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Welcome to the Han Dynastory!

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Friday, November 10, 2006


Before I get to more serious matters in my next post (which will be in a few days time), how bout a little something to confirm my silliness.

Last week I went down to singapore for 2 days to look for schools. Of course, I didn't find any that would accept me at that time... but I sure was missing someone a lot.

What you do with this is you hold it up in front of her with a big stupid grin on your face =)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Exchange With Taka High School, Japan

It's the truth! We really don't need languages to communicate!

On Monday we had an exchange with a group of Japanese students from Taka High School, Japan (duh). The exact procedure explanation is unneccessary (err.. need a spell check on that) but basically it started off with a welcoming ceremony which I MC'd, followed by some outdoor games (group rope skipping and friendly basketball and volleyball matches) a brief personal exchange session, a tour of the school premises, LUNCH, and finally a musical and cultural exchange.

Lots of nothing happened. Er, well, maybe not. The rope skipping was particularly fun. It was half madness, considering how up to 15 people can be skipping at the same time. During the ball game matches I got to know a few of the Japanese students. I remember spending a long time memorizing their names at first heh. They were 'Doasate' and 'Guziro" or something like that. It was easy to remember them as 'Dua Satay' and 'Crazy Boy' heh. Doasate was a very friendly guy who was the one who dragged me into their little group of japanese students. Guziro was a loud, friendly guy whose slaps on the back are... hard...

Apart from some of the memorable things such as singing a japanese song where the only words everybody sang together were 'best friend' as well as me stumbling over a poorly practiced recital, trying to communicate with the Japanese students itself was the most fun of all.

They can barely speak English.

In fact, some of them even said 'my English is poor' and then asked their teacher if what they said was correct.

Which brings me back to the first sentence: We don't need languages to communicate!

Through trial and error, we've found that it's no use trying to speak English. Instead, we used the most reliable international languages.

A series of grunts

Here's an example of how our conversations went:

Them: Mottobyke?

Us: What?

Them: Byke. Mottobyke.

Us: (look at each other) What?

Them: ah... (does the riding a bike motion with two hands)

Us: What?

Them: (takes my notepad and draws a bike)

Us: Oh! Motorbike!

Them: Ah!

Us: Ah.

Them: Yoo noe er... Armerriken Byke?

Us: American Bike?

Them: Uh. Ah.

Us: Harley Davidson!

Them: Ya! Harrluey Dayvidsone.

Us: Ah.

Them: Ah.

See? There's more.

Them: Yoo noe ehnie beeootie... beeootie (mumbles something in japanese) beeootie gurle?

Us: (look at each other) What?

Them: Ah... Beeootie gurle? (points at a group of students)

Us: What? (debating in chinese whether they're asking for 'beautiful girls')

Them: Uh... ah....

Us: (dare not ask if they're referring to beautiful girls, laugh among selves)

Them: (discussing in Japanese)

Us: (draw a stereotypical girl stick figure) Girl?

Them: Ah! Ya ya ya

Us: Beautiful Girl!

Them: Ah.

Stuff like that. It's a bit like solving riddles. They are able to recognize a few chinese characters, however, considering how japanese has quite a bunch of traditional chinese characters. Most groups during the exchange (or should I say all) had conversations that went on much like ours.

During the school tour we just took them around and pointed at stuff saying things like "Classroom! Staffroom! Senior! Junior! Computer lab! Toilet!" and stuff like that.

It's kind of funny to thing that we didn't actually have any decent conversations, but in the end, everyone had a lot of fun, and I feel lucky that I can speak english....