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He will return in 2014.


Welcome to the Han Dynastory!

As I am now serving a full-time mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have left this blog under the stewardship of a family member, who may post updates on how I'm doing as he/she sees fit.

Enjoy your stay!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

2008 Teachers' Day Cards

Finally, what I've been excited about. Time to display the 13 cards I gave away for Teachers' Day. Needless to say, the teachers loved it. Apparently they're thinking of making copies of each of the cards, then putting together a collage. Talk about my legacy in ACS(BR) haha.

I shall talk a little bit about the development of each comic. A bit like a developer's journal haha.

The first comic I did was for Mr Ng Eu Khim, my Form Teacher as well as Geography Teacher. I drew it last Saturday, and it took probably about half a day because it was the first (no momentum). We learnt Human Geography this year, so I used all the stuff I learnt to be as annoying as possible =) All the examples were made up, of course... Except maybe about that food place that sounded like a place all Singaporeans know...

This one was done last Sunday within a few hours for my A Maths teacher, Mrs Veronica Looi. She always says so-and-so A Maths question is Chicken Feed. And all the while I thought she was saying Chicken Feet. Oh well.

After Mrs Looi's, I worked on a truly golden comic for Ms Angeline Tan, my E Maths teacher who is engaged to my Physics teacher Mr Eric Loh. Everyone loved the last sentence =) Especially since she's just like that.

Monday was a pretty good day. I managed to finish 3. I started off with this for Mr Alan Lim, my English teacher who is also head of the department of Student Welfare, and it is he who issues lift passes...... on the 5th floor. It's long been laughed at, so this joke isn't really new. Thankfully, the only time I needed a lift pass this year, he was downstairs in the canteen =P

I was pretty warmed up after Mr Alan Lim's fairly simple comic, so I moved on to Mr Alex Lee's whopper. Mr Alex Lee is my Chemistry teacher, and a truly inspiring teacher too. I have to potential to score more than 90% thanks to him, a far cry from my single digit scores in Tsun Jin. As shown in the teacher dressed like him in the comic, he has an insane amount of work ethic. And yes, he has spent the night in school more than once. He truly deserves the amount of detail I poured into this comic, and sad to say my Chemistry Prelim results are not very satisfactory XD

By the time I was done with Mr Alex Lee's comic, it was getting late and I was tired, so I did an easy one for Mrs Janet Ong. She approached me at the start of the year to ask for another card this year (she got one last year for being my English teacher then) and she wanted it bigger than all the others after finding out from me that I was planning to make many more cards. I was hit with an ingenius idea of making her card thicker just by gluing an extra layer of paper on. She was satisfied =) I'm not sure if I want this to go onto the collage though (hehe)

This was for Mr Glenn Wong, also my Chemistry teacher this year. He maintained a high level of discipline in our class, going as far as set a countdown of 30 seconds for us to enter the class and be seated. I don't think we ever made it, but it was fun in a way. I finished it on Tuesday, though I was heavily distracted since my cousin from America came to visit with her husband and my nephew and niece. It didn't affect the quality of work, but I took pretty long. Definitely longer than 30 seconds =P

After finishing the comic for Mr Glenn Wong, I decided to do the simple one-liner I had in mind for Mr David Wong, my History teacher. We learnt about Hitler's authoritarian regime last year, and about the Night of Long Knives. Ernst Rohm, who was suspected of being a homosexual (which is no-no for Aryans) was one of those arrested. He wasn't exactly killed by Heinrich Himmler (who used to be a chicken farmer before joining the SS), who organized the Night of Long Knives, but Mr Wong said many of his students only remembered that "The Chicken Farmer killed the Gay Guy" by they time they reached Sec 4. I actually went online to find pictures of them, and did several sketches to make Ernst Rohm look gay. This is the only comic that doesn't feature any of the School Blues characters.

Wednesday was a wild day, and I was quite tired when I got home, but I managed to do the comic for Mrs Rachel Ong, my Music teacher. Our prepared listening section for our O Level Music paper features Movement One of Haydn's Symphony No. 104. Needless to say, we have to listen to it while we eat, sleep, go to the toilet, use the computer, do homework, study........ I took the idea from Sis' endless number of folders used to keep her boyfriends' contact numbers, which always end up pouring out of the room in a manner of the above thanks to Han's carelessness (I have a tendency to empty cabinets when looking for stuff).

I can't remember if I finished Mrs Ong's comic first or this, for Mr Peh Chin Cheok, my Chinese teacher. Either way, it was a fun one. The words forming the rocket shape is poking fun at his "Don't talk Rocket Science with me; I am Mr Peh, not Mr Foo"

By Thursday I panicked. Friday was the day of the celebration and I had too many more to draw. So I grudgingly narrowed down the list to 3 out of the 7 more I intended to draw. I started off with comic for the one and only Mr Eric Loh, our Physics teacher. I initially wanted to do something on Einstein's idea of relative speed, but it was a bit too tough to write and I didn't have enough time to research, so I settled with another Physics-E Maths joke.

I rushed on to the next comic, for Mdm Norhashikin, my Co-form teacher who takes half the class including me for Life Skills lessons each Friday. The actual lessons are short, so we use the remaining time to surf Youtube =)

This was the last. I was too tired to go on. Mom said she could tell by the drawing that I was tired. It lacks detail compared to the previous comics, but I've never really been good at drawing school backgrounds anyway (which is ironic because I named my comic strip School Blues). But anyway, this was for Mrs Cecilia Tan, my Social Studies teacher. I haven't really been a very good student in her class. I got decent grades, but I never really behaved well. There was one time we had what she wanted to be an SBQ test, but Irfan, Brandon and I started discussing how to answer the questions, and she told us not to. When she walked a way, I said a little to loudly, "Clearly, teamwork is undervalued in Singapore." I meant it as a joke, of course, but my friends were stunned, especially when my teacher turned around to stare at me XD Of course, my attitude towards this class has improved much since last year. It's actually quite interesting, just that answering the paper is such a pain, as shown by the writing hands of the characters above.

That's all I managed to complete. I decided against drawing them in the actual School Blues uniform, which is based on my Tsun Jin High School uniform, and I kind of feel bad for some reason XD Oh well. I took photos of myself with the cards when I was done. I'll post them if I start feeling adventurous........

Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Teachers' Day 2008!

I am tired.

Since last Saturday I started working on cards for Teachers' Day. I aimed to produce a comic each for every teacher who taught me this year. I managed to finish 13 out of 18. Couldn't draw fast enough! I don't think there was a night that I slept before midnight (and for me, that means exhaustion). Not very smart for exam week, but drawing for people is always worth it =)

I'll put them up tomorrow if I can wake up.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Post Family Reunion

The house seriously feels empty now that the family reunion is over.

Exams are coming to a close this week. Thus far, I messed up my Physical Geography Paper (Victoria Falls is formed by faulting, not varying resistance of rocks), Human Geography Paper (ran out of time, "as usual" like my teacher said), A Maths Paper 1 (arrived 8 minutes late, lost 6 marks to an unfinished question), Chemistry Papers (no full marks for MCQ, no more above 90% thanks to paper 2). Hmm. Sounds like almost everything. I know, I deserve a smack in the head because some people are struggling just to pass.

Instead of studying Physics yesterday, I went to two wrong places in one morning. First, I wake up early to go to school for my Music Contigency Class... only to find out there wasn't. So I go home relieved because I still haven't prepared a tune in my head for the *ahem* Music Writing coursework. Then I realize, I can go for the Stake Youth Activity! Hopping on a train all the way to Sembawang, I end up going to the wrong place, having to backtrack and call Ben about three times before I finally managed to get directions to the right place. And by then it was already the end of the activity. At least I got an ice lolly hehe.

Instead of studying when I got home, I got out my long-untouched drawing tools to finally start work on all those Teachers' Day Cards I've been planning to make. For, erm, more than 10 teachers. Basically every teacher that has taught me long enough to make an impression. Sadly, I spent probably more than 6 hours working on just one, and its size is merely a quarter of the A4 size. I spent at least 1 hour just writing out all the words (it was a very wordy cartoon for my Geography teacher). Just doing that required taking out the Dictionary, my Human Geography textbook (too bad I already took the exam hehe), and before doing any actual drawing, the calculator. I don't know how other cartoonists plan their cartoons, but I think they must all be pretty knowledgeable people hehe.

So draw I did, producing a very very professional looking comic. Mom said it looked very good. A good balance of black and white, and a format that is fun to look at, and an insane amount of detail for the last box =P Just because of that, I had to buy 3 new pens, joining my group of friends that I keep in my pencil case hehe. I am currently halfway done with one for my A Maths teacher, with a fully formed idea for my E Maths teacher, and ideas requiring a bit more research for the cards for my Physics and History Teacher. That leaves cards for, erm, 3 English teachers, 3 Chemistry Teachers, 1 Chinese Teacher, and 1 Social Studies Teacher. Sigh. Sleepless nights are coming my way.

I've been thinking about taking myself out for a treat, especially since hearing about an SSO Concert (Inextinguishable) this coming Saturday while listening to Symphony 92.4. I noticed it because it will feature Tchaikovsky's Romeo And Juliet Fantasy Overture that is so sweetly emotionally charged that I cannot stop wanting to chuckle whenever I remember that he was Gay. Unfortunately, it clashes with the Saturday Session of Stake Conference, as well as an extended family reunion (my cousin from America is visiting Singapore). At first I was asked to be the chorister for the Saturday Stake Conference session, so I had to forget about the concert, but then, I've just been switched with certain Sister Yee (Germaine if I'm not wrong) to do the Sunday session instead. Which means I'll be choristing with Ben as the Organist! Haha. What a coincidence. Ying Er was right when she said he and I are inseperable. Anyway. Since I'm no longer obliged to attend the Saturday session, I can go for the family reunion instead.

I wish I could leave the house every morning feeling how I felt this morning. Somehow, Sunday mornings always see me leaving the house more cheerful than I already do on other days. Mom didn't call me Sunshine when I was a baby for nothing =P

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What I've Been Up To

With the whole family in Singapore, I've been busy enough to not have time to blog about it. I've done loads of stuff.

1. Weekend Trip to Kuantan

Crazy trip. We had one evening at the beach.

All gathering around the TV to watch the opening of the Olympic Games. We don't have a TV in Singapore. Really =)

After spending a few hours at the beach.....

....I could actually stand in this hole =D It sure attracted a lot of attention. Ernie and I did most of the work digging with our bare hands, though Shuan decided to join in at the very end (he was busy with the pyramid right next to the hole I dug)

This is what happened when Ray stood in the hole.

Yup. This has to be my deepest record yet. I think the last time clearly remember digging holes at the beach was in Kuantan in 2005. This hole was dug while I suffered from a bad runny nose. Imagine how deep it could have been if I had been in a better condition...

Anyway, Kuantan was great =)

2. Watched The Dark Knight with 姐姐 and Christopher

Never have I watched a movie with that many interesting subplots and thought-provoking messages that are subtle enough yet not as superficial as those I studied in Malay Literature back in KL. The ending will make you cry.

3. Learnt a bit of the Lindy Hop with Germaine from 姐姐!

Step Step Triplestep!

4. Played Duets

With 姐姐 and Ying Er (who came over with her family and one more cousin and niece for a family reunion lunch today). 姐姐 and I mostly played Debussy's Petite Suite, while Ying Er and I tried the pieces by Gabriel Faure, as well as Les Miserables! So much fun that I was late for the real duet practice with Ben today XD

5. Sang with Su姐

She came back with a special piano + voices arrangement for I Need The Every Hour. It was in English, but she translated it into Mandarin for the two of us to sing XD

Family is just so much fun. Too bad 姐姐 will be heading back to Beijing tomorrow, followed by Dad back to KL, then Su姐 back to Provo on Thursday. Like Mom said, they'll always be welcomed back!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008



Monday, August 04, 2008

Eating Too Much

I'm still feeling the side effects from last night's dinner overload.

Our family was invited to the Marican's residence for dinner last night, along with President Lai and his family. We had a great time talking and eating. And by eating, I really do mean eating. I lost count of how many helpings I had, because the food was just so awesome. Even now, sitting here, checking out the school's Chemistry forum with Astor Piazzolla's Milonga del Angel playing in the background, I think I can still feel the food being digested.

Incidentally, I have this really biting idea for my next Blog Title Picture aka National Flag. The thing is, I need to travel around Singapore for some photos to work with, then do a bit of drawing and painting. Daaaah. Exams have never felt this annoying.

This is not the first time I've mentioned it, but Gabriel Faure's Pavane opus 50 is awesome.

Tomorrow (I think), I'm going to watch a concert featuring Beethoven's Piano Sonatas! Courtesy of my 'O' Level Music teacher. That will be something to look forward to.

Saturday, August 02, 2008



Friday, August 01, 2008

Goodbye Waltz

Wednesday brought a nasty shock.

Su姐 and I went for Institute on Wendesday, and Edlina, my Waltz partner was there. She said this Friday would be our last lesson.


A little background information.

I first came across Brother and Sister Tan, my dance teachers, during the holidays last year. The Lee's brought me to one of the Rock & Roll lessons they were attending. I loved it and eventually finished the course, and decided go one step further and do Standard Ballroom Waltz along with the Lee's and Germaine Yee. We attempted to gather as many people as we could to form a class of ideally four couples. With Michael, Kenneth, and their Mom Sister Lee, plus Germaine, that made 2 couples. I was without a partner. We thought at first that Marie Low could be my partner, but before we could start the class her parents decided not to let her go lest it affect her 'O' Level grades this year. But we went ahead with the class anyway. I even got my beloved dance shoes.

So the class went on for a while. Then Paul Chan, Jermaine Chua, and Edlina joined us. It just so happened that Edlina was without a partner as well, so the two of us became a pair. And so the lessons continued. Until the class started to shrink.

The first to stop was Germaine, and after a couple of months, the Lee's. That left two couples, Paul & Jermaine, and myself and Edlina. Normally, that would really be a semi-private lesson and could cost a bomb. But Brother and Sister Tan being nice carried on with the class at the normal group rates anyway. However, this Wednesday, it was revealed to me that Paul and Jermaine are pulling out.

One couple left. Even Edlina herself is planning to go on a Mission. So... one person left. Myself. Sigh. Obviously, I won't be having any more Waltz lessons any time soon.

Such an anticlimax. In the last lesson before today we were told that today's lesson would be our last Waltz lesson and we can start the Quickstep. I was so excited! Learning a new dance is obviously a good reason to get excited. But of course, without sufficient people to start a class, Quickstep will have to wait.

Of course, it doesn't mean I can't carry on dancing. Sister Tan suggested I practice with Edlina before Institute lessons on Wednesday. Sounds like a good idea. But it's one thing to practice your steps, and another to learn new ones.

The thing is, even she will be leaving eventually. Will dance lessons be a thing of the past for me once that happens? If I can gather enough people to join me for Quickstep lessons, then I can have something more to look forward to each week. Haha. Needless to say, if you're reading this, and happen to be interested in Standard Ballroom... you know what to do.

What I find amusing is the general attitude towards dancing. Nobody I know here see it as a potential profession that you can really make a living out of. Of course, this isn't a universal formula applicable to every living, breathing Singaporean. But still. My Waltz lessons have already revealed how low Waltz is on the priorities list. "Exams coming. Need to stop Waltz for a bit." Okay, I won't deny the relative importance exams have to almost every single Singaporean I know, but is once a week really that big of a burden? Our Waltz lessons aren't even intense enough to require us to practice every day on our own. So effectively, that's only a maximum of four hours a week spending time on Waltz, assuming 2 hours of total travelling time, and 2 hours of lesson time (which is twice the official lesson time). Four hours. Surely those four hours aren't going to kill your grades? Even the 2 hours of travelling time can be used for studying. If I'm not sleepy on the bus, I'm either organising my thoughts or studying/doing homework. It's all about using time well. I suppose not everybody sees it the same way. Dancing probably doesn't mean as much to them as exams. I just happen to be somebody who takes the arts a bit more seriously than an average person I guess.

No use whining. So maybe I will have more study time on Fridays, which might help me get that straight A's for my 'O's. But it still hurts knowing there's one less thing to look forward to each week.