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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Recently I posted something at Wusuowei about my move to Singapore. I've been getting a lot of good feedback from my friends who read it. They're all happy that I've changed a lot for the better.

There's a certain thing that happens whan a person changes his enviroment. Some people crack under pressure, while others shine. I read a book by Sean Covey last year, 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make for Teenagers. It was an awesome book Mom gave me for my birthday. It mentioned moving out of your comfort zone and expanding your horizons, which is exactly what I did by moving, and I think it has paid off.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Action Packed Holidays!

Well, the week off school has finally ended. I spent most of my time having a blast back in KL, but Singapore offered just as much excitement.

I left for KL with the family on a busride on Saturday, the 10th of March ( Teacher Mei Huang's birthday heh heh). I got a bit of a culture shock... from my home country. I just realized how big a difference Malaysia and Singapore can be. It's a bit hurting to see how backwards Malaysia can be. I've been told it's my duty as a Malaysian to change that. I know that, but how? I'll have to find out in the future.

We got back at our old house at around 10pm, to find that our trees had all been chopped down to make way for a 6 feet tall wall for our new neighbours. They certainly aren't going to get any friendliness from me for that. They just made life a whole lot more uncomfortable for poor Simba. But since I don't live there anymore, they aren't going to feel my disdain.

The next day, we went to the KL Branch to attend Church. Just like last time (Chinese New Year), everyone was glad to see us. After Church, I made arrangements with the Youth to watch a movie on Tuesday, as well as going over to President Renner's place to have a swim. After doing that, we went back to our old house where I got my stuff and Mom drove me over to Lance's place for a sleepover.

Hao Ran and Waylon were with Lance when I arrived at his place. We played a bit of Need for Speed Most Wanted, then watched Rush Hour in Lance's room. That night, we went our for a very nice dinner with his family. When we got back, we watched Lord of the Rings Return of the King. Obviously, we fast forwarded to all the good parts =P

The next day was the day for our 4th Water Gun Fight. Er Wei came over to Lance's house in the morning to have breakfast with us and we went to school to pick up Cheong Lip, Ming Hao and L King. I got to have a short chat with some of my ex-bandmates, as well as -1 and his sister. As soon as I was satisfied, we headed to Hao Ran's house to play defend the hill.
The battle-scarred Water Gun Warriors: (left to right) Er Wei (standing), L King (half naked), Cheong Lip, Ming Hao (with a towel), Lance (pink), Hao Ran (big mouth), Myself and Waylon.


On Tuesday, I arranged to hang out with the KL Branch Youth and JJ (who now attends the Klang Branch). First, we Young Men went to President Renner's house to have a swim. At least, that was what we planned. The only people who showed up was myself, Shuan, Clayton and JJ. By some misunderstanding Prabu didn't show up. Instead of swimming, we ate so much pizza that we were too full to do anything except view JJ's diving photos and play President Renner's Xbox 360.

JJ showing his diving photos to President Renner on the computer.


Messing about with the Xbox 360


Eventually, we headed over to KLCC to watch Bridge to Terabithia with Stephan, Jarrinn, Prabu, Camilia and Cheryl. It turned out that Veena and Vivian couldn't show up last minute. Oh well... there hasn't really been any acitivity that I planned without people suddenly not showing up. That is, besides the things I plan with Hao Ran and the others.

However, guess who I bumped into at the cinema? Ri Chard! He returned from his mission in Indonesia, and is working with Exxonmobil again.

Me and Ri Chard at the cinema. I've grown a bit since I last took a picture with him, but I guess not enough heh heh. Our smiles look surprisingly similar.


The guys who showed up for the movie (the girls preferred not to show up in the photo) left to right: Prabu, Shuan (yellow), Jarrinn (in front), Myself, Stephan, JJ and Clayton.


After the movie as we were walking to our various destinations, JJ and I passed by some mannequins. We couldn't resist the urge to imitate the various poses...

Actually, JJ seems to have a good chance working as a mannequin for hire hehehe


The Petronas Twin Towers... if I ever got lost in KL, all I'd have to do is look out for them and walk towards them, then I'd be able to find my way around.


The next day, Wednesday, there was a band practice back in Tsun Jin. I decided to join them for the afternoon session to see what's become of them. A number of players have already fallen out of the band, unable to withstand the pressure that comes with the band. But the good ones that hold the band together were still there. Only two of my previous Clarinetists were there that day, plus a newbie. They're probably the only serious players left in my old section.My dear Clarinetists.


Dong Liang holding his trumpet... the next time I see him, he'll be holding a Yamaha Xeno Trumpet- his dream trumpet.


Before Sir came, I played a bit of the song they were practicing that day, Ross Roy. Dong Liang said my sound has improved a lot since I moved to Singapore, which pleased me very much =P

When Sir came I found out he hadn't shaved. Looks like he's trying to grow a beard haha. Possibly an attempt to look older -.-

He was rather happy to see me, asking a lot of questions about my band in Singapore. In the end, he pressured me into getting him a copy of one of the SYF songs this year, Night Safari. I kind of promised...

On Thursday, it was time to head back to Singapore because Shuan and I had to go back to school on Friday for a band practice (as well as a YM activity on Friday night)


On Friday, Shuan and I went to school for a full day band practice from 9am to 5pm. The practice itself was fairly productive. We even got treated to pizzas for lunch by our teachers heheh.

That night, our Clementi Ward Young Men had an overnight cycling trip. We met at 9pm at East Coast Park and started cycling at around 10pm. We cycled a lot. First we cycled all the way to Lao Pa Sat, with the help of a very nice stranger named Danny, who was our guide for the rest of the night.

We had our first supper at Lao Pa Sat, then cycled to Geylang for a second supper, then finally back to East Coast Park, where brother John Lee, our YM Counsellor, decided to sleep. It was around 2am at that time if I'm not mistaken. However, most of us were keen on cycling over to Changi Airport to seem some planes land, which we did in the end. By the time we were back, it was 5am. I took a nap and at around 7am, it was time to go home, where I slept the whole of Saturday away...

Our bicycles at Lao Pa Sat


A nice scenery of the Esplanade I couldn't resist taking


The group who showed up for the activity: (left to right) Brother Lee, Brother Oh, Bryan (red), Michael (behind), Shem (in front), Bishop Kwan (behind), Andy, Andy, Sherwayne, John, Brian, Matthias (middle), Vincent (front, blue), Kenneth (behind, black), myself, Shuan. Photo taken courtesy of Danny.


And that was how one holiday just blew past me like that....