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He will return in 2014.


Welcome to the Han Dynastory!

As I am now serving a full-time mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have left this blog under the stewardship of a family member, who may post updates on how I'm doing as he/she sees fit.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Felix's Suprise Party

Last Sunday Melody and I came up with the idea of having a surprise BBQ for Felix aka Elder Tai. We planned to have it on Saturday (yesterday). I called Royce to check if Felix was free and he was, so we went ahead and planned it.

Melody was in charge of all the food and stuff while I informed as many youth as I could as well as some single adults. After a week of constant SMS-ing and MSN-ing, the day finally came to put our plan into action.

We planned to meet at church at 5pm yesterday to get things ready for Felix. However, we met quite a few problems....

1. We had it at church and at the same time there was a District Relief Society thing going on so it was totally CHAOTIC when I got there
2. I still had school that day so I ended up arriving at 6... and Felix was already there (although he wasn't allowed to go in yet haha)
3. We all forgot about buying firestarters and gifts for Felix so I had to go out and buy them
4. I was delayed at home because I spent 5 minutes making a peanut butter sandwich for Vivian -.-
5. There were kids running all around... real uninvited guests if you ask me

Well it still was ok on the overall. JJ's Dad was even there to help us get the fire going.

And the food, was awesome.

If there's one thing everybody learns after a BBQ using Melody's secret recipe, it's that you must always use Melody's secret recipe for your BBQ.

Right after the party ended everyone was already missing each other, so right now, thanks to Lulu giving me the excuse to throw another party (Melody Ting's birthday is coming in 2 weeks from now), I'm planning to have a small celebration/gathering maybe...

I never knew I had the partying spirit in me -.-

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Youth Conference 2006! (Continued)

Sunday, Day Two, 30 April 2006

We woke up in the morning freezing, all thanks to the aircon of course. It was still pretty early at that time (about 7am plus) and breakfast wasn't ready yet so Johann, Travis, Reuben, Prabu and I went down to the river the relax a bit.

It was pretty meaningless. Prabu found a plastic bag and tried catching some fish, Reuben went ahead to see what the river was like, and Johann, Travis and I were squatting around building dams.

We soon realized that there was nothing else to do so we went back to the dorm to get dressed into our Sunday Bests. By that time most of the Young Men had already woken up so you could see everyone shuffling about, some with towels, some with deoderant, some buttoning up their shirts, some putting on a tie. Felix, on the other hand, came without his slacks and black shoes and tie. So there he was, in a white shirt, jeans, sports shoes and no tie. A Youth Leader.

Johann and I got dressed quickly so that we could try out the keyboard (we were to be the pianists for the sacrament meeting). The feeling of a keyboard is so different from a piano that we couldn't play very well. We practiced our theme song first (Arise and Shine Forth) then we practiced our duet (I Will Speak the Language of Jesus). We then split the hymns between ourselves, although I ended playing all the hymns that day.


I only had a few slices of bread and lots of Milo. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the keyboard.

Sister Poh Lin told me how I was suddenly in high demand: everyone wanted me to play the piano for their musical presentation. It was time to put my sight reading skills to the test.

Sacrament meeting started and we heard talks from Brother Royce, Sister Yih Chwin, Brother Michael Tamil and President Perumal. We also had each branch take turns with musical presentations. Johann and I represented the KL Young Men with our duet, The Klang Young Women sang a Primary song which I sight read, the KL Young Women sang The Light Within while Johann played the keyboard (I loved the song so much I would have sung it myself but I'm not a Young Woman), and another song by the PJ1 and PJ2 Youth which I played the keyboard for (while Sister Yih Chwin played the flute!)

After that everyone stood up to sing our theme song, although it felt like it was only me and Johann singing from where we were (at the keyboard).

There was a testimony meeting after that. Adrian, who was the conductor of the entire meeting, had a twist for us that day. Normally we go up to bare our testimonies freely. This time, he said, in order to prevent time wastage, we would start from one corner of the congregation to the other, all taking turns going up. Wow. It kind of worked, although not everybody went up.

I got to be the tissue man again. The girls felt the Spirit and were touched, so you can imagine me getting up, handing them my never-ending supply of tissue to wipe their tears.

After the wonderful testimony meeting President Rama stood up and gave his concluding remarks. We sang True To The Faith for the closing hymn, a hymn which I have never quite been able to master (even Brother Cragun said he couldn't really play that hymn well). It was okay I guess...

We had a photo session after that, I'm still waiting for the photos to come from Sister Lian, so there's nothing to see here.

We went to our rooms to change out of our hot sunday bests into something slightly more casual. Then we head back to the open hall to have lunch. We then went back to our rooms to laze about until it was time to go back to the hall for a workshop.

I was "Proclamation to the World" by President Perumal. We basically had to study the Proclamation to the World and there were a few competitions. I hate to say it but it was so boring that I took out the sketchbook given to me by Hao Ran when he came back from China. I did an impressive sketch of Brother Tamil by the way.

The workshop finally ended (and I mean *finally*) and we had about 3 hours of free and easy time. Yay!

When I went back to the dorm I found that Royce had gathered the Young Men to play Uno, with water. The loser would have to drink a cup of water. We later came up with more and more ways to make people lose easily. We played for a while and I lost (kena bocor) so I drank a cup and went outside to find some friends to talk to. I went to the open hall to find Lulu with a handful of Young Women. I talked to them a bit before we dispersed and headed back to the dorm... to find that the stakes have risen and they had to drink 6-8 cups per loss!

It was so silly. Felix had lost a game and was determined to stay in the game and raise the stakes so he drank more than his share of 6 cups and said that the next loser would have to drink 8 cups.

He was the next loser.

I climbed onto the top of one of the bunk beds and watched the fun from above. One by one the Young Men had to drink water. Odendaal (who was called JJ most of the time) had to drink 12 cups before he couldn't take it.

Those who couldn't take it could choose not to drink anymore water, in exchange for being hit by pillows from everyone in the middle of the room.

In think I remember JJ and James punished.

We started playing at 3pm and the rule was that you couldn't go to the bathroom until 6pm.

By about 5:50 the last round had ended and everyone couldn't wait to head to the bathroom. So the Young Men were all lined up outside the dorm, waiting for Royce to announce the coming of 6pm when everyone could go to the bathroom. I stood outside, taking pity on those who drank so much and had more than full bladders... the Young Women who were next door were already outside watching the fun... the so called fun...

I pitied the Young Men who had drank so much so I took a 1.5 litre bottle from Royce and drank it all up. Time to join the club they say.

My stomach was so full it felt like it could burst any moment. What's more, I had to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes for the rest of the evening.

When 6pm came Melody already had her videocam out and recorded the funny looks on Felix, JJ (who vomited), Reuben and others. So much for lovely memories.

Felix came up with a crazy idea. A competition to see who could pee the most. We had several empty bottles already so he suggested we should all pee into the bottles and compare to see who peed the most...

When 6pm came we all rushed to the bathroom stalls all at once. I was one of the lucky ones because I got in first. Reuben had tough luck... he had to wait a bit.

When Felix came out he held a bottle in his hands..... which had some sort of yellow looking liquid...... what the?!? He really peed into the bottle! Worse still, it was about 1300ml!

We were all laughing like mad while the girls were totally grossed out. He later poured it into the toilet bowl.

After washing our hands we went to have dinner at the open hall. After dinner we watched a movie and after the movie we played the videos that Melody had recorded throughout the entire Youth Conference. It was nice to watch but I had to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes...

After we finished we cleared up the area and those who wanted to stay up that night gathered around a table in the middle of the hall to play another drinking game. This time it was all about drinking water, not Uno. There were 2 teams, we sat on the opposite side of the table facing each other. Royce was the dealer again.

He handed us non-power-uno-cards face down, and when he reveals his card to us, we open up our cards to see what number we got, and if it's smaller than his, we have to drink half a cup.

At one point I was caught drinking Vivian's water. My team mates called me a traitor. I rationalized, saying she's a teammate so I might as well help her if she can't finish her water. Then Felix and Lulu counterattacked, saying if that's the case I should drink their water too!

I reluctantly agreed.

So I drank nearly everybody else's water, and was nauseated for the rest of the game....

In fact, it was so bad, I had to go to the bathroom before the allocated time. Everybody stared at me. I said they can have two rounds of pillow bashing on me (which never came in the end) if they let me go. They reluctantly let me go...

But when I was walking to the bathroom, I turned around to see that one by one, Felix, Reuben and the other Young Men were joining me! What a laugh... we ran to the toilet like orang cacat. And I tell you, you'll never hear a sigh of relief so loud anywhere else.

We decided to play Uno cards again and I kena bocor early in the game again. So I basically just sat around, did some conditioning and talked to Johann.

After a while I decided to take a bath. Travis wanted to go to so we went together. There we were, in the bathroom, naked down to our underwear, staring at the showers.

"Okay, we'll start together"


"One..... two...... three!"


You would have screamed too if you took a bath in water that cold.

We walked back to the dorm to find Felix and the other Young Men playing something. It was quite weird when we entered the room to find the guys standing around in a circle as if there was some sort of ceremony going on.

When we put down our stuff and closed the door, Felix suddenly asked me

"Hey, do you want to try some black magic... I'm train in the art of voodoo"


"I mean, I can make the forest spirits possess you"

"What? What will happen?"

"You will just go unconcious for a while"

It kind of caught me off my feet but I decided to try it...

Okay, it wasn't voodoo... it's a scientific thing where you can temporarily shut down someone's brain by blocking his arteries to the brain. I'm not telling the exact proccess in case some dumbo decides to try it (like Lulu did at school, with dangerous results)

So he did it on me and I woke up lying down on the floor, all numb, and everyone was cheering and clapping. They said when I went out I fell to the ground (of course they caught me and lay me down slowly la) and my knees were tucked and my hands were swinging as if I was running. Then I woke up. The freakiest part was that my eyes were wide open the whole time, unlike the others who tried before. I didn't remember a thing.

I found it so fun that I wanted to borrow the camera from Melody to film Felix doing it on me again. We brought it over and film myself, JJ, Reuben and Lulu. It was quite interesting.

After deleting that crap we decided to make a little video for the Young Women. It was pretty silly. Mostly random crap that we could come up with, especially Reuben.

After that we dispersed and did our own stuff. I went to the open hall to find Lulu surrounded by almost all the Young Women. They were talking so I decided to join them. The topics of conversation were pretty silly. After a while we dispersed and I went to look for the Young Men, and then we came back to the hall, and then we talked there a bit while some people played Uno, until I was too tired to do anything else. Brother Tan was going to take a few Young Men jungle trekking the next day (namely myself, Johann, Reuben, Kartik, Jonathan, Prabu, James and Travis) so I decided to go to bed.

Monday, Day Three, 1 May 2006

The next morning we woke up freezing as usual... and also to find that some of us had paint on our faces and toothpaste on some of our hair! I was one of the lucky few who didn't get anything (I later found out there was toothpaste on my pillow as well but I was so cold I didn't roll around in bed so I didn't get any toothpaste on my head). Reuben's face was painted green, James had toothpaste all over the back of his head etc. It was the Young Women who painted our faces while Felix, Reuben and Lulu put toothpaste on our pillows. Johann was lucky. The Young Women were about to paint his face when he started talking in his sleep.

"Help me! Help me!"

Perfect timing, the Young Women left him alone.

Anyway, Kartik, Jonathan and Travis were unable to get up so we left at 7am without them. Brother Tan had a parang with him so we were able to go almost everywhere we wanted to. At first we kept to the original trail, then we decided to try going higher up the mountain. We followed some side paths which people hardly use. We got to see the equipment left by rubber tappers: corrosive chemicals. At one point we heard a loud noise and the sound of a wild boar and a barking dog. Either the dog was chasing the boar or the boar was chasing the dog, but we could see the leaves further down the hill moving as the sounds faded away in the distance.

We continued on, trying to go higher and higher up the mountain until we came to a dead end, and we had strayed too far. We were planning to head to the waterfall and we realized we couldn't hear it anymore. So we backtracked and decided to try a different trail. We followed that trail and we slowly began to realize that it too was leading us away. Brother Tan had enough. We were going to make our own trail, straight towards the sound of running water.

He took out the parang and hacked away. We were going downhill and no bushes and branches were going to stop us. It was quite fun. We had to hold on to nearby trees while maneouvering carefully downhill. At one point we saw a tree with spikes all around it. Not something you want to hold on to when you lose your balance....

James tripped and slipped for a short distance at one point. Scared the crap out of us.

We finally appeared at a proper trail and Reuben suddenly remember that he's been there before (he's under the commandos and they came here trekking before). So he led us to the river. We took off our shoes and carefully made our way across. Poor James nearly made it to the other side nice and dry until he slipped and ended up half drenched.

We checked for leeches, put on our shoes, and continued. This time, we followed a track used by offroad vehicles. Brother Tan walked barefoot 0_0

We finally made it to the waterfall and took a picture there using Brother Tan's 3G handphone.

We then decided to head back and have breakfast. This time, we followed the trail.

We arrived at the open hall to have nasi lemak and milo for breakfast. Food has never tasted so good before...

Prabu suddenly found out he had a leech which decided to stop sucking his blood. It was crawling on the floor in the typical leech way. Most of the girls thought it was disgusting, except for the rare case of Melody Ting thinking it looked cute -.-

Johann punctured it using ikan bilis....

It was crawling around, with Prabu's blood leaking out, slowly..............

When everyone finished breakfast it was time for games organised by the Youth themselves. There were a couple of mindless games.... musical chairs, doctor doctor, paper scissors rock with water and also a spitting game. After that we could go play in the river.

The river was quite fun, at one point I climbed on top of a large rock and lay down with Johann over me with a stone, pretending to sacrifice me. Sister Lian took a picture. I can't wait to get it heh heh.

Reuben was pretty "mean" to the girls, splashing water at them as they cautiously made their way upstream. When it was time to head back, he told them they could have free splashes at him in return for what he did to them.

I'm not sure exactly what happened but Veena jumped onto him at one point and somehow sprained her knee by hitting a rock. There she was, unable to walk back. JJ suddenly appeared. "I'm the man!" and he carried her out of the river.

I took a bath and went to check on Veena. We helped her walk to the open hall where I got a chair for her as well as another chair to help put her foot in the most comfortable position. I later found out it was a good thing when I asked Hao Ran what to do in cases of a sprain.

Remember RICE: Rest, Ice, Comfortable, Elevation

At least, I think that was how it went...

We went downtown in the cars of our Youth Leaders for lunch. Johann and I were unable to find a car with space so we sat in the back of Brother Tan's pickup truck. It was fun.

We had lunch where I stuffed myself and we headed back to clean up. JJ carried the luggage for the girls... and left a horrible smell in the Young Men's dorm (he has stinky feet and socks -.-)

We finished clearing up, had a small gathering to close up, said our goodbyes and one by one went into our cars to leave that horrible place... ok just kidding.

I was in the Royce's car (his uncle's actually) in the booth with James (there wasn't enough space) Felix, Melody Cross, Lulu, Johann and Prabu were in the car too. At one point the car hit something on the road and we nearly went off the road... I saw our tyre caps rolling away from the back... it was so silly. Royce and Felix were laughing like mad. Royce thought the car was going to overturn or something.

We had lots of fun talking in the car. James and I finally got out of the booth while Johann and Prabu replaced us. I couldn't tahan all the cramps I got in there.

Well that was a memorable Youth Conference. Royce and Felix suggested that the Youth should just organise our own activities so that we won't have to wait until next year's Youth Conference to have the whole District youth get together again

Monday, May 01, 2006

Youth Conference 2006!

I'm back! And I'm in a blogging high again.
Day One, 29 April 2006

I missed half the day of it since I had to go to school until 4pm as usual. I rushed home, rushed to the toilet, rushed to get dressed, rushed to church and joined Johann and Tasha (latecomers too) in sister Yih Chwin's car to head to the Amberstone Eco Resort. Sister Yih Chwin later commented how Johann and I never stopped talking the whole time we were in the car (which was like 1-2 hours)

We got there and I immediately knew one thing: I was overdressed again. I guess I don't really understand the meaning of "Eco Resort". I went there with a big suitcase and most of the clothes in it were pretty "undirtiable". If I knew what it would be like, I would've showed up with a camping heavasack and all sorts of outdoor equipment... overprepared as usual....

So I lugged the heavy suitcase to the main outdoor hall where all the other youth were and had a late dinner with Johann. After socialising and eating a bit I was assigned to one out of four teams, the purple team (Angelic Gorrilaz) which had Felix as the youth leader, Celeste as the group leader, and team members Vivian, Melody Cross, Mano and Jenny. Felix deliberately told me that he had specially arranged Vivian to be in the same group as I am -.-

Our next activity was a Non-Talent Night organised by sister Yih Chwin. It's actually pretty much the same as a Talent Night, except it means you show off the talents you don't have haha.

My group was split into a smaller group of 3. I ended up with Melody and Vivian. We had to do some sort of drinking duel.

"Stand back to back, take ten paces foward, turn around, open the can and slug away! The first person to finish wins"

I was on a diet and Melody wasn't really keen on drinking that whole can of Sprite. When it was our turn to perform, after turning we rushed at each other and clashed the cans as hard as possible to spill as much Sprite as we could before continuing to make a mess. I still remember Royce in an agitated look pointing desperately at the amplifier/mixer and DVD player because we were too close when the Sprite was spraying all over. Melody "won"

I particularly enjoyed the performance by Travis' group. They had to do a lightsabre fight and it was so so so so funny thanks to Travis. He with his funny voice and funny actions.

After laughing like heck at the Non-Talent Night sister Lianne taught us line dancing. It was pretty fun although not everyone seemed interested. After 2 or 3 dances we had free dancing the rest of the night. It was totally fun. Clayton, who became known as Lulu, the "cutest girl" in Youth Conference, was totally cool on the dance floor. Reuben was also quite interesting. He was dancing like mad. It was.... the Other Side Of Reuben muahaha. I did a couple of homemade breakdancing moves as usual (I didn't even know I could do them). Other than that I guess I pretty much sucked on the dance floor.

At the end of the day the dancing high kind of wore off and everyone was upset with the DJs (Royce and Felix) and the DJs were upset with the crowd (there was a slight misunderstanding between the 2 parties). Needless to say the dancing ended and we went to do our own things.

After the dance I took a bath in the freezing shower and went back to the room to take off my contact lenses.... only to find that I had left my glasses at home!

Nightmare of all nightmares, here I am in a Youth Conference where nobody sleeps at night and I, having to take off my contacts lest they dry out, end up blind at night!

So there I was, groping around in the dark, making my way from the dorm to the outdoor hall to chat with the other youth. They thought I was nuts or something, sticking my head out with my eyes wide open and squinting at the same time.

I went to the hall to talk to Lulu and a handful of Young Women, if I remember correctly. Eventually I got so tired and so sick of seeing everyone as a blur I went to sleep... to find that the room is freezing cold at night. I nearly thought I was in Taiwan again.


To Be Continued...