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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ushering in 2009

I spent New Year's Eve hanging out with my closest friends.

I went down to Lido past noon to buy tickets for the six 'o clock screening of Twilight, then went to hang out at Borders to kill time (where I was absorbed by Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth). I then headed to United Square to meet up with Marion, and eventually Benjamin for some ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. Marie Low soon joined us and we had dinner before heading back to Lido to catch Twilight with Ariel, Jessica, and Yong Bee.

For me, Twilight was suffocatingly full of romantic tension. For someone currently overflowing with anxiety over such matters, it was nearly more than I could bear. It was a wild ride, and I was deeply drawn into Bella and Edward's walk on the tightrope of romance. Needless to say, it was clear to me why Twilight is so appealing to the female audience. Edward Cullin makes girls drop faster than a .223 NATO General Electric XM214 Minigun can, hands down (or sprawled all over the floor). For the male audience however, unless one truly appreciates romance stories (or is fascinated by Kristen Stewart or her character Bella Swan), his only reason to watch it may be his mesmerized girlfriend dragging him along.

Of the three movies I've watched this week, I must say that Ip Man moved me the most. The touching "kite scene" near the end of the movie had me in tears as it captured the very essence of the movie. Neither Bedtime Stories nor Twilight could touch me so.

We rushed to the Stake Youth New Year's Eve Dance after that, partying the final moments of 2008 away. As I presently lack the mental capacity to comprehend the implications of setting New Year's Resolutions, I shall share my New Year's Wishes instead.

1. Development on my quest to discover my future career
2. Increased capacity to serve others
3. Immunity to matters of the heart

Oh, and joy of all joys, one of my Christmas Wishes actually came true! Marie Low gathered a group of people to learn the Waltz and I've been invited to tag along! How my feet have longed for the feel of dance shoes gliding across the dance floor. The last time I even used my dance shoes was Orchid Ball, and before that, forever...

The time for personal reflection on what I've learnt and appreciated in 2008 will come, but I need my sleep first.

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