After much preparation, the young self-proclaimed Emperor of The Han Dynastory is now serving a full-time mission to the UK with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He will return in 2014.


Welcome to the Han Dynastory!

As I am now serving a full-time mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have left this blog under the stewardship of a family member, who may post updates on how I'm doing as he/she sees fit.

Enjoy your stay!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Back to School Blues

There are 2 meanings to this,

First, of course, is that I'm going back to school tomorrow, after 4 weeks of holiday.

Second, is that I just got an inspiration for School Blues again! I haven't really drawn anything for my comic strip during the holidays. My attempt at a coloured story for Poh Mi was a disaster. The idea wasn't that all great, and I just wasn't in the creative mood. It's still there on my drafting table, waiting to be thrown away.

But then, earlier today, I was reminded of the mornings I spent after Seminary playing RISK with some of the Stake Youth, many thanks to Bryan Chia. I just had an idea to re-enact a couple of our interesting in-game predicaments on my comic strip. After all, Han and his friends could do with a bit of board gaming. So far the only thing he does with his friends is watch movies and erm, go to school. The last ongoing story I finished in my 2nd School Blues album (to be named Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Been) resolved the issue of Han and Korie's crushes on each other, plus a hint on how caring Sis can be for her crazy little brother. I'm itching to put Blitz, PJ and Emily in the limelight for my next story, to kind of give them more character development. My latest inspiration was to make Emily a musician (thanks Irfan!)

Anyway... speaking of Irfan... going back to school tomorrow, I'll be informing him about Ran and my latest movie 2400, and how the original soundtrack which he just offered to create, should go.

Oh yeah, I just can't wait to get Social Studies homework again. >.<

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Random Photos

Every now and then I have this slight urge to post a couple of photos... now is one of those times... with that darned new limit on the amount of photos we can store for free using Blogger, this shouldn't happen very often. I'll need to start finding some alternate hosts for my photos, or start paying Picasa once I run out of space >.<

Benji, me and Charles at YC. Notice the stain on th tablecloth - can't ever seem to shake of the disasters that occur around me wherever I go
----- Michael and I after bowling, before watching At World's End. Thanks to him I can't seem to shake off the irresistable urge to walk around in a dance-like manner.


Mom's old drafting table now put to good use!

----- Say no to Gamblin! A public school campaign.

Burying each other is one of me and Kenneth's hobbies.

A Week Back In KL

At last, I have managed to put down Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (thanks Bryan Chia!) and start blogging a bit about my trip back to KL.

I was back for about a week, got there 2 Sundays ago, came back this Monday. School had already started for my friends back in Tsun Jin High, but that didn't stop me from meeting up with them. In fact, all the better, I could see all of them after school.

The first day I went back to my old school, I headed straight for the office, intending to meet the Principal. Naturally, he was extremely busy so I decided to talk to some of my old teachers first. They were all glad to see me of course, and especially happy for my present results. I never really seemed that impressive back there, aside from my English subject XD

My old class teacher, Mr Chan, was very happy to see me, but with *ahem* cheekier reasons. The school proposed the construction of a mega-huge hall/complex to be built over the field and basketball/volleyball courts. A great deal of money is needed and my friends have been going around getting donations. He gave me the dreaded red slip of paper which asks for donations. I told him I'd only be able to give him 2 Sing Dollars, and my Dad would only be able to make a donation if he started raking cash in (and if he decides to of course). So what did my teacher do? He checked if I could go for the annual Blood Drive, organized by Hao Ran's St John's Ambulance.

See the kind of welcome I got from my old teacher? He asked for both my money and my blood.

Haha. Not to make him look bad or anything.

I had to wait a while before the Principal, Mr Cheng, was done with his meetings. But immediately after he was done, I was outside his office waiting. He motioned for me to enter.

He remembered me alright. I heard from some old friends and teachers that he had praised me in front of the whole school several biweekly assemblies ago. And I thought I had left discreetly...

Anyway, I told him about my situation in Singapore (how good everything has turned out) and thanked him for all the good skills I learnt during my 4 years in Tsun Jin. He was very happy of course, to have a student come back and thank him. I think that's what a Principal needs every now and then... some encouragement from his own students.

After our brief meeting I went to the canteen to start catching up with a lot of old friends.

The next few days I spent most of my time after their school hours hanging out, sometimes going out for dinner with them.

Lance, myself, Howt, Cheong Lip, and Waylon

-1 and his record 175 score bowling at Midvalley

Dinner after bowling with the Poh family plus Chern Hui and Jason (I brought Ray along too). Many thanks to -1's aunt (sitting in front of me) for paying for several rounds of bowling, and dinner!

------ Poh Mi and I after dinner. Even after so many months in Singapore, I'm still crazy over her. I made the mistake of looking straight into her eyes when we were talking after school one day. Gets me every time.
----- Basketball! The common love of many of my old schoolmates.
Hao Ran, myself, Fang Soe and V Yang discussing plans for the next Whatever Production: 2400, possibly one of our biggest films yet. Since I'm in Singapore now, I don't get to help as much in the production as I used to. I asked for a small role in the movie, and I'm in charge of casting and (hopefully) music. I'm yet to request the music-composing talents of Irfan. With any luck, 2400 will be our first movie with an original soundtrack...

Spending a night at the school hostel. Secretly, of course. Fang Soe was very kind to give me his bed, while he slept in a sleeping bag on the floor. I talked a LOT with Yu Ren and Fang Soe that night.

The trying-to-be-housetrained Simba in Dad's apartment. The poor guy needs to be able to cope with Dad's apartment if he doesn't want to go to the SPCA, where an almost certain doom awaits him. The joker just won't do his business on the newspaper. Instead, he keeps holding it in and whining and moaning until we take him out for a walk where he does it on the grass. Not a bad habit if we had a yard, but he needs to learn to do it on the newspaper so Dad can keep him in the house.


Additionally, there was a Friday night where -1, Chern Hui and Jason spent a night at the apartment, since it's only walking distance from school. We had a wild game of carom that night. Too bad those photos are with Dad.

As for my friends back in the KL Branch, I visited them in Seminary for 3 days. Johann told me at Church how quiet it has been in Seminary since I left. Without me frequently answering questions, or JJ (who moved to the Klang Branch) adding comments or bringing up discussions, it's no surprise.

The KL Branch seems to be fluorishing at the moment. I've never seen the chapel so full my whole life. If they can keep it up, maybe KL Branch will split again.

Anyways, that was, in brief, my trip back to KL, most thoroughly enjoyable thanks to my many old friends there.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Bit About Recently

Gaah! So many things have been going on since I came back from KL, I don't know where to start! I suppose, before Blogging a bit about the trip, I could mention the latest craze amongst some of the Youth after holiday Seminary...

RISK! All thanks to Bryan Chia!

Speaking of the Youth... tomorrow night will be the post-Youth Conference Dance!

Unfortunately... I made a decision to join the missionaries. We're going to teach a first discussion to an investigating family. How exciting is that? I've been going out on exchanges with Elder Jergensen and Elder Vaughan quite a few times recently, and each experience has been very spiritual. For that reason, I'm willing to be extremely late for the Youth Dance. Heck, I may miss it altogether!

Oh well. Should be worth it.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Come & Go

I just got back from Youth Conference and I'm going back to KL!

A post on the various misadventures at YC is already in the making. Maybe if I had time, I could finish it and post using one of Dad's computers at his office in KL.

Looking forward to see everyone again!

Youth Conference 2007!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I shall now attempt to record the various misadventures of my first Youth Conference in the Singapore Stake!


Day 1, Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Today was the first day, where all the youth and leaders gathered at the Tanah Merah jetty in the morning. We were to take a ferry to Batam, Indonesia, where Youth Conference would be held at Turi Beach Resort.

Things were fine until we got our boarding passes.

For some, there were a few minor spelling errors in their names. For others, they had major makeovers, even a sex change.

Examples? My 'Han' became 'Har' and Brian Sham become 'Ben'. Michael Lee became 'Michelle', ironically his Mom's name. But those were nothing compared to Germaine Yee, whose gender was listed as male.

Once these errors were corrected, we boarded our ferry, the Sea Prince, and started on our journey to Batam.

We gained an hour upon arrival at Batam's time zone. It was a bit funny when we arrived at the jetty in Batam. It looked so nice we mistook the immigration as the resort itself. The resort was a busride away.

Our first few activities at the resort were icebreakers. They erm... weren't very effective. Once again, we were split into groups. My group was about the same as the Pre-Youth Conference activity, except that those below the age of 14 weren't in it anymore, and Kelson was replaced with Ee Chien. And there was the addition of Sonia.

Our first activity was Ultimate Frisbee at the beach. Now, I really really love playing frisbee. So much that I ended up with a black eye once. However, the beach was erm... sloped, and very narrow. With the added bonus of the sea breeze, the game was a nightmare. Eventually the unsupervised youth began to drift away from the game and into the water. Well, as long as we were getting to know each other I suppose it didn't matter.

After that we headed to a tiny grass field to play Rats & Rabbits, hosted by President O' Grady. It was a rather fun game. There are 2 groups, the Rats and the Rabbits. The two teams stand face to face in a line, and when the host shouts the name of a certain team, that team has to chase the other team. For example, when President O' Grady shouted "Rabbits!", the Rabbits will chase the Rats. The team being chased has to sprint past a certain point on the field not very far away in order to be safe. It was a fun game both to play and to watch, although it wasn't an icebreaker in itself.

Our next event was lunch. It was during that event that we realized what would be one of the main highlights of Youth Conference: the food! The food was excellent. We had a buffet with lots and lots of food. Yeah. Maybe it's because I'm a guy, but the food made Youth Conference worth waiting for! Haha.

We checked into our rooms after lunch. I was put in a room with Shuan and Derek Yoon, the relatively new Korean member in my Ward. He was previously known to be very quiet and shy in our Ward. All that changed after Youth Conference, but I'll get to that later.

Our first Workshop was by Brother Dennis Lam. After that we had our supposedly main activity of the day: Water Polo followed by a Holy Paint War. It was erm, a disaster in my opinion. Actually, in many of the youth's opinions. The activity was horribly unorganized. It was basically equivalent to free and easy time, since there was no order.

I'm not sure what everyone else was doing, but I decided to go to the pool first. 2 groups were playing Water Polo. I just decided to have a nice swim and see how many people would get thrown into the pool. Of course, having stopped gymnastics training for more than half a year, I couldn't help but do a few somersaults into the pool. I sure miss that feeling.

Later, for some unknown reason, the Water Polo match ended. There were some youth playing frisbee at the field, and some playing volley ball, if I'm not mistaken. Eventually they called us to head to the beach to have our Holy Paint War.

I was actually quite excited about that event. After all, having been through the many watergun fights with my friends back in KL, I imagined it would be awesome with 80 over youth. I was wrong.

First of all, 80 over youth means that the waterguns we would be using are guaranteed to be dirt cheap. Second, 80 over youth also means we would be out of control. In the end, we were just standing around spraying coloured water at each other, making shirts as colourful as possible.

Eventually everyone dropped their guns and ran to the water to have a swim. Some were smart. They took the buckets previously filled with coloured water for the guns to..... heh heh.

In the end, the youth headed back to the pool. That's when Kenneth and I decided to have some fun at the beach. He buried me.

After washing up we had a workshop by Sister Lam, who taught us how to say the greeting phrase in Maouri, Tongan, Hawaiian, Tahitian, and Fijian. Then we learnt how to do one of the Tahitian dances. I think we wasted too much time washing up, because the part where we actually learnt how to dance was less than a minute. Instead, they spent more time entertaining the youth by getting some of the leaders to do an impromptu performance. Well, I'm not complaining!

We then had a nice candlelit poolside buffet for dinner, followed by a short break after which we adjourned to the ballroom for a fireside by President O' Grady.

Since our Youth Conference theme was "Power in Purity", a majority of workshops were focused on exposing ourselves to clean media. The fireside was obviously no different. President O' Grady showed us clips taken from a few of his favorite movies: Home Alone, Remember the Titans, Dead Poets Society, and (hehe) The Restoration. Throughout the clips, he asked us to consider the feelings we had when we watched those short clips. Excitement? Hope? Courage? He also pointed out how the feeling we had when watching the clip where Joseph Smith prayed and met Heavenly Father and His Son was particularly special. Thus, his message was that we should pay attention to the feelings we get when we watch certain videos, or listen to music, or read literature. This will act as a filter for good and bad stuff.

I wrote down all these things on my spiritual journal (my secular journal would be this Blog). I thought about it. I don't have problems with the music I listen to, since I mainly stick to Classical and Jazz. However, there are some movies that I probably shouldn't watch. They may be rated U or PG and have good ratings or recommendations, but may still contain some things that drive away the Spirit. And my choice of computer games... heh heh. Excessive violence is obviously inharmonious with the Spirit. These are things that will be hard to change. But with enough effort, I'm sure I can pull through.

After the fireside, I played murderer with my Ward youth. It was as fun as ever, and poor Shem, who had been the first to be killed every time we played, nearly survived one round that night. He had not been the first to be killed, and when we were left with 4 people, he was desperately trying to convince Chrystal to vote for either Sherwayne or Erin to be annihilated, as in they were the murderer and accomplice. Naturally, Sherwayne and Erin voted for Shem to be annihilated. Chrystal said it made sense that Erin and Sherwayne were the killers, but she wanted to kill Shem anyway. Poor Shem.

I left the game early to get some rest. I knew of something that would happen the next morning. Something that created an uproar.


Day 2, Wednesday, June 6, 2007

At 4:30am, we received a wake up call.

It was an activity where each group had to gather and will realize that one person from each group is missing. We then had to fulfill certain tasks in order to rescue that group member.

It is, in my opinion, a fun activity in theory. However, when carried out, the youth were ANGRY. First of all, teenagers are, by nature, never ever going to want to wake up early. This itself made a lot of people upset. Second was the sheer craziness of the task itself. Rescue a group member?

Honestly, I would have enjoyed the activity if everyone had not been complaining so much about it. I mean, hey, the organizers had put an effort into coming up with the game, so shouldn't we be a bit more grateful and enthusiastic about what they throw at us? I know I'm one of those crazy people who like to sleep early and wake up early, but I think the youth should have been a little more enthusiastic about the acitivity.

Yes, I'm an enthusiastic maniac.

We were given an hour's break before breakfast, after which there was a morning scripture chase. Well, it wasn't much of a scripture chase considering how we didn't really use our scriptures. It was a crazy Church trivia. Questions were crazy. I don't even remember what they were, but a lot of them aren't things you'd know just by going to Church!

Following the activity we had a two hour break. Needless to say, I went back to my room to take a nap. Needless to say again, Shuan and Derek were there watching TV again. Eventually we slept anyway....

Only to wake up half an hour late for our next workshop!

Aagh! We didn't have any alarms to set (no phones, and my watch was busted) , and we forgot how to call the services to set an alarm for us. If I had not woken up at all, we might have missed the entire workshop by President Lai altogether.

The workshop was based around the concept of applying the scriptures (and particularly For the Strength of Youth) to ourselves. It was a good spritual experience which I recorded down in my spiritual journal.

We had lunch afterwards, followed by a team building activity by the 2nd Ward. I forgot what it was called... something to do with the Vietnam War. Basically, there was a grid made out of string, and each group picked a representative to maneuver through the grid. At the start of the game, the game master (Jia Chen) read out the path each team has to take (ie: left, forward, right, forward, right, right, forward etc). We weren't allowed to write it down, and had to memorize it. Should the person take the wrong path, he or she would "step on a mine" and get blown sky high, and then would have to start all over. The next mechanic of the game is when does the person get to move... each team had to line up side by side, and a trivia would be read out. The teams would have to send a runner to hit a bell in order to be the first to answer the question. Correct answers will allow their teammate in the minefield to make one move. That is how the game went.

The game was, by most accounts, a total disaster. Firstly, most people couldn't remember the path. Secondly, the running part. I mean, the questions were fun and all, but the game got a little rough. Chester got serious mat burns, someone else stepped on something shapr, and I broke my double toenail.

All in all however, I did enjoy the activity. It was fun, although a bit rough, but it was obvious that some of the youth were bored out of their skulls.

We had a workshop by Brother Downs after that. He flashed photos of various objects, things in accordance (or the complete opposite) to our Standards, and we'd all chorus an approval or disapproval. We then went on to discuss and draw lines for those photos which sparked a bit of controversy.

After the workshop we went down for a pool + beach activity. My toe was wrapped in a bandage to prevent further harm, so I didn't swim. I went to the beach and watched the others play beach ball. Eventually I couldn't stand sitting around so I skipped stones with Kenneth. After that we built a sand wall against the tide.

Eventually, Kenneth decided he wanted to get buried in the sand again, so I helped bury him, and got sister Jonabel to take a photo of him. Then... sister Lim came over and with a devious smile on her face, found Kenneth's toe and eventually, both feet. Tickle tickle tickle! Kenneth was out of the sand in seconds.

Following my wash up in back in the chalet, I had my dinner, along with a long, good chat with Benji. Next was the highlight of Youth Conference: the Dance!

During the Dance, I noticed the many different kinds of youth who show up at Dances. I shall analyze them below:
  1. The Actual Dancers - Youth who go there to dance and have a good time
  2. The Attention Seekers - Youth who desperately try all sorts of stunts to draw attention to themselves, most notably an overdose of cartwheels and the like
  3. The Troublemakers - Youth who go around pushing people into the middle of circles, or deliberately bashing into other people during slow dances
  4. The Wild Cards - Youth who go crazy during the dance and contribute to the atmosphere
  5. The Couch Potatoes - Youth too cool to dance and just sit around

Naturally, a majority of Attention Seekers and Couch Potatoes were newbies.

The dance was a lot of fun for me. I particularly enjoyed the slow dance sessions, where the guys had to go and pick a partner. I picked Ying Er for my first song, making a point to dance with my cousin first should be a good tradition. Later I picked girls from my group, and the rest of the slow songs were with anybody who caught my eye.

Of all the girls I danced with however, I must say Germaine Yee was the best. I'm not very experienced, but somehow I felt like I finally knew what I was doing when I danced with her haha

I guess I'll just need more training...

There was at one point where the DJ declared that the girls had to pick the guys for 2 of the slow songs. Chrystal was nice enough to pick me for the first dance, but for the second song I watched Benji, who was with me for the most of the dance, get pulled away and I just sat there haha.

All in all, the dance was great. We got all crazy and wild for several songs, creating a really fun atmosphere. After the dance, I played Murderer with the Clementi youth again for a short while, then went to bed.


Day 3, Thursday, June 7, 2007

Of all the times I've been late for anything, this time I really, really blew it.

We woke up an hour late for the testimony meeting.

Once again I woke up first and frantically woke up Shuan and Derek. If only my internal clock was one hour earlier, I would have been on time for everything. The problem was, in Batam, we were one hour ahead of Singapore! My internal clock was useless!

We rushed to the jetty where they held the testimony meeting. Since I was late, I wasn't inspired to go up to bear my testimony. Oh well.

Following the testimony meeting we had breakfast, after which we had time for one last swim, or in my case, going around with Benji getting autographs.

Finally, all the youth packed up and we started on our journey back to Singapore.


This year's Youth Conference was for me, a blast, since it was my first time in Youth Conference with my new Singaporean friends. However, a few of the old timers said this Youth Conference wasn't as nice as their previous ones. Since I have attended 2 Youth Conferences back in KL, I guess that was the case. Somehow, the activities just weren't as well-planned.

But that didn't stop me from enjoying myself!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Post Youth Conference Depression Syndrome

Well, I got back from the Singapore Stake Youth Conference 2007 yesterday. Naturally, there's that kind of depressed feeling because I had too much fun. I don't have time right now to write about the events that took place since I'm staying over at the Lee's house until Mom comes back from KL. But all I can say for now is that I had an awesome time getting to know the wonderful Singapore Stake youth better, and the food was AWESOME! Haha.

Benjamin Huang and I on the ferry going back to Singapore (Youth Conference was held at Batam) We had a great time together at Youth Conference. Especially at the dance!

Naturally, more information to come. All the misadventures waiting to be recorded!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Back from Pre-Youth Conference Activity

Thought of the day: Do people pick leaders so they can listen to them or do they pick leaders so they can blame them when things go wrong?

Well, today was our Pre-youth conference activity, whereby youth under 14 join the "of age" youth on activities related to our actual Youth Conference theme. It is my first Youth Conference in Singapore, and my first Pre-Youth Conference my whole life...

There must've been nearly a hundred over youth. Our Stake spans the Clementi Ward, Toa Payoh Ward, Woodlands Ward, Ang Mo Kio Ward, Bedok Ward, 1st Ward (expatriats), 2nd Ward (mandarin speaking), 3rd Ward (filipino), and the Johor Bahru Branch.

Of course, we would only reach the 100 mark thanks to all the countless YM Deacons and erm, YW beehives.

I was assigned to team 2 (there were 8), and was also selected as the group leader. I wonder sometimes why people seem to like picking me as their leader. Do I look like one? Because if I do, I sure don't feel like one. My idea of a leader is someone whom everyone is happy to follow, and he's always there giving support to each of his underlings, ensuring that they're satisfied with what's going on.

Of course, those are leaders from a utopian society, and thus, I am just an unfortunate soul who inherited perfectionist blood from the family. Nooo!!!

Anyway, there were about 14 other Youth in my group. I'm not sure if I can name them all, heh heh, but I shall try for the sake of stretching my short term memory: Ying Er, Bea, Geoffrey, Kelson, Sam, Benjamin Vithya, Joshua, the 2 Morris Sisters, Allysa, Daniel, Kenric, Shannon Oh, and Wong Ming

Our Young Single Adult supervisor was Rachel. She was very responsible and tried very hard to keep our group together during our Amazing Race activity. So much that some of the youth were a little bit frustrated. But hey, what are leaders for? We pull the team together!

Our first activity was 4-way Captain's Ball. It was madness, especially since we played in the Cultural Hall of the Stake centre. I could barely do anything without shoving into people when I had a chance to play. The Captain's Ball game decided the order of the teams which would leave for the Amazing Race. Our team ended up the second last team to leave, so we left at 11:30am, about half an hour after the first team left.

Basically, the idea of the game is that we're given a clue at the start (Stake Centre) and upon deciphering it, we'd have to go to a certain place in Singapore to find our next clue etc. As a bonus, there was a Scavenger Hunt List to earn extra points.

Our first destination was the Botanical Gardens, where the challenge for the clue was to do a mass rubberband rope (which we had to tie together) skipping. Our next destination was, after asking other teams after the event, the place where most time was wasted. Bishan Park. The problem about this location is that there are 2 parks next to each other. And they are HUGE! Needless to say, it took forever for us to find the station, where the challenge was to mix lime, water and sugar in our mouths and transfer the mixture into a bottle and fill it to the brim. I got lucky. I was the one running several hundred metres to fetch the water instead of the one mixing it. Amazingly enough, it was the Young Women who offered to do the horrible stuff.

Our next stop was the Esplanade, which I had no problem finding after going there so many gajillion times this year. Concerts, library, musicals. In fact, this coming Saturday I'm going to watch another musical. Anyway, we found the place molto prestissimo and took the challenge to eat apples off a stick. I let my dehydrated teammates eat the apples while I held on to the stick.

The next location was Vivo City. Not a place I am very familiar with, but I had just gone there last Saturday to do a survey for the Church as a Ward acitivity (it was a somewhat sneaky method of proselyting). Anyway, that slight knowledge of Vivo City grounds did help me bring my team to the station (most of the time I let the other teammates lead the way to get them involved). The challenge we were supposed to do a similar survey as the one my Ward did, but it turned out people complained and the Security guards put a stop to it.

That's when I stood onto a slight ramp and declared "O ye fools shall burn at the last day for rejecting the truth!"

Of course, it was only loud enough for the Church members to hear. Otherwise I might be typing this in an asylum. But then I doubt they'd allow blogging in asylums. So maybe I might have ended up having to type this while being a refugee from an asylum.


So anyway, we were told to do the survey on the way back to Church. There was actually one more station at Sentosa, but we wasted so much time at Bishan Park that we had no more time for that station. Ha!

We headed back to the Stake Centre for our debriefing (as well as announcing the winners). My group came in the 6th place. Not bad considering how we started off as the 7th group to leave. The last group had a funny story to tell. They went all the way to Sentosa only to find the leaders had already left because it was too late. Worse, that group was actually one of the first two groups to leave. Oh well.

I guess my challenge being the leader today was ensuring that everybody had fun throughout the activity no matter what the results were, as well as trying to keep the team together.

First, there were the youth who already had such an activity before, such as Kenrick from the Ang Mo Kio ward. They had it as a Mutual activity -.-

Then there are those who slept late the previous night and were too tired today

Then there was one who fell ill along the way and I had to send her for a medevac --- I informed the Youth Leaders at the nearest station and requested for her to be taken back to the Stake Centre.

And finally, there was Benjamin Vithya.

Dennis warned me that the guy is mad before my team left. I thought he was joking. Then later I received specific instructions from higher authorities to look after him and make sure he doesn't stray away from the group. Apparently he has a tendency to like to run off by himself.

Naturally, with my goal of keeping the team together, he was a nightmare.

There was one point where we were toe-to-toe with another team. That was when the competition got a little bit out of hand. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before here, but I absolutely despise competitions. They usually bring out the worst in people. Over the years I watched my friends take part in sports competitions, and end up yelling and arguing and scolding each other because they were losing. I haven't really gotten over my disdain for any team competitions.

Anyway, this other team had a rather pushy Young Single Adult supervisor, in my opinion. While Rachel merely looked after all the individual group members when I couldn't, and let me make all the other important decisions (which I made only after ensuring everyone had a say in our group decisions), this guy was yelling at his team to speed up and overtake us. I don't even know who their team leader was. So much for appointing one. There they were, overtaking us around a field. Benjamin got excited and decided to make sure he stayed in front of the other group. And the other group was forced to run. There he was, in front of the other group, his own group left in a cloud of dust waaaaaay behind him. I instructed the group to just keep following the track and listen to Rachel while I sprinted across a football field to grab Benjamin.

"What are you doing?!? I instructed everyone to stay together!"

"That team! They're going to beat us!"

"I DON'T CARE who wins the race! We must all stick together! That is what this activity is all about!"

"What the (expletive deleted) la, they're getting away"

"Don't worry about them. Their supervisor is going so fast his own team can't even keep up with him. Let's go back to the others."

There are probably people out there thinking what kind of stupid leader I am not caring about the competition, but hey, this is a Church activity. The very reason we do these activities is to strengthen the Youth, help them form strong relationships with their new friends, and have fun instead of giving them a competition to make life more stressful.

But on the overall, I am quite happy with my group. They cooperated most of the time and all took part in the activities. From what I heard, there were teams with Young Women who just stood around and would rather just stand around with their dearly beloved phones and egos instead of taking part in all the labourously planned activities.

Well, tomorrow is the actual Youth Conference itself. Better get some rest. It's going to be a wild week!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Friends from KL

A funny little teddy bear Yung Hui got me for my birthday last year.

This is an example of the funny things my friends did for me back in KL. I'll be going back to visit them in about a week when their school starts. I sure miss them a lot.

It may be something to do with the Chinese school culture but the friends I had there seem very different from those I have here in Singapore now. All things considered, I actually prefer my Tsun Jin friends. I don't mean to say I don't like everybody here, but on the overall, I just prefer them.

Hey, I consider myself lucky to have friends like them.