipped together with my favourite "magic clip". I then used a powerful hole puncher to punch holes on the 2 pieces of cardboard with a comic on each of them. I then used special rings to link the whole thing together. Then I went to get those special paperclips which I found are great for making pictures "hangable"

Here's how it's like when it's opened up

It can even stand like this

Or, it can be hung on the wall (all the comics I have framed come with this feature)

Well... I apologize to any of you who are jealous because this frame is better than yours. This frame is even better than the one I made for Yung Hui's birthday last year, which was designed like a book. As for Marielle's, I couldn't frame it as elaborate as this one because I didn't have a big enough envelope (plus the cost of sending something as heavy as this overseas would be a bomb... just kidding).

I walked over to her class the next day to give it to her. Naturally, there was a big audience eager to see what's going on (Poh Mi was there cheering me on). Yong Yu came out and I was about to tell her her name but Poh Mi kicked in and ruined the surprise... oh well... I guess Poh Mi was trying to help.

Below are the remaining pictures which I took on Friday

Jia Jun, Kiah Wei and Xing Jian fooling around in class

The Bandroom

Two trumpeteers

The fellow Clarinetists (I am still the only male playing the clarinet sigh)

The percussionists making noise at the back

The Saxophonists

-1 introducing a new way to sit in your chair

L King

Well, I guess that's it for now. Ernie and Shuan are waiting for me to play the Age of Mythology Boardgame with them

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Dad and -1

Dad and -1... -1 also calls Dad 'dad' now, so I have a new brother hahaha

Poh Mi

Poh Mi... This cute, giggly face of hers hides the little devil she really is heh heh

Sunday, April 10, 2005

One Happy Little Kid

You don't know how overjoyed I am.

An old family friend (and also business asscociate at one time) whom we affectionally call Uncle Tony has come from America on a visit. He's a Singaporean-turned-American and has been with our family on countless occasions. Anyway, last year, I asked for the Age Of Mythology Board Game for my birthday. Knowing that there was almost no way to buy it here in Malaysia, I suggested to Dad to ask Uncle Tony to help (I just love American board games). At first he thought I was asking for the computer game (which I have already played) and went on to search for the CD instead of the board game.

Then he informed Dad that his trip back to Malaysia had to be delayed, making me unable to receive it as a birthday present. I then asked it for Christmas as a last resort.

Then another problem came up: he couldn't even find the board game. I gave up and got a Dave Koz CD for Christmas instead (I got a nice Bionicle for my birthday)

Then today...

We invited Uncle Tony over to join us for our Sunday dinner (we usually have guests over to join us on Sunday) and I saw him holding something in a plastic bag.

He handed it to me


He brought the game!!!

I gave him a hug and thanked him and Dad. After eating I got to work on setting up the board game (there are 300 miniatures which I had to remove from the plastic thingy). I called up Hao Ran to share my joy. Looks like we have to get the Gang together and have a game (I was planning to do that last year, but I didn't have the game)

Next we'll have to discuss on who's house to have our next activity (our goal is to go to each of our houses, mine and Hao Ran's being the ones already used). I'm thinking of having our next activity at -1's house. Since he says there's nothing to do there, I'm thinking of bringing the board game there. Then we'll have something to do.

For now, it's time to calm down and get ready for school again...

Use Your Imagination!

Meaningful Quote From The Yesterdays
"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how to react to it"
-Oddly enough, it's from my English text book
It just sucks that the broadband internet connection is lagging like crazy (any other Streamyx user here would know). And that means that I can't post any pictures here right now, making this post somewhat boring. I waited one whole hour last night waiting for just one picture to post here and nothing happened, so I resumed my chat with Marjie and the others and silently cursed the internet speed.

I brought Dad's camera to school yesterday and took quite a bunch of pictures, all of which I can't post right now due to the dreadful connection speed.

This post will be a boring one compared to what I had in mind...

It's hard to narrate the events of the week without the aid of photos, but I will try my best to keep this blog fun. Just use your imagination while reading this post
I had a day off school today and was allowed to use the computer but I was too lazy then to post something at my blog so I just sat in front of the computer all day chatting (and also working on my Sejarah project, of course).

Well, not exactly

I was interrupted halfway during the day when I was in the middle of a heated battle in Halflife 2, reliving my glorious past of constant 1st person shooters (nowadays I spend most of my computer time chatting). Dad took me to Sungei Wang for an eye check-up to get a better pair of contacts and glasses (my sight began to get blurry). I got home to find that piano lessons were cancelled because piano teacher's husband had held a surprise party for her birthday.

Oh yes, birthday...

It was Mom's birthday today, so Dad gave me money to cycle down to the florist to order roses for Mom. She received a dozen at her office and was quite pleased. She called home to thank me.

That night we had steamboat (mmmm) for dinner. I ate like crazy as usual and Sujie and Jiejie called home to wish Mom happy birthday. After eating dinner and the birthday cake I resumed my chat with Marjie, which 'accidently' lasted until 11pm.

Basically the rest of the week
Things were a little rough during the week because J3B (my class if you don't know yet) got very very noisy. Teachers grade each lesson according to our discipline and cleanliness, and we got lots of E's and D's and C's and B's, all of which drove our class teacher up the wall. She scolded us all on Friday and, thanks to our quick wit, the uh... scolding turned into a uh.. debate... and then into a session of jokes which cheered everyone up and got us ready to have another exciting (to me, at least) Math lesson.

I attended another Band staff meeting on Thursday, which was about our upcoming concert. Yes, I was picked for general affairs again. The meeting got a little boring near the end so Zhan Hao, who was in charge of food (weird for a concert), had a few thumbwars with me as he was sitting next to me. It came up to a point where we had to come up with a theme for the concert and Zhan Hao and I came up with "Da Bian" (aka poop) as the theme... as a joke of course (as if we'd really be that nuts to give a concert a theme like that). In fact, we went as far as to design the logo, which drew a few laughs from our fellow comittee members.

Throughout the week I had to endure prank after prank of Poh Mi. In case I have not said before (or if you're lucky, have not met her before), she is very playful. You'd think -1 is already nuts enough, always playing a few pranks now and then, but once you look at his sister, man....

Shuan and I got a Scope gymnastics collar pin from Mr. Yong at gym on Thursday (Tuesday classes were cut to give the gymnasts time to rest after competing on Sunday). I proudly (and secretly) took off the band collar pin from my uniform and replaced it with the Scope Gymnastics collar pin. It got me some attention here and there, but it ultimately brought me trouble.

That's where Poh Mi comes in

She asked if she could see it (or rather, hold it). She forced me to hand it over and if I didn't, she threatened to sabotage my reputation towards Shir Li (you know what I mean). Reluctantly I handed it over and she gave a malicious giggle and ran off with it.

Now, almost everyone knows how I do not touch girls. But this time, I ruined my whole reputation trying to get my collar pin back.

Get the idea?

Yeah, I had to tackle her. I don't know why but I always feel a bit uh... guilty whenever I touch a girl (it's just something I'm not used to). Dad has always taught me to respect girls/women, hence his warning: Do not hit girls (nor younger boys). For some reason it has also taught me not to touch them haha

Anyway, I blew all of that when I ran after Poh Mi trying to get my collar pin back. She isn't much of a runner as I found out (I was actuallly teasing her by sprinting up ahead of her and then slowing down to run beside her). The problem is that once I catch her, what am I supposed to do?

I grabbed her hand (don't get any other funny ideas, you sicko) and stopped her from running. At one point I even had to spread my whole arm out to stop her from escaping and she bumped right into my arm with her uh.... cough cough... chest.


I shuddered and twisted her arm while the other hand pried her hands open to snatch the collar pin.


That wasn't all... she came up to me the next day, begging to see it again. I could've prevented another disaster if I had not been hypnotized by that look of hers. She offered her pinky as a deal that she would return it and I put out my pinky to accept the deal. I took off the collar pin, handed it to her, and she ran off with it giggling maliciously again!

I got it back soon after, and then we walked a bit and I spotted Shir Li (who happens to be her classmate). Apparently, it became a bad idea to tell Poh Mi.

Immediately she dragged me towards Shir Li and tried to force me to say "I love you" (too strong a word for me to use yet, I think). Of course, I don't rush things so I only smiled at her. Besides, I'm sure there'd be another guy eyeing on her from a distant, ready to annihilate any competitor foolish enough to make any advances towards Shir Li haha.

I did have to say that sentence, however, but not to Shir Li. To my disgrace I had to say it to Poh Mi.

I was on the phone telling Dad to pick me up from school and Poh Mi stole my collar pin again. She told me she'd return it if I said "I love you" to some stranger next to me in line. Of course, I refused and she gave me one last chance, to say it to her instead.

"I love you," I said sarcastically as ever

It wasn't good enough and she just giggled and ran off again.

She finally calmed down, or actually, trembled, after I threatened to tell -1 about her (she is so afraid of her brother, the poor soul). Of course, mercy got the better of me so I didn't tell him anything except that his sister was keeping me company.

That basically sums up the disaster Poh Mi caused for me over a simple collar pin.

Oh wait, there's another story...

She knows how much I hate eating those junk food "fried squid strands thingy". Anyway, she forced me to eat them and as usual, threatened to ruin my goal (Shir Li). She made me open my mouth and she stuffed strand after strand of that debilitating junk food into my mouth, and I chewed reluctantly, hoping that I'd just pass out rather than taste more of that disgusting stuff.

Next, she forced me to walk with her, and if I walked slower than her by one step, she'd force 2 strands of the poison down my throat. I walked faster than her, and she made me swallow 3 strands for every step I took faster than her. Which means I had to walk beside her, following every step she took. Thankfully my experience from marching in the band prevented me from dying of the taste of the squid strands... I was finally rescued from a certain death when she had to go home.

I gave her the knuckles punch thingy as a sign of good faith.

It was also an excuse for punching her

Just kidding
Saturday night
Poh Mi wasn't the only disaster I faced. Last night's YM conference to introduce Marjie to -1, Chern Hui and Zi Xian turned into a disaster as well.

It just so happened at that time they were talking about girls (Zi Xian was unbelievably part of the conversation), and also how I'm the luckiest whenever it comes to going after a girl (Chern Hui said I have both money and girls). I told them it was all nonsense, and then I am also a failure as much as them when it comes to girls. We all agreed that we are just too crazy (or 'sot', as we call it) for any girl to like us. Then I came up with one of my bright ideas and thought of inviting Marjie to the conference to give a girls point of view. She joined the conversation and I reminded everyone to be nice to her.

Bad idea

Immediately they started to tease us (sigh... I still can't believe Zi Xian was part of it haha).

Here's how it went (it's pretty long, and I'm too lazy to crop it)

FYI: woon_han=me
lzx930=zi xian
batman88_17=chern hui

Yahoo! Messenger (10:46:52 PM): marjie_delrosario2000 has joined the conference.
lzx930 (10:46:52 PM): chuan hui2 ta1
pohyangjing (10:46:52 PM): ...
pohyangjing (10:46:56 PM): haha
woon_han (10:46:56 PM): hey, Marjie is back
pohyangjing (10:47:03 PM): y not zi xian chuan...
pohyangjing (10:47:03 PM): en..
marjie_delrosario2000 (10:47:03 PM): hello all
pohyangjing (10:47:06 PM): marjie is black...
woon_han (10:47:09 PM): ...
woon_han (10:47:09 PM): oi
woon_han (10:47:11 PM): be nice to her!
marjie_delrosario2000 (10:47:12 PM): hi
pohyangjing (10:47:13 PM): haha
woon_han (10:47:13 PM): haha
lzx930 (10:47:16 PM): how can i chuan
pohyangjing (10:47:16 PM): u said tat...
pohyangjing (10:47:22 PM): er,...
batman88_17 (10:47:27 PM): Han wanna kao lui liao
woon_han (10:47:27 PM): who said what?
batman88_17 (10:47:29 PM): we better leave
woon_han (10:47:33 PM): ...
batman88_17 (10:47:33 PM): heh
woon_han (10:47:35 PM): wei
pohyangjing (10:47:36 PM): by by...u r a...ppl call zi xian
pohyangjing (10:47:38 PM): u can chuan him!
batman88_17 (10:47:40 PM): ??
woon_han (10:47:42 PM): ahem
woon_han (10:47:48 PM): can we speak in english?
pohyangjing (10:47:51 PM): xu`~~~
pohyangjing (10:47:54 PM): give a silent environment...
batman88_17 (10:47:56 PM): of course
woon_han (10:47:56 PM): 1. Marjie cannot understand mandarin
pohyangjing (10:48:01 PM): to let Han kao lui...
woon_han (10:48:03 PM): 2. we must improve Zi Xian's english!
woon_han (10:48:04 PM): wei!!!
woon_han (10:48:11 PM): I wanna kao Shir Li la
woon_han (10:48:14 PM): and your sister
batman88_17 (10:48:18 PM): ( silent )
pohyangjing (10:48:19 PM): simply u!
pohyangjing (10:48:34 PM): (dun want to be a dian4 deng1 pao4!)
batman88_17 (10:48:36 PM): ( no matter what u all say, here is still silent )
woon_han (10:48:49 PM): .....
woon_han (10:48:50 PM): haha
woon_han (10:48:55 PM): anyway
pohyangjing (10:49:01 PM): (if in bracket, it bcome silent liao)
woon_han (10:49:09 PM): we should talk about something where Marjie can participate guys
woon_han (10:49:16 PM): she's not talking to anyone else except us
pohyangjing (10:49:27 PM): (silent'ing)
lzx930 (10:49:34 PM): (shhhh)
marjie_delrosario2000 (10:49:39 PM): hehe
batman88_17 (10:49:47 PM): ( talking in bracket making here noisy )
batman88_17 (10:49:48 PM): ( heh )
woon_han (10:49:49 PM): wei
woon_han (10:49:54 PM): (you guys...)
lzx930 (10:49:54 PM): must be ( )
batman88_17 (10:49:57 PM): ( shh... )
woon_han (10:50:00 PM): hey
pohyangjing (10:50:03 PM): ( bracket pollutting)
batman88_17 (10:50:05 PM): ( u juz go to kao la )
lzx930 (10:50:06 PM): ( )
woon_han (10:50:09 PM): OOIIIIII
woon_han (10:50:14 PM): Zi xian...
pohyangjing (10:50:15 PM): faster la...
batman88_17 (10:50:15 PM): ( we wont disturb u )
woon_han (10:50:18 PM): hey
woon_han (10:50:24 PM): you all think I really just gonna kao lui meh?
pohyangjing (10:50:33 PM): v wanna learn how to chase a gal...
lzx930 (10:50:33 PM): what?
pohyangjing (10:50:33 PM): from how u chase marjie
batman88_17 (10:50:34 PM): zi xian also our tong2 dang3
marjie_delrosario2000 (10:50:36 PM): what?
woon_han (10:50:44 PM): what!!!!
woon_han (10:50:52 PM): hey!
woon_han (10:51:00 PM): -1... who the heck gave you the impression that..
batman88_17 (10:51:00 PM): in the same group i mean
batman88_17 (10:51:00 PM): heh
marjie_delrosario2000 (10:51:09 PM): hehe
woon_han (10:51:33 PM): you guys wanna learn how to kao lui izzit?
pohyangjing (10:51:33 PM): marjie, do you want woon han?
woon_han (10:51:36 PM): then speak up lah!
batman88_17 (10:51:44 PM): yea
woon_han (10:51:48 PM): 8-
pohyangjing (10:51:52 PM): be quiet when the wedding ceremony begin!
woon_han (10:51:54 PM): -1...
marjie_delrosario2000 (10:51:56 PM): ha?
lzx930 (10:52:04 PM): dong....dong.....
batman88_17 (10:52:06 PM): Marjie, juz accept him
marjie_delrosario2000 (10:52:13 PM): What did you mean?
woon_han (10:52:16 PM): Marjie, they're making fun of you
pohyangjing (10:52:21 PM): Marjie, will u accept to be woon han's wife?
marjie_delrosario2000 (10:52:27 PM): hehehe
pohyangjing (10:52:31 PM): Woon han, will u b her husband 4ever?
batman88_17 (10:52:32 PM): 'Miss marjie, will you agree to be his wife " ?
pohyangjing (10:52:38 PM): haha...
batman88_17 (10:52:38 PM): heh
marjie_delrosario2000 (10:52:40 PM): haha
batman88_17 (10:52:43 PM): we are the Fahter
lzx930 (10:52:44 PM): haha
batman88_17 (10:52:46 PM): *Father
woon_han (10:53:00 PM): calm down guys
pohyangjing (10:53:00 PM): ok now, plz put up the ring...
batman88_17 (10:53:03 PM): exchange
pohyangjing (10:53:06 PM): and KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
woon_han (10:53:07 PM): yah
marjie_delrosario2000 (10:53:09 PM): hehe
lzx930 (10:53:13 PM): kisssssss
woon_han (10:53:14 PM): hahaha
pohyangjing (10:53:15 PM): muack!
batman88_17 (10:53:18 PM): Mr. chong, u may kiss ur bride
woon_han (10:53:18 PM): I'm doing it in the webcam
woon_han (10:53:19 PM): haha
batman88_17 (10:53:24 PM): .....
woon_han (10:53:25 PM): you idiots
lzx930 (10:53:25 PM): i love you
pohyangjing (10:53:28 PM): haha
woon_han (10:53:31 PM): I'm going to kill all of you on Monday
woon_han (10:53:32 PM): haha
woon_han (10:53:49 PM): wait till I tell our teacher
woon_han (10:53:51 PM): Zi xian...
batman88_17 (10:54:00 PM): yukss!!
lzx930 (10:54:00 PM): HHHHaaaaaaa
batman88_17 (10:54:00 PM): disgusting
marjie_delrosario2000 (10:54:01 PM): hehe
pohyangjing (10:54:01 PM): and marjie, prepare been kiss from ur bridegroom
pohyangjing (10:54:01 PM): hehe
batman88_17 (10:54:01 PM): hah!!
lzx930 (10:54:01 PM): ?
woon_han (10:54:02 PM): I'm going to print screen this conference and show Ang Mei Huang haha
marjie_delrosario2000 (10:54:03 PM): it's so funny here
batman88_17 (10:54:09 PM): juz print
batman88_17 (10:54:20 PM): i don't think u dare to pass to her
batman88_17 (10:54:20 PM): heh
lzx930 (10:54:29 PM): i support you
pohyangjing (10:54:29 PM): haha
lzx930 (10:54:32 PM): to kiss
pohyangjing (10:54:36 PM): me too...
batman88_17 (10:54:36 PM): coz u are the main character
woon_han (10:54:38 PM): aiyoyo
woon_han (10:54:40 PM): Zi Xian o
batman88_17 (10:54:42 PM): heh
lzx930 (10:54:45 PM): we are pei jue
pohyangjing (10:54:46 PM): coz zi xian also stepped a big footstep here...
batman88_17 (10:54:48 PM): he is changing
lzx930 (10:55:01 PM): I am changing
pohyangjing (10:55:02 PM): so mei huang will be same group of us
batman88_17 (10:55:03 PM): heh
lzx930 (10:55:05 PM): but
pohyangjing (10:55:07 PM): en...
lzx930 (10:55:20 PM): ..
batman88_17 (10:55:25 PM): Ang will juz support zi xian's group
batman88_17 (10:55:27 PM): heh
batman88_17 (10:55:34 PM): even u got the proof
batman88_17 (10:55:36 PM): heh
woon_han (10:55:38 PM): ...
lzx930 (10:55:39 PM): ang will support you
woon_han (10:55:40 PM): yaloh yaloh
woon_han (10:55:46 PM): better not printscreen this anyway
pohyangjing (10:55:51 PM): zi xian, wut?
woon_han (10:55:53 PM): after that she think I kao-ing Marjie
pohyangjing (10:55:56 PM): who make u change?
pohyangjing (10:55:58 PM): hua kian or hui ting?
woon_han (10:56:03 PM): hah!
batman88_17 (10:56:05 PM): juz send her all the msg archive
batman88_17 (10:56:05 PM): heh
woon_han (10:56:07 PM): Us!!
lzx930 (10:56:12 PM): yes
pohyangjing (10:56:13 PM): i am sms'ing with hui ting, but another hui ting, from J1F one...
pohyangjing (10:56:14 PM): haha
batman88_17 (10:56:15 PM): i think it's a girl
batman88_17 (10:56:25 PM): ooh~~
woon_han (10:56:26 PM): as if she's not a girl?
batman88_17 (10:56:28 PM): the cute gal
batman88_17 (10:56:55 PM): 'she' is not a girl ??
woon_han (10:57:00 PM): hey guys
pohyangjing (10:57:01 PM): yalah...
pohyangjing (10:57:04 PM): the cute gal...
woon_han (10:57:05 PM): you wanna learn how to go after girls?
woon_han (10:57:07 PM): ask Marjie
woon_han (10:57:10 PM): because she is a girl
pohyangjing (10:57:13 PM): so...wat changed u, ali
batman88_17 (10:57:13 PM): nop
woon_han (10:57:15 PM): she can tell you what a girl wnats
woon_han (10:57:18 PM): wants
batman88_17 (10:57:21 PM): i don't like too direct
woon_han (10:57:22 PM): because she is a girl
lzx930 (10:57:36 PM): girl dai shai argh
batman88_17 (10:57:38 PM): haiz, every girl is not same de
marjie_delrosario2000 (10:57:39 PM): ok
batman88_17 (10:57:41 PM): heh
woon_han (10:57:49 PM): there are a few basics, Chern Hui
batman88_17 (10:57:52 PM): what girl will probably like
batman88_17 (10:57:52 PM):
woon_han (10:57:58 PM): well
batman88_17 (10:57:59 PM): money??
woon_han (10:58:03 PM): we can also learn how to kao Marjie la
woon_han (10:58:04 PM): haha
batman88_17 (10:58:06 PM): heart?
woon_han (10:58:08 PM): if any of you want
batman88_17 (10:58:10 PM): or something else
pohyangjing (10:58:14 PM): nope...
marjie_delrosario2000 (10:58:20 PM): ah..
woon_han (10:58:25 PM):
pohyangjing (10:58:32 PM): i tot gal will like the guan xin...
batman88_17 (10:58:32 PM): yea
pohyangjing (10:58:43 PM): not meh?
batman88_17 (10:58:49 PM): but when the one she don't like guan xin her, it will be annoying
pohyangjing (10:59:00 PM): en...
batman88_17 (10:59:00 PM): izzit?
batman88_17 (10:59:04 PM): haiz
lzx930 (10:59:09 PM): maybe
marjie_delrosario2000 (10:59:14 PM): di ko kayo maintindihan!!
batman88_17 (10:59:17 PM): so better not over career
batman88_17 (10:59:17 PM):
batman88_17 (10:59:19 PM): ?
woon_han (10:59:23 PM): guys
batman88_17 (10:59:24 PM): what u mean?
batman88_17 (10:59:26 PM): Han, what she mean
woon_han (10:59:29 PM): Marjie doesn't understand lah
lzx930 (10:59:30 PM): ????????
batman88_17 (10:59:34 PM): hehlzx930 (10:59:35 PM): ?
woon_han (10:59:35 PM): you guys are using to many mandarin slangs
lzx930 (10:59:36 PM): ?
lzx930 (10:59:38 PM): ?
lzx930 (10:59:43 PM): ?
lzx930 (10:59:43 PM): ?
lzx930 (10:59:43 PM): ?
batman88_17 (10:59:43 PM): we are juz gossiping
woon_han (10:59:52 PM): Marjie, Guan Xin means caring
pohyangjing (11:00:00 PM): hai yoyo...
marjie_delrosario2000 (11:00:09 PM): hey
lzx930 (11:00:13 PM): get it
pohyangjing (11:00:16 PM): ...
woon_han (11:00:18 PM): ...
pohyangjing (11:00:18 PM): haiz,....
pohyangjing (11:00:21 PM): busy sms...
batman88_17 (11:00:23 PM): where is she fron?? Philipine again?
marjie_delrosario2000 (11:00:24 PM):
pohyangjing (11:00:27 PM): make until i type so slow...
woon_han (11:00:28 PM): yah
woon_han (11:00:32 PM): Marielle's friend
batman88_17 (11:00:36 PM): ......
batman88_17 (11:00:37 PM): ooh~~
batman88_17 (11:00:40 PM): marielle agin
woon_han (11:00:40 PM): anyway
woon_han (11:00:42 PM): let her talk
batman88_17 (11:00:44 PM): *again
woon_han (11:00:48 PM): ....
lzx930 (11:00:52 PM): Ma Li Ya friend
marjie_delrosario2000 (11:00:54 PM): hehehe
marjie_delrosario2000 (11:00:58 PM): :D
batman88_17 (11:00:59 PM): u learned much about philipine after u knew marielle
woon_han (11:01:08 PM): yah
batman88_17 (11:01:12 PM): especially the history
batman88_17 (11:01:13 PM): heh
woon_han (11:01:15 PM): including my history
lzx930 (11:01:17 PM): use it to chat with us
woon_han (11:01:18 PM): yalah
woon_han (11:01:22 PM): remember the history test?
lzx930 (11:01:28 PM): ohhhhhhhhhh
batman88_17 (11:01:30 PM): this time, u got no need to afraid about the result of ur history
woon_han (11:01:33 PM): anything to do with Philippines I got correct

Uhm... that wasn't all, but I can't possibly put the whole rest of the crazy conference here haha

One by one my friends got busy (some went to sleep, the others had something else to do) and I just talked Marjie until Mom told me to go to sleep...

That was all the fun that happened throughout the week. There will probably be less fun soon because our next major exam is only 3 to 4 weeks away....

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Collage Of My Friends (This is it guys and gals)

Yes! I've got it, I've got it! The collage is ready for all to see~

Click on each picture to get a better view (and while you're viewing there's a magnify button I think)

I finally managed to create a JPEG version of the collage! It was so simple I feel like banging my head against the wall. All I needed to do was use Microsoft Publisher to convert it into a JPEG format... aaarghhh... and I wasted one whole day figuring that out

The second page of the collage...

Anyone unsatisfied with the collage, feel free to notify me (and Chern Hui, that picture of Chek Ying is very very blurred, but it's all I've got for now)

Now I'm wondering if this stuff is printable...

April Fool's Day Week

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
"Why did you bring your camera?"
-everyone at school
I was going crazy with Dad's digital camera at school the other day. I selected 103 out of 106 photos to show you guys/gals, but it would be insane to try and post all of that on Blogger, so I tried using the HP photo album instead.

To view the album, click here

I had an okay week I guess, apart from Poh Mi (-1's sister) causing a little bit of trouble, thing's were basically fine... I had one or two brief encounters with my crush (and yes, her photo is available at the photo album). According to my 'sources' (various girls here and there) things don't seem very bright, but some say I stand a chance. Not that it matters, but I just thought giving a report on my current status would be interesting haha

April Fool's Day, funnily enough, wasn't all fun for me. I didn't play any pranks (I do them all the time anyway) but I took tons of pictures (106 to be precise). It'll probably give a more uh... inside look of the students in my school, whether it be for good or for bad.

Well, better not waste valuable time here writing, I suggest you guys and gals go see that album of mine as soon as possible, because it might take a while to load each picture...

Pesta Gym 2005

Hopeful Quote From The Yesterdays
"See you at MSSKL"
Yup, I'm back from Pesta Gym already.

It was a fun time for me and my group (Teck Chee and Shuan) as we competed in the Level 4 group (again). I got to meet quite a few gymnasts who are training under Mr. Chin's wing (I'm taught by Mr. Yong). It was a bit funny because there were only 2 male groups competing for Level 4. My group won 2nd place... uh... which also means the last place. We got a 7.2 while the opposing team (from Starjump Gym) got 7.5

My team: Teck Chee, Shuan and me

The group from Star Jump gym who beat us

Kenneth, somebody, ND and Aidi... quite a fun group to be with as I found out (although they enjoyed plucking my leg hair)

The female group from our same gym (Scope Gymnastics) who also competed for level 4

Left to right: Charlene, Vannessa (I hope I spelled it right) and Lay Pin

The group from the Damansara gym (also Scope Gymnastics, but I train at Desa Pandan) who competed in level 5. I don't know them personally, but they must be really good... they wore miniskirts over their leotards (as their costume) and one of them even managed a roundoff flic flac back tuck wearing a miniskirt! Phew, those skirts must be pretty tough...


All the winners from Scope Gymnastics (everyone won gold in their respective levels except my group)
After competing and the prize giving ceremony, Dad asked me to do a few stunts for him to take pictures of and send to Sujie...

Watch this...

This pose took Dad 10 tries to take a near proper picture of. He kept telling me to hold it there longer as if it's so easy.. while he's not the one doing it... and he'll just never understand how hard it is to do it

(For your information, my head isn't touching the ground, all the weight was resting on my arms)

Imitating Phua Chu Kang's facestand
It was totally fun, I made quite a few new friends, whom I look forward to meet during MSSKL (and perhaps MSSM if we all manage to get in)

I've made up my mind, I'm going to train twice a week if I want to stand a chance. I've been doing that lately and I can see a few improvements (one girl from the band even commented all of a sudden that I seem to have gained a bigger build). I just wonder if it's a bad year... UEC and PMR are still stuck to my head sigh....

A Sign Of Nervousness?

Just a quick drop-by before I leave for the inter-gym competition today (Pesta Gym)

Something funny happened when I was putting on my contacts earlier this morning. Instead of picking up the bottle of saline to rinse my contacts before putting them on, I picked up the can of mousse. And when I put it down and picked up the bottle of saline, I started shaking the bottle as if it was the can of mousse. Well, at least I didn't apply the saline to my hair... nor did I rinse my contacts with mousse...

Collage Of My Friends


I've finally finished making a collage of pictures of various friends and relatives (not everyone because some are too camera shy). At present I have no way of showing it to you guys/gals here (it's a word document instead of JPEG). To top that off, it seems to be highly unprintable as is waaaaay too detailed (cramming a hundred friends into an A4 sized paper sounds tough for my bubblejet printer). If anyone wants to see it, however, leave a comment here or at the shoutbox and I will email the Microsoft Word version...

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Shir Li's Picture?

Haha! As if I'd really show her photo that fast... I'll post the slightly better ones... after I rename all 106 photos I took at school yesterday...