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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 12!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!

Big news! It's been confirmed that I will be transferring to Preston this week. Elder Cai will indeed be training 2 of the incoming new missionaries, while Elder Chan will train another, as well as follow-up train me (I have 3 out fo 12 weeks left of in-field training). 

I am really going to miss serving with Elder Cai. It is unlikely that we will ever serve together again, because he will be finishing his mission in December, and he will likely be training the new missionaries from now till December. Not only have I learnt a LOT from Elder Cai, but I have also found him utterly hilarious. Those two incoming trainees are very blessed to have him as their trainer!

Manchester has been great. There are so many Chinese students pouring in that we Chinese-speaking missionaries have a lot of work to do! There are many people who are waiting to hear the word of God.

It seems I'm not able to read any of your emails this week since none have arrived during or before my email time today. I look forward to reading your emails next week!

Much love,
Elder Chong
Plenty of photos this week!
The McArthurs are the senior couple missionaries serving in the ward. Their home is always open to the YSA and we often teach people at their place. They cook delicious meals for all the YSA every Sunday!
This is me and Jordan, a member in the ward I'm serving in. He has been a great help with the missionary work and has recently submitted his own mission papers!
Me and Helen. Helen was one of the teachers in the MTC and she is also in the ward I'm serving in. She is an amazing person! If every member of our church were like her we'd all be translated like the city of Enoch.
Elder Cai wearing our "roleplaying face" which we use when we practise teaching lessons  
A photos of Elder Cai and I with Anny, another person we have been teaching.  
This is Fiona (someone we are teaching) and me. Elder Cai is convinced that we look like we could be siblings. I'll let you decide from the photo.
Having a kebab! There are plenty of takeaway shops here in Manchester where we can get kebabs :D  
A photo of me with a giant banana at one of the homes we were teaching at!  
I had loads of pasta this week - I cooked a large pot of sauce (lasted me about 5-6 meals). I chopped up some onions, mushrooms and peppers and cooked them with readymade sauce and some minced beef, then made meatballs out of the remaining minced beef. We actually didn't have any flour in our flat for me to make meatballs, but thanks to Elder Cai's ingenuity, he suggested that I could try using the pancake mix I had instead. Mmmmm..... (PS Mom: I bought readymade salad to go with my pasta! Aren't you proud that I proactively eat my vegetables? :P)

Some High Bran cereal I bought to load up on fibre in the morning. Elder Cai insists that it is shredded cardboard. (They taste almost like it, to be honest)
An omelette I cooked for Elder Cai one morning to show my appreciation for him ;P  

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