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He will return in 2014.


Welcome to the Han Dynastory!

As I am now serving a full-time mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have left this blog under the stewardship of a family member, who may post updates on how I'm doing as he/she sees fit.

Enjoy your stay!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

What Is The Motive???

An interesting thought flashed through my mind the other day. It's not a new thought, but I decided to hold that thought.

A lot of the best works of my comic strip have been given away. To girls.

Examples? Yung Hui received my first booklet-style comic featuring a caricature of herself and a dog (at her request). She also happens to be the first person to receive a home made pop-up card, my first step into "3D" School Blues. Shir Li received a very versatile home made frame featuring Han and Korie (the frame could be hung from either directions, closed like a book, or even stand vertically). Vivian recevied a 3 page booklet style comic featuring a School Blues adaptation of a King Arthur poem I spent months writing. Poh Mi received my biggest project ever, the huge standing pop up card that could very well resemble an open doll house from afar, not to mention an endless collection of my cartooning breakthroughs, notably, colour. Bringing colour into my comic strip was a very uneasy process. I failed with both colour pencils and even the computer. My first venture was during an art class, but it took a while before I dared to attempt such a feat again. I did, and I was so happy with the results that later, she started getting all sorts of comics with colour. Nobody else has that many. Possibly even myself.

So what's the point in all this madness? I don't even know. The other day before an English class I was in the toilet waiting for my turn when Koh Chong (otherwise known as the little kid for obvious physical features) approached me to ask about that big pop up card everyone saw me bring to school a few days after Poh Mi's birthday. He asked me how I made it, and whether I learnt it from somewhere (he intended to try making one too). I told him I did. I had received a small Christmas card in Taiwan last year which became my source of inspiration. I studied the concept of its mechanism and copied it, making a couple of changes to simplify it (and 'complexify' it on certain occasions) and created something about 10 times the size of the original card. He gave up the moment I told him what I went through (I didn't even get to the part where it took a total of 24 hours of non stop labour). That got me thinking:

"So... why did I do it then?"

It's pretty obvious that I did it because I had a crush on her. So does a crush bring out skills and talents that exceed my own expectations? Is my greatest potential achieved by a spark of an undying crush? Are my greatest creative achievements motivated solely by a crush? I hope not. Sometimes being a teen can be such a crazy thing.

I've already known that these sorts of feelings are natural. But they can be so annoying sometimes and you can't seem to lock them away in a drawer or something. There are a lot of other things I should be concentrating on, and crushes are a major distraction. I think I've said that before...

Now, I'm 16. I can finally date. Yippee. Yay. Wow. If my friends were restricted from dating and were finally let loose at one point, they'd immediately overload and most likely immediately look for a partner (soemthing I'm not doing). It's not like I'm some sort of anti-girl person like Hao Ran was years ago (heh) Dating is (and should be) fun, especially in groups (which is the only way I should be dating right now), but getting a partner? What's the point? Sometimes I really feel like telling friends off about them getting a girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever, but I prefer to not have a black eye or missing teeth, so I just keep those thoughts to myself and hold neutral opinions on that matter. I recently read The 6 Most Important Choices You'll Ever Make by Sean Covey (birthday present from Mom) and it did include a few tips on intelligent dating. All the stuff I already knew for some reason. Don't date the same person twice, don't go on serious dates, get to know as many girls as you can rather than narrowing down to one etc.

There's a scary world of girls out there, waiting for me to explore. I've always been getting to know different types of girls, just so that I won't be shocked one day when I start looking for a spouse. But somehow, I get this feeling I need to put this away for a while. If only there was an 'off' button for heterosexual attractions in my head somewhere...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

16, Not Any Wiser

Happy 16th Birthday!

Well, I'm finally 16 at last. I would think a majority of Church members would find this an exciting age because that's the age when we're finally allowed to date... unless, of course, they started dating before they turned 16. Amazingly enough, I wasn't exactly looking forward to that. I was more excited about my BIRTHDAY PARTY!

It was a relatively small group this year, but that didn't mean I didn't enjoy myself. A smaller group meant that I had more time to spend with each guest individually. I invited a lot of friends, that's for sure, but nobody can ever expect everyone to show up, especially since I'm not Mr. Popular. Like if Ralfz had a birthday party, all the girls would show up. This year, the number of girls who showed up was 2, Poh Mi and her classmate who I befriended last year, Yun Zhao. Poh Mi had to leave early since she had a scouting duty (Zi Xian and -1 just chose not to go heh) So in reality, there was only 1 girl during the whole of the party. But that's okay I guess... my highest record since I was 10 is 5 girls. It could prove either or both of the following: When one girl doesn't show up, they all don't show up; or I'm just not popular with the girls haha. The latter is more likely, considering how I don't speak chinese very well (minus points for communication skills in a chinese school), I spit when I speak (even guys cannot tahan this), I have a crappy hairstyle (which I like), and various other annoying things I do/am. So I'll just make do with appreciating those girls who show up better.

Our murder game thing didn't work out this year. We were too busy fooling around the whole time. -1, Hao Ran and Zi Xian came a day early to (supposedly) plan the murder, which we didn't. Instead we had a wild time at TESCO, where many fun things happened that will forever destroy anybody's misconception that Zi Xian is a very serious person.

The next day we didn't do any planning either. Mostly preparing the food and then playing lots and lots of videogames... Chern Hui came with Chee Hou and Jia Cheng around noon... Chee Hou was supposed to bring them at 8am. Overslept. Hah.

One by one the guests came. A lot of those who were supposed to come didn't show up. Ah, oh well.

Poh Mi came with her Mom for the first 1 and a half hours. Her Mom had a nice chat with my Mom while the two of us listened on.

-1's Mom, who had a nice chat with Mom
The first 2 hours of the party (which was officially from 2pm-6pm but eventually extended till about 9 since some people just won't go home heh) involved a lot of mad dashes to the phone. Mostly people calling to say they couldn't come. Or I did a lot of calling and found out a lot of people couldn't come in the end. Bah.

No, I'm NOT flirting on the phone
The number of people who showed up were so "few" that I could even list them all in chronological order haha

Hao Ran
Zi Xian
Chee Hou (IBM)
Chern Hui
Jia Cheng
Poh Mi
Poh Mi's Mom
Yun Zhao
Yoon Fatt
Ter Yi
Wei Jie
Jun Jie

Yup... that's about it. 17 people. One was a parent. But I had a blast with all of them.

Tiny crowd... relatively
It was kind of a pity that a majority of the guests were all drawn to the Play Station game Digimon Battles for the entire party. Actually, it was kind of a good thing too because otherwise, they'd have nothing to do at all. We did play a few rounds of 'murderer' at the beginning, in which the first round I got caught as the murderer after killing Poh Mi. We didn't play anything besides the piano after that because of the playstation, but it was ok with me.

Another sad case of teens stuck to videogames. The same thing happened during my birthday party 2 years ago.

Such postures are rarely seen at school

Digimon Battles... It drove Bryan crazy considering how it was on for almost 8 hours straight the whole day.

After nearly 2 hours of constant videogaming, we finally did the birthday cake ritual. I vaguely remember forcing my eldest sister to remove the candles with her teeth during her birthday party years ago. Thankfully I don't have any younger brothers as bratty as I was. Phew.

Clap your hands off!

Small group photo
More pictures (and possibly videos) are to come when I get to transfer the files from Dad's camera, but I'll just elaborate on the things we did throughout the party.
King of the Digimon Battles

Like a lot of similar videogames, Digimon Battles was very appropriate to play King. I didn't have a go with it as I've never really bothered playing that game, but I spectated quite a few exciting face-offs. The notable Kings were Wei Jie, Bryan, Jia Cheng and Ernie. The others managed to hold their position for a short while before being kicked out
Excessive Eating

Face it, we're guys. And teens.
Piano-ing and Singing

Too much of the same videogame is boring. That is, for some people. Eventually some of us went upstairs to play the piano. I don't remember why, but it was fun. If I remember correctly, there were myself, Bryan, Ter Yi, -1, Johann and Yun Zhao. We (me, Bryan, -1 and Johann) took turns showing off our piano skills (with Bryan topping everything of course) Eventually me and Bryan even played the Les Miserables Duet -1 and I failed at last year heh. Mom recorded us (as well as Bryan's frumble with a marble hehe) and hopefully I'll be able to post it when I manage to get the files from Dad's camera.
This year's birthday party didn't bring the 'ooh' or 'aah's like the ones before, but it seemed to be greater than all the rest. I guess I realized how much fun it is being with my friends is, and how much I enjoy their company, something I'm going to lose once I move to Singapore.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Latest thought: Girls = Distraction

Okay, I'm not being sexist or anything here, but it turns out that for me, it's the sad truth. I generally am a very distracted person. Example: I started this post, typed the equation Girls=Distraction and then moved on to update my Friendster profile with my latest videos. Now I'm back here, and I feel like going back to work on it a little bit more.

See what I mean?

I've planned my teenage life in such a way that everybody knows who I have a crush on. It eases some pressure on me in a funny way. I can be very open about such things, but really, a crush can be so distracting sometimes I get really frustrated.

Puppy love is pretty common in many teens, and I just so happen to be one of them... unfortunately... So far I've seen this in a lot of my friends and they end up in a relationship (which I keep a somewhat neutral opinion on). Of course, a relationship is something I take very seriously, which is why I've never been involved in one after all these years of watching friends switching partners as if it was a hairstyle - a new one is interesting but it gets boring after a while so you try another. I even know examples of people who used to oppose high school relationships and then ended up in one =) It's not exactly right to say such relationships are wrong. You can learn lots of life's lessons in such relationships I think, but unfortunately it's common for most of my friends who are involved in a relationship to have their grades dropped to a certain extent. There are exceptions which my class teacher talked about of course, like how some people use it as a motivation to study harder, but finding someone like that at my age is like finding an empty pixel on the computer screen.

People talk about being 'in love' and stuff. For me, 'love' is an overstatement. Love is the feeling you get when you are ready to dedicate your entire life to someone, including eternity. (with the exception of brotherly love and love for pets or love for videogames heh) The temporary warm fuzzy feeling that makes you go head over heels when you see someone, however, is a crush.

Anyway, I'm no exception when it comes to puppy love, and it's not exactly the nicest thing to happen considering how there are other better things I should be distracted with... like... Science... haha. If I was reviewing Physics equations in my head all the time, it would have a positive effect on my grades. But if I had Poh Mi in my head all the time, what would that bring? I might walk into walls or get hit by cars as I cross the road maybe.

Maybe I'm just over-reacting (as usual). But maybe if I keep repeating the above equation in my head over and over again, I'll become a hardened bachelor by age 17. That means lots of room in my head to concentrate on my studies right? Wrong. I'll probably be distracted by something else haha.

Of course, having a close friend who's a member of the opposite gender is never wrong. I appreciate friendships with girls. I get to see if all the stuff I read about girls psychology is accurate or not. Just kidding. I am supportive of co-ed schools since they provide chances for people to learn how to deal with members of the opposite gender, much like what I'm facing right now. But then it really does become a distraction. A lot of top schools are single-ed....

Ultimately it's gonna be how I deal with it I guess. Friends will still catch me sitting with her after school every day or staying back until 6pm at school occasionally to teach her math when I could be home napping (or snacking). People will ask me why don't I get a girlfriend, and I'll answer "why should I get a girlfriend?"

That warm fuzzy feeling that makes me go head over heels is nice every now and then, but I've got my priorities and that's eating- uh, I mean schooling.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Haze Is Bad

Knowing two sides of a situation can be worse >.<