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He will return in 2014.


Welcome to the Han Dynastory!

As I am now serving a full-time mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have left this blog under the stewardship of a family member, who may post updates on how I'm doing as he/she sees fit.

Enjoy your stay!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hours After Kuantan

I'm back from another *exhausting* vacation

Talk about crazy. On Monday Mom and Dad told us we'll be going to Kuantan to visit uncle Sa Pek and his dog Rex on Tuesday. Then on Tueday morning Mom told us we'll be going to Malacca to watch Shuan compete in the gymnastics MSSM competition... it was kind of dissappointing for Shuan though. He overspun his roundoff flic-flac back-back and landed on his head or something like that. Immediately after he face scraped the floor while doing a sideariel like I did a few months ago. Thank goodness he was still alright after that.

Teck Chee, however, was a real clown during the competition. Not only did he make loads of funny faces during his routine, he was even clapping with the audienc after finishing his routine... and he nearly forgot to bow. I could tell the judges were holding back a laugh.

I then watched the other gymnasts from our team like Francis and a few others. Shawn didn't compete because his leg hurt or something like that. Too bad.
After watching a couple more gymnasts from other states, we had to head back home... so that we could go to Kuantan afterwards. Of all crazy things.

Before going home we went to the famous Yong Tau Foo at Ampang near my old methodist kindergarten to have lunch. And after that we went to buy some food and drinks for our trip to Kuantan.

We went home, and left soon after when Dad got back... we got to Kuantan at night so we didn't get to enjoy anything the whole day except car ride after car ride. Or in my case, the company of Teck Chee and Poh Mi via SMS
This time when we went to the apartment, there were some err... complications.... I don't know how to explain it but we ended up trying to open somebody else's door. Imagine the looks on our faces when a sleepy, surprised man opened the door at 11pm.

We later found the apartment which we were supposed to get. This time we were smart... Ern and I brought the Playstation along. Haha... imagine going all the way to Kuantan just to play games until 1am.

The next morning we headed straight to uncle Sa Pek's house to bring Rex to the beach. Thank goodness this time I wasn't down with a stomach ache like last time. Ugh.

So... we brought Rex to the beach where we swam around and he started whining when we kept swimming further and further.

We only had about half an hour before we had to pack up... we were to have lunch with uncle and aunt (not Rex) and then Mom and Dad had to attend some seminar/dinner back in KL.

We had a nice lunch (I had a chicken chop with mushroom sauce with ice cream to wash up afterwards) and then we zoomed back home. I would've slept the whole trip if it weren't for my blocked nose which caused me a certain amount of distress.. especially when I tried to sleep. Thank goodness for the handphone and Poh Mi being an SMS away. Otherwise I might have been counting the hair in the van left behind by Rex. we got home and tomorrow I'm supposed to go to school to help teach some math to my classmates and also to learn a bit of chemistry from Hao Ran. After that I'm even going to play football with Sam and the others. Goodness knows what I'm going to do on Friday.

Photos of the trip to Kuantan will be provided sooner or later. Stay tuned

Sunday, August 21, 2005

The 3 Nephites And John The Beloved

Earlier we had our family scripture study and we read 3rd Nephi. We read about the 3 Nephites and after finishing the chapter, Mom asked, if the 3 Nephites and John the Beloved were around during the Apostasy, then how could the Priesthood be gone from the earth during that time?

It struck me pretty hard. Luckily Dad came in

"Though the 3 Nephites and John had the Priesthood, they didn't have the keys, which were only brought back onto the earth during the Restoration, meaning they didn't have the authority to go around sustaining people and forming a church"

I guess that sounds reasonable. But I thought of another possibility that they might have been temporarily removed from the earth, like how the Lord removed the 3 Nephites for a while when the Nephites were extremely wicked.

Well, it's a thought. If any of you LDS readers have another idea (or a real explanation), I'd be glad to hear it

Night Blogging Returns

Yup. It's a holiday!

Talk about crazy. I just got back from a church meeting where the missionaries trained us on how to preach the gospel. It turns out Johann (we were friends since we wore diapers) and Jonathan were there as well.

Not exactly a good thing.

Jonathan was being exceptionally bothersome earlier... so I counterattacked, of course, Johann was beside me and displayed true eagerness to help a friend... joining my anti-Jonathan rebellion... or something like that. In the end Sister Suzie, Jonathan's Mom, came over to and hauled the 3 of us out.

"I'll say it straight-- you guys are disrupting the others who are trying to listen"

And we went back in. Sister Cragun struggled to hold her laugh. Johann and I ended up laughing as well. But of course, we had to keep quiet or else she'd haul us out again haha.

After the meeting Jonathan took me outside and said "I'm going to kill you now" (he had been repeating that sentence over and over earlier) I decided to play along to make it easier for me to escape. "Okay, let's go somewhere dark, so nobody can see you kill me" I can't believe he fell for it. The darkness made it easier for me to escape. It wasn't hard to run away from someone like Jonathan. I guess he didn't know exactly how fast I run so.... within 15 seconds I was out of sight already. I ran into the sacrament hall where Johann was playing the piano and I hid behind it.. It sure worked. Jonathan didn't catch me. It's kind of pathetic how I have to run like crazy from a 12 year old with "problems"

On the way home Christin called my handphone and we talked a bit. Apparently her brother wanted to talk to me or something and I talked to him and then we hung up. Then I was about to get back to my computer to start blogging when somebody using William's number called and asked stuff like "Is your refridgerator broken, do you want to buy a new one, please call..." and then hung up.

I hate prank calls.

Ever since we started getting phone calls from some kid muttering gibberrish on the other line I've hated prank calls. Sometimes when the phone rings while we're all doing something important, we have to stop and rush to the phone in case the phone call is important as well, and then we find it's some stupid kid fooling around with the phone. And the same kid all the time, even! So there you go,

I hate prank calls.

I grabbed the house phone and called the person back and asked for a freaking explanation. As expected, they gave me more rubbish. They even dared to throw in a couple of curses like ***hole, b*tch and even the F word. I played along at first, trying to be polite, but when I asked for an explanation they gave me more crap and hung up.

That's when the person people usually see me as switched personalities.

No more mister nice guy.

I called back to ask what the heck was going on for one last time, still they wouldn't explain anything... and then.....


I came out of my room and headed back to the computer. Mom suddenly asked

"Who were you shouting at?"

"Prank callers"

"Oh, the ones earlier?"


I started bloggin halfway when William called me up, and when I asked him what was going on he appeared to be clueless so I hung up.

I went back to the computer and suddenly the prank caller called my handphone again.


I asked for an explanation immediately and finally the person revealed herself as Debbie. Apparently William got a new phone number and gave his old one to Debbie and she decided to mess around with it. Mom was staring at my with her eyes wide open. Considering the tone of voice I was using, you would've been like her if you were in her place.

Anyway, she apologized and I accepted the apology, true to all the principles of forgiveness I've learnt at church all my life. So.... after you read this, pretend nothing happened.

However, there are lessons to be learned. Or more like, things I should reflect upon. Like how I could lose my temper so easily in front of complete strangers. That has never happened before. How I was so rude the way I talked to a girl. That has not happened before either... or at least, I hope not haha. Next I wonder why I'm suddenly like this. Is it because of some frustration I've had previously that made me explode suddenly? Am I not as relaxed as I think I am? Is the continuous number of exams taking a toll on my sanity? I was never like this before, and obviously, I don't like it now.

Perhaps the short break will give me time to think about this... well... after I finish my Math and KH PMR model papers, that is.

One More Week To Study

Exams are over, and I got back my phone. The end.

Imagine what my blog would be like if every post was like that.

Okay, so maybe there's more than just that. Exams lasted until Tuesday, and we got our results back fast (we have a break this week). These are my mostly satisfying results...

Chinese 55
Malay 56
English 88
Math 77
Physics 80
Biology 67
Chemistry 55
History 29
Geography (not yet)

Okay, so maybe the History results are a little shocking, but I'm obviously very pleased with my Physics and Biology results. With results like these, I should be able to get into the Science Stream next year, which is my ultimate goal so far.

Speaking of next year, I attended a seminar on "Form 3 going on Form 4" where we were exposed to the many different subjects you can expect in the Science Stream and Commerce Stream. That's when I finally decided I am definitely going for the Science Stream. We even heard that next year Science Stream students will be split up according to their English abilities, meaning I won't be able to see Zi Xian anymore haha

Anyway, apart from that I also worked on improving my Math... by teaching Poh Mi. Apparently her own brother (who is a reasonable prodigy at it) wouldn't teach her, so I took on the challenge... each question took me at least 3 explanations to get it through her haha. And in return she gave me an assignment... an espionage mission. Okay, I'm just exagerating. I was asked to keep an eye out on a guy from my class and see what results he got for his exams, then I was supposed to calculate his total average for her. Anyway that's what I did. It was fun while it lasted, but now guilt is taking over. Maybe I shouldn't have done it...

Anyway, today at church the KL branch combined with the Cheras Branch... and President Chan announced that the Cheras Branch was to be disbanded and merged with the KL branch until we "fill all the seats until there is no more room". Yay, now I can humiliate myself on the piano in front of even more people haha.

2 days ago, on the last day of school, my gang and I went straight to his house after that to film The Trade II. Unfortunately it rained so we were stuck indoors watching old movies we made like Chocolate Fun (featuring the Chocolate himself), Cameramen Strike Back (a sequel Hao Ran made to one a "news flash" I created), The Fight II and Class Conflicts. Later that night, after taking our baths, the 5 of us sat in Hao Ran's room with nothing to do.... mostly talking and listening to the radio. And then Hao Ran got his camera out and we took a few black and white pictures due to the unsuitable lighting. But anyway here's one he took of me, upon my request.

Some people have a dark side... apparently this might be mine
After that I proposed that we film a short black and white skit, entitled "Prison". It was a short and silly 1 and a half minute skit about Zi Xian, myself, Chern Hui and -1 in jail after getting caught for our crimes in The Trade series. Just like in the series, Chern Hui and -1 provoked us and Zi Xian and I were about to attack them when Hao Ran, the guard, comes back in to check on us. A great anti-climax.

The next day we all woke up "abruptly" after Hao Ran muttered something and I replied. Even before eating breakfast we were out filming The Trade II, with the added bonus of a sunrise. After completing the movie we went back to eat breakfast and pack up. Once I get the movie (which turned out to be 100 megabytes large) I'll put up some pctures of them.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Gymnastics Shots

I had a chat with one of William's many friends yesterday (I was trying to help her get Shuan to talk to her, but he wouldn't have any of it) and apparently she said gymnastics is sissy, or at least, that's the way I interpreted it...

Anyway, in case any of your are starting to get any silly ideas (or already had them). Here are some pictures of oh-so-sissy gymnastics skills. (the pictures are blurry, but you can't blame a camera with a low frame rate)

Teck Chee doing an Arabian so high, I didn't get his entire body in the picture

Teck Chee's Giant Circle. It's fun to place bets on this skill due to his lack of consistency on its success haha

...meaning to say... this is a priceless picture

My flic flac... not a very good one actually. In fact, the first flic flac I ever did was without hands. Accidentally, of course... which is also why I had to stop doing them for about a year to work on the basics

My favorite Sideariel

Shuan's Pikefront

Hakim's Layout Half Twist (without the usual roundoff flic flac)
I thought of putting up "lucky" photos of us screwing up a skill but it might be a little bit morbid so I dropped the idea.

Anyway, if you did, by chance, enjoy these pictures... I would gladly put up more heh heh


I don't think there's much more to say than that.

Apparently, the smoke came from Indonesia, but judging by the seriousness, it looked unlikely to have come from that far, instead, lots of us suspect it's from Malaysia itself... but anyway, it's gone now, but instead poor Charles at Penang has it haha.

The haze was so bad, school was cancelled on Thursday and Friday (and Saturday for us chinese schools)... meaning we had a bonus of 4 more days to study History and Physics (last week was exam week)... which I totally wasted...

Another "big" event that happened was that my phone got confiscated after getting into an argument with Dad. And judging by the way things are right now, I don't think I'm going to get it back... but it doesn't matter... since he returned the SIM card and I have at least 300 ringgit to spend after budgeting for almost a year. You know where this is going

Sunday, August 07, 2005

"Yue Ye Yue"

On Monday our band had a combined concert with 2 bands, one from Taiwan and Kuen Cheng.

We left school at around 12:30pm and we went to the "New Vision" University or something like that. I won't bother going through everything we did (like I usually do) but I'll highlight a few things instead.

One of the things that happened was the exchange. Imagine 30 Clarinetists having an exchange. And imagine 3 boys only. And imagine only one of them in the conversations. I've been the only male Clarinetist in my band for about 2 years already (one switched schools and the other turned to the tenor sax). Anyway, there were no boys from Kuen Cheng because it's a girl school, and there were 2 boys from Taiwan. However, one played the Bassoon and the other played the Bass Clarinet... not exactly the instrument I play. So there we were, 30+ students all wondering where to start. I looked at the 2 boys. One was chewing on his reed while the other was listening to some music -- not very sociable looking. I guessed I had no choice but to mix with the girls.

We didn't have any real conversations actually, since the group was so large. But it so happened we started sharing jokes. I was the first to start. It was a cold joke, but I think it's really funny. Most of them laughed anyway. I shared a few more, without much results. The problem about chinese chinese is that they have a different sense of humor. And apparently not a very intelligent one either. I told a joke that was supposed to make fun of someone and only Shao Yu got the joke and laughed. The rest were like, "what?"

Then there was my favorite riddle: "What did the apple say to the orange?"

Answer: nothing! Apples can't talk!

I ended up being the only one laughing... and at my own joke, even. Sigh...


I also seized the chance to be nice to Shir Li at every chance possible. I bet you don't need (or want) any details but here's one of the things I did anyway.

Shir Li lost her water bottle (they gave us free ones at the beginning of the day) and I offered to look into it. Of course, we didn't find it and I told her I'll ask the Band Major about it. Apparently they weren't going to give out anymore. So... you know what I did. I went and bought a bottle for her (I didn't tell her in case she felt bad)

So there you go. That's just one of the things I did


On the way home (in the bus) William got bored and started making prank calls (to people he knows of course). Calling people up and making weird noises when they pick up the phone. I tried to sleep, but I couldn't help laughing at the reactions of the people he bugged.


We finally reached the school... at 11:30pm. I ended up going to bed at 1am. It's a miracle I was able to wake up for school the next day.


Below are 2 photos Dad took.

Me and Hsien Chun during the "Yue Ye Yue Performance"

The 2 Coaches. One from the Taiwan Band and 'Sir' who teaches Kuen Cheng and us

Simba Oh Simba

As if Poh Mi's not the only one acting weird lately... look what Simba was doing on the floor the other day irresistable. I just had to put down my things and give him a tummy rub. Even after bad days at school I have something nice to look forward to

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Big News

Yeah, Dad suddenly told me I can have his phone when he brought me out to buy shoes. He bought himself a new phone so...

...and look who's messages are already in my inbox