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Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 10!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Cai before his mission, when he did some modeling. I'll be sure to get a signed copy from him soon!
One of my favourite photos of Elder Cai and I :)

A photo of a missionary outing to a Pizza Hut Buffet on transfer day :D

With Tereza, someone we taught, who has since moved to Norwich.

Dear all,

Today marks the first official day of my 2nd transfer cycle. Elder Cai and I spent the last week adjusting to each others' habits and teaching styles, as well as re-establishing expectations with the people Elder Peterson and I had previously been teaching in the area. Elder Cai had served in this area for several transfers previously, and hence knows the area and the members very well. He knows a couple of great locations to speak to people!

I am truly blessed to be follow-up trained by Elder Cai, not only because he is such an excellent example of a missionary, but also because there is no day that goes by without laughter. The magnitude of his wittiness is just about equal to that of his boldness and diligence as a missionary. His cooking is also amazing, although I like to tell others that his cooking is 60% ego, 30% MSG and 10% actual food.

Sujie, I thought it was pretty funny when you mentioned how you and Jay had cravings for eggs after seeing the photos in one of my previous emails. I learnt from both Elder Peterson and Elder Cai that when a missionary goes tracting, he can spot a Chinese home by observing the rubbish they leave outside - if there are plenty of empty egg cartons, the home is almost guaranteed to be Chinese!

Also, Elder Cai confirmed that Zavala is indeed coming into the England Manchester Mission as a mandarin-chinese speaking missionary! I'm pretty sure that during our 2 years here in England we'll be able to continue the Zavala & Chong legacy!

This past week the missionary week in the area has been relatively slow. I believe that Elder Cai and I have been working harder than ever, but the past week has been crunch time for most of the Chinese people in the area. Many graduate students are about to submit their dissertations, while the new students who are taking English classes have to submit papers, prepare oral presentations and so on. Hence, many people are just too busy to meet us or to listen to the message from God that we share.

The current situation reminded me of the time before my mission, when I was an extremely busy student in Junior College. At the height of my busyness in school, I often neglected my personal study of the Book of Mormon, as well as Institute attendance, and I paid the spiritual price for my negligence. I had daily reading of the Psalms with my girlfriend at that time, but I have learnt that studying the Bible alone and not in addition to the Book of Mormon cannot bring us as much spiritual nourishment as studying both together. Although the Bible is the word of God, there is, to date, truly no book better than the Book of Mormon. I urge all of you to make meaningful study of the Book of Mormon an essential part of your everyday routine. When we study the Book of Mormon each day and seek to apply the principles we learn from it, we will be able to see many positive changes in our lives. More importantly, we invite the Spirit to be with us, therefore allowing us to more fully receive God's blessings.

Ern and Ray, make daily Book of Mormon study a habit now - you will not regret it! Even though you have plenty of things to study for school, it is important to place a higher priority on the word of God. When you sincerely study and ponder the teachings in the Book of Mormon, your mind is enlightened by the Spirit, and as a side bonus, this will be a great help to you when you focus on your secular studies later. I personally studied the Book of Mormon every day during my O Level period so many years ago, and in no way did that negatively affect my results, so I invite you to do the same!

I have to go now. I leave you my testimony that God watches over us always, and we can find happiness by aligning our will to His. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Much love,
Elder Chong

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