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He will return in 2014.


Welcome to the Han Dynastory!

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

The End...Of What?

With the UEC exam finally over, it's hard to wonder what I'm supposed to do next. I mean, after 3 years of schooling, you take this test and it's all over? What now?!? I've already gotten an assured spot it the Science Stream next year, so I'm kind of wondering what I'm gonna do now

Anyway, on the last day of UEC, which was Tuesday, we took the Math exam. It was kind of a disaster (for most people, that is). The Objective paper was as hard as things could get, going as far as having questions requiring a knowledge we had not yet gained. The Subjective paper was even worse. All these years the UEC Math subjective papers have been following a scrict code, like the first question being a calculatory type, a couple of algebra and some geometry. This time it was completely unexpected. Not a single bit of algebra at all! There were about nine questions, 2 of them were the chart thingies (uh... known as "Tong3 Ji4 Xue2" in mandarin) and one "Ji2 He2" (something government schools here learn only in Form 4 onwards) and the rest was all Geometry! A total nightmare... but not for me heheh. I'm better at geometry than algebra. And our teacher got the answers for the objective paper after the exam and I scored 33 out of 40! I think I feel an A coming...

After the exam we went to play a little badminton. At first it was just us students: Me and my gang, Yoon Fatt, Chek Ying, Jia Cheng, Jia Jun, Xiong Jian, some prefect from another class, and Ee-laine. Later our teacher (2816-turned-5423) showed up with another teacher. We played and played and played until our booking time was up. Actually.... I wasn't playing that much badminton. I'm no proper badminton player, really. I like to use 2 rackets at once (being amphidextrous when it comes to badminton is lots of fun) and the moment somebody said "tournament" I gave my rackets to somebody else. So I spent most of my time walking around... doing nothing... although at one point I got so bored I showed Ee-laine what a press up handstand is like and also tried practicing the breakdancing-like gymnasitcs move on the floor, otherwise known as "flare" to us gymnasts. Jia Jun wanted to learn it. In truth... I didn't exactly know how to do it either. Only after Teck Chee taught me later during the week did I know.

After playing we sat around to chat a bit. Apparently the guy teacher 2816 brought along teaches math as well and has a very close chance of teaching those of us who end up in the Science Stream next year... meaning I might get him. And -1 too. Which might be more of a nightmare for the teacher haha. Which reminded me of after the test when -1 told that teacher he cracked the code for the objective questions. Apparently the answers had a special pattern to it haha. The teacher nearly fainted. -1 scored 38 out of 40.

We finished chatting and my gang and I took the LRT to the Ampang station where Mom was supposed to take us to another LRT station so that we could get to -1's house. However, there was one problem. -1's sister (Poh Mi) was sick at home without anyone to look after her. -1's Mom called his handphone and told him to get home as soon as possible, so Mom drove us straight to -1's home in Gombak... and -1's Mom was already home.

We unpacked our things and started lazing around a bit. Some read -1's endless archive of books, some (like me) had fun at the piano (-1 and I tried to play a duet. Tried) Others decided to fry their brains with a 3D puzzle. In fact, Chern Hui was the first to solve one that -1 had been stuck with for years.

So that's what we did. Hao Ran and I intended to go out and scout for good filming locations. It rained. We were stuck in the house. At least, until -1's Mom came back and took us out for dinner. The food was delicious.

After a delicious dinner (with Tofu! yay!) -1's Mom decided to take Poh Mi to see a doctor, but she brought us home first to have a bath each. We stank, she said. I'm not surprised. I was the first to take a bath since I wanted to practice -1's duet.

We lazed around just like we did in the afternoon until Poh Mi and her Mom came back. She got to hang out a bit with us until -1's Mom told her to go to bed. That's when Chern Hui finally got some sleep haha.

It wasn't long before -1's Dad came home. Apparently -1's Mom asked him to take us out for some supper, which he did. Chern Hui was still sleeping, however, and we thought it wouldn't be nice to leave him there like we usually do at Hao Ran's and my house (he sleeps while we have fun). -1's Dad tried to wake him up. It failed at first... but Chern Hui gave the game away. He let us know he wasn't really asleep, so we all got into the car and went to a nearby 24hour Indian Mamak stall.

We couldn't stop laughing when we were there.

When we first got there Chern Hui (the common bigmouth of our gang) commented that Indian "sup kambing" is quite popular at Indian Mamaks... so -1's Dad ordered one immediately. Chern Hui's eyes were bulging out. We all had a good laugh. Little did we know that would be happening countless times that night.

First off we ordered our drinks. -1's Dad ordered a Teh Tarik, Hao Ran, Zi Xian and -1 ordered a Teh O and I ordered Iced Milo. Then we ordered some food. I decided to have 3 pieces of Roti Canai, -1 Roti Tisu, and Zi Xian and Hao Ran some Roti Canai as well. After a while -1's Dad got hungry and called our busy waiter again to order some kuey teow. Chern Hui said it looks nice so -1's Dad ordered another plate. Chern Hui's eyes went big again. After a while he finished his Sup Kambing... and then -1's Dad ordered a refill! What a laugh. A refill for soup?!? We all couldn't stop laughing. Chern Hui, however, was dazed... that meant he had to undergo another bowl of ultra-spicy soup! So I suggested he drank some Milo.... and I wanted some too. In the end -1's Dad ordered Iced Milo for almost all of us... and then Chern Hui said the kuey teow didn't have much taste... so -1's Dad ordered another one! What a laugh. We finally stopped, stomachs aching from all the laughing. Chern Hui had to go to the bathroom...

By the end of our supper I had 3 glasses of Milo... Zi Xian made a list at our whatever blog. Maybe you should go see it. It will surprise you.

-1's Dad brought us back home and we decided to go out for a stroll, just to get a basic idea where -1 (after scouting around a bit) decided we should film. We saw the place and we went back home. Some of us trying to scare the heck out of each other with ghost stories.

When we got home I decided to take out the Age of Mythology board game. The last time we played it (which was at my house) we didn't sleep. The same thing happened this time, except that -1 was with us. He played as a team with Chern Hui, so we could squeeze 5 players into a 4-player game.

After we finished the 3 hour long game at about 4:30am, we started cleaning up and Chern Hui started playing with his pants... Zi Xian had teased him how those silly shorts of his looks like those kiddy pants my brothers wear. So there was Chern Hui, pretending to moon himself (mooning=taking off pants). Hao Ran couldn't resist it. He rushed from the computer to Chern Hui and tried to moon him. Immediately Zi Xian rushed to the scene to help..... Hao Ran, that is. Poor Chern Hui. I caught it all on tape hahaha! Only -1 sat aside and watched us. What a laugh.

We finally calmed down and went to -1's room to try to get some sleep. Hao Ran went to the bathroom and the rest of us went into -1's room. Chern Hui and -1 were on his bed and Zi Xian and I lay down on the matresses -1's Mom was kind enough to put out on the floor. Then it happened. The moment I took out the camera, Zi Xian grabbed Chern Hui's shorts for the second time of the day. This time -1 joined in. For some reason I didn't film it. Neither did I help out. I just sat back and laughed. Poh Mi told me the next day she could make out every single one of her voices that night (her room is right next to -1's).

By the time we fell asleep it was about 5:30am. And we woke up at around 7am the same day. That is, all except Chern Hui of course. -1 and Zi Xian went back to school to pick up our actors for The Fight and The Trade III: Hsien Chun, Lance, Waylon, Ming Hao, and Yoon Fatt, who was there just to film us for The Making instead of acting. That's when Hao Ran and I went out to scout around. We came back later to find Poh Mi awake (obviously feeling a lot better since she started bugging us). She got hold of the camera I borrowed from Fang Soe and started filming me when I was trying to enjoy some red bean soup her Mom bought for me and Hao Ran.

We finished our breakfast and I took a nap next to Chern Hui...who was still sleeping.

By the time I woke up, everyone else had arrived. Hao Ran briefed them on the plot of the movie in -1's room. It wasn't long before we decided it was time to head out so -1's Mom took us out for some lunch before we went filming.

The filming itself was kind of a rush. Zi Xian and -1 had to rush back to school at one point for a prefect marching practice. We tried to finish filming by then. We tried.

They left but we continued filming anyway. We filmed all the scenes without -1 and Zi Xian...which turned out to be very few. We headed back home to laze around. I started messing about with Lance's BB guns. I practiced shooting the eyes of Poh Mi's gigantic Garfield face pillow. Ming Hao and Waylon were some of the few friends who joined me.

I was walking past the dining table in the kitchen when something caught my eye: Poh Mi's homework. I couldn't resist. Immediately I searched for her Math homework and checked what mistakes she made. Not too bad... the teacher's a bit fussy, that's all. But anyway, I left a 2 page note wedged between her exercise book telling her what mistake she made in her binary calculations and also about solving square roots. I can just imagine the look on her face when she saw that. Talk about irony... she's the one usually bugging everybody else.

It wasn't long before Zi Xian and -1 came back... the problem was that it was raining, so we still couldn't film. I decided to take out the board game again and we gathered around to have some fun. Then the rain stopped and we decided we would have to quickly finish the movie before it gets dark.

It didn't get dark.

It rained.

With a big sigh of dissappointment, we all left the park and returned to -1's house. Then came the next problem: transportation. Mine. I couldn't contact Mom so I told -1's Mom about the problem I was facing. She said I could stay with them until she came back from her appointment, then she could take me home.

The only thing she didn't tell me was that she'd be taking -1, Poh Mi and I to their grandma's house for dinner. So there I was, mingling with -1's extended family. 2 of his aunts were there. It was kind of funny. His aunts spoke Cantonese mixed with English. Proper english, even. Imagine the trouble I had communicating with them at first. One of them asked "Lei kui meh meng" (What's your name). Luckily I understood that sentence... my cantonese vocabulary is very limited. "Han,. My name is Han." I said in English

That's when she started using English.

"Oh, is that your surname?"

"No, that's my first name. People just call me by my first name... in English, I mean."

"Oh, then what's your full name?"

"Chong Woon Han"

"Ah yes.... Zhang Wen Han"

I nearly wanted to write down my 'Han' in chinese to show her that it's not the Han most people think it is, but I controlled myself.

Poh Mi shot me a glare from the other end of the room.

"Oh, so now Han's having a great time here speaking in English" she said in mandarin... what a confusing household.

I was later invited to join them at the dinner table. Mmm... brown rice. Something I haven't had in a long time. I was about to get myself some soup when the aunt who talked to me earlier told me to sit down and wait for Poh Mi to serve me.

"But wouldn't it be manners for me to get the soup myself?"

"No, no, you are my guest. Now have a seat"

Poh Mi was fuming.

I was eating and talking to -1's aunt when his Grandma came in. She still didn't know I'm no cantonese speaker. She muttered something to me in cantonese and I shrugged. I nearly wanted to say "Ngo m sek gong dong wah" (I don't understand cantonese) but that would be silly saying it in cantonese... but I didn't have to do anything. -1's aunt told her. Then she started using mandarin. She asked me where I live.

"Ukay Heights"

It was her turn to shrug. She doesn't know any english, she said. Immediately -1's aunt came in again. She would make a good mediator... "Ampang" she said

"KL" I added.

"And you don't speak cantonese?"

"No, I don't"

-1's Grandma looked shocked. She turned to her daughter.

"He's not really from KL is he?"

I held back a laugh and rolled my eyes instead.

Then came the next nightmare. The food was good. Seriously. The problem was that every time I said the food is good, I ended up with more food on my plate. My stomach was already bursting when -1's grandma asked me how the food was.

"It's delicious!"

"Good! Have more!"

I finally had the courage to tell her I was full.

I went back to the living room and the other aunt offered me ice cream... you probably know I took the offer.

So there I sat in front of the TV. Watching programs I completely did not understand at all. Finally -1's Dad came to take me home. He brought me back to their home first to pick up my things. What a laugh I must've been. I could barely carry all my things.

"So much for one movie" I told -1's Dad.

He chuckled and said "Don't worry, it's the process of making movies that's important"

When I finally got in he told me to strap up and sleep and that he'll wake me up when we got near the place I live.

It wasn't easy to sleep. The moment he got on the highway, I was beginning to wonder how his car is still standing. Like -1's Dad told us the night before: And officer caught him for speeding and said "I believe sir, that you are driving too fast"

"Oh? Actually, I'm just flying too low"

I think he's right.

I got home in one piece thankfully. Now I think I owe -1's family a big favor...

I'm 3D!

You must be wondering what's there to celebrate about scoring 3 D's

Sunday, October 23, 2005

15 Ways To Celebrate My 15th Birthday

Let's see, I celebrated my birthday this week by...

1. Missing church on Sunday due to the UEC Art Exam

2. Not paying any attention during all classes on Monday eventhough it was the last school day before the real UEC exams hit us

3. Missing gymnastic lessons on Tuesday (no transport)

4. Having a comic marathon on my birthday (9 strips in total)

5. Having Mandarin and Science UEC exams the day after my birthday

6. Doing a roundoff flic-flac flic-flac on Thursday by myself for the first time

7. Missing Seminary on Friday (no transport)

8. Releasing my first School Blues album on Friday (complete with my first colored painting of School Blues for the cover!)

9. Watching TV all night on Friday

10. Having Geography and Malay UEC exams on Saturday

11. Chopping onions to make spaghetti with the Young Men on Saturday

12. Arm wrestling with Johann and King Wai on Saturday

13. Playing computer games until midnight on Saturday

14. Skipping breakfast today

15. Not having to play the piano at church today

What a lovely birthday... now I have 2 more days of UEC exams to go. And on Wednesday... we're finally going to film The Trade and The Fight III!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Many Merry Misadventures

PMR is over!!! And I just came back from my UEC Art exam...

Hao Ran and Chocolate right before our last PMR exam

Anyway, on the last day of PMR (Tuesday) -1, Zi Xian, Chern Hui, Waylon, Me and Hao Ran (duh) went to Hao Ran's house.

We took a bus as usual and we slowly made our way to his house. I bought Slurpee again and everyone had a go. I must've wiped the straw at least 6 times haha.

However, before we got to the bus stop we had a little fun in the playground near our school...

Zi Xian, Chern Hui and -1 on the swings

The lonely one-armed soldier sitting on the steps to the slide

Zi Xian, Chern Hui and -1 desperately trying to break the see-saw. So much for the ties and prefect badges they're wearing...

Gentlemen, we have some visitors

"Okay, let's try and break it again!"
They finally got tired and we moved on...

"Fu Li Zi" or in English... Poh Lee Zi... yucks, that sounds weird
So we reached Hao Ran's house all sweaty and stuff. Naturally, being guys, we were half naked in no time.

Zi Xian: The only one of us who had a shirt on. His only sign of immodesty was taking off his prefect tie haha
We went to the computer first to fool around a bit with Hao Ran's computer games and some of the recent movies we made. When -1, Zi Xian and Chern Hui (I think I'll refer to them as Fu Li Zi next time) were done talking, we set off to our old bunker. It was only a wall last time and Hao Ran returned with Lance, Waylon and Ming Hao last time and they kind of upgraded it (with 3 more walls). This time we were going there to film again...

Us walking to our fort near the old construction site. Notice we have Waylon as an extra.
This is where the fun starts. Hao Ran said he found a new path to the bunker. Last time we had to climb the hill. Little did we know that this time we'd be climbing a lot more that we should have...

We took a different road altogether (the opposite side of the hill) and Hao Ran found those drains that have the steps in them. We climbed up several metres. What a joy it was. I used to want to climb in a drain like that ever since I saw one when I was a kid. It was harder then I thought it was, but it was definitely fun. In fact I was having so much fun I forgot to take a picture of it...

We kept on continuing...

Climbing through the dense vegetation was only one of our problems...

... Hao Ran found out he had taken us down the wrong path!

This is where the real fun begins.

Hao Ran decided to try a new path. Walking straight into sharp leaves and bogs we never knew were there. Hao Ran took point and I was right behind him. Zi Xian was behind me and I don't know the rest. We walked through quite a lot of plants. Most of us ending up with bleeding legs and muddy shoes. Zi Xian however, being the sneaky fellow he is, made sure he didn't step onto places where Hao Ran and I stepped into and got our feet muddy. He and -1 were the only ones with clean shoes the next day... but then again, they've been scouts since they were kids.

We came to a hill and it took a while before Hao Ran managed to climb up holding onto the plants all around us. I was next and the rest of us advanced upwards slowly, each stopping after each step to make sure the person behind was still there...

We finally made it up, but not to the very top of the entire hill!

To think we were at the patch of sand on the right side of the photo minutes ago
Hao Ran had a look around and realized we weren't there yet. But I still took a picture of our surroundings anyway

The plants getting in our way the whole time. Notice the building on the left. The last time we came it was still under construction

We were going in the wrong direction, so we had to cross a ledge, which isn't really visible from here
We got to the other side and guess what we met? A cliff. Brilliant. Worse still, it was the type of dry soild and rocks... and it began to rain! No choice. It was either risk a landslide and climb the darn thing or stay there and get wet with nowhere to go. But then again, either way we were going to get wet so we decided to pump up on adrenalin. You know what I mean

Hao Ran and Zi Xian climbing the cliff. I was third
The climb was pretty dangerous and difficult... for Hao Ran and Waylon I mean... Hao Ran (who was still leading the way) was wearing slippers! Of all things to wear while climbing a cliff. Zi Xian was second, so I held on with one hand and supported his legs with my other hand so that he, in turn, could support Hao Ran a little more easily. I can't remember who was below me, but Hao Ran told each of us to spare a hand and push the person above's leg to support him. It worked well. I didn't have much difficulty getting up. After all, I climb up to the roof at home every now and then. It was Waylon who had real trouble....

Waylon having trouble climbing up

This is somewhat the climax of our entire trip. Hao Ran quickly sat on the edge and put his legs out. I put the camera back into my handy bag and held Hao Ran's waist so Waylon could pull himself up using Hao Ran's legs... he couldn't reach. Chern Hui quickly rushed to the left and squatted down to reach out for him, with -1 at the back making sure he doesn't fall off... he still couldn't reach. Zi Xian, our hero, just took a few cautious steps down and grabbed Waylon. It was cooooool....

It must've been a while before any of us knew what we had just done haha

You must really be wondering how crazy we are
Luckily, this time we had finally made it...

Ah... what a breathtaking view of... the rubbish piles...
We were about to get started filming when the rain began to pour. Just great. We decided it was time to built a shelter for our little bunker.

Everyone else rushed off to look for something except me. I was at the bunker shielding Hao Ran's camera and Waylon's tripod stand from the rain. The others came back with some carpet the workers dumped. I found a place to put the camera away from the rain and went to help set up the roof

The next thing we had to do was find some sort of support for the roof, which was quite easy to find thanks to the enormous pile of semi-burnt wood the workers left behind as well.

We got to work in no time

The early stages of our roof

-1 and Chern Hui grabbing bricks to help strengthen the sticks for roof.

I was supposed to be the one doing that job but Hao Ran told me to be the photographer since he was too busy leading us instead (he's an excellent photographer in case you didn't know)

It took all of us just to get the carpet into this state.. which is still not enough

So we decided we'd have to put something in the middle of the bunker to support our roof... which Hao Ran managed to find

Hao Ran with the log and the branch we used as the central pillar for our roof
Chern Hui had the honor of getting dirty trying to place the thing under the unbelievably heavy carpet.

Now our roof is beginning to take shape

One of these days somebody is bound to mistake this for a real bunker haha

Another view of our shelter

This pillar on the right is bound to topple over in the next storm

Impressive eh?

All of us huddled together under our shelter to avoid the rain... after the rain stopped

Sigh... even worse, by the time we were done we were too exhausted to film anything so we dropped the idea. But not after Fu Li Zi wanted a photo session!

Great! Another one of Hao Ran's photo sessions

These 3 guys are just hilarious when they're together
All of a sudden Chern Hui found out his old wound on his left knee was bleeding after excessive rubbing against his pants during all the climbing. Luckily his pants could be "dismantled", so we took off half of the pant leg... and guess where that part went? His right arm thanks to -1 and Zi Xian's crazy ideas

Well? You think Chern Hui would make a good model?

How about a sillier stance?
We finally had enough fun and decided it was time to head back to Hao Ran's house. This time we were smart.. we used a proper road to go down the hill, which was only a few metres away from the bunker...

It was kind of silly the way Fu Li Zi ran down the road screaming at the top of their lungs, swinging their skinny arms in the air. I couldn't resist filming them.

We made it to the bottom before long, and I found an old friend...

The drain where Hao Ran pretended to be dead in when we came here filming last time
We walked back to Hao Ran's house and took the last picture of the day...

-1, Zi Xian and Chern Hui lying down on the road. They nearly wanted to do it on the almost empty highway but it was too risky.
So there you have it, another great misadventure to look back upon and laugh. What good times we have...

Speaking of good times... I'm sure you've noticed the blue shirts Zi Xian and Waylon were wearing were the class T-shirts I designed... hahaha

Anyway, Mom's losing her temper again thanks to that stupid Ernie throwing tantrums the whole day. I think I better stop... I'm taking Chinese and Science for UEC the day after my birthday this week (Wednesday)! Of all stupid things! Aaaargh... oh well. I guess I'll have to wait until next year to have another birthday party

Sunday, October 09, 2005

How I Wish I Had A Title

Something wrong is going on. I just don't have stuff to say like I used to anymore. Something about me is changing, and I don't like it at all.

So maybe I'll just think of everything that happened this week.

Okay... Monday was the official start of PMR. So far things have gone quite smoothly, and I'm left with 3 more subjects spread out throughout the next 2 days. Okay I'm done.

Uh... oh yes, on Wednesday I was planning to finally frame that 3 page birthday comic I drew for Vivian. Guess what. I woke up early, went to seminary, came and watched TV, then watched a movie, went to the bathroom, had lunch, was about to play a game with Ray, and then he had to take a nap. I felt a little tired as well, so I took a nap too... I woke up at 7pm. I ate dinner and then I remembered about the comic. Oh well, guessed I wouldn't be sleeping early that night. So I got to work, cutting the comics' edges and sticking them to mounting board using masking tape (I have a lot to improve on that), after punching 2 holes and attaching 2 rings, I had a mounting-board-book. Nice. The next problem was how I was going to wrap something like that. Easy. I had a padded envelope (like the one I mailed to Mariel last time). Dismantle the book, put it in the envelope with assembly instructions and wa~lah. I would've kept it myself had I forgotten it was for somebody else's birthday. Then I remembered about the M&Ms I bought for her. At least it was still in the fridge this time, thanks to the viciousness in which I defended them, making sure it didn't end up like last time. So I took them out and then I went and got that little monkeydoll that you can put your handphone in. Shuan wasn't very happy about it. He wanted that for the family. I told him we already have enough monkeys in the house. Bad joke for a brother born in the year of the monkey...

Then the next problem arose. How was I supposed to wrap them up. Let's see... I ran into my room and found an empty box (meant for multipurpose solution). I stuffed the monkey with the chocolates in that box.

Okay, now... present wrappers. I ran to the drawer and took out 2 sheets. I put the envelope and the box together and triep to wrap them up... no good. I had to wrap 2 seperate presents. So I wrapped the envelope first... and ran out of wrappers. I ran back to the drawer and behold! There was still a good looking wrapper. Better yet, it had monkeys all over it.

It wasn't long before I had 2 nicely wrapped presents.. time to decorate them. I cut out some ribbon and taped it to the box present, and then taped a small card with my comic characters all over it. "To: Vivian (Blitz, Sam, Han and Korie all wearing party hats) From: Han". Oh great. Now one present looks better than the other. Naturally I wouldn't have any of it, so I went and cut out a big "15" to stick onto the envelope present. There! I was finally satisfied with them... so satisfied I didn't take a picture of them... ah well, the masterpiece was the comic anyway, which I obviously remembered to scan.

The next day I went to seminary with the presents. Brother Tamil had agreed to help me pass them to Vivian since their branches are sharing the same building in PJ. Apparently we had 2 visitors that day, Brother KC who teaches seminary at PJ (he was a guest teacher that Thursday) and Brother Patrick (I think). Brother Patrick saw the presents and said

"Special day for you eh?"

"Actually, these are for somebody else"

"Yeah, these are for someone in my branch. A nice girl, good example for these Young Men"

I was wondering what Brother Tamil meant by "good example", but I didn't ask.

So today he passed it to her and I received her SMS saying thank you at least 3 times. That's quite a record. Nobody ever thanked me 3 times for a comic haha. Even Zi Xian (whose birthday was on the 30th of September) called me crazy when I handed him his comic... but then again, I drew that comic last year and forgot to give it to him, so I gave it to him this year. We had a good laugh over it alright.

At gym on Thursday, Shuan, Teck Chee and I decided to try something out for fun

Top to bottom: Teck Chee, Shuan, Me

Shuan was supposed to raise his legs as well but he said my back was too sweaty and that he'd slip off if he did. Har har.

Oh cool. I just realized I did have a lot to say after all. All thanks to a birthday present, even. Anyway, in closing here's a picture of Simba. Must've taken me at least 50 shots to get a good one like this

Have you ever seen anything so adorable? That bites?

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Look what I brought back from school the other day!