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Enjoy your stay!

Monday, October 01, 2012

Week 14! (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!)

Hello everyone!

This week, Elder Chan, Elder Zavala and I moved to a new flat, which is possibly the most posh flat in the entire England Manchester Mission. We are sharing the flat with our Zone Leaders, Elder Delaibatiki (from New Zealand) and Elder Herrin (from Utah). Elder Herrin was formerly my District Leader when I was serving in Manchester - the one I woke up in the middle of the night during the exchange because I apparently shouted in my sleep XD

The new flat is FANTASTIC. The kitchen is huge and it even has an island - my dream kitchen! The carpets are very nice, there's a fireplace, and there's even a jacuuzi/bathtub/shower! We just cleaned up the new flat this morning, so you'll probably see the huge mess that was in our new flat in the photos I attached :P

I DID get the mooncakes!!!! The timing was very good. Normally, anything that gets sent to the Mission Office only reaches the missionaries during Multi-Zone Trainings or Zone Conferences, which occur only once every 6 weeks. However, the Office Elders helped us move into our new flat, so they brought the package to me! Hence, we were able to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival by eating mooncakes last night :D

Thanks so much for the mooncakes AND the milo, Mom! Elder Chan was overjoyed when I shared the mooncakes with everyone - he hasn't had mooncakes for nearly 2 years XD Both Elder Chan and Elder Delaibatiki were also delighted to be able to share some of the Milo!

About to enjoy the mooncakes together
An overjoyed me with the package AND a letter from my friend :D
Me messing around with Elder Chan's fake glasses

I'm off to do some massive grocery shopping now. Have a great week, everyone!

Much love,

Elder Chong

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