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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Single to His Glory

Last Saturday I made a mad dash back to KL to celebrate Grandpa's 89th Birthday. A mad dash because I was only in KL for about three hours before zooming back to Singapore on a bus. I had some responsibilities to attend to on Sunday.

The rush back to KL was done by means of Dad's car (he arrived in Singapore at around 8am to pick us up). The moment we crossed the border I took over the wheel with my driver's license. However, after leaving the 2nd Link via Tuas and driving for about forty minutes, we suddenly found ourselves back in Johor Bahru, heading back towards Singapore. Dad decided it was a better idea to let him drive, and the speed at which he hit (in order to make up for the time I wasted) had me gripping the edges of my seat.

The rush back to Singapore was considerably less eventful, thankfully. I went solo and took a 4.30 bus back. The bus stopped at the halfway mark for a toilet break, so I decided to make use of the only great thing about lengthy bus rides - the scenery.

I was on top of a hill and had a nice panoramic view of the far reaching forest ahead of me. But it didn't seem like it would look nice on camera. Furthermore, the highway and cars on the foreground were ugly, in my opinion. However, I made an interesting personal discovery.

By deliberately including the blazing sun in the photo, the resulting glare darkened the unimpressive foreground, and brought out the beautiful background - rolling mountains which always remind me of home.

Isn't God like that sometimes? His Glory, surpassing the radiance of the Sun, defying all description. If we but look towards Him, with an eye single to His Glory, every petty little thing that bothers us will be drowned in its own insignificance. Our eyes will be opened, and a sweet, distant treasure will be revealed.

Our problems won't go away, but at the very least, we will be empowered with the courage and strength to put things in perspective, and to fight on, with steadfast Faith in the irrevocable truth that "all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good." (Doctrine and Covenants 122:7)

Have courage, my lanky friend.

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