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He will return in 2014.


Welcome to the Han Dynastory!

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Not Talking About Band Camp Yet

Yeah... I'm still a bit to lazy for that... however... there are a few things that happened at gym today.

Nothing really

I was doing a roundoff flic flac with Mr. Yong's help. It turned out very very badly and I slammed my forehead on Mr Yong's knee midair. It didn't hurt as much as the scolding I got... so I switched to doing handspring front somersaults instead...

While cooling down Teck Chee sneaked to the back with his handphone to show me an SMS he received from a girl.

"I like you" (in mandarin of course)

He showed me a few more. She's quite a funny girl as well... and apparently also one who likes to sleep all the time (Teck Chee is still figuring out why she's so slim), which makes her a perfect match for Teck Chee hahaha. The SMS went on and on about a few crazy things until...

"I love you"

By that time Jeremy came over and went all crazy about it (maybe because he's 12 haha) and we continued on with our cooling down. Then afterwards Teck Chee showed me a few photos on his handphone, including one of an apparent pervert who switched schools from mine to Teck Chee's. Then afterwards he took a picture of me oh-so-suddenly

"Woi~yor~ Leng Zai orh.." (I don't know how to translate this... it's overly slanged)

And before that he used to call me an elephant haha... until one fat girl from gym called him a monkey after seeing him do a few crazy 'homemade stunts' at the high bar. He made quite a big deal of it and started calling her pig and/or elephant (effectively getting rid of that nickname he gave me)

While we were at the Parellel Bars Teck Chee told me how he was actually chased by the police the other day. His friend was driving a motorbike while Teck Chee was his passenger... they weren't wearing helmets so a police car spotted them

Apparently a Proton Waja police car was behind them and they zoomed down a one way street. His friend did a "marvelous" U turn and went in the opposite direction. The police car couldn't get them.

That's Teck Chee... always getting himself into loads of trouble.

Well... you won't catch me getting into any trouble like that. The only trouble I get into is using the computer when I'm supposed to stop already... like right now

Monday, May 30, 2005


What does it mean when one of your crushes opens up her address book and the only thing you see written there is the URL to your blog?

Cuz that's exactly what happened to me the other day.

Back From Band Camp

Yes, I'm finally back from Band Camp.

Shir Li wasn't there (she's resigning from the band due to some parental demands), so there won't be any love stories to tell.

Now I'm going to warm up that trigger finger.... I'm sure I can shoot better in my computer games after exercising my fingers on the Clarinet for the last 60 hours haha

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Princess' Noble Steed

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
"Where's my donkey?"
Day 3 of Youth Conference

I got up at 6am that morning to play computer games until it was time for us to leave. The Youth met up at the chapel and we had breakfast (buns and Milo) before splitting into cars and we headed to FRIM Park.

What! I just went there last month!

This time things were a little different because we didn't have a guide and we took a different path (one that was not so difficult). The walk was as easy as walking home from the LRT station (to me, that is). We walked up to the spot where I had rested with my class on the previous trip before heading up for the canopy walk.

The canopy walk was closed that day but we went up anyway (there's a path that leads around the canopy walk) That's where things were a little more exciting. That's also where Vivian grabbed hold of my bag for support ever so suddenly and called me her donkey.

"Why can't I be the Noble Steed?"

"Just go, Donkey"

We continued up to the part with benches (I took a few photos there last time) and stopped to catch our breaths. She went off first and I had to run up to catch up.

We finally reached the canopy walk where we stopped again to rest (the canopy walk was closed). After that we continued on. I didn't have to drag the princess behind me this time because we were going downhill.

We finally reached a small waterfall (water jet really) to rest and wait for the others to catch up. It was there I was finally given to title 'Noble Steed' at last. Once again the guys decided to have a little fun getting the girls wet again. Not me though, I was resting nearby.

I did get wet, however. Kosheila poured the cold (and nice) water from (pathetic) waterfall all over me.

The rest of us finally came down the hill and we decided to split into 2 groups. One would take the easy, long way downhill while the other would take the hard but shorter way. Vivian wanted to try out the hard way so I followed (I wanted to try the hard way as well anyway)

It wasn't as hard as the one I tried last time (or the obstacle course I took at Dusun 2 years ago), but it was still quite fun. I helped the others to cross the various streams we came up against (the princess got to go first)

We walked on and on until we finally reached the end.

There it was, the same field where I had sheltered Yung Hui from the rain last time.

The field, as I had called it. Old memories.... sigh...

We bought some drinks there and also some food while walking back to the cars where we played some games.

We played several group games but the best was dodgeball. Totally fun. That was only the first game. After that we split into groups. I was about to join Vivian's group until we were told to split into smaller groups, so I hovered over to Denison's group instead.

One of the games we played using those groups involved kicking a ball to one end of the field and then coming back blindfolded. I was holding the ball waiting for my turn and then Vivian materialised from behind and grabbed it. Caught me totally by surprise.

I had to defend myself until the games ended hahaha.

Prizes were given (Zach's team won) and we went into our respective cars again to go back to the chapel where we had pizzas and KFC for lunch. I must've been very hungry because Vivian called me a pig when I was having my 5th slice of pizza.

We talked a bit while Jeff was showing off one of the SMS' he received. A girl told him he's sexy and I gave him a hard slap on the leg heh heh.

We adjourned to the Sacrament Hall after that to have the closing ceremony, which Vivian conducted. Brother Sega gave a few closing remarks and we had a prize giving ceremony (my team got first place) and Vivian suddenly told me to go play the piano for our closing hymn.

Caught me totally by surprise. I've never even played that hymn before!

Oh well. It wouldn't hurt to practice my sight reading a bit, so I went up there and played cautiously... a little to cautiously I think... I think I was playing too slow.

We had a closing prayer by Denison after that and goodbye hugs were given all around. I gave Denison and Travis bear hugs and then gave Vivian part of the prize I had won (M&Ms). I was heading into the hall when I joked

"Hey, no hugs for me???"

Surprisingly or not so surprisingly the princess came over to give her Noble Steed a hug. Immediately after that her sis Vanessa barged in as well (errr...)

I don't remember what happened after that because I was too busy thinking about my computer... or maybe it was the "aftershock of hugs", err.... never mind

Monday, May 23, 2005

Youth Conference Part 2

I'm back from Henderson Field, Guadalcanal... my squad was slowly advancing across the Japanese territory.

Then mom told me to stop playing computer games... and now I'm blogging.
Day 2

I got up early in the morning that Sunday to prepare the talk which I was to give during the sacrrament meeting. I was assigned to talk about "A Great and Marvelous Work"

After gathering some proper information on the topic and quoting a few scriptures, I composed a poem (all this was done prior to breakfast boo hoo)

A Great and Marvelous Work
Replaced Apostasy
Along with it came blessings
and paths to eternity

A Great and Marvelous Work
Brought forth by Joseph Smith
It solves our daily struggles
And other gospel myths

A Great and Marvelous Work
Foretold by ancient prophets
Back then when it came forth
It came like steady droplets

A Great and Marvelous Work
is now a raging river
of blessings of the priesthood
Even Satan may quiver

A Great and Marvelous Work
Is happening today
And we must do our part
to fulfill it right away

I hope you aren't a perfect-english-fanatic, because I did not even consider punctuation in my poem. But then again, the punctuation in my blog itself barely fulfills grammatical requirements.

After the girls who were staying at our place woke up and got dressed, we squeezed into the van and headed for church, where breakfast was prepared for all the hungry youth.

We opened up a few tables outside and we had cereal for breakfast.

Mom forgot to bring Soy Milk

"Great! Now I can drink cow's milk!"

I love cow's milk. But the problem is that I'm allergic to it (I get sinus problems after taking dairy products). I brushed the thought away and enjoyed the milk and cereal. After that Brother Hougaard was kind enough to give me a pill which supposedly can help cure my sinus problems (he takes them every morning). I tried it...

I'm not sure if it had anything to do with the placebo effect (what you think will happen to you happens because you think it will happen... if that makes any sense to you), but almost immediately after I popped that thing into my mouth my runny nose immediately cleared up (yeah... it had to be the placebo effect). Nice.

After breakfast Travis and I helped to shift the tables back into the chapel, and we adjourned to the Relief Society room where the Youth Conference sacrament meeting was to be held.

I had to play the piano

I warmed up before the meeting started by playing the hymns I knew I was supposed to play for the sacrament meeting but after a while it got boring playing the same 4 songs, so I got brave and tried sight reading hymns I've heard and sung before but have never played them. It turned out quite fine, with occassional stumbles here and there (and everywhere). Finally the meeting started and I played the opening hymn like the usual... stumbling occassionaly because I let my thoughts wander.

Opening prayer... sacrament hymn... blessing and passing of the sacrament... and then it just happened that I was the first speaker of the meeting.

"Good morning brothers and sisters. I'm sure you all have heard enough of me stumbling on the piano, so I'll try not to stumble while giving this talk."

I gave my talk and sat down to listen to the other speakers. Each youth from every branch had to speak, and we all talked so fast that we ended up finishing our talks half an hour before the meeting was supposed to end. President Chan (our District President), who was supposed to give only closing remarks, ended up having to give a full fledged talk which had to kill a whole half hour.

He made it alright... and then I had to play the closing hymn

After the sacrament meeting we had a short break before our first workshop of the day commenced. Mom was in charge of it. "A Great and Marvelous Journey". I took down various notes (mostly dates and stuff) regarding the Restoration and then she turned on the DVD about the Restoration which came free with the Ensign. I chose to sit next to Travis, and we strategically chose to sit at the front row (we were expecting mom to ask questions mostly for those who sat at the back). After flinching in our seats for a bit the workshop ended and the youth swarmed out into the car park to get into cars and then we went to the Whitaker's place again for lunch.

Clayton was "caught" attempting to play football on a Sunday.

Other than that not much mischief took place compared to the day before. The crowd was getting a little messy trying to get the food so I grabbed the ladel and served the rice to everyone.

After lunch I changed out of my white shirt and tie and black pants into my favourite yellow plaid shirt and nice, white long pants....

Besides Travis and I all the other Young Men didn't know they could change out of their Sunday Bests for the following workshops and ended up having to wear a white shirt with black pants for the rest of the day...

Our first workshop after lunch was about individual worth which was taught by Elder and Sister Miller. I had to conduct the meeting so I had to look for someone to say the opening prayer. I jokingly threatened to blackmail Clayton again if he didn't say the opening prayer but I finally got Jeff to offer it.

That was pretty much the only thing I had to do... wait... I vaguely remember volunteering to be the trashman.... collecting all the candy wrappers. Service service service...

The individual worth workshop went by as quickly as it came, and next came a more "fun" workshop which was about "Appropriate or innappropriate social behavior" by Brother and Sister Whitaker, AKA 'Dating'.

We heard a little bit of their history of what happened that resulted with their marriage and we learnt a few do's and dont's during dates. One of Brother Whitaker's mistakes included blowing his nose in front of his date and then putting the tissue on the dining table... something I'll have to remember not to do when I start dating.

After that workshop was "How to say NO to smoking, drugs, and drinking" by Brother Tesh, a great youth leader who used to have trouble with his addictions to those 3 mentioned above.

He told us mostly what it was like when he had trouble with smoking and stuff and also warned the girls about drugs that make them unaware of what's happening. Travis was being a real clown at that time, and his mom had to control her laughter while trying to get him to keep quiet.

Our next workshop was about repentance by President Lim. It was a little sad for him because most of the youth were falling asleep by then. Somebody told me after she could see he was sweating while giving the workshop.

Finally afer the workshop I tried very hard to pay attention to, we had a testimony meeting which was conducted by Zach. It was a little lame compared to the youth testimony meetings in previous years, but then again, it's hard to have a good meeting when everyone is falling asleep after trying to sit still in their chairs for several hours.

I bore my testimony that's for sure

After the testimony meeting we moved to the Primary Room where I seized the chance to draw a little comic on the white board there about Han not being able to feel his butt and asking Sam whether it was still there or not. Sam told him he's been sitting down for too long (sound familiar to you?)

After taking a picture of it the games commenced. We had 4 groups, all ridiculously named: Arsenal, Man United, Scorpions, the Travin team. I was in the MU team.

The game was all about getting points through various mini-games such as charades, drawing, quizzes and translation. My team emerged as the victor thanks to the good notes I kept during the previous talks and workshops (the quizzes were regarding those)

During the translation mini game a funny little debate came up.

We were supposed to translate barefoot into Malay

"Kaki ayam" (Denison)

"Kaki beruang!" (Melody)

"Kaki berbogel!" (Me)

All were wrong of course, we mostly settled for kaki ayam... and later found out that it was wrong. The answer was....

Berkaki ayam!


There was another one which was 'heart disease'

the answer was 'sakit jantung' of course.

I turned and snickered at Clayton, who had been a little bit confused about heart=jantung and liver=hati the day before (thanks to the fact that hati is also used to define feelings)

After the games we had dinner, a delicious meal. After that it was mostly flirting with girls for me, Jeff and Denison.

We took a few group photos and I showed off my headstand blah blah blah. Then it was time to clean up.

I was busy stacking the chairs and bringing them in when I was stopped because Vivian and Valerie wouldn't get off their chairs. I can't seem to remember exactly what happened (so why don't you ask them instead) but I think it ended up that I had called the 2 princesses waiting for the prince to come and carry them away. Then Vivian and her sis challenged me to carry their chairs, with them on it...

I wisely declined the "offer" to save my strength so I could carry 5 chairs back into the chapel instead of one chair with a beautiful girl sitting on it (and I'd have to do that twice).... wait a minute... did I make a wrong choice?????


In the end they just got off their seats and I grabbed them (the seats, not the girls, silly). Then I helped Travis and Brother Sega to keep the tables.

After dinner we got to watch a movie. Johnny Lingo! I chose to sit on the second row, slightly further away from the air-con so that I would not freeze to death. Then Kosheila insisted that I switched place with her, which I did and found out that I was right next to Vivian, the princess...

Jeff later came and joined me. Really because he was trying to get his handphone back from Vivian, who 'stole' it and handed it to Denisha. So Jeff was basically climbing up the wrong tree.

Poor, poor Jeffrey haha

More than ever I was tempted to say something funny out aloud during a certain scene of the movie, which I did, causing a little bit of frustration/distress for Vanessa, who was unfortunate enough to sit in front of me. Sigh.... clowns will forever be clowns...

I missed a few lines in the movie because I was busy opening up the jelly candy for Vivian... hahaha... as if it really affected my undestanding of what was going on in the movie (I mostly understood the movie but kept saying things to confuse the others, or destroy their concentration)

The movie finally ended and I was challenged yet again to lift the princess on her chair (this time she even went as far as to ask for the padded/cushioned chair). I declined with the excuse that I was busy cleaning up the trash (I went around collecting the garbage)

After that it was time to close and split up again. Vanessa, Melissa, Veena and Celested were to stay at my house. Which meant..... I was the only Young Man! AAAAAAUUUUGHHHHH!!

That was what I did when I found out that all my guests were girls, without a single Young Man. Clayton came up to me and told me how he wanted to switch places with me haha.

Anyway, we started cleaning up and slowly moved to the van. On the way I just had to say something as if I didn't like the idea of being the lone boy amongst a babble of girls (no offense). Of course, I was more than happy to have some friends in the house.

"I don't know whether I'm in heaven or hell"

Depends on what type of guy I am. And if you know who I really am... then you'll know where I was last night...

When we finally got home and washed up I entered the "girls' room" where they interrogated me about previous experiences with crushes and the whatnot (stuff you see all the time at my blog eh?). I later ended up being the talker. I seriously monopolized the entire conversation that night, even Celeste, who is equally talkative, ended up listening intsead of talking.

I woke up with a sore throat this morning...

After talking last night we switched to playing taboo until everyone got tired and decided to go to bed... at 2:30am. I went back to my room to sleep. Zach told me this morning that I should've just *cough cough* stayed put and *cough* slept in the girls room....

Uh oh.... it's late. Gotta go to bed. The next part of the Youth Conference I'm going to blog about will be how the Princess' little donkey (me, unfortunately) turned into her Noble Steed (fortunately). Stay tuned... it will be a while before I can blog again (Band Camp is this coming weekend sob).

That means less computer games!!! AAAAUUUGGGHHH!!!

Haha, now I'm sounding like Travis

Youth Conference

At last! I'm back in front of the computer again.

The Church had a Youth Conference from Saturday till today. Loads of fun
Day One

I still had to go to school on Saturday, so I missed the early part of the conference. By the time I got there they had finished lunch and had split into different groups to practice for the talent show which was to be held that night. Mom enrolled me in the instrumental group, with me playing the Clarinet, Travis playing the Bongos, Celeste and Melody playing the Ukuleles and Veena playing the errr... those little things you shake and make errr.. noise (I can't believe I call myself a band member haha)

We practiced The Lion Sleeps Tonight, and after that we headed with the others to the Whitakers' house where Brother Hougaard was in charge of games. First off we wanted to try the stick game which Joseph Smith was really good at in his time. It turned into a disaster when Dexter hurled Denison to far and Denison crashed into him.... causing him to have some stitches and missing out the Youth Conference. We stopped playing that game like anyone sensible would.

After sending Dexter to the hospital, we continued playing games, but less dangerous ones.

We started off playing the water balloon tossing game, where I paired up with Denison. We didn't go really far... Clayton and Wai Loon won the game.

Water slides! Yeah! They got out a real slippery mat with the hose spurting out lots of water and most of us took turns sliding across while showing off various stunts (I was spinning around like a break dancer according to Brother Hougaard). Totally fun

After that we had a really cool water balloon fight. We split into two teams, the water balloons were put in the middle of the field and at the signal, everyone stampeded to the center, scrambling to get the water balloons and throwing them at each other.

Finally we had to stop because it was just to hard to keep getting more water balloons.

Next we played "Red Rover". The goal of the game is to get internal injuries... errr... that's what might have happen as a result of the game.

There are two teams, each team holds hands and takes turns calling out "Red Rover, Red Rover, send (someone) over!"

The team which was supposed to call out someone would call out a person from the opposite team, that person would have to run towards the hands and try to break through. If he/she doesn't and gets caught, he/she moves over into that group. If he/she does break through, that person gets to pick someone from that team to move over to the other team.

Very painful, as we all found out.

After that game we were all bruised and red all over. Some of us still had the strength to go on playing football (I was one of them) while the girls tried to relax... some guys decided it was great fun to douse them with the cold water we were given to drink.

Dinner came and went.... and we all moved back to the chapel to have our talent show.

But before the talent show started, we youth had a little fun. I was in the room with Jeff, Vivian, Valerie and a few other girls when the guys in the hall started playing with the mike. I jokingly picked up a chair and aimed it at them through the window. Clayton challenged me to come over to that room through the mike, so I did.

He panicked when I came bursting in. We laughed for a bit and somehow or other we (me and the other Young Men) blackmailed Clayton. The thing was about him wanting to dance with Vivian that night (we thought there'd be a dance, but there wasn't one in the end). Thing's got a little confusing, and then Zach ended up pretending to be in love with Felix...

Soon the talent show started

It was a pretty funny talent show. There were 4 categories: Singing, Dancing, Acting and Music

The first team, singing, was hilarious. They sang 'cham mali cham' at first, with Clayton pretending to be a sheep, who drew unstoppable laughter from the audience. They sang a few other songs which were totally funny as well. Next came the dancing, which went pretty well, except it wasn't exactly "Indian Dance" as we were told it was...

Up next came acting, which was unintentionally hilarious because the acting was so bad, the director (Tony) was having a tough time with his actors.

"Hey you, not yet lah!"

"Wait wait wait first! Notchet notchet!"

"Pause! Pause!"

"Okay, play"

"Wait! Rewind!"


Finally it was our turn (musical) and went up front to make lots of noise (literally)

We had a few judges as well. "Randy" (Bro. Tesh), "Simon Cow" (Dennis), "Paula Abdul" (Zach), "Elton John" (Bro. Sega), and "Benny from ABBA" (Bro Martin). They gave some pretty funny critique about our shows. We later had individual talent displays by Zach, and then Zach with Felix (they got up and danced)

The judges exited to decide on the winners. These are the results

Last place: my group
5th place: acting
4th place: singing
3rd place: Zach
2nd place: Zach and Felix
1st place: dancing

After that we had Root Beer Floats for dessert before everyone went to the assigned homes and slept.

Aaargh... I feel so lazy right now. I'll blog about the rest of the conference later. For now, I'll leave behind a group photo

The Attendants of our 2005 Youth Conference

Back Row (standing) Left to right : Wai Loon, Clayton, Jeff, Veena, ???, Vivian, Kosheila, Melissa, Denisha, Celeste, Bro Hougaard, ???, Valerie, Zach, Melody, President Chi, ???, Vanessa

Middle Row (sitting): Bro. Tesh, Bro Sega, Bro Rama, President Chan, Sis Poh Lin, Mom

Front row (squatting): Kartik, Jaret, Anthony, Tony, Benjamin, Travis, Me, Denison

Time to play computer games again...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Interesting Novel

I read a really cool 300+page novel on Friday. Used up a whole 5 hours that I was supposed to be using to study. Anyway, it's Arthur At The Crossing Places by Kevin Crossley Holland.

It's an awesome novel. It's about a 14 year old boy named Arthur who's training to become a squire. He has this little 'seeing stone' which Merlin gave to him where he can see visions of the Arthur legend taking place. Pretty cool. The events in the stone are reflected in Arthur's life, which makes this book pretty interesting.

There's also romance to the story of course, this Arthur guy has trouble with his crushes as well heh heh heh (remind you of anyone?). I swear if the author didn't create a romantic side of the story, I would have fallen asleep reading it :P

Anyway, the book is pretty poetic, and there's this little song in the book I think is worth sharing:

Love without heartache, love without fear
Is fire without flame and flame without heat.

'Dulcis amor!'

Sweet-bittersweet love

Love without heartache, love without fear
Is day without sunlight, hive without honey.
Love without heartache, love without fear
Is summer without flower, winter without frost.

'Dulcis amor!'


'Sweet-bittersweet love'

Oh yeah, you gals, I found this love spell in the novel as well... one of the characters was casting it on Arthur haha....

Teach me, tell me
How to make him love me.
Make him love me
And I will love you.

Don't worry, I won't cast it on anyone hahaha

The Caption Game

Here's how you play this game:

Below are several pictures of myself making some silly faces (I spent half an hour taking these pictures). Each of them have a number. All you have to do is leave a comment with a caption for the picture you have a caption for (note: the caption has to be a dialog for my silly face)

For example, you have a caption for picture number 13, so you just type (13) "Oh... so that's why.... I didn't know why we had hands you know"

It's as simple as that. Next are the rules: well, the only rule is that you may not use filthy language, I trust that you will be able to keep to that rule.

And please, do take part in the game. If you don't, you're just wasting my time :P Furthermore, you will be a lousy audience and I will loathe you forever. Just kidding.

The person who can make me laugh the most with their captions gets a nicely framed comic no matter where you live. Ha.... see who will win that prize. If nobody leaves a comment I guess I'll just stick to writing novels and not playing games at a blog eh?























Long Time No Blog

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
"You're a real comic"
Oooh.... it's been a while since I got my hands on the computer, and this feels good.

Let's see, some of you might be wondering why my blog wasn't updated last Sunday, so here's the story:

Last Saturday, after saying good night to Marjie, I jumped to the other computer to see if I could install Medalof Honor Pacific Assault. I did. That meant I had another shooting game to keep myself busy... until 2am. Mom and Dad went out that night and when they got back at 2am, there I was fighting the Japanese at Pearl Harbor.

Mom was not pleased

So she banned me from the computer, of course, all the way until today, and my fingers are trembling at the feeling of the keyboard at my fingertips.

Anyway, what matters is that I'm back in front of the computer and it feels good...

I've been having exams for the past week. Lots of stress, but thankfully I'm still alive (got 3 more days of exams to go)

Lots of nothing has happened, mostly me wreaking havoc with -1.

It was after the exams, after hanging out with Poh Mi for a bit I joined -1 to go cause some trouble for the school lab assistants who were having lunch at the canteen. It was really funny, especially with the Chemistry/Biology Lab assistant (we were using bogus Scientific facts to attack each other). Then Dad came to pick me up sigh....

There's not much for me to say right now for some reason. I think I must be exhausted after all the drawing I did just now. Oh yeah, might as well show you what I've been working on...

Me and Han er... the guy from my comic strip

And here's an interesting strip. I used to use this technique with another (gone) comic strip, Lil Sam. I drew his friend Einstein who created a time machine and brought back a T-rex. Yeah, I got a picture of a nice little house with a T-rex sticking out from the roof...

Anyway, here's the comic

Here's Han at a park...

There he is running away from an angry gardener

Guess who he gives the flowers to
That was loads of fun, but it took me about 3 hours. Phew...

If only I could concentrate like that while studying :P

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Misadventures Of Last Saturday

This is last Saturday's stuff. It was after band practice and I was at the canteen. Poh Mi and Jackylin were there so I talked to them. Then they started drawing on my hands... I won't much this time... I'll tell the story using pictures... (Zan Hao was the photographer by the way, but Poh Mi and Jacklyin were responsible for some pictures as well)

Presenting... the two girls Jackylin and Poh Mi

and the victim... me

So there I was talking to them...

With Poh Mi eating the nuggets I bought for her (and possibly falling asleep listening to me babble on as you can see in the photo) Jackylin was busy admiring my comics...

Then suddenly... Poh Mi grabbed hold of my permanent marker

"Can you return that pleeeeeaaaase?"

"Oh sure.... but keep your hands still"


"Now bring your hands over here..."

"...and then we add a little bit of this here... and here..."


"Return those markers please"

The End

Sunday, May 01, 2005


Some of you are probably shocked to see mandarin words appearing at my blog. Don't worry, I will still post in English (unless I get another bright idea heh heh).

Just to prove that I am chinese and I do speak mandarin, the blog title has a mandarin version as well (still the same meaning), and the mandarin words on the sidebar are supposed to be guidelines for any of my mandarin friends who faint at the sight of so many english words. But don't worry... I still prefer to blog in english... for now

But what do you think? Is this a good idea or what?

FRIM Park Trip

Before blogging about the rest of my week (including a terrifying encounter with Poh Mi and 2 other girls), I've got a lot to blog about our class trip to FRIM Park (FRIM- Forest Research Institute of Malaysia)

The whole point of our trip was to gather information about the park, which is part of our Geography project. After weeks (months even) of preparation thanks to the erm, unreliable Hua Kian, we finally had the trip on Wednesday. Yay! That meant we didn't have to attend our classes on Wednesday!

We still had to have our first class, which was Math (thank goodness). After that we changed into last year's class T-shirt (I designed it). Then we gathered downstairs along with J3F, another class joining us for the trip that day.

Hao Ran preparing the first aid kit before the trip
After counting the heads and a few last minute instructions, we set off to the buses.

Walking to our bus
It was a wild ride in the bus. With all of us singing like crazy (our class teacher even joined us). Plain childishness is also plain fun, as I've noticed.

The scene in the bus
We finally got to the park and we all swarmed out like air escaping from a balloon. I stopped to take a picture of the map of FRIM park before joining the group.

The map of Frim Park
We had lunch first before starting our tour around the park. -1 took it as an oppurtunity to take some pictures

-1 and the Mercedez Benz which was parked nearby

-1 with his "sisters" Shi Ying and Chek Ying

Photo of my geography group

Another photo of my group. Left to right: Hao Ran, Fang Soe, Chern Hui, -1, Yang Jian, Me, Jia Cheng (also known as the Bastard...) and Zi Xian


-1 and last year's geography teacher, affectionately reffered to as 2816's sister (their names are almost identical)
It wasn't long before our guides finally came. -1 was as friendly as ever and asked for a few photos.

-1 and one of our guides

-1 and another one of our guides

-1 and our main guide, Abang Zai as he is called

Abang Zai giving instructions before we began our tour around the park

He especially instructed us to stay close to him at all times. He told us there was once a group who entered the forest without a guide... they were later found at Sungai Buloh...

It wasn't long before we finally started walking, with our guides leading the way, of course. We stopped to look at some mess wild boars had made.

This mess here was made by a wild boar digging for worms

We continued on to a pond which kept the biggest fresh water fish in the world -- the Aramapaima Gigas. Apparently it has a very aggressive nature. Abang Zai told us they had once dropped a walkie talkie into the pond by accident. The fishes attacked it!

The first wonder of the day, the biggest fresh water fish in the world! The uh... Arapaima Gigas (I couldn't get a shot of it emerged from the water)
Our next part of the tour involved a museum, which was where the real information gathering occured. Apparently I had visited that same museum years ago when I was a little kid. Mom told me I was with Dad taking a look at the insects and telling Dad all their names. I loved insects when I was a kid-- Dad would read books to me about insects as my bedtime 'stories'. Hey wait, I still love insects!

We regrouped after gathering the information we needed. Then we finally entered the forest.

A view of the forest before we entered it

The tallest bamboo in the world... I think

Our first stop was to look at some vines, along with a quiz which Zi Xian won.

These vines will kill the tree within a few years time

Abang Zai played around with us...

"Jawapannya ialah...... C"




"Jawapannya bukan C, tetapi B..."


"...salah juga"


"Jawapan A"


Then Zi Xian realized he and his group won the quiz (they had picked D)

We laughed and congratulated his group before continuing on with our tour of the forest.

Abang Zai said tourists travel all the way just to get a view of this

Breathtaking? I'll say. I used to be able to get a nice view like this from my room window... until some darn neighbours had it all chopped down for their house *sob*

We continued on to our next attraction

One of our first few attractions, the "Elephant Tree" (does this looks like an elephant to you?)
We went on and found a tree with a "Tarzan Vine" hanging from it.

Hsien Chun climbed up this vine... and had some trouble climbing down...

After everyone (not me) took pictures and laughed at him, he slid down carefully and Abang Zai began telling us stuff about the vine. Before leaving for our next stop, he showed us a plant which had the parasite known as "Tangan Hantu" (or was it Gigi Hantu? aargh)

The ghost plant... I was in a hurry so I didn't have time to focus the lens onto the plant properly

Next we came to a place where magazine photographers had arrived before...

This view made the National Geographic magazine cover a while ago
I got bored and took a few more pictures of the greenery around me.

More pictures of the forest

We continued on to a tree which had some parasitical problems...

The tree known affectionately as the "Toilet Tree"

Those "trunks" sticking out are actually parasites

Abang Zai in the "Toilet Tree". Apparently Orang Asli (native Malaysians) build their houses on these trees.
Next we came to the Jelutong Tree (there's a place in Penang named after this tree)

Abang Zai next to the Jelutong Tree

These scratches on the Jelutong Tree are to extract the rubber which can be used to make chewing gum (this will make you think twice before chewing some gum heh heh)
I took a few pictures of the walk in the forest

Walking through the forest...

Lalala... walking through the forest... lalala.. guess who's in the center of this picture... lalalala

Heh heh... I was pretty sly. I stayed close to Yung Hui the whole time to make sure she stayed safe. That also meant I had to take care of her friend Kar Yeng (front of the picture). I acted as their railing for most of the trip, allowing them to grab hold of my arm if they needed help manouvering across the jungle terrain. I also helped clear the path of branches sticking out (I held the branches back)
After a long journey we finally made it to a dirt road which we walked up with less trouble compared to the jungle walk.

During that walk I apologized to everyone for forgetting to post the answers to our Literature Exercise at the whatever blog last Saturday. It was then I also found out, to my surprise, that Yung Hui visits the site as well... Not that I put anything there that she's not supposed to know/see, but she sure surprised me for some reason.

We finally made it to the crossroads where one path led us up the mountainto where the Canopy Walk was. We stopped to catch our breath first.

Resting in the pondok
While we were resting, Penguin called all the photographers (that's me and everyone else who had a camera) to take pictures of a certain plant.

These plants are valuable as they are made into medicine
Before climbing up the mountain where the Canopy Walk was, we were told to split into groups of 5 for the Canopy Walk. Hsien Chun (a fellow band player) 'helped' to arrange a group for me. My group included Hsien Chun, Chooi Yin, Yung Hui and Kar Yeng. (I think I betrayed my gang by joining that group)

My Canopy Walk group, from left to right: Hsien Chun, Chooi Yin, Yung Hui and Kar Yeng (those fools standing in the background are staring at the Canopy Walk which was nearby the scene where the picture was taken)
The walk itself to the Canopy Walk was extremely tiring... to some of my friends. But not to me (I run up and down the stairs all the time back at home because the computer is downstairs while my room is upstairs). Some guys had it tough because they were carrying their girlfriends' bags (Yung Hui didn't need any help with her bag so all I had to do was help carry Kar Yeng's water bottle)

We stopped halfway to take a break.

Resting during our journey up to the Canopy Walk

Another picture of the class taking a break

Another picture... notice Yung Hui's hair which was slightly different that day... oh forget it
When we finally caught our breaths we continued until we reached the que lining up to try out the Canopy Walk. The wait was a good time to take a few photos of my little group.

Hsien Chun being silly

Chooi Yin, Yung Hui and Kar Yeng, the 3 roses Hsien Chun and I looked after throughout the FRIM park trip

I didn't have to act as a railing for Chooi Yin because Hsien Chun was right beside her the whole trip heh heh.

Lining up for the Canopy Walk
It was almost our class' turn for the Canopy Walk when the guy in charge suddenly announced that we had to reduce to 4 people per group. I turned to look at my group. I'd hate to make someone leave so...

Me: "Hsien Chun, you and these 3 girls will form the group, so take care of them, okay?"

Hsien Chun: "Okay"

Yung Hui: "But what about you?"

Me: "Errrr...."

Our teacher later dragged me into another group of guys.

Much to our luck, it started raining, so there was no time for us to stop at the platforms to enjoy the view... sigh... that meant no pictures as well.

The Canopy Walk
When we finally reached the end I climbed down and spotted -1 and Fang Soe. I talked to them and we hid behind the stairs to grab at people's legs for fun. Well, we didn't actually, because something fell from above which scared -1 off. I decided to wait for Hsien Chun and the others.

They finally came and the rain totally poured down on us.

Me: "Hey, anybody wants to use my poncho?"

Yung Hui: "No thanks, we're fine."

Kar Yeng: "I have an umbrella"

Hsien Chun: " Hey, why don't we all just lift the poncho over our heads so we can all share it?"

Me: "That sounds like a good idea, let's do it"

So we did. I stood at the front carrying the two ends of the poncho while Hsien Chun stood at the back, with the girls in the middle. Our class teacher spotted us and we stopped fooling around. Well, it was fun while it lasted...

Nobody else wanted the poncho so I wore it myself.

We were supposed to go to a waterfall as a treat but apparently it was cancelled due to some unknown reason. Yung Hui was extremely dissapointed. I was only slightly pissed, but I wasn't exactly looking forward to the waterfall anyway (I've been to better ones). We continued on with me leading the way for my group first, and then Hsien Chun next because I decided to stay at the back of the group so I could get a better view of you-know-who (har har)

Along the way I gathered all the courage I never knew I had to talk to Yung Hui, eventhough our conversation didn't really have a topic (use your imagination)

We finally reached the open and Hsien Chun and the others gathered around under an umbrella to take a photo. In the meantime I was holding up my poncho to shelter Yung Hui. My little glorious moment lasted for about a minute until we were told to go take shelter under some pondoks to have our lunch. Yung Hui thanked me and we split up to different pondoks (guys got one pondok while girls got another... in-betweens had nothing hahaha)

We later joined the girls in their pondok because we had to make way for J3F. I got out my favourite Tuna sandwiches (something I eat for lunch at school at least once every week). Hsien Chun got out Chipsmore and we brought back the barter system (one tuna sandwich for 2 cookies) Yummy. Our teacher was dying for a decent cup of coffee so she traded something with another teacher who was leading J3F.

It was during our lunchtime when we checked for leeches. Sook Yee apparently had 4 leeches and a sprain on her leg. Hao Ran, who is in the Saint John's Ambulance society, proved himself as he treated everyone who had leeches (my group was lucky not to have any). Some girls freaked out at the sight of the leeches (one even cried) while I was totally excited (I've read tons about leeches but I've never seen any biting someone for real). After that we cleaned up the place and headed back into the bus.

Chek Ying, who was sitting behind me and Hsien Chun in the bus, took a picture for us.

Me and Hsien Chun being silly in the bus
The journey back to school was wilder than the trip to the park because some of our classmates had leeches and they entered the bus.



"Make way! Let me get out of here!"



"Get the salt!"


It was funny. The whole bus was shaking with all the students jumping about and screaming.

One of the leeches which made everyone scream and scramble in the bus on our way back (yes, there were more leeches) Chek Ying nearly sat on this leech!

When they finally settled down it was time for me to take a nap (I had nothing much to do in the bus so I decided to catch up on my sleep). Regardless of all the noise, I even had time to dream... (I'm used to falling asleep with Linkin Park on)

While we were nearing the school Yung Hui (who couldn't manage to fall asleep) asked me how I was going back. Dad was supposed to pick me up, but I had the feeling he'd be busy, so I borrowed Hsien Chun's handphone and called up Dad. Much to my delight, he was at a seminar so I had to take the LRT home (which meant I got to escort Yung Hui).

When we finally reached school I asked Yung Hui and Hsien Chun to wait while I went to get Shuan and his friend. Poh Mi came up and flashed her heart-melting, giggly smile at me, meaning that she was asking for money. I reluctantly lent her about 3 ringgit and I told Shuan to hurry up. Hsien Chun told me Yung Hui had left already so I quickly ran after her (forgetting about Shuan). We walked and talked for quite a bit, and I found out a little bit more about her than I had known before. Yang Jian, who was following us from behind, materialised all of a sudden between us. I secretly let out a sigh. I don't know if that was out of frustration or relief .Frustration maybe because he spoiled the one-to-one moment and relief because me and Yung Hui alone would seem suspicious, like how Poh Mi forces me to walk right beside her. Anyway, he finally left us to take a bus and we walked on. I asked her what she thought of the trip. Scared of leeches was one thing. Dissappointed about the waterfall was another thing. We finally reached the LRT station and she asked if I was going to stop to wait for Shuan.

"Nah, I'll join you and then head to my station to wait for him."

When Yung Hui and I entered the train Shuan suddenly squeezed in with Alex. We talked a bit and I teased Yung Hui when she started yawning.

"Tired eh?"

"Yalah... it was so noisy in the bus I couldn't catch a wink of sleep."

"Oh? I slept so comfortably I even started dreaming."

We started talking about the mountain of homework I was to face at home and she reminded me of the history homework which I had forgotten about. We finally reached her station and I wished her luck keeping awake during her tuition classes. 2 stations more and I reached mine.

As usual I called up Mom to get me and Shuan and we both waited at the bus stop.

I got bored while waiting so I got out the camera to take a few pictures.

The bus stop where Shuan and I wait for Mom to pick us up whenever we take the LRT home

The mosque opposite the bus stop...

... with hawkers nearby who are always making me hungry whenever I wait for Mom...

... and also the garbage deposits right behind the bus stop

A view of the sky just after it rained
Mom finally came and I went home to face the mountain of homework waiting for me.

Well I'm exhausted from all this blogging, so I'll blog about my week tomorrow... (labour day!)

This post took me 3 and a half hours to write