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He will return in 2014.


Welcome to the Han Dynastory!

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Something like the pose Yung Hui asked me to draw... it doesn't look as nice in this picture thanks to a lousy cameraman being unable to take a picture of my entire body

This Week's Gone 3rd Person Perspective

I got this "brilliant" idea last night. Maybe I could narrate this week's event in 3rd person perspective! Sounds like fun


Han woke up half an hour after he last hit the snooze on his alarm clock. He missed early morning seminary. Again.

It took him a while before he realized it was 6:40am instead of 5:40am. He was late.

As soon as he realized this, he jumped out of bed immediately. So began his everyday morning ritual.

By the time he got to school it was too late to realize there was assembly that morning, and that Shao Yu had forgotten to help him bring his instrument downstairs. On any other day it would've been a great oppurtunity for a 500-metre dash to the bandroom and back, but he was lugging around a 10kg school bag, and that's not very nice to run with.

Anyhow, Han made it with less sweat than usual (not a good sign) and lined up with his fellow band members. Then came the surprise of the day, or perhaps the decade.


Student X (name censored as respect for privacy... actually I don't know his name) was in charge of conducting the assembly. He had come up with a creative way to conduct the meeting, which his teacher didn't seem too pleased with when they had a rehearsal last Friday, but he was undaunted.

He stepped up to face the noisy crowd.

"Good morning everyone!" He shouted in English

Instantly all 2500 pairs of eyes were hooked onto him. This was no ordinary day.

Student X went on conducting, weaving his sentences through English and Mandarin.

"Firstly, I would like to express my appreciation to the school for giving me this oppurtunity. Second, I would like to express my appreciation to my parents, for giving birth to me..."


Mr. Loh, the Vice Principal of the school, was stunned. This was probably the worst case of assembly conducted by a student that there's ever been. This new idea of students conducting assemblies has been carried out for less than a year, but still....

He had to do something


The audience gasped. Han could tell something was going wrong, since he couldn't hear the conductor anymore. Instead, all he could hear was Vice Principal Loh muttering something on the mike. By the looks of the students in front of him, it wasn't good. Not that he was allowed to look anywhere besides the distant trees...


After a brief fumble over the mike, Student X had to give in.

"Sorry everybody!"

And he was ushered away by Vice Principal Loh.


Han thoughts drifted gradually. It would have drifted even further if he wasn't holding a Clarinet higher than his head, or if Vice Principal Loh took over as conductor and announced the initiation of the National Anthem. The Band Major briefly yelled a command softer than Han would've liked as he responded by lifting the Clarinet up and placing it in his mouth in one swift motion.

The song ended and then came the Principal's speech. Han grinned, knowing that the Principal's speeches were so long that classes had to be cut short.

Sure enough, at the end of the assembly, Vice Principal Loh announced that the first 5 classes of the day would be cut short by 10 minutes.


After school Han drifted about, wondering what he could do to kill time. He decided to go look for his "trade partner", Poh Mi, to give her the comic he owed her. Sure enough, he spotted her upstairs near Shuan's class, flirting about with a bunch of guys from Shuan's class.

"Hey sis," he started

"Here's that comic I owe you"

Nigel, who happened to be there, made a running leap at Han, which he avoided neatly. Poh Mi told Han to hold on to the comic for a second, and Han decided to have some fun with Nigel and the other guys while waiting for Dad to come pick him and Shuan up. Shir Li was there anyway...


Han was about to get into the car when Nigel came running and asked for a ride back home. Dad agreed but Nigel had to finish eating his noodles first. Han decided to go to the canteen to wait for him.


Poh Mi was out of cash again, and she was hungry too. Looks like she'll have to find someone who would lend her money again. But who? She looked around desperately. A popular "no interest and long repayment time loan shark" caught her eye. She moved in for the kill


Han spotted something at the corner of his eye. The type of movement he knew would result with the emptying of his wallet. Too late, there was no escape.

"Can I have 2 bucks?" she started

"No" he lied

"Please???? Please please please please please please please"

Han would've liked to make her sit and beg some more, but this wasn't his dog Simba

"Okay, you've already repaid your previous loan anyway"

"And your way of begging is cuter than Simba" he didn't say

A smile lit up on her face as he handed her 2 ringgit. Han wondered whether it was gratitude or malice.

"I'm sure there's supposed to be something in return you know, considering that I always lend you money and you always take weeks to return it" he started

She stopped in her tracks. "Oh come on, you already know what I do for you in return. You don't want to make me say it out loud right here, do you?"

Han held back a grin. Poh Mi is probably the only reason Shir Li bothers to talk to him.

He didn't have to keep himself from grinning for long. Nigel had finished his noodles by then.


It was nice for Han to be able to catch up with an old friend in the car, especially since they haven't met for almost 7 years. Their conversation mostly revolved around the friends they shared. Nigel seemed to enjoy it, especially when Han compared Poh Mi's number of boyfriends to the stock market.


A week had come and gone. Han mostly enjoyed it, but then again, even things you once despised before would turn into something enjoyable when you have 2 weeks left till your final exams. Except, of course, exams.

During the lunch break Han walked around, starving. He needed money to buy food. Badly. He remembered the 5.70 Poh Mi owed him, and started off to the Japanese Society Exhibit where Poh Mi was supposed to be on duty.


Poh Mi was standing around with a kimono wrapped around her school uniform, greeting passers-by. Surely there's something more exciting than that.


It took a few seconds before Han realized who he was looking at. In fact, it was her grin that made him realize who she was. She came over to give him a bear hug, but he shrugged it off. Stuff like that would get you in trouble at school.

"Well, what are you doing here?" she asked

"I'm hungry"

"Well, we're selling Sushi at the back" she turned and pointed at some silhouettes

"Actually, I've come to collect the money you owe me"

Immediately the smile dissappeared from her face. She grunted and reached for her pocket, revealing a wad of bills.

"You know, I only need about 1 buck. I can collect the rest of the money some other time, when you're in a uh.... better mood"

She stuffed 3 ringgit into his palms. Showing off the other money she had

"Hey, I promise, I'll lend you money without asking questions next time"

The prepatory bell rang and Han rushed to the canteen with Chern Hui to grab a bite


After school Han decided to head to the Computer Lab to look for his friends. On the way he bumped into Poh Mi. Big mistake. She made him take her stuff downstairs again. He'd been doing that almost every day the whole week. After running her the errand he journeyed back to the Computer Lab.... and bumped into Poh Mi again. This time, she was looking for company.

"Forget about the Computer Lab. Keep me company or else...."

Han struggled to hold back a wisecrack, deciding to play along instead. As they were walking she put an arm around him. He flinched.

"Do you have to do that?"

She got the message. Thank goodness too, he thought. He was determined to bring back his long forgotten standards... no body contact with females apart from handshakes and taps on the shoulder, which are rare enough already

The were enjoying the view of prefects' heads from a floor above when Chek Ying, one of Han's classmates spotted them

"Uh oh, not good" Han started

Chek Ying was frantically pointing at Han and Poh Mi with a hand over her mouth. She wriggled her finger at Han. Desperately he tried to explain. No use. Chek Ying already broke into laughter. Too late. Han decided to join the shadows before he attracted anymore attention. By then Poh Mi was running after one of her boyfrieds, (which Han lost count of) so he calmly walked towards the computer lab.

He didn't even want to know what they would do together, especially after hearing Nigel's report.

Okay, enough with the 3rd person perspective thing... it's exhaustive.

Anyway, those weren't the real highlight of the week. Here's what it really was heh heh...

It was before band practice. The usually hectic scramble where all the band members are throwing their bags all over the place and getting their Band T-shirt out of their bags to go change. I happened to be finishing my PB & Js (That's Peanut Butter and Jam sandwiches if you haven't heard of the abreviation before). Shir Li walked past with her eyes hooked onto the sandwich which was heading into my mouth (pardon the double-wich haha) She suddenly broke into a grin.


I didn't know what seemed so funny to her, but all the same, that smile of hers could make me walk into a wall if I wasn't careful.

Okay, I'm sure you've had enough of that, so here are a few pictures I took this week.

Dad gave me one of his coats and I kind of got carried away with it. Mom said I was always the kid who liked to dress up.

My impression of Keanu Reeves

Haha. There are more pictures, but I don't think I'd like the idea of people falling out of their chairs after reading my blog....

We had our graduation photo session on Friday. Kind of a pointless photo really. Especially if you're cramming 450 students into one photo...

Just for fun I took out Dad's camera

Lining up before taking the picture

The cameramen. They were about 50 metres away

Us restless guys standing for the picture

I guess that's pretty much the week I had. Now it's time for me to get to work on my latest movie: Assassins

Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Trade II Pictures

-1, Hao Ran, Zi Xian and Hsien Chun came over on Friday to film The Trade II. I don't have time to explain the storyline but you can guess that it's pretty cool...

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the more interesting scenes...

Zi Xian, me and -1 about to start a fight outside the "rich man's house" (my house) in The Trade II

Hsien Chun (the sleeping guard) in the foreground while Zi Xian and I are in the background, deciding to climb up to get into the house (there's another sleeping guard in the front door, also played by Hsien Chun)

Me "Lockpicking" the balcony door

Another guard in the house (Hsien Chun again) who, unlike the others, is not sleeping. Instead, he was ready to attack Zi Xian and I, but apparently, he couldn't save himself from the object that dropped from the ceiling after I sneezed

Me and Zi Xian wielding axes after -1, who not only refused to trade, deliberately went and got a parang to attack us.

It might be a little confusing if you don't know what's going on... so I'll give the basic plot anyway.

In the Trade I, everybody is unconsicious at the end. At the beginning of the Trade II, -1 is the first to wake up. He finds Chern Hui dead.... and later he receives a map on how to get a certain object to revive Chern Hui. He follows it to a "rich man's house" (my house) and decides he is unable to get in. He later asks me and Zi Xian for help. Zi Xian and I come out of the house after a brief fight with one of the many guards (all played by Hsien Chun) with the treasure. -1 takes out a packet of tissue to trade, but I already have a whole bag of them, and the trade fails. -1 decides to grab a parang to attack us. Zi Xian and I produce 2 axes to defend ourselves, but we end up fighting over who gets the bigger axe. -1 seizes this chance to ring the doorbell and run away. At this point, Hsien Chun, a guard who was sleeping outside, wakes up and rushes at me and Zi Xian. We fight for a brief moment, and I drop the treasure, which -1 grabs and runs away with. We later find ourselves no match for Hsien Chun, and we run after -1 upon the discovery that he had tricked us. We later find -1 with Chern Hui (alive) and we attack them. They are no match for us, so they run away.

The story is to be continued in The Trade III, which is to be combined with The Fight III (Waylon, Ming Hao and Lance as the actors)


I accidentally found out that I had a Flickr account today, so I got busy with it. Here's what I've come up with so far today.


My "reserved" piece of artwork

Sunday, July 17, 2005

More Misadventures

I think it will be easier to read if I split this post into various stories. That way, you can also choose which misadventure you want to read about.

The Sister

The other day (I can't remember what day) I was taking a stroll around the school with Poh Mi while she updated me on a few things that have been happening in her class. Somehow we ended up going to the library where I went to check my horoscope on the newspaper for fun (I like to see how crazy my day ends up and whether it has any relation to the horoscope). When we went outside she asked when my birthday is. I replied October the 19th of course, then she muttered

"Hah, you're younger than me" (her birthday is on the 11th of September... but 2 years later haha)

"Oh yeah? Then you're my 'jiejie' and I'm your little brother"

"No, you're my little sister"

"Wha-? No way!"

"What 'no way'? There's no 'no way' "

"Fine, but what are the priveleges of being your younger sister"


"Oh great, I bet there are instead, disadvantages if I choose not to be your little sister"



"No buts"

"Fine, you win"

Shortly after one of her friends happened to be walking by and started staring at us. He started

"Is that your new boyfriend?"

I flinched

"No, he's my sister"

I relaxed. That's probably the first "good" thing that came out of being her sister...

Falling While Helping

Get a load of this. We had 2 trial runs for our charity dinner concert and in both cases, I fell while I was helping the percussionists shift their instruments. The first instance was on Tuesday, where I leapt over a puddle and instead, slipped on another puddle. Falling onto my butt and spinning in circles. Thank goodness I didn't sprain my wrist (but it did hurt for the rest of the day). On Saturday, I was running to help when somebody's foot just happened to be there and I tripped over it, falling forwards and skidding on a puddle (I used one of the gymnastic tricks to prevent spraining my wrist). It must've looked pretty funny, but it wasn't funny when I was there being laughed at without anybody coming to pick me up. My teacher was pretty impressed, however. "Amazing, you can fall like that without receiving a scratch at all!"

It was a good thing I didn't slip during the concert itself haha.

Shir Li's Comic

I got bored the other day and I thought I'd make another gift for Shir Li. I needed to know when her birthday was for the comic I had in mind. I remembered it was on February but the problem was I got a little confused between the 13th and 14th. I decided to go to her class during recess to ask. Sure enough, she wasn't there.

I bumped into Poh Mi on the way. I raised my right eyebrow (my trademark greeting) but she didn't seem to catch it. Instead, she got 'angry' and said "Oh, so I'm invisible, is that it?" I tried to explain myself but she wouldn't have any of it so I just went on my way.

I got to Shir Li's class and she wasn't there, as Yong Yu and her friend told me. I decided instead to ask them whether they had any clue when Shir Li's birthday was. They weren't really helpful but I guessed that I had gotten it right. I did check one of my "secret sources" and yes, it was on the 13th... immediately after I went back to my desk to get to work.

I got home without any homework to do so I started working on the comic. It took about 2hours (or at least, I played the Dave Koz Saxophonic CD at least 5 times on my discman). I later wasted a bit of time trying to decide how to frame the comic. I ended up using a fluorescent cardboard...

The next day I went to Shir Li's class during recess. She wasn't there again but Poh Mi was there and demanded that I surrender the comic to her (she meant to give it to Shir Li later) I argued that I'd rather give it to Shir Li myself but she wouldn't have any of it and she forced me to escort her to the canteen downstairs. Zi Xian was on duty at the staircase and I waved to him while giving a distressed look haha. I later gave Poh Mi a slip at the canteen and rushed back upstairs to grab the comic. I rushed back downstairs as if I was in some sort of rely race and handed the comic to Shir Li. A rare grin lit up across her face.


I might have fainted just there if it hadn't been for Poh Mi who kicked in.

"Hey, what about mine?"


At that moment William walked past and Poh Mi started bugging him. I grabbed him by the arm and used him as an excuse to leave.

"Sorry Jiejie!"

Poh Mi Acting Strange

Not that she wasn't strange in the first place but she has been doing a few things that I've never seen her do before. When I was upstairs preparing for the mock concert and spotted her downstairs. I called out to her as a greeting and she yelled something which I didn't hear. I went downstairs to ask her what she said. Instead, she came right over and gave me a bear hug. What in the world? A bear hug? Since when did she get that idea? I stood there and stared at her friend, who seemed equally puzzled. We took a stroll and talked a bit. At one point her friend found out that I've just become Poh Mi's 'sister'. She said something really disgusting (disgusting as in rare for a girl to say, but for boyish standards... you can hear it every day) and she went to make a phone call. That was when Poh Mi updated me on the latest guys who have been going after Shir Li as well. You must understand, the reason why I've been so obedient to her is also because in return, she helps me keep an eye out for Shir Li. Anyway, she started muttering about some guy who is about a year older than me, and how I look better than him anyway, and how she thinks I'd do a better job blah blah blah. I thanked her for the compliment and encouragement and she suddenly grabbed me. "Hey, seriously, I want a comic too" I shrugged and she put her hands on my face

"Aww.. come on, you have a beautiful face, and you have a beautiful heart and you-"

"Okay okay okay!!! I'll draw one for you by next week!"

"It better be a good one!"

"I ask you: has there ever been a comic I have given away that is not a good one?"

She laughed and walked away

All of the above are pretty strange actually. And on the next day (the night of the concert) every time she walked past the room where I was practicing with the band she would send a flying kiss (one of her trademark greetings) and I had to return it out of manners. Later when we were lining up to go perform she happened to be on the other side of the window. I gave her a flying kiss first so that she wouldn't get 'mad' at me haha. The strange thing is that instead of commenting that I look ugly in the white shirt and tie (which I don't! haha) she started cheering me on. Weird.

So there you go. Another exciting week. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to make a trailer for the "Whatever" movie I've been working on with my friends for the past few months.

Dropping By

It's near 1am. I just came back from the school's 50th Anniversary Fund-raising Dinner+Concert and I am completely exhausted. I had tons of misadventures throughout the week, all of which you can read about after I get back from church tomorrow. Just a quick update on what's been going on around here:

I am aching all over around my chest and abdomen (40 pushups and 70 situps is a sort of entertainment for me and some friends), I am putting on a little weight (either that or my belt is shrinking haha), Poh Mi has been acting strange lately (read about it tomorrow), I slipped twice at school without receiving a single scratch, I gave Shir Li another comic without reason nor warning (you should have seen the smile that lit up on her face), Teck Chee is still unable to reach his goal of managing a handpsring layout 1 and a half twist, I can now do a roundoff flic flac without worrying about breaking my neck (I landed on my head once last year), I have not had a decent talk with any of my online friends for weeks already (band practices, concerts and an overdose of computer games have taken their toll) and my blog is as quiet as ever.

The comic I drew for Shir Li (read about the misadventure tomorrow)

Yes, tomorrow. Tomorrow I will have quite a few stories to tell.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Photos Of The Week

So many things happened I'll just let the pictures do the talking...

The taiwanese band that came to our school on Tuesday for an exchange

The combined clarinetists of 2 bands, and I'm still the only male...

The taiwanese clarinetist (Yu Zhen I think) with our saxophonist... they looked so alike everyone was talking about them haha

Zi Xian teaching us Geography...

The stage for our charity dinner under construction

Me when Kheng Lam took the camera

The vandalized CD I keep under my desk as a useful mirror when someone gets vain (Sook Yee used it the other day)

A picture taken in front of a mirror (left to right: Hsien Chun, Zan Hao, Me, Kiah Wei)

Hao Ran filming me

Hao Ran filming something. Notice how everyone is moving except him
I started experimenting with the Coupling Shot feature on Dad's camera the other day. It came up with some really interesting pictures heh heh heh

Zan Hao has a twin

Zan Hao playing pat a cake with himself...

Zan Hao wearing a skirt??

Liah with his butt against himself
Hao Ran and I came up with the plot for the sequel to our best movie, The Trade. Hao Ran is filming The Fight 2 today as well. He said The Trade 3 will be combined with The Fight 3, and he already has a basic idea how the characters in both movies will meet. The only problem is finding more time for filming.

And then on Friday, after school, I was talking to Poh Mi when she suddenly told me to look the the right. As I did she commented how the left side of my face looks great (but the right is still full of pimples). She said something like "Your face is beginning to look good, soon you'll become beautiful and maybe I'll fall in love with you" Funny choice of words

Sure enough, the next day my face exploded with more pimples...

On Saturday I woke up with a bad case of runny nose. It got worse when I got to school. In fact it was so bad that during band practice Shir Li came up to me with a grin on her face

"You crying?"

"No, just a bad case of runny nose. You are very determined to see me cry aren't you?"

"Absolutely correct hehee"

Shao Yu gave me her anti-flu pills after that (I provided her with 2 packets of tissue earlier during the week when she had a runny nose so she was returning me a favor). My nose kind of cleared up after that. Thank goodness too, because it might have been disastrous playing the clarinet like that.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Guess Who Was Changing Clothes In The Classroom Again?


MSSKL and Sports Day

The state gymnastics competition was held this Wednesday (MSSKL). Shuan and I both represented the school in the Under 15 category.

It took a pretty long period of time before we finally competed. Teck Chee was there too, and so were a huge bunch of other gymnasts (and ex-gymnasts too)

We competed in Vaulting first. Shuan and I did a handspring and got 2nd and 3rd place (YAY!) while Teck Chee did a sukahara but he fell, so I beat him by 0.02 points... The winner was Shaun, who did a full twist on the vault.

We waited a little while longer and our turn finally came for the floor competition.

It was kind of crazy the way my routine went. The tumbling skills I normally couldn't do while training (handspring front, pike front, roundoff flic-flac, side ariel) all went nicely. On the other hand, all the simpler combination skills I used to do perfectly all went wrong. My hurley tour dropped to the side, and when I did the legs twisting thingy (a bit like breakdancing) I fell to the same side as where the hurley tour fell. And then I ran out of space to do my headspring. Aaaaargh

I scored a measly (but not so bad compared to a whole bunch of other greenies) 6.2

I guess it wasn't too bad since all my skills were A skills (those aren't worth much) while all the other veterans (Teck Chee, Shuan, Kelvin, Shaun, Iqbal etc) were doing B and C skills. B's I heard are at least a roundoff flic-flac back tuck. And C's involve twists while you're upside down doing a layout in the air. Beautiful to watch, nightmarish to do.

It's sad really, because I didn't get into MSSM again

Below are some pictures of MSSKL

Ray competing

Teck Chee

Some of the gymnasts who were there

Hakim, the 16 year old veteran who looks more like he's 12

Me and Shuan when we got our medals. Just look at my arm! 2 colors! That's what you get when you're out in the sun marching in the band all day long

It just so happened that MSSKL was on the first day of sports day. After MSSKL I went to Hao Ran's house to spend the night. Of course, -1, Zi Xian and Chern Hui were there as well. Our real goal of meeting up was to refilm our greatest movie "The Trade". There were some scenes at the ending that were too dark at that time, so we refilmed that part. Now the movie is so cool!

The next day we got up at 4:30am to start packing and getting ready for the second day of sports day.

Sports day was a little rough for our class. Nobody won in any competition. I took part in the 4X400 metres relay with Jason, Jia Jun and the joker Hua Kian. Jason started off in front, but ran out of energy at the turn, so he ended up last. Jia Jun tried his best to catch up, but still ended up last. Hua Kian managed to catch up by about 50 metres, but was still last. Then it was my turn. I shot off and overtook one guy, but near the end my strength was ebbing and he began to catch up. I ran faster but it wasn't enough. As soon as he overtook me I had to give in... I still had to play in the band after that.

Speaking of the band, boy did I suffer. I only had about 20 minutes to catch my breath before I had to start playing the clarinet while marching (our band played Aztec Fire for the performance)

After that I basically lazed around until the closing ceremony (where I had to play the school song)

While I was walking around with the clarinet someone from the choir called me. She said they needed help getting the first note for the school song, so she asked me to play it. I played it once, but it was too noisy for anyone to hear, so I played louder. They heard it and started singing. The funny thing is they all started cheering and applauding when I left. I turned back to wave. Made my fellow band members wonder what was going on haha

So there it is, Sports day came and went. Our class didn't win anything but so what? I represented the school for gymnastics and got a medal hahahahahahahaha