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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year Eve Eve

大舅父was not up to cooking for a Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner this year, so we decided to all go to a Western Buffet at Holiday Inn. It was the usual group: 大舅父, 大舅妈, their children: Simon (and his wife and two sons David and Joshua), Matthias (and his daughter Beverly), Claudia (and her husband and parents-in-law), and even the elusive Baxter, my older, vegetarian and animal-loving lookalike. Uncle Yen Wei and Auntie Chai Yan also came with Ying Er. 二姨妈 (and her grandson) were not with us, though.

Word had spread around the family about both Ying Er and my 'O' Level results. We had become walking celebrities for the night haha. Simon took a photo with the two of us, while Claudia's husband Jefferey came up to shake my hand.

I ate my heart out. Mussels and Scallop and Mussels and Ice Cream and Chocolate coated Marshmallows and Mussels. And other things...

I was barely into my first round when my nephew Joshua came over to ask if I could play with him. Within half an hour I was running after him around the hotel, trying to make sure he didn't break anything in the souvenir shop, teaching him how to pop a Mentos into his hand without having to tear the wrapper, and letting him have a go with my camera.

After the dinner Mom wanted to 大舅父's house to watch Mamma Mia with Claudia, while Dad had to go for a business meeting, which meant that I got to drive Mom to 大舅父's house. Watch out! Malaysian driver on the PIE and BKE! Haha.

Joshua was as hyper as always. Time is no limiting factor to his energy levels, apparently. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to buy him Mentos. I had just taken my bath and was watching Mamma Mia when he started calling me from the other end of the living room to play with him.

Joshua, David and Beverly had constructed a fortress out of "imitation Lego" and garrisoned it with plastic soldiers. I was mildly surprised when Beverly began to show me the ropes of their fortress.

"This is where the captured soldiers are tortured.... and if they die they go here."

Okay... I suppose that's what happens when a girl grows up with two male cousins to play with.

This was the best shot I could take the whole night.

Joshua showing off some claws

I think the best part about Chinese New Year is that it's family-oriented at heart, a season to strengthen relationships within the bonds of the most sacred and fundamental unit of society. Never mind the hassle of festive preparations - the joy of overcrowding a house with a swarm of relatives is worth every drop of sweat once you're all laughing together.

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