After much preparation, the young self-proclaimed Emperor of The Han Dynastory is now serving a full-time mission to the UK with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He will return in 2014.


Welcome to the Han Dynastory!

As I am now serving a full-time mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have left this blog under the stewardship of a family member, who may post updates on how I'm doing as he/she sees fit.

Enjoy your stay!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Coming Soon

MSSKL is next Thursday...

I can't do my routine properly yet, and I haven't trained for 4 consecutive weeks. I'm already aching like mad all over after training for 2 days, and I just had Root Beer Float.

I'm doomed

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Am I Just Partying Every Weekend?

Don't know why but lately, in the last month, I've been having loads and loads and loads of fun with quite a bunch of the District Youth. It must definitely be a good thing... I think.

Only 2 Sundays ago was District Conference, and it was Melody Ting's birthday so we celebrated on the day before by watching Benchwarmers at KLCC, having lunch at Great Eastern and then having cake at church which nobody ate because JJ accidentally bought coffee cake -.-

Front row left to right: Me, Johann, Vivian, Melody Ting, Melody Cross, Valerie, Cheryl, Lulu- I mean Clayton.
Back row: Travis, somebody and Kosheila
Today is King Wai's birthday, as well as HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Yesterday there was a fireside featuring John Bytheway's DVD which I've watched before twice and always found it nice. So... to celebrate King Wai's birthday I got about 11 youth to come to church early to have pizza, spaghetti, cake which wasn't coffee cake for once (even Ernie got a coffee cake for his birthday 2 days ago) and ice cream! Also, I got a present from another Hui who's not Yung Hui! Yu Hui! Haha. It's funny to think the only girls in my life not related to me who have given presents to me on occassions other than my birthday are both Hui's... Yung Hui and Vivian. Viv gave me a brand new, mini sketchbook and a thin marker! I can't believe she got such a perfect gift. I happened to mention to -1 at school yesterday that I was thinking of getting a nice, thin marker for drawing and what did I get from Viv? Exactly what I was thinking about! And the sketchbook fits nicely in my pocket whereever I go. Yay!

I only gave her chocolates filled with caramel. How nice -.-

Well if there's something I'm good at, it's drawing comics for people who give me gifts as a BIG thank you... and I have a brand new marker to work with....

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Holidays? Bah

Yeah so the 2 week holiday just whooshed by. I doubt I was any less busier than a normal school day.

Just see the schedule I went through:

1st week: Sunday-Wednesday at Singapore, doing lots of stuff there too; Friday-Saturday sleepover and youth outing.

2nd week: Sunday District Conference; Monday-Wednesday Replacement classes for Adv Math and Mathematics as well as shooting the Sejarah movie after that; Thursday-Saturday Band Camp

Whoops. There go the holidays.

By the way, check out what this dumbo survey thinks of me hahaha

You Are a Romantic Romeo
Women love your ability to be romantic and thoughtful, but guys probably think you're "whipped." You approach every new relationship with rose-colored glasses, which can make you vulnerable to getting your heart broken. Not every woman appreciates your sentimentality. Save those sweet gestures for the truly special women who deserve them. A romantic guy like you is a rare breed, so make sure that your woman appreciates you and keep it up!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

It's Mr. Simba To You

Simba in a white shirt and tie... Shuan and I had nothing better to do after coming back from District Conference today


How often would you see a dog like this?


This little businessdog deep into thinking comtemplating his option of accepting my proposal for master-and-dogship


It's a deal!


Master and Dog: Master on the left, dog on the right hehe


I took this picture myself so it's kinda messy... his left eye was on my right cheek.... and my head's too big. I must be a fathead hehehe


This little fella is ready to go to work!


Isn't he such a cutie? But make him mad and.....