After much preparation, the young self-proclaimed Emperor of The Han Dynastory is now serving a full-time mission to the UK with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He will return in 2014.


Welcome to the Han Dynastory!

As I am now serving a full-time mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have left this blog under the stewardship of a family member, who may post updates on how I'm doing as he/she sees fit.

Enjoy your stay!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

UEC Trial Exam Results

Hold on to your seats! Here come the results!

English 94 (still hoping it'll be enough to be the highest in the entire form)

Mandarin 43 (my teacher especially liked the unique opening of my essay, which scored a nice 20.5 out of 30... although I scored 17 out of 60 on the 2nd paper)

Malay 61 (it's been a while since I passed)

Math 76 (teacher said I could do better)

Biology 48 (it was hard, Zi Xian who usually scores 90+ got a 70+)

Chemistry 76! (I have to thank Zi Xian and Hao Ran for teaching me, and the teacher who wrote the exam who gave us chemical formulas for the subjective questions, where I scored 28 out of 30)

Physics 91! (I nearly tripped on my school bag when I went up to get the paper)

History 27... (that's what you get for not knowing anything other than WWII history)

Geography (so far I have nearly 21 on the objective questions)

Computer 91 (careless mistakes prevented me from getting 100 again)

Art 32/40 (it was a written test... and that's 80% by the way)

Imagine my joy when I received my Physics results. I was the 5th highest in class! Imagine my surprise when I received my Chemistry results. First time I passed I got a 76! Of course, my biology failed me, although results like these will still guarantee a spot in the Science Stream next year. Another interesting thing is that I reached the limit for my Art Total Average: 98. I'm kind of lucky as well. One other teacher gives 95 as the limit (they say nobody's art is perfect, so nobody gets 100).

Speaking of exams, I retook the PE exam the other day. I didn't have to retake the running one since I always score the maximum amount in that, although this time I came in the 2nd fastest in class (I'm getting rusty). What I did have to retake was basketball test. I'm sure by now most people know I suck at almost every ball game... which is quite natural since cartwheels and roundoffs and sideariels have nothing to do with basketball or volleyball etc. Although there was this one time I was doing one arm cartwheels while playing badminton with -1, Hao Ran and Chek Ying.

Anyway, so in the basketball test there would be 3 guys spread across the court. The person being tested would start from one net and pass the ball back and forth between the 3 guys (without dribbling) and finally when he reaches the other net, he shoots. For guys to score the maximum points, we'd have to do it within 10 seconds. The first time I tried was horrible. Not only did Yow Kit miss the ball when I passed it to him, he blamed it on me saying it was my own fault. Oh well, better not argue with him unless you want to end up in the hospital... or the garbage bin like Hsien Chun ended up in when their "playfight" got a little rough. Another problem about me is that I was running too fast. Those idiots who were supposed pass the ball back at me didn't think I'd be "over there" a lot faster than the others, meaning I was too far away for them to pass the ball to me safely even before they knew where I was. Next is my horrible shooting. Ask all the Young Men in the Branch who played basketball with me. I'm sure at least one of them would have something to say about my shooting.

So anyway, the little problems above got me a zero on my first try. I had at least 10 shots at the net until I ran out of the minimum time. I got to retake it last Thursday, where I was a little luckier since I only had to shoot the ball about 2-3 times before getting it in. All in good time too: 8 seconds. The next thing I have to worry about is this uh.. group exercise... I don't know what it's called in english but we do it in the morning once a week. Each day a different Form will gather downstairs in the assembly area and the music will come on and everybody starts doing the uh... ritual. Very basic things which nobody bothers about... except me. There was even one time the Head of the Sports Department in school complimented me in front of the whole Form. I was later asked to stand up front to give a demonstration for 2 consecutive weeks. Needless to say, I think I should be able to do fine on that exam.

Anyway, it's a week more till PMR, and after that it'll be about 2 weeks more till UEC, and after that... I don't think we can call it "school" anymore

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Once Again Zi Xian Has Thrown Me Off My Chair

Zi Xian did a hilarious narration on a little event which happened during a geography class at our whatever blog. Those of you who read mandarin and have not read it yet, go there now. It's not like you catch Zi Xian coming up with something as funny as that every day. I did think of translating it for the sake of having something to read over here, but I found it involved too many puns, so too bad...

Sunday, September 18, 2005


It's Mid-autumn Festival today (aka Mooncake festival thanks to commersialism) and I spent the last few hours at the dining table, eating my heart out while talking with Mom and Dad. After having chicken rice for dinner, we had pomelo and then baked chestnuts and mooncakes and finally rootbeer floats to top off. A funny mixture, but after that I even went and got out the honey dew. I have a bad feeling I'm going to have to do extra conditioning tomorrow....

Anyway, amid our delightful conversation I had asked about Dad's childhood memories... which he didn't really talk about that much. Mom, on the other hand, had more to say. Just last Friday Shuan and I sat at the table with Mom eating Kuih and listening to Mom's childhood stories. How she used to go to school and all that. Today I asked her about Grandpa and Grandma's childhood.

It kind of got me wondering what type of memories would I have of my childhood when I grow up. I think of keeping this blog forever as my journal but, after, say, 20 years, will Blogger still be running? I think I need to store all my posts somewhere offline....

Anyway, back to the point, from where I am right now, when I think of my childhood memories, I don't really remember that much with any fondness. Like how I've forgotten how much I loved to line up my little toy cars like a typical Kuala Lumpur traffic jam. I only found out I used to lovedto do that after Dad played some of the old family videos and told me about it. Mom told me how engrossed I was with it, getting all mad when some cars would stand up and she'd have to help me out. I look back and laugh at all of this right now. In a few years time I'll be laughing at what I'm doing right now.

What I remember most is my bicycle. I used to have so much fun cycling with an Indian neighbour back in the old house at Ampang Jaya. In fact, one of our favorite family outings were on bicycles. Those days are long gone. Nowadays cycling is just a faster (but still fun) way to get to the grocery store to buy stuff Mom needs. Every now and then I cycle with my old fried Joe Wee from Primary School, who was like the neighbour I never knew back in Ampang Jaya. He's shown me all the stuff I've never done before like fishing, and I've shown him stuff he's never done before like climbing in and out of a 2-metre deep drain to help him fish.

Every now and then scenes from my life as a little monster would flash back, like how I was half-drowned by one of Jiejie's friends and hated him for that until I grew out of it. Me riding on my little bike with trainer wheels, making lots of noise but unable to keep up with my sisters. Me chasing after our dog that bit me and gave me nightmares.

Another fond childhood memory is of Auntie Diana from Ipoh. Although not an actual relative, she's always been around to take care of every single kid in my family for 2 months after birth. Even now she'll send us birthday letters.

Now I think about more recent memories. Every now and then I'd run through a few old blogs, thinking how silly they seemed, how I think they're always revolving around a girl of some sort... come to think of it, I think that hasn't really changed hahaha. Sometimes I wonder, has blogging helped me grow in psychological or spiritual terms? I don't really know.

Back to recent memories and experiences, I think some of the things that has affected me a lot is Marielle. Okay, so she's not a 'thing'. What I mean is that she kind of opened up my eyes in a way, she made me realize how some people can think of me. She kind of unlocked the self-esteem I never knew I had... although now I think it's turning into arrogance. Oops.

Other things I hope to look back at and say "that was what made me" include the opening of the "whatever blog", which is still running thanks to the constant input by -1 and the others (especially Hao Ran). What started off as a blog to copy each other's homework (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit) has now turned into a place of fond memories of our last year in Junior Secondary school.

For now I guess it's best I don't bother about all these things and get own being whatever I bother to be right now and leave my future self to decide whether my current actions will make good memories, like how I promised Shir Li 5 comics for getting 100% in the computer test.... I still have 4 more to go. I guess this will make one of the many sillier memories.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Alive! With 2 More Exams To Go...

I couldn't have said any better.

Just when we thought we're gonna party, we remembered there's the actual PMR and UEC exams. Oh well....

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Not Studying?

It's funny. Everbody else is frying their brains out preparing for our UEC trial exams which is this week. Worse still, tomorrow is the dreaded History exam... and as everbody knows in our school, history exam=memorizing page after page of chinese words which don't make any sense to me.... or actually, that's the way it seems to me. Even worse, while everbody else studied yesterday, I was online having a chat with Shir Li. You can tell by that how seriously I'm taking this exam... probably not at all.

Well, at least I'm studying for Science. It's been quite morale-boosting after taking a lot of miniature class tests. I scored 90% on a math test, 75% for a chemistry test and a lot of 70% plus' for my biology tests. I've taken some Science papers from the previous years. Everybody agrees biology is the easiest... but for Physics and Chemistry, those are going to be nightmares. Oh well. At least I'm not frying my brains out like everybody else. I've been like that since Form 1. I never seem to study and my results are quite good... in fact, on our previous exam I got the 20th place in class! What a joy. There are an average of 50-55 students in each class, and our teacher just got the results. She said she'd only announce the first 20 places, which are considered the smart ones to her. Zi Xian got 1st... as usual. Hao Ran came in 3rd and Chern Hui maintained his permanent position... 4th. -1 must've been very happy since he came in 5th. He fought his way from the 17th slowly since the beginning of this year. I guess I might be able to fight my way from the 20th to the 15th if I try hard enough.

Anyway, the teacher was announcing our places and when she reached 20, she kind of paused and looked up at me and smiled. Then she said my name. Yipee!

Anyway, today's September 11th. I propose we bow our heads in silence for a bit...


It also happens to be Poh Mi's birthday... better bow your head down and mourn some more haha.

Anyway, wish me luck. I'm planning to get a little more than 30% on my history exam tomorrow...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Joy To My World

Guess who won first in the school comic drawing competition this year?

This comic

The Chocolate Juice Misadventure

At last! Instead of playing "Souvenirs D'enfrance" and "Love Story" on the piano for the 100th time, I have gotten myself into another misadventure, and finally, one without Poh Mi in it heh heh.

So here's a little background info.

Dad just came back America. One of the reasons he went was to check up Sujie who just transferred to BYU Provo (she was studying at BYU Hawaii before). Another was to handle some business clients.

And apparantly, one of his clients was trying to sell this uh... diabeticalsocandrink-antioxidant drink. In other words, healthy chocolate juice.

"Xocai - 'Drink of the Gods' "

So anyway, being a chocolate lover like the rest of the family, I decided to give it a shot.

Sure looks promising...

I mean, see how it looks like up close

Before consuming anything, always check the ingredients...

Sure looks okay... if I knew what all these alien writings mean

Oh well, here we go!

Mmmm... that tasted goo--I mean--AAARRRCCKK

I assume this is how they're gonna advertise the drink
Okay, so maybe I'm being mean to Dad and his client like this. But seriously, how are you supposed to sell a product to the whole Malaysia when the first person tried it thinks it's a little err... off.

Oh never mind. The same thing happened when Dad introduced Tahitian Noni Juice (by Morinda) to Malaysia. A few of the family didn't really like it (although I was going waaaay over the recommended dosage heh heh). In the end it sold so fast it was in the papers before long. I guess Dad should be able to make it sell. After all, health supplements are all the rage right now I think. Besides, Dad's got lots of great ideas. And I say that without sarcasm.... one example: "Fight piracy with lower prices". It made the papers once, but it never seemed to have caught on.

Oh wait, I'm going off the topic. This is supposed to be about the misadventure... I've realized my previous misadventures don't have morals, so I'm going to start them from now on. And today's moral will be

"Shake well before using"