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Enjoy your stay!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Week 17 (My 22nd Birthday)

Hi Everyone!

It's been a fantastic week! Elder Zavala and I are helping two people
prepare for baptism here in Preston, and another person I previously
taught in Manchester is getting baptised! We've been able to see how
much their lives have changed as they've received the Restored Gospel
of Jesus Christ in their lives.

The other highlight of the week would be celebrating my 22nd birthday,
of course. Since I stay in a four-man flat, I decided to prepare a
feast. I had to start preparing the ingredients about 2 days before my
birthday because I dont' have a huge chunk of time to prepare meals
each day.

I had loads of fun preparing the meal! As a missionary I no longer
have time to draw comics or write music, so cooking is about the final
frontier for me to be creative.


As you can see in the photos the menu went like this:

- Garlic bread (readymade)
- Cream of mushroom soup (made from scratch - I remembered to sift the
flour this time so it didn't have weird lumps in it like the first
time I cooked it at home)
- Salad (readymade, but I added some yellow peppers and olive oil)

Main course:
- Pork chops (marinated overnight with salt, pepper, herbs, lee and
perrin sauce and olive oil; slow cooked in onions and canned lentil
soup for 11 hours)
- Potato and carrot mash (I boiled the carrots and potatoes for a
longer period of time than when I first attempted it for Elder Zavalas
birthday, so I think it was slightly better this time; I would like
Mom to teach me how to make mashed potato fluffy like the one she
makes though)

- Hot chocolate fudge cake (readymade)
- Ice cream (readymade)

- Shloer (sparkling grape juice)

More Photos :

That was probably the fanciest meal I've ever prepared in my entire
life, and my flatmates loved it. Elder Davis claimed it was the
fanciest meal he's ever eaten in his life. I daresay the soup was a
success, and Elder Herrin was convinced that it tasted better and
better the longer we kept it (it lasted us about 3 days).

Anyway, we're planning to prepare a Thanksgiving feast towards the end
of this Transfer hehe. Setting goals and making plans are a huge part
of a missionary's life, and we're definitely going to apply it well to
our upcoming Thanksgiving feast hehe.

By the way, I would like to attempt to cook Nasi Lemak and/or
Hainanese Chicken Rice for my flatmates one of these days, so if
someone could send me the recipes, I would appreciate it very much!

Much love,
Elder Chong




Hao Ran Lai said...

Is this a scheduled post? Not remembering reading it last year...

Dad the KL city kid said...

Hi, this is Han's Dad here. His weekly post was supposed to be updated in his blog at first done by his Mom. When she was fell sick in her last two months at the hospital in Singapore the posts started slowing down. After she passed away the task was passed to a family member who tried to catch up but got too busy and now I'm trying to help. Since he recently passed his 1 year mark, I started a family blog post that summarized his first year experiences found at with a link also found at Enjoy!