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He will return in 2014.


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Sunday, June 26, 2005


Yeah... there are always things I come across that make me proud of myself... and also stuff that bring me down .

I took this online IQ test earlier today. The results were pretty good apparently. The test results showed that I have a pretty high intelligence, and that I'm some sort of Visual Mathmetician (one who excels at spotting patterns and sequences). If I was that intelligent, why is it that I never excel in school???

I do reasonably well in certain subjects like Math and Physics (and all science as long as it is in English instead of Mandarin), but I'm a complete loser at most any other subject(Chemistry... Biology... Geography... History) worse, I'm in a chinese school and I've failed every chinese test this year, my Malay grades are dropping... sigh

Mom questioned yesterday why Sis could get straight A's and also Sujie doing very well in school and why I can't do as well as them... I know she wasn't meaning to put any pressure but in reality, it's not fair. Both my sisters attended government secondary schools while I'm the first in the family to enter a chinese (independent) secondary school, and chinese secondary schools are notorious for having loads and loads of homework and exams. I dunno about the homework part, but yes, we have to take more exams than government schools.

The local educational system requires all students of Form 3 (that's my year) to take the PMR test. And then the independent chinese educational system requires all students of the same year to take the UEC test, and the UEC test is like, 10 times harder than PMR. Take these few examples...

-in PMR math tests, you are allowed to use a calculator. in UEC, calculators are 'illegal'

-the history subject for PMR (known as Sejarah) covers only Malaysian history (for a whole 3 years even). The text books I have spend an unspeakable amount of pages blabbering about the same thing with lots of unneccesary information. However all Sejarah tests are objective questions. in UEC however, what takes Sejarah textbooks entire chapters to teach are crammed into one small sub-section of a sub-chapter in our chinese History books, and then we move on to learn more about world history (we've covered almost all of china's ancient history, the medieval times, Philipines, Indian, Indonesian, American, Vietnamese independece/liberational struggles and more) and worse, we have to memorize page after page of stuff word by word for our subjective section. A real killer for all students like me

- mandarin is a lot more complicated than malay, which is the main reason why I struggle in school (almost all subjects are taught in mandarin, well, except Malay and English haha)

These are only some reasons... and if I go on some more I'll turn into a proffesional whiner.

Anyway, I still have a couple of redeeming qualities outside of academical grounds, I mean, how often do you find a trilingual gymnast, musician, cartoonist, class clown, computer geek, mandarin-english/english-mandarin translator and (shows off) Visual Mathmetician all crammed into one person? None of these skills are of much value on my report card (which I received yesterday)... well... except for my co-curricular activities (band) which scored 93+ (I would've scored higher if I did a better job at managing General Affairs).

Speaking of report card, there are a few things I really want to strangle myself (or the school scoring system) about. I scored 68 for PE!!! Of all things!! It's not exactly a fitness test really. More of a volleyball skills test. See, for PE we were graded according to a few tests and our conduct. The tests included running, serving for volleyball and hitting the volleyball against the wall for as long as possible. If it weren't for the running test I might have failed PE completely (I've kept the class' fastest running records for almost 2 years already). In other schools they usually make you do sit-ups and push-ups and stuff. And that's what I call fitness, rather than finesse with a ball.. sheesh

Next is computer. Okay... so it's my fault I scored 70+ instead of 80+ like I usually do. But come on, can't they teach us more interesting stuff like HTML or programming, instead of Pagemaker and other programs where there are 'help' and 'tutorial' buttons you can learn from. Funnier still, last year they spend half a year teaching us about Email. Okay, I admit some people my age may not have used email before so it's acceptable but come on, a teenager with no "instinctal knowledge" of email??? That's like, scary haha

Next is Art. I've always done well in Art (I scored 80+ this time, and I even reached the maximum point last year). But the problem is that cartooning has no place in Art. The closest we came to cartooning is graphic design, where I usually throw in a couple of my comic characters here and there... My Art teacher does value my comics (and all fellow cartoonists in class like Hao Ran and L King) though, he keeps hounding me about publishing a book haha. I just wish I could draw something more cartoony instead of still life and stuff (maybe I should pick up abstract art hahahaha)

Then there's also music. The saddest part is that music classes are only for Form 1 and lower class students for Form 2 and 3. Can you believe it??? It's like saying music is something intellectuals can't be bothered with. Thank goodness I take piano lessons, sing hymns at church and play the Clarinet in the band.

Next is writing. We have to write essays in 3 languages. Nobody's really bothered with Malay essays (or at least, I haven't) so I haven't seen any real display of writing talents in Malay for quite a while. As for essays in mandarin, we have to write at least 400 words. For some people it's still not enough while for others, it's just nice. Or actually, for people like me it's a nightmare. But then for them, mandarin is their first language (actually I think they speak cantonese more, but you know what I mean). Anyway, back in primary school students were given good grades if they wrote something like those cursed 'model essays'. Now however, anyone caught using that sort of writing style is gonna fail miserably thanks to the chinese teacher I have. She looks out for essays that are different and more out-of-the-box like. That also means we score less than we used to. I've had quite a lot of trouble though. My mandarin vocabulary is very limited compared to that of my friends, and it is very very hard to say something expressive in mandarin. However, one of my essays did receive a compliment from my teacher. She said she enjoyed it's style. She said it had some sort of fairy tale air to it, but I couldn't score any better due to the inability to express myself better. Then there are English essay. Guess what? We are supposed to write around 180 words. Like, how little is that??? I was telling mom the other day about me writing English essays that by the time I actually get to the point of the topic, I'm out of words already. Which means I don't have much space to write expressively. Mom reminded me that for most people in my school, English is a third language... Kind of sad really, since I like to write thrillers, like the post I wrote about my computer game. The only problem is that thrillers need a lot of words and sentences to build up the tension, something impossible when you have to write about 180 words.

In the end, I can't really do much but study harder and get good grades (apart from whining haha). When you apply for universities and/or jobs the first thing they look at are your grades/certificates. It's kind of sad, but that's how the world works, and I guess I'll just have to put up with it.

Nothing To Say, For Once

Funnily enough, I don't have anything to blog about this time. Maybe it's because I was reading novels the whole week (finished 2 in 3 days, one more to go sigh), maybe it's because I was too busy having excessive band practices, maybe it's because I was too busy training for the interschool gymnastics competition, maybe it's because I was assaulted by Poh Mi until I had a memory loss (don't ask), maybe it's because I played too many computer games yesterday. I dunno.

So... just in case you were expecting something fun to read. here's a list of chinese names -1 and I created for some of my online filipino/filipina friends when we got bored one day in class...

Mariel- 媚里鹅
Marjie- 马吉
Maan- 马安
Abby- 阿比
Riri- 丽丽
Nico- 尼扣
Daria- 达玲
Joan- 佐安
Jean- 吉恩

I think that's all we came up with. The game went a little errr... sick when Chern Hui started playing it. Like how he came up with 马斯途儿被斯... don't even ask me what it means

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Eventful, Runny-nosed Week

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
"Watch me, I'm stealing chickens again" (to be lazy in chinese)
-Teck Chee
Where do I start...


First day of school. I was somewhat excited to be able to see my friends again, but I think at that time I preferred to stay home some more. Went to school and handed in the "piece of art" for our school art competition (everyone is forced to join)

The dotted drawing I submitted for the art competition

It was a real test of my patience trying to draw something like that haha. dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot...

I am so glad Zan Hao sits a few seats away from me. When you have that guy during Geography class, it seems less like 40 minutes of hell

Hao Ran caught this scene. I am on the far left turning to look at Zan Hao (who is smiling) being scolded by the Penguin... as usual...
After school Dad took me and Shuan to eat some Malay teatime snacks ('cucuk udang' and tofu with chilli and cucumber). There was a TV where we ate and I recognized another Tagalog Soap Opera thanks to the word 'ikaw' again...


School was as fun as usual but the real highlight of the day was gymnastics I think. We've been working on our routines lately (competition is in a few week's time) and we took turns exhauting ourselves out. I can't really remember what else happened...


Last Mutual we had with Jeff (and supposedly Zach). It was the last since they're moving to Beijing (they left on Friday morning). It didn't quite turn out very well because Zach took Melody (who was in charge of that activity), Shean and Dexter (our Young Men) to go out with Val and her sisters at KLCC. Mom was furious.

We entered the chapel and I spotted Jeff flirting with Camelia. I asked Jeff where Zach was and that was when we found out about the situation. Jeff was a little bit upset because Zach had not told him about anything (Jeff wanted to go too). I already knew they were planning to go out but I didn't expect them to do it smack on Mutual. Oh well, at least Jeff was there (otherwise I'd have just died of boredom)

Mom made me in charge of the activity at the last minute so I conducted the meeting blah blah blah... and then we played 'murderer' while having root beer floats. I was the murderer on the first round (I managed to kill a few people here and there) until Camelia guessed that I was the murderer. Her reason was "because he looks innocent"

What the ?!?

Our next round had Martin as the murderer but he didn't have to kill anyone because we all kept eliminating each other by guessing the wrong person until we were left with just me and Martin, ending the game in a stalemate.

We had a brief photo session after that... but it was all ruined thanks to the runny nose I had that day

Me and Jeff during Mutual

Closer (but blurred) shot of us

A view from above... you can see me blowing my nose in this unfortunate picture

Left to right: Martin (our new Young Men's President), Shuan, Jonathan, me, Jeff
Mutual soon ended and Martin left. Me and Jeff lied down on the floor listening to the Linkin Park CD I brought along on my discman. Mom talked to Rachel a bit until we finally decided to come home.

Then Mom let Jeff come over for a sleepover! On a school night too. We went to Jeff's house first to ask permission from his parents and he went to grab his things.

The first thing I had to do when we got home was to finish my science homework. Then I took a bath and we messed around with SMS's (Jeff topped up on the way home). Jeff spotted Mariel's picture lying on top of a mountain of junk on my desk (I haven't the heart to throw it away) and asked

"it that your girlfriend?"


We went downstairs to watch a movie while I struggled with my runny nose (darned sinus problems) the movie ended and I showed him the CD I created with my friends. We were about to go online and stuff when Mom told us to go to bed.

I struggled with my runny nose again and Jeff and I talked and talked in bed until he suddenly said "Okay lets sleep"

And we just slept like that


My alarm started ringing at 5:20am but Jeff was the one who woke me up. We were supposed to attend Early Morning Seminary but Dad said President Tamil called to postpone it to the next day so we went back to sleep. The alarm started ringing at 6:20 and we had to get up for real.

We dropped Jeff off near his house... it's kinda sad that the last I saw of him was him jumping out of the van to walk home while we had to rush off to school (I was nearly late)

It was Teacher's Day! The opening ceremony was a bit too long for my liking. Afterwards I headed back to class for the party. The party wasn't that all great.

L King and Looi brought a CD player and they started dancing. Hsien Chun and I later joined in to mess things up. Then some of them told me to go out and show off some of the amateur break dancing moves I know. I did a one leg circle (it's something both gymnasts and breakdancers know haha) and ended up kicking the CD player by accident. After that I did a headstand-press-up-to-handstand-hurleytour... a crazy combination of breakdancing-looking gymnastic skills.

I got tired after a while and let the others go out and dance.

Even the class prefects had a go dancing! Loads of fun to watch Zi Xian deliberately whacking the others "by accident" while dancing.

The party soon ended and we had to clear up (we still had 2 classes at the end of the day)

We had our lunch break first, which I used to take a nap (I didn't get enough sleep thanks to the runny nose, which I still had at school that day). I woke up to find Hao Ran sitting next to me talking to a bunch of others about their primary school life. I joined in and we had a fun conversation where we shared our pasts. Fang Soe had the funniest experiences I've ever heard of so far.

Our next class was Sejarah. What a disaster, our new Sejarah teacher is another one of those 'hated by students' type. There goes my next Sejarah results... all down the drain. I scored 26% for Geo thanks to the hatred I have for that subject started by a long line of teachers who make it the most boring thing you can imagine, along with millions of punishments but no rewards.

We survived the class thanks to Hua Kian. The joker of a prefect sits behind me and just won't stop fooling around, such as those snores and wisecracks of his.

After school was gymnastics, as usual. I learned about anarobic (however you spell it) strength through Mr Yong. It's the kind of stamina you need for doing a routine on the floor. Apparently, it's a lot different from the type of stamina you gain by jogging. Anarobic strength is required to be able to do all sorts of skills without stopping all within a few minutes, and that is very very tiring (me, Shuan and Teck Chee could barely last even before we got halfway through our routine)

When we got home I lazed around before taking a bath. While I was in the bathroom Zach called.

I came out, ate dinner and talked to Sis on the phone (she called from Hawaii to wish Ernie happy birthday). I had to pick the hymns for Sunday again, which I did on a piece of paper before phoning Zach.

Apparently he wanted to thank me for the comic I made for him (Jeff had another one too). Then we continued talking and he gave me loads of 'top secret' advice to get girls...

Jeff wanted to talk after that and we talked about loads of stuff, mainly the movie we watched the day before (Are We There Yet?) He started talking about girls after that and told me to get this so and so girl haha. We finally decided it was time to stop (the phone call lasted about an hour I think) and we wished each other all the best. Sigh


Not much different from a usual day at school, so there's nothing to blog about...

By that day my nose stopped "leaking", meaning the mucus isn't so wet, but the problem is that whenever I blow my nose I spot blood in the mucus. I think some blood vessels burst or something because I had a really really red nose the day before.

The long jump competition was after school. I had to go to the band first to tell them before running downstairs to take part in the competition. I was in the 15-16 year olds group. The minimal distance to qualify is 4.5 metres, meaning they'll measure how far you jumped only if you pass the flag, which is supposed to be 4.5 metres away from the jumping point. The problem was that they mistakenly put the flag 5 metres away.

It was a total nightmare (and comedy) when we all jumped and found that only one 16 year old managed to get pass the flag (I would've made it pass the flag if I hadn't jumped so early on my 3rd jumped) The teacher finally realized the flag was too far away and told us we will compete again on Monday. sheesh

Poh Mi was there as a spectator. I asked her to help me hold on to my watch while I competed and she told me she would only return it if I won a prize.

"Hey! That's impossible! I can't promise you that, gimme my watch back now!"

"No way, now go"

When she saw the results of the competition she gave me the evil eye and handed me the watch... I told her I have one more chance on Monday to prove myself (which I highly doubt since I lost last year anyway)

After competing I didn't have to go back to Band but I decided to go pay the newbies who were practicing outside a visit. I tested them a bit and talked to them until I decided to go back into the bandroom... only to find that they had finished practicing. Hahahaha

Ernie had his first birthday party that day. He had a load of friends over. One of them happened to by my old friend's little brother. When his mom came to pick him up his brother was there.

Me and my old friend Rocky, aka Buzziao Guy

We were pretty good friends since we became prefects together on 2002, which we both dreaded haha

I haven't seen him for almost 2 years! We met in Primary School and I attended his graduation when I was already in Form 1 (he is one year younger than me) now that little joker studies in a government school.


I was finally set apart as the branch pianist at church today by Brother Solomon.

Sigh... church just isn't the same anymore without Zach and Jeff around, let alone Brother Hougaard and Ri Chard (now serving a mission as Elder Ng). Worse still, Dexter will soon be leaving the Young Men's and I'll be the oldest priesthood holder in the group. Aaarghhhh

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sunday Like No Other

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
"Can I have some reverence from the Young Men please?"
-President Cragun
Boy did things go wild at church today.

I was sustained as the Branch Pianist today, bringing me more responsibility than I'd like to have, but I never turn down requests like that so...

I stumbled over several notes here and there like I did at the Youth Conference.

After Sacrament Meeting I still had to clean up the Sacrament trays (still the only Teacher in the branch) after playing the postlude after the meeting. I rushed to Sunday School class, late as usual (but I get to do that since I had responsibilities to attend to haha)

We had a brief lesson about our bodies being a temple. After that things got a bit out of hand. While we were walking out Zach (who is moving to Beijing along with his family this Friday) grabbed me by the shoulder and dragged me to the kitchen where Shean and Dexter followed.

"Han, we need to talk"


"Did you call Vivian last night?"

"Uh... yeah... how did you find out?!?"

"I have ears everwhere. So what did you guys talk about"

"Errr... nothing... we just talked about stuff"

"Details, I want details"

I gave him a brief summary of our little chat on the phone, but I couldn't really give any details because we kept switching topics (I was really bored last night).

"Why, Zach? What are you getting at???"

"Oh nothing" (an evil grin lights up on his face)

We chatted a bit with Shean and Dexter joining us. I explained to Zach how I got her number and how I memorized it...

"WHAT?!? I can't remember like, anybody's number. I can't even remember my own handphone number"

We continued on with our conversation

Zach: You should try asking Vivian out sometime, Han

Me: What?!? But that would be dating, and we're not 16 yet

Zach: No it's not. Get some of your other friends then

Shean (or was it Dexter???): That's group dating

Me: Yeah but my sister said group dating isn't really dating but rather... 'haging out'

Dexter: Actually, in order for it to be considered 'hanging out' the number of guys has to be more than the girls, like, let's say there's one girl and 2 guys, or vice versa.

Me: ...

Zach: Anyway, I really think you should ask Vivian out

I don't know what he was getting at, nor where he got that idea, but I guess I could try... if I had the time! All hell is about to break loose at school so I think waiting until I'm 16 sounds like a better idea....

We continued on and we talked about Clayton and Jeff (and also the Sunway thing which I missed) until Elder Fox had to remind us that there was Priesthood meeting.

Zach was ordained to the office of an Elder that meeting and we congratulated him when we moved to Young Men's class

Brother Martin has been called to replace Brother Hougaard as our Young Men's President. He gave us a little quiz today...

We didn't do very well on the quiz. And while we were marking each other's papers we were finding every way to compromise and get half a mark for this and that... for example:

"Who were Joseph Smith's parents?"

Joey and Dexter answered "Mr and Mrs Smith" and they got half a mark for that. It was pretty funny and everyone burst out laughing.

"At least they didn't write Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!" I joked

Dexter was especially lucky that I marked his paper since I found every single way to compromise until he got 5.75 out of 10.

I scored the highest (6) However, when I got back my paper some idiot thought it was funny to write "loves Vivian" below my name.

"What the--?!? Who the heck wrote loves Vivian on my paper???"

Zach burst out laughing and snatched the paper to get a look... I later found out that Shean was the one who wrote it. Zach kept the paper for "remembrance" but he lost it after handing it to someone.

After church there was to be a baptism at 2:30. Dexter, Shean and I headed to the patio to talk a bit where Jonathan was bugging us the whole time (he even forgot to zip his pants). Soon Dexter's Mom came and asked if we would like to go over to Dexter's place before the baptism started to have some fun.

I got permission from Dad and Shuan and I got in the car along with Shean.

I watched Dexter play Warcraft III for a bit until we had to head back to church, where we found Zach waiting.

We talked some more and Zach and Shean started SMS'ing. After the baptismal service there was a potluck where we grabbed some food and headed to the Young Men's room to eat and chat.

They were talking about someone when I went to get a drink and when I came back and asked, Zach replied

"Your future girlfriend in law"


Shean later told me it was Vivian

"What the heck is a girlfriend in law???"

"Yeah, Zach, what do you mean?"

"Nothing I was just making it up. Forget about it"

We changed topic and they started planning they hanging out stuff (I probably won't be able to hang out with them... school starts tomorrow)

It's just not fair... Shean, Dexter and Zach have all graduated already and Jeff stopped school because they're moving this Friday. Jeff is currently staying with the Kee's by the way. Brother Whitaker suddenly came in and told Zach that Jeff will be away until Tuesday.

"What? Why???"

Shean kicked in "He's going to stay with Vivian lah!"

We had a laugh and then Shean asked if he could stay with Zach since Jeff wouldn't be at home.

It was time to leave soon and we talked a bit before heading home... now I'm in front of the computer wondering what's going to happen to me at school tomorrow.

Will I be glad to see all my friends again or will I be wishing for another week of holiday... and then wishing I could see my friends again if there's a holiday...


Time for another misadventure...

We left for Kuantan on Thursday morning after much delay. The car ride was pretty boring... all I did was sleep while listening to Dave Koz on the discman I brought along.

When we finally got there we went to visit 'Sa Pek' (3rd Uncle in Hokkien), Dad's older brother who works in Kuantan as a gynecologist. We visited his clinic where he gave us the keys to one of the many apartments he owns (almost all my uncles have this knack of owning lots of property). He also told us that we could drop by at his house any time to play with his German Shepherd Rex.

We went to the apartment first to put our things first. Pretty nice, Sa Pek had the place fully equipped (furniture, cooking utensils, TV, ASTRO, decorations etc). I turned on the TV only to find that it only had 3 channels.

I got bored and some soap opera was on TV3 so I watched it. The actors were speaking some sort of weird language which I finally decided was Tagalog... only after hearing the word 'ikaw' and also the way they spoke english. I stayed on to see how many (or few actually) Tagalog words I could recognize... wasted about 20 minutes haha. I guess Maan hadn't taught me enough

Next we went to Sa Pek's awesome home to meet Rex. Rex apparently is really cheeky. Dad already got to meet him previously and Rex was really excited to see Dad. So excited that he wouldn't stop pouncing. He was pretty friendly with us, except that he likes to test us every now and then by growling and snapping at our arms to see our reaction.

As long as we stayed still rather than backing off to defend ourselves we were able to keep our arms intact.

The cheeky part about Rex is that all of a sudden he'd run at us and pounce for fun, just like Grace back at home. In fact, I think he's as rough as 'Grace' from my comic strip!

We took him out on a walk on leash after that and he pee'd for almost a minute without stopping... must've been why he was so agitated when we were playing with him.

We introduced him to our van so that we could drive him to the beach. However, we felt that he wasn't ready yet and needed more time to get used to us, so we left him and went to the beach.
(short break... go get a drink of water or something... this post is gonna be a long one haha)
When we got to the beach and found a bench to put our things at, 2 guys approached us saying "Hey, are you guys Singaporeans?"

I was like, "what???"

Dad handled them. They introduced themselves as Singaporean university students who were doing a survey at the beach in conjunction with the UM (University of Malaysia). Apparently they were doing a geographical survey (aaaaargggh!!!) and they thought we looked like Singaporean tourists. Mom said that was a good thing but I dunno... she's the Singaporean so I guess that's why she said that

Mom and Dad took the survey and later we took a photo with them.

Those 2 guys were pretty funny about convincing me that Geography is fun to learn (I was silly enough to tell them that I've failed practically every geo test at school in my entire life). One of the put his arms around me during the photo and said he was passing his knowledge to me.

"Thanks! I feel smarter already"

Haha.... maybe I can score more than ZERO for my next geography test...

The family with those 2 Singaporean students who came to us with the survey
We finally got to relax when they left. Not for me though, my lifelong obsession of digging holes at the beach wasn't much of a rest, especially since it's my policy to dig only with bare hands....

Digging the hole...
I wanted to reach 1 metre deep this time but I didn't make it... I used Ray to measure the depth by the way. Mom told me he's about 1.3 metres tall so I made him stand straight in the hole every now and then to see how deep the hole was.

I dug and dug, getting a few cuts on my not so delicate fingers when the hole got deeper (there are more shells and pieces of debris the deeper you go) I finally finished... well not really, because Dad said it was time for dinner... I reached 80 centimetres... aaaaargghhhh

This is how deep it was when I squatted

Another shot

Ray, my "measuring stick"

A closer shot of me in my hole
It was pretty fun to look around and see people staring at me as if I was some sort of psycho... I even caught a few taking pictures

It's kind of funny how this obsession started back when I was 6, at Penang where I met a kid on the beach and we found it great fun to dig a hole where we could fit both our feet in. Ever since then I've dug a hole at every beach I go to, each bigger than the one before.

There was even a time where Dad had to pull me out because I went too deep... but I used spades, so I can't do that anymore with bare hands (my current policy) Sis joked once that Santa Claus should get me an excavator for Christmas.

I guess it's a good thing if I get used to digging all these holes because if I meet my ambition of becoming an Archaeologist/Paleontologist when I grow up, I'll be digging in the dirt as a living (that's one way to look at it)

We went back to the apartment to check out the swimming pool. We swam a bit and I finally decided to jump in and swim a few laps after staying away from swimming pools for months (I hate swimming).

I still prefer gymnastics

Dad taught Shuan how to float in the water (I learned how to do that when I was about 9) where he kind of panicked a little. We later shifted to the Jacuzzi for some fun.

Everybody in the Jacuzzi
At that time we had the whole pool to ourselves so we headed to the children's pool to try out the slide... I sure miss those good 'ol kiddy days...

We finally decided it was time for dinner so we headed back to the apartment to wash up before heading out again for dinner

After having 1 plate of Char Kuey Teow, 3 dishes of Dim Sum, several helpings of Claypot Chicken Rice and 2 glasses of Watermelon juice, I finally passed out-- I mean fell asleep like a pig in bed.
The next day I woke up with really really bad stomach pains. I rushed to the toilet to see if anything would come out. Nothing but more pain. I tried to make myself vomit. Nothing but lots of saliva and more pain.

I was desperate. I started banging on Mom's door to tell her about my current emergency. Both Mom and Dad woke up.

Sister Miller suddenly called Dad's handphone and she was looking for me. She congratulated me about my new calling as Branch Pianist at church and told me to pick a couple of hymns to play this Sunday. I nearly died trying to sound calm...

After that Mom came out and she told me she also had stomach pains, but they were gone after she used the toilet. As for me.... I had no choice but to rest.

Everyone went out to take Rex to the beach while I had to stay in bed, where I slept the whole day away (even had a few dreams of my friends back in KL) I woke up when Mom called the apartment to check on me. I lazed around a little until everyone came back.

Sa Pek invited us for dinner that night and I was glad that my stomach was better by then. He showed us the beach house he owned (still under renovation). He designed it and showed us around (he also had a pitbull named Handsome over there). Quite a nice house, except that the beach looks horrible (but the landscaping he did for the backyard is awesome)

After that we went to the restaurant which had his favorite fried squid. He told us that you can't buy that anywhere else and I told him that Kakak Tun (our maid) can cook it... except that hers is not as crunchy.

Anyway, his favorite was the squid but my favorite was the CRAB! My plate was a mountain of shells by the time I was done. I even cut my thumb while eating the crab

The dinner conversation was pretty nice as well. I got to hear about my 2 cousins who are both very succesful in Australia studying to become doctors at University. One is studying anesthetics while the other is studying radiology... quite a smart family I must say

After that we dropped Sa Pek off at his home and headed back to the apartment to pack up. We locked up and left...

We dropped by at Sa Pek's place to return the keys (and also to say goodbye to Rex). The poor buy was whining and barking when we left. I gave him 2 goodbye kisses like the ones I give to Simba every day before school. I guess he's likes me since he didn't bite my nose off...

We had a short chat with Sa Pek (and also some Milo) before heading back home...

I guess that's the Kuantan trip. It got me thinking a little more about relatives and all that whatnot, and also what I really want to be when I grow up... quite a lot of thinking in 2 days really.

In fact I got a little bit of stress which I released after playing my new computer game hahaha

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hours Before Kuantan

Dad said we're supposed to leave at 7pm. Look at the time right now. And he's at PJ too...

With any luck, this computer game I'm installing will work and I can have a few minutes of fun before heading down to Kuantan for about 3 days. Boy am I gonna miss the computer

Handphones and... nothing really

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
"The same reason as you have for troubling the whole world. But since I do it in a small ship, I am called a pirate. Because you do it with a great fleet, you are called an emperor."
-A pirate when Alexander the Great asked him what reason he had for making the seas unsafe
Guess what happened this morning

After Early Morning Seminary today Clayton told me that Vivian had told him to pass me the message telling me to go get a handphone.

That's it!

It's like the millionth time I've heard that coming from a friend already (err... this time its coming from a Princess haha). I used to have tons of people asking me why I don't have a handphone. I can take that, I give different excuses all the time

But what I can't take is the dissappointment on their faces each time I give them the housephone number whenever they ask for 'my number'

That's what I'm sick of.

Kind of funny how fast I started bugging Dad about it. The moment I stepped in the car when he came to pick me up I started babbling on about a need for handphones.

During Christmas last year he did ask me whether I wanted Mom's old handphone (Mom got a new one during Christmas). I said no because I wouldn't be able to bring it to school so there'd be no point.


This year they finally set up a rule that you can apply for your handphone if you want to bring it. Kinda nuts but at least we can bring handphones to school, which is still a big no-no for lots of schools.

Anyway, the need (and the peer pressure) increases day by day. I'm not going to bother about the peer pressure, but the need is obviously big. Several times me and Shuan were stranded at the LRT station, with all phones down and no way to contact Mom or Dad. What did we do? Walk home.

And if it rained?


Anyway, enough about handphones. I was 40 minutes late today (Yay, I'm finally later than Teck Chee) for gymnastics. Teck Chee never came...

Anyway, here's one of the funny conversations that took place between me, Jeremy and Ronald earlier today.

We were at the pommel horse at that time, it was Jeremy's turn to do his double leg circles while I was waiting for my turn to do my routine on the floor.

Ronald: Hey, you know how to make lots of money out of bets? Bet on Jonas (Jeremy's brother)

Me: Oh, you mean that he'll fall?

Ronald: Hahaha... yalah

Me: I have a better idea. You pay Jeremy 5 hundred thousand dollars for him to fall while it's his turn, and then you place a million dollar bet that he'll fall off.

Ronald: Haha! I bet he'll fall of right now!

Jeremy: Hey!

(Jeremy starts swinging and sure enough, falls off)

Ronald: Hahahahahaha

(Jeremy starts strangling him)

(I watch them until the calm down)

Me: I have a better bet. I'll bet you a hundred dollars that Ronald's pants will rip when it's his turn on the Pommel Horse.

I didn't get to stick around to see if his pants did rip or not because my turn on the floor finally came.

I was doing pretty badly today (especially at my roundoff flic flacs *sob*), but I guess I was lucky as well because Mr Yong was in an exceptionally good mood, coming up with countless witty remarks that disguised the criticism he was actually giving. Now how's that possible?

I don't know either, but he sure knew how to keep his cool... I knee'd him somewhere while doing a flic flac *again* (I kicked him by accident last week) but all he did was sigh. I just don't get it... I do fairly well in front tumbling (handsprings, front somersaults etc.) but I always end up battered after doing the backward ones (flic flacs). Oh well, at least there are a few signs of improvements, like using my hands instead of head (literally) while doing a flic flac, and using your head hurts

If there was any consolation however, my side ariels today were splendid and I received a few praises from Mr Yong, although my first 2 side ariels were more like twists-in-the-air-before-landing-flat-on-your-face/butt.
After gym Mom and Dad brought me and Shuan to Church because President Cragun wanted to interview each of us...

Guess what

He invited me to be the Branch Pianist.

I don't know if that's good or bad, because at the same time, I'm the only one who prepares the sacrament in our branch... no more sleeping in on Sundays I guess
While we were at church (Shuan and I were fighting over the piano in the RS room) Kakak Tun called. She told Dad the dogs needed more rice, so we went to Ampang Point after our interviews.

Dad asked me to go look for a computer game Sis wants (Siberia), so I borrowed money and ran so I could get myself a game as well (and also one for -1). The problem was, I had forgotten to ask where I was to meet up with Mom and Dad after that, so Shuan and I drifted around until I eventually spotted them.

This could've been a great excuse for getting a handphone (that way I could've called them and saved time), but I figured it was a bad time to start another debate so I just kept quiet... for once...

We found the dog rice, Mom was gonna get a trolley to shift the rice around, but I told her I could just carry it.

"You sure?"

"Of course Mom, I can handle it"

"It's 10 kilos!"

"Oh? Let me see"


"Ceh... this is about as heavy as the amount of books I carry to school on every first day of school..."

Mom just stared at me in shock.

I didn't have to carry it all the way though, Dad came with a trolley because we had to shop for other stuff as well.
When we *finally* got home I went take a quick bath (I put soap, okay?). Scripture study came and went, then I offered to help Dad crop the pictures for the CD he was making for Sis (I already finished mine this morning). Although I was really being sly because that way I could chat a little with Clayton and Marjie.

Marjie went offline after I gave her a few scientific names of animals which she needed (I got confused between Arapaima Gigas and Arapaimas Gigas at one point).

Then Clayton logged on and I was about to start a decent chat with him when Dad started teaching me what I needed to do. I watched what he did, asked a few questions here and there and got to work at lightning speed.

Vivian suddenly came online, catching my attention (luckily that didn't catch Mom's attention... yet) but that put me in a state of decision because I could only chat with one person at a time if I were to be of any help with the cropping.

Clayton or Princess?

You probably know who I picked

Clayton was probably gonna play computer games again anyway so I said good night to that guy...

I finally got in trouble when Mom noticed the constant tapping of the keyboard (I guess I type too fast, but not fast enough for her not to hear it haha) . The conversation ended ever so abruptly, but I swear I wasn't being slowed down!!!

No time to start another debate, so I kept quiet and signed out.

I continued my work and finished so fast I ended up helping Shuan with his share of work...

Now look what I'm doing. Blogging at 1am and there's Seminary tomorrow. Well, that's not much difference from last night when I just couldn't put down that super-cool novel...

Sunday, June 05, 2005

My Missing M&Ms

Mom asked me earlier whether I gave the chocolate to the Princess.

That reminded me of my M&Ms...

I got it from the Youth Conference 3 weeks ago. I had won 3 packets, I ate one on the same day I got it, gave one to the Princess and finally kept the last one for "future use"

While chatting online the other day I offered to give Vivian that packet of M&Ms. Last night when I went to look for them (today was District Conference) I couldn't find them.

Dad ate them

I went crazy... I had saved it for so long (2 weeks is like a century for any chocolate left in the fridge in my house) and Dad just ate it like that.

I bet he just gobbled it down without truly enjoying it... oh never mind

Dad told me to have one of the Cadbury chocolates instead. Cadbury chocolates are nice, but I didn't earn it. Too bad...

I ended up eating the chocolates myself because it melted, since it's not respectful to give Her Highness a bar of poo-resembling chocolate, right?

Oh well, at least she got a framed comic, otherwise there would have been no royal offering today.

About My Super Long Posts

I just visited the Whatever Blog I have with my gang. Hao Ran pointed out that my posts are waaaaay too long.

In case that made you have second thoughts, I am going to make a stand...

I am not going to reduce the length of my posts and that's final!!!

Besides... they're all funny, right? Right???

Oh, never mind

My New Tie

At last! Another tie to add to my collection. Dad gave it to me the other day and I wore it to the church District Conference today.

Me and my new tie

Nothing Better To Blog About

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
"Did you guys have a good sleep?"
Me and my friends didn't sleep that Friday night.

That Friday we met up at school (I got there 1 hour late) and took a bus to Hao Ran's place. We started off our stay by watching some movies Hao Ran created, including the Matrix-like one I acted in with Hsien Chun on the day of our football match. After that we went to the park to create our "ultimate" movie -- The Trade

It was a hilarious one. Hao Ran said he had come up with the idea for quite a while already and he wanted our gang to be the actors. Here's the plot

There are 4 gansters, 2 (-1 and Chern Hui) have a precious stone which the other 2 (Zi Xian and I) want.

The 4 of them meet at a 'pondok' where they start bothering each other until Han reminds them of the stone. Chern Hui 'produces' the stone from his butt and shows it to the others. Zi Xian tries to grab it but -1 slaps his hand and asks for something in return.

Han takes out a packet of Premier Tissue (the camera even zooms in and focuses on the tissue)

-1 grabs the tissue and throws it onto the floor, offended by its worth. He punches Han to the ground and Han gets up and does lightning fast punches at -1, which -1 parries off beautiful (all I had to do was punch -1's moving palms)

All of a sudden Chern Hui puts the precious stone in the middle of them and the immediately stop fighting and back off. Then Chern Hui points at something and -1, Han and Zi Xian all turn to look.

Chern Hui runs off.

He runs towards some poles and ends up hitting his stomach on the poll, flinging the stone away. Zi Xian immediately dives in and rolls on the ground to grab the stone.

The camera then changes to see -1 and Han racing towards the others. -1 revives Chern Hui and suddenly Han punches Chern Hui in the face.

Chern Hui drops and -1 quickly taps Chern Hui on the knee. The reflex causes Chern Hui's legs to spring up, kicking Han in the groin.

Han falls backward and briefly rolls to the ground and passes out.

At this point the camera moves to see Han lying on the floor, -1 performing CPR on Chern Hui and Zi Xian getting up with the stone and running away. Then the camera switches to Han, who wakes up and runs after his partner.

The camera then sees -1 still performing CPR on Chern Hui, who still doesn't wake up. -1 looks around and suddenly sees Zi Xian and Han running away. He leaves Chern Hui to die and runs after them.

-1 imagines himself holding a Samurai sword and pretends to stab Han in the stomach. Han drops dead onto the floor and -1 looks at his hand in curiousity and surprise.

(at this point the sky is so dark the camera can only see darkness, but I'll still reveal the plot)

At this point only -1 and Zi Xian are left. They circle around an obstacle and -1 tries to leap at Zi Xian, crashing into the obstacle before falling onto the floor.

Zi Xian runs away but trips and drops the stone onto the ground

(at this part Hao Ran and I switch places as cameraman)

Hao Ran comes over to pick up the precious stone after scavenging Zi Xian's body for goods. He walks off and the movie ends.

Pretty funny, although it's a little bit wasted because the ending scenes are too dark to be seen.
After the movie we went back to Hao Ran's place to edit the movie (we added music and credits) before having dinner. After that we rode in Hao Ran's car to the LRT station to head towards my place.

We waited at the mosque where I wait for Mom all the time. We bought some soft drinks while waiting and we talked a bit (mostly useless stuff haha)

When we got back things got a litlle messy. After unpacking in my room -1 started playing the piano while Chern Hui sat with him and listened. Hao Ran and I took our baths (we have 2 bathrooms). As for Zi Xian... I guess he just lazed around like at school haha

When Hao Ran and I came out we headed for the computer where Hao Ran transferred the movies onto my computer using his memory stick. Zi Xian went to take his bath while -1 and Chern Hui stayed at the piano.

-1 and Chern Hui later came to join us and we showed Mom our movies.

We compiled them for further use (we are planning to burn all of them into a CD for the whole class to watch after our final exams this year).

After that we kind of drifted around. -1 and Chern Hui went to take their baths, Hao Ran, Zi Xian and I were talking in my room until Hao Ran said he was hungry.

We all went downstairs to the living room where I boiled some Milo for them while Kakak Tun heated up toasted cheese sandwiches and Enchilada.

We ate while watching the near-ending part of The Pacifier. -1 was playing cards through the net on the computer.

Finally I asked who wanted to play my new boardgame (Age of Mythology). Since only 4 players could play -1 was left out, so he watched us.

The beginning of the game was super boring, because we weren't playing the game at all... I had to teach them how to play it first. It ended up like our chemistry class-- the teacher is an expert at the subject but whatever he says is an alien language to the students.

Anyway, we took a break from our board game lesson to have some instant noodles (I went and posted a bulletin at Friendster)

After that I was just about to start another lecture when Hao Ran said we should just learn as we play, which we did.

That way, however, made the game last longer than it should have.

We played and played until 5:30am the next day. Zi Xian won the game oh-so-suddenly at the end. I was really close and came in 2nd. It was kind of silly at the end because Chern Hui knew he couldn't win so he ended up attacking the other players for fun. He lost all the battles haha.

I, on the other hand, was planning a grand plan which I had used to win the game with my brothers. It failed in the end because Zi Xian was the first to build the Wonder... I couldn't build it due to the lack of resources (I was so close!)

-1 was sleeping throughout the whole game (he slept on my bed since we were playing in my room)

When we realized that the game ended at 5:30am, we woke -1 up and talked a bit before moving downstairs to start using the computers.

One by one we took naps. I took a 2 hour nap on the couch while Chern Hui slept for 5 hours on my bed.

When we were all wide awake we played several crazy games on the computer.

The time finally came for them to leave. -1's mom (and Poh Mi) came to pick him up while we were having Sushi for lunch. Poh Mi was grinning at me cheekily because I was wearing my nerdy "goldfish glasses" as she had called them...

Mom later took the remaining 3 friends to the LRT station and I was left alone to work on the movie CD.

Here's a souvenir Chern Hui left me.

The little thingy Chern Hui bought for me when he went to Taiwan

I took the figure as a symbol of our friendship and my friends laughed when I started being overly protective of it after announcing what it meant to me. I wonder what I should get him when I go to Taiwan at the end of the year...

Saturday, June 04, 2005


It is now 5:55 am, my gang and I have not slept a wink since last night since we were playing Age Of Mythology The Board Game the whole time. Only -1 went to sleep, the rest of us just played and played and played.

Until now... Hao Ran is playing Star Wars Battlefront...

Friday, June 03, 2005

Times Square

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
"Amateurs built the Ark; Professionals built the Titanic"
-Kiora quoted it...
Yesterday Mom forced us to do gardening (and the day before that even) and she promised us a reward: a trip to Times Square to watch Star Wars.

We did our job and she brought the family to go watch it.

After the movie things got a little messy

We were walking out when something suddenly caught my attention

I borrowed Dad's camera and ran off

If you remember the Princess and Noble Steed thing, look what I saw yesterday

The Princess Shoe Shop
The problem was that after that, I suddenly couldn't find the others. I wandered around, waited at a few places here and there and finally decided to go down to the car park and wait at the car.

Guess where the car was parked at

The Noble Steed

Later when I decided to go back up something else caught my attention

Chargers Outfitters
Guess what shirt was I wearing

The Chargers Outfitters shirt I bought for my birthday last year
I finally spotted Mom at the Borders Bookstore. She said she found some Calvin and Hobbes books (!) we bought the treasury "The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes". How lovely

However, on the way out I spotted another interesting book- A Pocket Book Of Dinosaurs! It was a small little 250+pages booklet with lots of detailed descriptions of various dinosaurs (I didn't have enough time to scroll and see if it had my favourite deinonychus, but I'm sure they'd include that). Oh well, next time I go to Times Square, I'll get it. But I think the next time I go to Times Square would be a few months.... or years.

I just hate shopping haha

We went to Low Yatt Plaza after that to buy some DVDs before going to some Hong Kong restaurant where I tried their stir fried beef Kuey Teow. Delicious

We went home after that to watch Star Wars again on the DVD we bought heh heh

Weird Dream

2 nights ago I had this weird yet funny dream. It seemed kind of interesting to me so I can't resist the temptation to post it here.

I can't say exactly how it went since dreams tend to get a bit blurry once you wake up.

It's like this, in the dream Dad decided to take us to the Philippines (surprise surprise). Funnier still, we drove all the way there. Stranger yet, apparently Mom and Dad already knew Marjie, and we went to her house to visit. The next strange thing was that Marjie appeared to look like Regine instead of herself. Of course, in dreams that doesn't matter, plus you don't usually realize anything until you wake up.

Anyway, for some reason we left and went to sleep at some old granny's house (???). I think she was supposed to be one of my filipina friends' mother's friend or something like that (very very weird) and she brought us to this cellar filled with err... nothing and told us we could sleep there.

The next day my family and I came across Vivian's dad (???) What was he doing in my dreams???!!! Weirder still, we found out in the dream that he was my cousin! I must've been so confused that I woke up...

Gosh I'm already weird enough in my conscious mind, but now look at my subconscious mind... waaargh...

Football On The Last Day Of Exams

This is so old.... but I finally remembered to blog about it. It was the last day of exams (that was about 3-4 weeks ago), Hao Ran decided to go over to Sam's place to play some football (soccer if you're American), which is what we did. I brought my camera along, of course. But I also took a few pictures at school.

My exam desk

Notice the 6 packs of tissue which I always put on the table during exams in case of my sinus problems (brother Hougaard told me just yesterday that they're allergies). Notice that all 6 packs have Penguins on them (Penguin= dreaded Geo teacher).

I later realized I had forgotten my ruler... a disaster since we were having our math test and were required to draw a graph. The teacher was nice, however, because he (or was it a she I forgot) let me go back to my bag and get it. Ironically I always quote the scout motto "be prepared"

The classroom the guys used for our exam (J1G)

The girls talking back in our original classroom
Something funny happened back at J3B. I went there to study with a few friends (erm, play actually) and I sat on a table (I like to do that)

Guess what?

The table "disintegrated" right beneath me.

I grabbed a chair and came crashing down... some of the girls told me that had happened to Jia Jun earlier before that, so I wasn't the only one humiliated.

I took that as a sign that I had put on weight... must've been because I hadn't been following up on my daily conditioning-- 1 set of front and sidesplits, 1 set of "pancakes" (yummy haha), 15 push-ups to strengthen my triceps, 10 push-ups to strengthen my foreceps, 15 push-ups to strenghten my entire arm, and 30 sit-ups.

Aaaaanyway, I think I'm alright now after some reassurance from some friends haha

Zan Hao and L King
After the exams that day we had a change of clothes before going back to the classroom to help rearrange the tables and chairs. After that Liah and the others had a brief basketball match at the school basketball court (why? Did you expect them to play at the field?)

Liah and the others playing basketball

I brought along my "Matrix Sunglasses" (bought it for 7 ringgit at the Hot Market at Sungei Wang 2 years ago). Kiah Wei was dying to try it on

Kiah Wei wearing my seemingly matrix-like sunglasses
When the rest of the group finally arrived, we set off. Jia Jun and Sam invited their girlfriends to come along as well. Hao Ran joked that they could be our cheerleaders...

Walking to the LRT station

Crossing the road...

They sure look like little kids like that heh heh
We took an LRT to the Cempaka station where we got off and walked to the football field. Along the way the whole bunch of us took a different path and left Liah alone. Poor guy

We got there and Sam was being funny and pointed at this direction and tell me that Yung Hui lives somewhere there. I immediately got out my camera and took a picture of the beautiful scenery (don't you think?)

Okay okay... I know you're thinking I took the picture because Yung Hui lives somewhere there... but look what else I took

Our football/soccer field... well.. mostly the big blue sky actually

Excuses excuses...
We had our first round. I played as goalie thanks to my notorious gymnastic leaps, all of which I didn't need to employ at all thanks to the puddle in front of the goal post which stopped all the balls that came towards (and noone was smart enough to kick a flying ball)

I later switched places with Hsien Chun (midfielder cross with striker I think) because he was exhausted after doing sliding tackles like crazy.

It wasn't long before somebody announced halftime and we all went to take a break. Jia Jun twisted his foot I think. Thank goodness Hao Ran is in the Saint John's Ambulance at school

While we were talking under the shade of a tree Hsien Chun got a little bored and climbed up the tree.

Hsien Chun up the tree
Being real Chinese Copycats, Hao Ran and I couldn't resist joining him

Hsien Chun, me and Hao Ran up the tree
Poor Chern Hui wanted to join us as well

Chern Hui struggling to join us
At that time Beckham and Tiger came for no apparent reason... so....

The Tiger we were escaping from by climbing up the tree haha

Hao Ran massaging Jia Jun's injured foot
After that we played a little bit of football before the others went to have a 2 on 2 basketball match. That was when Hao Ran, Hsien Chun and I sat under the shade and talked about computer games. Chern Hui was busy running back and forth buying flower tea for us.

All of a sudden Hao Ran had a bright idea and said he wanted to make another movie of Matrix-like action sequences. I got out my sunglasses and Hsien Chun, who learns Taekwando, borrowed Liah's sunglasses and we started "fighting". It was pretty fun for us, jumping here and there, mixing Taekwando with gymnastics stunts. One example was Hsien Chun doing a slamming kick onto the ground with me doing a "flare" to get out of the way. Beautiful... but that scene was cut out because Hao Ran wanted to do some acting as well... which was a bit of a waste because he can't do all the interesting stuff Hsien Chun and I could come up with. One of the more fun ones which didn't show up either was me trying to punch Hsien Chun and he grabs hold of my arm, and then the other, and twists my arms while I do a 180 degree spin in the air before dropping down.


You know what, if you want to see the entire sequence (with the added effects such as slow motion and the like), ask Hao Ran to send it to you.

During our 30th take Zan Hao came to remind us that we were there to play football, not Matrix or Kung Fu Hustle (we copied the scene with the lightning fast punches from KungFu Hustle)

I took a picture of our group first

Most of the group that came to play basketball. Liah, Zan Hao, Chern Hui and I aren't in the picture (I was the cameraman)
During our last football match I had a nice little surprise.

I saw a familiar looking person in the distance and suddenly recognized that he was Tze Ming, an old friend back from Chung Hwa Primary School! We were such close friends back then. The "0" in my phone number is replaced by a "6" in his (Charles called me once looking for Tze Ming) while I am only 2 and a half hours older then him. We even had the same hairstyle back then!

I called out to him and he just stared at me as if I was some sort of alien from Mars or something. Probably because I used to be all nerdy with big glasses and combed hair back then. Only when I told him who I was then he started talking.

That funny guy still uses the same excuses for certain questions like he did years ago.

"Oh, you don't need to know that, so don't bother"

Tze Ming and I

Tze Ming: "Drat, I can't believe I'm still in the picture"

Haha, thanks Sam for getting him in the picture
Apparently, Sam and Tze Ming had been friends for quite a while already through football and Sam had invited him to come over and play.

We split into different teams for our final round. I was put in the same team as Sam, Tze Ming and Hsien Chun. Hsien Chun was our goalie.

The last match went pretty wild. Hsien Chun didn't want to miss out on the fun so he ended up being half striker half goalie haha. Meanwhile I was mainly doing all the tackling (nobody in my class can outrun me hahaha). Almost every time the ball went out of control I was the first one to get to it. Since I was a lousy striker I passed the ball to either Sam or Tze Ming each time. Tze Ming apparently has improved a lot after I saw his long range kicks. Stunning

Sam was our striker, being a bit of a nuisance for Zan Hao, who was the goalie on the other team. Hsien Chun, on the other hand, was our so-called goalie-striker. I guess it was okay since the ball only made it to our end of the field a few times, and each time I managed to get to the ball first. It was great however, since Hsien Chun helped to block the path of the better opponents (Liah and Jia Jun)

At one point of the game I was trying to tackle Zan Hao who had the ball with him. I began my sprint for the zillionth time



Zan Hao looks at me with fear in his eyes


Zan Hao runs faster


Zan Hao kicks the ball away in a desperate attempt to keep me away from the ball

Too close! Too close!!!


I can't remember where Zan Hao got hit, but I was hit somewhere to the left of my stomach and we both ended up rolling on the floor. I was the first one to scramble up and get to the ball, which turned into a goal after passing it to Sam. I guess I'm used to falling and rolling on the ground after doing that a million times at gymnastics haha. However, Zan Hao and I were aching for the next few days

The game finally ended 5-0, my team won.

We said our goodbyes and we walked back to the LRT station.

I suddenly realized that my train was coming, and I had to run another 300 metres or so to get to the station


I shot off, using every ounce of strength left. I overdid it.


Worse still, I had cramps on both legs! I stopped running, which made it worse. For some weird reason, the cramp worsens when I stop running, so I ended up half standing, half sitting. I sure looked silly.

I finally gave up and sat down to pull my legs together.

I did catch the train by the way.

Then I had to deal with another problem. How was I supposed to get to the bus stop like that? Crawl???

I said a silent prayer.

The pain went away and I bounced up and started walking.

How lovely.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Last Day With Brother Hougaard

Random Quote From The Yesterdays
"What are you talking about? He always gets it right!"
-Jeff describing me while we were reciting the scriptures from memory
I wish that could be how it's like in all my school tests...

Today was our last Mutual activity with Brother Hougaard.... wait, let me get tissue, I think I'm gonna cry. Haha... just kidding

I was chatting with various friends on both MSN and YM (why do they all have to come online so late???) Then Mom, Shuan and I scrambled into the car and zoomed off

We met up at Pizza Hut... basically the entire group of Young Men. Rowdy and noisy, that's us.

We took a while to order our pizzas because we were all too busy talking about Youth Conference. Things were getting really messy... especially when Dexter started talking about my Blog... aaargh... he just had to mention Mariel and all that whatnot.

Panic situation!


I just love it when someone mentions my blog, but by that time the topic died off and we started talking about Youth Conference again

The pizza finally came and we dug in. I had 4 pieces. Shh... don't tell a soul! I already had dinner even before!

Yeah right... and I'm posting this on something the whole world can read...

After talking for a bit we walked to Ampang Point to get ourselves some ice cream. More talking... until it was time for Brother Hougaard's goodbyes. He gave us his email and handshakes (oh great now I'm thinking about milkshakes) and we parted. Although Shuan and I got a ride in his car to go home

That's basically the most fun part of the day... before that I was busy working in the garden. Entering that zen state of mind where nothing really matters, just like meditating, except your hand is out there holding a parang and hacking away at unwanted vegetation. Well... nothing matters until the ants and mosquitoes start biting you.

Or worse... you step on dog poo