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Monday, October 15, 2012

Week 16! (Elder Zavala's Birthday Feast)

Hello again everyone!

Yesterday was Elder Zavala's birthday, and since we are living in a (posh) four-man flat with two other missionaries, we decided to FEAST.


We marinated 12 pieces of pork steak the night before (and then slow cooked it in french onion soup and some vegetables in the morning before we left for Church. When we came back, I made some potatoes and carrots mash (my first attempt) to go with the pork. We had some readymade salad and some toasted bread to go with everything as well. It was DELICIOUS. It was probably the most elaborate meal ever prepared by Elders in the history of the England Manchester Mission.

The best part, however, was probably the readymade, microwaveable Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake (drowned in custard) that we had after the main course (it was followed up with chocolate mousse as well).


So in last week's email I wrote about The Voice Of Reason that the four of us Elders staying together decided to appoint while going grocery shopping. Well, we're not sure how effective it works.

"Hey, check this out - we can get 3 hot chocolate fudge cakes for less than 5 pounds!"

"Uhm, haven't we bought quite enough snacks and desserts already? It would be stupid if we have more snacks and desserts than we have actual food. Besides, we haven't even finished those 44 packs of crisps we bought!"

"Elder, it would be stupid NOT to buy it."

In another instance:

"Elders - these Jaffa cakes are going at a discount!"

"Uh oh."


"Better buy eight!"

So there we go.

In other news, Elder Zavala and I have been working very hard! I'm Elder Zavala's follow-up trainer, and I've been able to observe how much he has grown as a missionary since the time when he first entered the field. He is a very diligent missionary and together, we've been able to witness many miracles as we've heeded the promptings of the Holy Ghost while going about the Lord's work.

He is also working very hard to improve his Chinese, and he's improving! He's even teaching himself how to read and write Chinese characters (which the MTC didn't teach him).

Speaking about language, I set up an appointment to teach English to an owner of a Chinese restaurant (whom Elder Chan had previously shared the Gospel with). In return, she's providing us with a meal :D

I look forward to hearing from you again next week (and celebrating my birthday on Friday heh heh). Shuan, Ern, and Ray - please take good care of Mom. Also, keep the home tidy and clean so that the Spirit can more fully reside with the family ;) Take care!

Much love,

Elder Chong

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Moser Family said...

I so miss following your blog!Hope all is well.