After much preparation, the young self-proclaimed Emperor of The Han Dynastory is now serving a full-time mission to the UK with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He will return in 2014.


Welcome to the Han Dynastory!

As I am now serving a full-time mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have left this blog under the stewardship of a family member, who may post updates on how I'm doing as he/she sees fit.

Enjoy your stay!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Founders Day Celebration

I went back to ACS Barker Road for Founders Day yesterday to receive a couple of academic awards. Some friends joked that I appeared to have looted the school XD

If you look closely, you can see my glasses tan line - a souvenir of ACJC Orientation.

For those interested, Dad filmed my Valedictorian Speech, found here.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sleep = Privilege

Writing a Valedictorian Speech is harder than you think. Try thanking a million people in about five minutes.

I've sealed my fate by taking up formal piano lessons again. I'll finally be taking ABRSM Grade 8 Practical.

I offered to be the GP subject representative in class today. Thank goodness I finally got a daily planner.

My Harmony lessons for Music are one to one. Just what I need.

I am the only Arts student in my H2 Maths Tutorial group. A perfect way to mix around with all them Science students who still can't quite believe that I chose the Arts stream.

I will probably not be seen at home any earlier than 6pm on school days. I'm still figuring out how to do my daily revision.

The Missionaries are still calling me to help them out, despite the fact that JC is about to reach its full swing. And I'm still setting aside time for them.

I'm considering drawing a bimonthly cartoon for the school Blog. I wonder if I can squeeze the time in.

JC life is so fulfilling-ly intense.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Too Much

Sooner or later, my eyebrows are going to be permanently creased.

I find the fact that she's always haunting my thoughts increasingly frustrating, because I have too many important things to juggle right now. It does not help that while I am trying to work out the tasks I have to complete during the week in my head, she suddenly pops in to scramble up all my thoughts. I'm beginning to wonder how I was able to survive the 'O' Level Examinations last year.

Perhaps I have let my feelings for her stretch too far, although she probably doesn't realize it. The problem is, how do you snatch your head back from someone who doesn't even know that she has stolen it? Nobody walks up to a girl with a request for her to avoid him so that he doesn't have to see her and be reminded of her before she even knows he's fallen for her.

I don't know why I'm so moody about this today. I suppose it's a bit like a tiny pebble in your shoe - it's always there, but you don't always feel it.

And I suddenly miss Simba a lot. Sadly, I won't be able to see him during the March holidays thanks to the school Choir.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I'm sitting here in front of the computer spamming the letter E to celebrate the fact that it is the first time in the week where I'm not using the computer to finish the presentation on the Sarangi (an Indian Classical Instrument) for my MEP (Music Elective Program) class.

Shostakovich's Symphony No. 5 is taking over my head. It will be one of the set pieces we'll be studying for MEP this year. Although we haven't started on it yet, I decided to borrow a CD from our Music Library. One first playing of the CD on my iTunes and I was instantly hooked. The rich, dark tones that eventually break out into an outcry of pleading on the lower strings in the First Movement was a very memorable moment. And that reoccuring "grotesque waltz" (coined by Roger Kamien is his book Music: Appreciation) theme in the Second Movement keeps playing over and over again in my head every day at school. The haunting piccolo solo in the Third Movement that is followed by a suspenseful build up by the orchestra is but one of the many points of interest in a single movement. The pompous Fourth (final) Movement reflects my pure delight in coming across such a wonderfully written Symphony.

I had Choir this morning, which was a blast. That Swedish song we're preparing for a performance is the type of music I've always dreamed of composing. The text is also (apparently) beautifully written. In about 90 minutes I'll be having Waltz lessons, followed by an evening at the Stake Young Single Adults dance (which I will have to be late for).

Idle Saturdays will be prized gems on my schedule this year.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Timetable Woes

Massive Mess Up today when our Timetables were handed out.

I take H2 Economics, and my schedule only reflected 40 minutes of Economics per week. Is that supposed to be like, a twisted compliment to suggest that I'm smart enough to study on my own? Apparently my MEP lessons are on all the times when my classmates go for their Economics lectures. Oh well. I had to go to the HOD office to request a remake of my timetable. I'll have to wait until Monday to get it.

With my subject combination (and apparently, my raw L1R5 aggregate), I was posted to the class 1AH, one out of the 9 Arts classes in ACJC's batch of 2009 (there are 24 Science classes). Unless I'm mistaken, AH is nicknamed the "Arts Honours" class due to the fact that all the smartypants students who, for bizarre reasons did not choose the Science Stream, are clumped together in that class. At last! I'll be with weirdos like myself!

Currently the class has 24 students, of which only 5 are guys (unfortunately, I am one of the most envied guys in school). The number may expand, according to what I heard about the possibility of Humanities scholars from other classes being relocated to join us (or perhaps even the English Language Elective Program students). I've gotten to know a handful of my classmates already, but I doubt I'll be seeing them much since I'm not taking English Literature but taking MEP (I'm the only Music student in my class).

Choir tomorrow morning. Then Waltz in the evening. Then the Stake YSA Dance (which I will unavoidably be late for). I have this sinking feeling that my social life is not going to extend very far beyond school in the next two years.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

In Response to Irfan's Post

This is a response to Irfan's recent post, "Let's Talk About: The Veil (Hijab) in Muslim Society."

I left a reply, and I feel like sharing it here to make my stand known.

"It's so annoying when Westerners are so quick to point fingers at Muslims.

And I find it very disturbing that morality can be attacked by these people in the name of sexual equality.

Here's a point to consider: In Western society, women can wear bikinis and a whole assortment of visually disturbing "clothing" which are often designed to attract the lustful attentions of men. In effect, women who wear such clothing are subjecting themselves to be mere sex objects in the eyes of men, thereby encouraging males to exercise the traditional male sexual dominance.

Oppression and/or weakness in courageously upholding morality? So, is it a sign of strength in a society that actively promotes commercial products through sex, subtly or not, where women are little more than degrading eye candy? Interesting..."

I do not think that is there is a problem with the Hijab. The problem is that Muslims have been put in bad light once too often in recent events. An American friend once shared with me how scared she was of going to Malaysia, a Muslim country, until she actually came to Malaysia and worked with the locals. Then it became clear to me that the press has a lot to answer for.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Worst Ever

Today must have been my worst piano performance in my entire life.

For MEP (Music Elective Program) today each of the seven of us had to perform a piece on our first instrument for about 5 minutes. I chose to perform Martinu's The Puppets' Dance, taken from the ABRSM Grade 8 Piano book of 2007-2008. I played it for my 'O' Levels last year.

I was the fourth to go, after Aldy, Shao Jean, and Jasmine. When my turn came I walked over to the grand piano and set up the score, realizing suddenly (and perhaps too late) that I was not used to the score being at that height (sadly, I have an over-reliance on scores). I put the thought aside and began playing.

First attempt:
Barely past the first page and I couldn't take it. Missing/incorrect chords everywhere. I asked permission to start again.

Second attmept:
Slightly better, but it got worse eventually. I asked for permission to start again.

Third (final) attempt:
Mrs Teoh asked me if I needed to take a break outside, and take my turn after someone else. I decided not to and just tried once more. I was not happy when I finished. Aldy pointed out later that my beginning had a good feel (though Mrs Teoh left a comment that I had overused the sustaining pedal) and the end quite good as well. I did feel that I started off a little better than my other attempts, but my practices were still much better. As for the last part, almost every heavy chord misfired, but since it was a fast piece I guess it wasn't really noticed, but I knew personally that I had failed myself. Aldy was pretty surprised, however, because he had heard me practicing in the other room before hand, and according to him I was at least 3 or 4 times better while practicing.

I don't know what went wrong, but today was the first time I ever messed up a performance that badly. Somehow, my mind just suddenly went blank when I looked at the score. It was like I didn't know what I was doing. It hurt. It hurt a lot.

After the performance, I went to another room to try the piece on my own again. It was better than the performance. Sigh.

Even worse, (though on a lighter note) after the performance Mrs Teoh had a brief discussion on what makes a good performance, and asked each of us about our favourite pianist/violinist and why. Shamingly, I do not have one, simply because I generally pay more attention to how the composer wrote the piece than how the performer played the piece. What a lousy pianist that makes me. I now have to start listening up on different pianist legends and making critical comparisons. Since when was "homework" finding out more about your favourite artiste? I bet others would die for homework like that. For me, I'm dying over it.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Our eyes can never meet.

Because any form of eye contact will short circuit my heart

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Break

Little Rachel asked me to read her a story in the Nursery room after Church today. I guess she really enjoyed those times when I read to her. Unfortunately, today happened to be the day that I decided to have choir practices both before and after Church, so I was not able to read to her.

Incidentally, I read in the papers recently that parents would do well to read to their little children in an interactive manner if they want to instill in their kids an interest in reading. I have distinct memories of Mom and Dad reading bed time stories when I was much younger, and I probably owe my present inability to put good books down to that.

I went home teaching with Brother Ho today. We went to see Sister Pamela and Brother and Sister Saw. The lesson was about Joseph Smith and the First Vision, which was nice to reflect on. In fact, I had a sudden inspiration to do a drawing of that world-changing event. Of course, it will have to be in my cartoon style.... I lack the skills necessary to pull off a fantastic oil painting. Part of the lesson shifted to the topic of Christlike Love. Brother Ho, who organized the Valentine's Day evening social last night (which I missed out on for the sake of better things to do) brought up a fill-in-the-blank from one of the games yesterday.

"We ______ from those we love"

The answer is learn, which is something to think about. Personally, I think it would also be wise to pick a future partner from whom we are able to learn many things, as much as being able to learn things together. The best conversations are those when you say something that evokes a silent moment of absorption and reflection in both parties, and you both come out feeling that you've learnt something. Talking crap is as full of fun as as it is with, erm, crap, but it is those quiet, meaningful conversations that create lasting impressions in both friendships and relationships.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


That's what I need to do. I'm in great need of a daily planner. I miss my ACS Barker School Diary.

School's been loads of fun. Yesterday's MEP class was an introduction to 20th Century Music, and of all things, we discussed Impressionism. I think it was clear to everyone in the room that my excitement could not be contained at all. I think my classmates need to be a little more participative, though. Miss Yong would ask for input and most of us would just stare back, pens held at the ready to take down notes. That makes for quite a few awkward silences. I suppose it's natural since we're all new. Hopefully we'll all open up soon enough. 'O' Level Music was super fun with Irfan in class XD

Didn't do anything special for Valentine's Day today. Well, I did quite a few things, but nothing to celebrate the occassion. I went for the ACJC Choir Welcoming Tea this morning (yes, I made it past the Choir auditions, and I'm not joining the Band). I can't be bothered to ramble on about what we did, but there was an inspiring post-reflection sharing session to leave everyone with food for thought.

I had Waltz in the evening, which was a blast, as always. Following that, I went out with the missionaries to teach Raja, who was very interested in the Gospel. It's interesting, because I had a gut feeling to not go for the Clementi Ward Valentine's Day celebration which took place at the same time. That left me free to join the missionaries out, who had apperently exhausted their list of helpers (everyone else was going for the event).

Just too bad I had no inspriation for a School Blues Valentine's Day comic.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Harmony Disharmony

I only just realized what Diminished Chords and Augmented Chords are. I barely survived the Neapolitan 6th, and I'm already caught in a futile attempt to tackle the Italian, French, and German 6ths. My loss for only reaching ABRSM Grade 6 Theory. The rigorous demands of 'A' Level Music requires me to do all that catching up on my own before the crazy Harmony lessons start. Before I know it, I'll be expected to throw in all those chords I keep reading about into compositions. Thank goodness for Wikipedia and my Oxford Dictionary of Music. Now if only sleep wasn't a necessity...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

4 H2s

Just a quick update.

I decided today that I will be taking my four subjects all at H2 Level. I asked the teacher who handled my registration "is it justifiable to take four H2s simply out of an interest in learning more than is 'required'?"

She proceeded to explain that the difficulty in terms of skill required to take the paper is no different between a subject taken at H1 level or H2 level. The only difference is that H2 level content is broader. In that sense, if I can cope, I definitely would want to take everything at H2 level.

All it will take is a lot of commitment to my academic studies from now on. Time to put on my nerdiest face!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Subject Combination Woes

After weeks and weeks of consideration, reflection, and confusion, I have finally decided on my subject combination.


In short, GEMM, at far cry from the typical PCME and BCME.

I decided since last year that Geography would be the way to go, having discovered my personal desire to pursue a career in the social sciences. Then, a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the term “sociology,” and found myself deeply interested in such a field. Part of what sociology covers includes how society is influenced by the economy. It was then that I decided that Economics would be a good subject to take. As for Maths, no sociologist can escape statistics, so Statistical Maths would be a crucial element in my learning. Everything else in Maths will just be for good ‘ol brain utilizing. As for Music, that is where things get complicated.

At the beginning of the school year, when I was finally made to think carefully on my subject combination, I considered one of the following: Knowledge Inquiry (KI), Physics, English Language & Linguistics (ELL), and Music. Initially, Music was the first to be scraped off that list, due to my lack of confidence in my musical talent. That left KI, Physics, or English Language & Linguistics.

KI was next to be chucked out of my head when I had my first General Paper introductory lecture. The General Paper is about current world events, while KI, which replaces the General Paper, is a philosophical approach to the discussion of Knowledge. It struck me that General Paper would be much more practical to take if I’m interested in doing social work. Superficial philosophy doesn’t get much done, in my opinion. Plus, what’s there to argue when you have the Gospel. I no longer put any thought into KI.

I was excited about ELL, which includes (but is not limited to) the use of English in various contexts. I attended an introductory lecture, and took the diagnostic test (required to qualify for the subject). I didn’t make it. Thankfully too, because I could finally put it off my mind.

In effect, that would have left Physics as the sole survivor among the four subjects. Would have. Shao Jean from my Orientation Group tried to persuade me to take Music along with her and Leslie (also from our Group). Reluctantly, I attended an introductory lecture yesterday to see how I felt. I ended up buzzing with excitement throughout the entire lecture. Clearly, my heart has not let go of studying Music.

I attended another introductory Music lecture today, where our teacher introduced Indian Hindustani Music. I was just as excited as yesterday, but something interesting happened.

The school values suddenly popped up in my head - Integrity, Tenacity, and Passion in the pursuit of Truth. It is obviously clear that I have an insatiable passion for Music, but what I lacked was the tenacity to commit myself to the Music Elective Program. The story of the Lion in the Wizard of Oz suddenly came to mind, the Lion who wished he had courage. Another crazy thought came out of nowhere – my Orientation clan was Azlan, a lion representing tenacity. Shoot me down for having a weird mind, but it was revelation to me that the only thing holding me back from taking Music was my mentality. Never mind where my technical abilities stood – the teachers are supposed to train me, after all. Thinking back of the Physics introductory lecture where I mostly conversed with Kian Yang, I knew with a resolute surety which subject I had a greater interest in. Music finally won its way into my subject combination.

Next on my list of worries to lose sleep over:
Do I take 4 H2s or should I drop Economics to H1 level? Sigh.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Scribbles In A Car

Sister Seow drove me and Michael to Michael's place today for the Young Single Adults' Loh Hei & Steamboat today. That meant that I got to sit in the car with her four awesome children. They were as excited as I was.

"Alright! Who wants to try drawing in a moving car?"

*Ryan and Rachel are the first to raise their hands.*

I took out the old sketchbook Vivian bought for me in 2006 (I still haven't used it up even after the sketchbook Hao Ran got me was massacred by some Barker Boys in 2007), tore some pages out and handed it to them along with pens and pencils to suit their personal drawing styles.

"Okay, draw anything you want!"

Rachel proceeded to draw a deliberately ugly impression of Michael who was next to her. She had a good laugh. Ryan made a few attempts to draw a nice little dolphin. Both showed me their work excitedly. I asked them to see if they could draw straight lines for fun. Ryan tried (and even Michael joined in). Rachel proceeded to draw whatever she wanted.

Eventually, Rena who was next to Rachel decided that it would be fun to join in, so she too asked for a piece of paper and pen.

I believe that when children are allowed to draw without guidance, they will draw things that most accurately reflect how they see the world, which is thoroughly interesting to me. In the case of Rena, she drew me and her Dad with extremely elongated torsos, which reflects how she sees everyone taller than her. That was pretty interesting to me.

This was Rachel's completed work (she decided to give it to me at the end)

She drew everything of her own accord. She probably loves her brother very much, because she included him in the drawing. She probably likes cats too. As for her impression of Rena, it took me by surprise. Michael suggested that Rena looks a bit like a mouse. Interesting to see that Rachel might view her younger sister that way.

Renee was busy crying over a missing sheet of paper from Primary, so she didn't start drawing until I was about to alight. She usually likes cutting things up, which is seriously fun to watch. Especially when she uses my mutilated pair of scissors. But anyway, I didn't get to see what she produced.

Rachel is starting to open up in terms of drawing. In the previous weeks she would wait for me to tell her what to draw. Today, she drew everything of her own accord, which is great, because interesting things are sure to pop up in future.

Ryan is going to be my protege haha. He's already talking about the diameters of the pens he plans to use, and what he finds more comfortable. If he hangs out with me a little longer he'll soon become fussy over the paper he draws on haha.

Back to another week of school tomorrow!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Orientation Over

ACJC Orientation is now officially over. I'm sunburned, without a voice, and totally loving it. My wallet has taken a huge blow, though. I don't think I can afford any more outings with my Orientation Group Kojishi for a while, unless they decide to do something that doesn't cost money.
Our OG outing at Sentosa. We had loads of fun playing volleyball, frisbee, and captain's ball. Dinner at Marche, Vivocity, followed.

To close our Orientation last night, we had a campfireless campfire in the school hall, named Firandae. It was a blast, although in my opinion the mass dance was horrible. People started trains in an obviously overcrowded room. I could not dance more than eight beats without getting smashed into by at least two trains at once. I went out to take a break at one of the staircases. Shoot me down for being a snob, but I think I prefer ballroom. Or even the swing bar I went Lindy Hopping at on Monday. The lights are less dizzying, and people don't intentionally charge into you with no less than a million followers behind them while you're trying to dance XD I don't think I'll be joining a train on the dance floor any time soon.

The real lectures will be starting next week. I'm pretty excited about Economics.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Second Day

Day Two of Orientation was crazy. We started off with talks on choosing our subject combination wisely, which I must say was very informative. I am still yet to pick a fourth subject to go with my "Geography, Economics, Maths" combo. Currently, I am considering (in no order of preferation) either Physics, Music, Knowledge Inquiry, or English Language and Linguistics to be that fourth subject. Knowledge Inquiry and English Language & Linguistics will be having diagnostic tests tomorrow. I shall try them to see if I qualify for the courses. Sample Lectures will also be taking place from Friday to next week, so I can drop by every class I'm interested in to see if it's for me. I just love that flexibility =)

There was a PE talk after that, of all crazy things. I was quite impressed by the PE Department philosophy and lesson package though. I can see that PE lessons will be rather interesting.

The games today left most of us caked in mud. It was fun, of course, but I had to sit outside the house to hose myself (and eventually my dirty clothes) before I could take a proper bath. As they promised, my skin already feels "as smooth as a baby's bottom, and as radiant as a pregnant woman" HAHA.

There is a crazy amount of school spirit in ACJC. Most of us in Orientation will have lost our voices at least twice over the course of these two days so far, and Orientation will continue up till the end of the week. I should probably get some rest.

Speaking of rest, my feet are exhausted. 姐姐 took me to a Jazz Bar last night, where I got to try out the Lindy Hop with her on a real dance floor. I later danced with two other random women. It was crazy. Send one wrong signal by accident and your partner will attempt a move which you will hinder and mess up the dance for a few beats. It was a good test of my leading skills. I was stuck with the closed position most of the time, since the open position is a bit tricky for me to lead with sufficiently fun variations. But it was a blast anyway. I enjoyed the music and the dancing, plus even a mocktail. Even watching other people dance was enjoyable. Swing is the dance to emanate pure energy.

It's just a pity that we have to go bars to find a public swing dance floor. The Church dances in the Stake here rarely amount to anything beyond clean clubbing, where dancing means jumping all around with some occassional hip-hop moves, and a handful of slow songs where people partner up and metronome around the room or around a tiny portion of it. Not many people have the patience to commit to several lessons on partnered dances, which is a pity, because the best part about dancing to me is the unspoken communication between two partners.

In other words, I am not particularly fond of the Mass Dance we at ACJC are preparing for at Orientation XD I still have to admit that it promotes a great school spirit, though, and that's why ACJC is so great.

Monday, February 02, 2009

First Day

Just dropping by very quickly:

Today was my first day in ACJC. The first day of Orientation was awesome, though my feet are still black after a few washes, and my voice is taking a while to come back. And of all crazy things to do on a first day, I got into trouble with the discipline master along with some fellow Barker Boys. We were a bit too noisy during his talk. For me, I was laughing too much at every crazy joke my fellow Barker Boys were pulling. To quote Benedict, "Score One for Barker! And Barker takes the lead!"

Gotta rush. 姐姐 is taking me out Swing dancing on her last night in Singapore.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

25 Random Facts

I was supposed to be enjoying a game of Bang! with my family. Unfortunately, right at the start Mom killed me. Sigh. I'll just wait for the next round. I'm still working on a more serious, reflective "16 Random Things" post which 姐姐 in particular is waiting to see. This one is purely for fun.


Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. I love ballroom dancing but I'm not built for it because I'm short.

2. I am frequently mistaken to be younger than I really am, for various reasons such as being 2 years behind in school, the fact that I look young, and also because I'm short.

3. There was one time I was helping get some cups for other people at Church, and I needed to get Sherman's help to reach them because I was too short.

4. Speaking of being short.... I'm waiting for the possibility of the final growth spurt at 21 haha.

5. Okay, enough is enough. There are three areas on my face where I have had stitches. One area was stitched twice.

6. Mormon or Church-themed pop songs give me the cringes (too cheesy). Any Church music other than the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with the Orchestra at Temple Square rarely makes it to my list of favourites.

7. I am a music snob (see #6)

8. In my Top 25 Most Played songs list on iTunes, 5 are by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, 3 are spiritually uplifting music not by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, 12 are by Joe Hisaishi, 3 are sung by Frank Sinatra, 2 are forms of Jazz (Bossa Nova and Big Band).

9. O Nata Lux is on the top of that list. It is a Requiem sung to Latin text by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. In other words, it is a funeral song. I must be a sadist.

10. Somethin' Stupid sung by Frank Sinatra is the latest and quickest to push its way into the list.

11. I crash into house furniture on a regular basis. Even a newly blind man would get hurt that way less than I do.

12. Two of my School Blues drawings completed in 2004 are still hanging in the house.

13. I was once mistaken for being Triplets with Shuan and Ern.

14. My longest crush lasted about 3 years. It wore off only because I was overwhelmed by the next.

15. My longest School Blues creation took about a week to complete. Surprisingly, it was not for a girl.

16. I like watching little children draw - their imagination is often unfettered.

17. I am afraid of teaching the piano for fear of misteaching the basics.

18. I am sick of my younger brother Ray's childish quirks. He's turning 12 this year. I cannot imagine him becoming a Deacon and serving the Sacrament?

19. I am probably guilty of Ray being childish in the first place. At his age I often lowered myself to his level to play with him, so in that sense I wasn't an example to look up to.

20. I scored below average EQ in a recent online test. Now you'll understand why I can be so stupid at times.

21. I almost always leave either a pencil or a drawing pen in my breastpocket (and behind my ear if I don't have pockets). If I were a girl with long hair I would tie it up with a brush pen the way some people do it with {a} chopstick[s] (which, incidentally, I find attractive).

22. People who try listening to music played on the music player I carry around through earphones usually can't hear a thing, but people almost always tell me to soften the music I listen to when played through speakers.

23. I have more guts digitally or on paper than in person. I have to consciously force myself to speak to people face to face and maintain sincere eye contact.

24. I prefer words on paper because of the time I have to plan my sentences carefully (I tend to blurt out stupid things when speaking in person). When I have to speak to people concerning more important/personal/sensitive matters I usually plan the conversation beforehand, in hopes that I will not get carried away by my own mouth, but conversations never go as planned. There was an instance when somebody said the exact line I had thought of saying. It felt like a smack in the face, and I was stunned for a while (especially because of the context).

25. I always write and talk too much. I am honestly working on that, but see, I just blew it again by saying so.


All that Lindy Hopping must have exhausted me lately, because I wasn't able to wake up for Seminary on Friday morning. It also happened to be the JAE posting day on Friday, where post 'O' Level students would be informed of which school they have been posted to. The SMS-es started pouring in by about 7am. I was awoken from my sleep by a phone call from the youth at the Singapore Stake Centre Seminary asking me where I got posted. They didn't want me to miss out on the excitement, I guess.

I have been posted into ACJC. Poor Ying Er who put Raffles as her first choice got posted into ACJC as well. She'll be appealing, of course, but I still think it would be cool to have her in the same school. I won't be lacking a study partner for sure, haha.

School starts tomorrow, after the long, crazy break full of drawing, sleeping late, and sleeplessness over embarassing matters. I keep getting this impression that I'm going to loaded with busyness, almost as if my social life is going to take a plunge. Probably because the holidays are coming to an end (well, duh). Apparently I will be in the group "Kojishi" for Orientation tomorrow, and the clan "Azlan." Seems like the Narnia and Japanese Culture is in.

I'm feeling so sluggish today. I'm trying not to take a nap so that I won't have trouble sleeping tonight (and then waking up tomorrow). I still have a few holiday projects to be completed. Uh oh.