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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week 15! (Training Elder Zavala)

Hello Everyone!

This week is Transfer Week again. Alas, my dear follow-up trainer Elder Chan has been called to serve his final transfer as a missionary in Liverpool, where he will be follow-up training one of the two missionaries who were first trained by Elder Cai in Manchester. As a result, my Mission President has assigned me to remain in Preston to follow-up train Elder Zavala!

I've only just barely completed my own training (First 12 Weeks) and now I've been called to train a new missionary! All I can say is that I'm *definitely* going to need the Lord's help in this calling. My own First 12 Weeks was pretty unstable - for various reasons, I served with at least 5 different companions at varying lengths of time all within my first 2 Transfers. Most new missionaries usually stay with their Trainer for the first 2 Transfers. Nevertheless, I see it as a great benefit, for I have been blessed to have picked up skills from 5 highly fantastic, experienced missionaries!

Exciting news this/last week! I've finally attended a baptism for the first time on my Mission! A girl from China named Kai Ge was baptized last week in Manchester. Elder Peterson and I first began teaching her about 2 months ago, and then Elder Cai and I continued to teach her. After I transferred over to Preston, Elder Cai and the other 2 new missionaries continued to teach her, and she was baptised last week! I had to rush to Manchester from Preston in order to attend the baptismal service, and I arrived just as the baptismal service began. After the baptism, Kai Ge was extremely happy, and her countenance was truly shining with the Light of Christ. I was overjoyed to see her begin a new life in the Gospel of Jesus Christ :) 

This is a photo I took with Kai Ge after the baptism
This General Conference was historic! President Monson's announcement about the new age requirement for missionaries caused quite a stir. Elders can now serve at the age of 18 whereas Sisters can now serve at the age of 19! As missionaries we were silently cheering when we heard the announcement :D To our amusement,one of the Apostles later mentioned that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland was the first of the 19-year old Elders in their mission in England when the age requirement for Elders was first lowered to 19 in the 1960s.

A couple of funny things happened last week - while I was out sharing the Gospel on the streets I met an interesting man. Our conversation started off all right, but he dropped a rude remark as he left. I wasn't really bothered, since that happens quite often, but what made him interesting was that an hour later, while I was still proselyting further down the street, he tapped me on the shoulder and swiftly pushed a small parcel into my hands. He muttered a brief apology for being rude earlier and hurried off. I was too startled to respond in those short moments, and I wasn't able to speak to him because I had to rush to an appointment. However I did take a look at the parcel as I was walking. The parcel contained a card he bought (addressed to "Whoever You Are") with his written apology for being rude.

The parcel also contained a box of mint-filled chocolates.

Truly, missionaries have the most interesting experiences.

Speaking of interesting experiences, I fell sick last week. I probably caught a cold. My nose went completely haywire for a few days, and it was particularly bad one day. I asked Elder Chan and Elder Zavala for a priesthood blessing in the morning, which they willingly gave.
During the blessing Elder Chan promised me that my illness would not interfere with the missionary work that I would do during the rest of the day. Sure enough, not long after I stepped out of the flat and began speaking to people, I wasn't bothered by my cold at all. The Lord wasn't going to let a cold prevent me from carrying out His work!

Has anyone wondered how 5 missionaries buy groceries when they pool their money together? This might give you an idea: 

We bought 44 packs of crisps for 5 pounds haha! Needless to say, we decided that in the future, we will need to appoint one of us to be The Voice of Reason when we go shopping for groceries together.

More food photos:


I took Mom's advice and tossed in some slices of melon
into the cardboard strips (high bran) I had for breakfast. It was great :]

I have been cooking a few Chinese meals for my flatmates. Last week I successfully concocted our family favourite - corn soup! Complete with starch and eggs :) It sure reminded me of home :) They loved the Chinese cabbage I stir-fried as well. I can't wait to let them try the buttered stir-fried string beans I cooked a few times in Manchester - some of the Elders in Manchester who tried it called me up later to ask me how to cook it. 

In this photo, I made use of a slow-cooker we obtained to cook some pork with readymade black bean sauce, garlic, sichuan peppers and star anis (I'm not sure about the spelling). It smelled REALLY GOOD. But after tasting it, I think I threw in too much of the sichuan peppers and star anis, and too little salt. Elder Chan, the only other missionary who could truly evaluate my Chinese cooking, agreed that it somehow smelled a lot better than it tasted XD The dish in my right hand is some stir fried brocolli, cauliflower and carrots (with garlic).

My last photo with Elder Chan before he transferred to Liverpool. I am going to miss him. He is only missionary in the entire mission that I could speak to in (Malaysian slash Hong Kong slash Cantonese-ish) Mandarin in the flat, and he's going home this November :(

We're going to get our shopping done in a moment (although we haven't appointed The Voice of Reason yet) so I need to go. I'll be having P-day on Monday in just a few days, so I hope to be able to hear from all of you soon! Take care!

Much love,

Elder Chong

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