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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Torn Between Two Worlds

My class teacher already gave me great advice via MSN last night, but I thought I'd just post this problem anyway for future reference.

See, the band and the church are some of the things that kind of control my life. They are both things I love. However, time and again their schedules would clash and I would have to make a very difficult decision. Either I remain faithful in the church and attend all church activities or I remain faithful in the school band and attend all band related activities.

At first I thought their schedules shouldn't clash too much. And then the problem slowly crept.... like weeds growing in a garden that nobody takes care of. One by one came the choices I had to make.

Whenever I tell the Young Men (who aren't really supportive of my band in the first place) at church that I am unable to attend a certain church activity due to the band they will protest and say that I'm always using "band practice" as an excuse not to show up. On the other hand, sometimes I make the decision that a certain church activity is more important than a band activity, and the Young Men at church seem to take it for granted. The next time I go to band, I'd get a scolding from the coach until I honestly feel lower than a worm. I don't blame the coach for doing that. In truth a band does require a lot of commitment. The essential needs of a band are time (to practice of course), money (to buy good instruments) and people (and I mean GOOD people). You can't miss out on any of the above, and I seem to be having a lot of trouble with time.

I've already given up so much for the band. Last year I was in the band and the Math "Peixundui" at the same time. Both schedules clashed and I was told by the coach either I quit the Math thing or leave the band. It was a hard choice for me to make since I enjoyed being there, tackling all sorts of interesting questions, plus it was especially special to me because it was there -1, Hao Ran, Chern Hui, Zi Xian and I came together and became really close friends. But the coach would not have any of it. I made the hard choice and quit the Math Peixundui.

Next came gymnastics. I already train twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But as I begin to learn more and more difficult skills I feel I need to train on Saturday as well. Too bad, band already has a place on Saturdays. Then there are times before competitions where I'd have to go try out the gymnasium where the competition will be held. Sort of get used to the apparatus there and stuff. I'd try to get a letter to miss the band, but in the end I'll still get scolded by the coach. He thinks gymnastics is pointless.

I've already came to a conclusion. If this goes on I will have to make the ultimate decision: to quit the band. It appears I am changing too much just to fit into the band, where I'm not exactly happy either (slowly you begin to hate certain people the longer you stay in a community). Heck, all that changing should be done over a wife or something! If this keeps going on and I have to skip one church activity after another, I shall have to end it. No more band.

The problem is, when is the time I should do this? I certainly hope it will not happen. But when it does, it would feel like throwing away one of my arms.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Valentine's Day and all the Whatnot

Well, Valentine's Day is over. And the aftermath feels just about the same as the day itself... nothing at all.

The day before Valentine's Day I drew a comic about Grace for my annual Valentine's Day comic. It happens to be the second painted comic I've ever created. She will be proud.

The drawing I painted for Grace the day after she left us. It doubles as a Valentine's Day drawing (I draw one every year)

It kind of shows what she's like. She's quite intelligent in a sense that she can do very skilled things like opening the gate of the huge cage she's kept in, climbing out of the cage when we tied a chain around the gate, chewing her way through the fences to escape, climbing the fences when she couldn't chew through, being friendly to strangers when we're around. Stuff that shows how intelligent she is. But in the end she's still somewhat stupid because she's always getting herself hurt over silly matters, eventhough she uses very skilled tactics to do certain stuff...

Well Valentine's Day itself was close to any other day at school.

It started off with me missing Sister Miaw Lin in the morning again. She left without me again.

I ate my breakfast, hopped onto a bike, and cycled to the Ampang LRT station.

By the time I reached school there were already a bunch of guys walking around with bouquets of flowers in their hands. I was admiring the scenery with a bunch of my new classmates when Yung Hui who was one floor down waved at me.

You know how people are always in denial when something like that happens. Or at least me.

It took a few seconds for me to understand the gesture and I went downstairs to meet her. She gave me this

A box of mini chocolate cookies Yung Hui gave me for Valentine's Day

(Inscription--> To : Han Hihi.... Wish U hav A Happy Valentime~ From: Hui)

I was feeling all guilty because I didn't have anything in return. So I went home that day and made my first ever pop-up card. With all my comic characters in it of course. Add a couple of sweets and I had a proper present to give the next day.

During my English class on Valentine's Day I was mostly a pest, just like every other day. At one point we were to write a short paragraph (it was writing lessons that day)

Here's my group's paragraph went (roughly)

Title: Valentine's Day or just Excuses?

Valentine's Day is commonly known as a day to express your utmost affection to that special someone. However, it is also a day that provides many excuses. Guys use it as an excuse to be corny with girls. Commercial Industries use it as an excuse to sell "premium" priced products. From the above, one may conceivably perceive that Valentine's Day should be renamed to "Day of Excuses"

There you have it. My idea of Valentine's Day. Commercialised. Just like Christmas. And Chinese New Year. Sigh....

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Goodbye Grace

It was during Young Men's at church today. My phone suddenly started ringing and I ran out. Nothing... connection problems... I went back into class and sure enough the phone rang again. It was Kakak Tun.

Grace (1997-Feb 12 2006) , our 7-8 years old dog has left us

She was already very sickly and most probably had a stroke according to the Vet who came to check on her a few days before. She was limping at first since Monday. One of her hind legs wasn't moving. Then finally she couldn't even stand up anymore. That's when we go the Vet to check on her.

He told us of the high possibility of Grace leaving us in the next few days. So on Thursday night, I went and talked to her. It was heartbreaking. I watched her try to get up twice and she fell down. She was whining and groaning. She was probably crying just like I was. I told her that if she leaves, she will be in a better place and that I would be happy for her. I gave her a hug and sat there next to her for a few minutes. Finally I had to go and finish my homework so I said goodbye to her.

Today at church Kakak Tun called with the bad news and Sister Miaw Lin (our babysitter since Mom and Dad are in America) too the 4 of us home. King Xong wanted to come along too to check out our house a bit and comfort us. Like a friend attending your relative's funeral. It was nice of him.

There Grace was, in the cage. Lying peacefully. By that time I could only sob louder and louder. Simba was there with us, wagging his tail and licking our faces, doing his best to comfort us. He was with Grace the whole time during the last few days of her life.

We called the RSPCA to send someone to help take care of the body. It just so happened that the guy they sent was a guy we know who used to help take care of Grace and Simba when we went on holiday and the dogs had nobody to take care of them. He said we should tell our Dad that "Mike came"

I said a prayer for Grace before he took her in the most disgraceful but practical way (grabbing her by the legs) and we watched him drive off with her body in the booth.

Grace has been a protector, a guardian, and a loyal friend. I don't think of her any less as my cousin or something. She's been part of the family for so many years. She has fought snakes, kept strangers at bay, and greeted us when we come home from bad days. She may have gone, but at least to a better place. "All Dogs go to Heaven" as they say. I'm sure of it. There was a peaceful feeling about Grace. I know she is happy at last, after going through so much pain. Skin disease, stroke and so many maggot wounds. I am happy for her, as much as I shall miss her. But she will live on, in my comic strip: Grace, the flying dog. She shall forever be remembered, at least by me

A comic about Grace that I drew for Poh Mi's birthday

This was Grace's favorite spot under the bench. I shall always think of her whenever I wear my shoes or nap on the bench

I will miss you. Goodbye Grace.

Sunday, February 05, 2006